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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Hello, are you in need of a student loan, need money to pay tuition fees or rent due, but your family has not sent it in time, need money to spend, but now is empty. This is not just your concern, but a lot of other students are in the same situation.

Hello, are you in need of a student loan, need money to pay tuition fees or rent due, but your family has not sent it in time, need money to spend, but now you are empty. This is not just your concern, but a lot of other students are in the same situation.

Asked to borrow friends, all of them ran out of money like me, and students got some "rich kid", right?

Well, yes, but not everyone is ready to help me in times of need.

So what to do now? In urgent need of money, what is the best solution for our students / students?

Rest assured, there are dozens of options for you. It is important that you consider and compare which is the best and best for you. You can receive a loan of up to 10 million dong in a day (even in 1 hour), just ID card.

Where do students borrow money easily and quickly, are the loan procedures complicated, what is the loan term and interest rate and what is the optimal choice? All will be answered in the article below.

What is student loan?

Student loans or student loans are fast cash loan products for students.

Maybe you only know about the Bank for Social Policy student loan support program (VBSP - VBSP), right?

But now it's 2021, there are many other loan programs for students from banks or financial companies across the country. Even online financial exchanges or online loan applications on the phone also support students to borrow money easily.

But the question is: so many choices are they worse than what, in your case, where is the "delicious" and most reasonable loan?

Wow, CashBerry will help you compare them now.

Where is the best place for students to borrow money?

Student loan is aimed at assisting the students to cover the costs of studying and chasing their dreams. Therefore, student loans take many forms such as:

- Bank loan in the form of unsecured: This form only applies to students who have worked and have income each month.

- Borrowing capital from social credit funds: Students can borrow capital from funds such as student funds, study promotion funds, ...

- Borrow capital from social and policy banks: This is a bank with many supportive policies from the state and society for students to have more opportunities to go to school.

- Bank loan via ATM card (or credit card): If you are a student who has opened a bank account, do you use an ATM card or a credit card, you can easily take a bank loan. into this account.

- Borrowing money from financial institutions: Nowadays, there are a number of consumer finance companies opening programs to support student loans.

- Borrowing capital through financial connection floors : Fintech products of P2P peer-to-peer lending platform are growing more and more, which is also a convenient point for students when they are not eligible to borrow. capital in a bank or finance company.

- Borrowing money on mobile apps: Many financial institutions also create mobile phone applications to serve their borrowing needs, and especially apps that support the 18-year-olds. including the students.

There are also other banks to support student loans. Typically, the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, borrows student loans from Vietcombank.

In order to meet the needs and aspirations of difficult students at universities and colleges, Vietcombank has implemented a student loan policy.

Vietcombank allows students to borrow loans with extremely attractive incentives with a minimum amount of 10 million VND and a maximum of 500 million. The loan term lasts from 12 to 60 months, the interest rate is from 0.5% / month.

However, not everyone can get a loan, the loan terms and the procedures are based on each case. If you want to get a student loan from Vietcombank, it's best to go to a bank branch for careful advice.

News update: The school cooperates with the bank to lend students money

Assoc.Prof.Dr. NGUYEN DINH TU - Director of the Management Board of the National University Development Fund of Ho Chi Minh City - said: "The preferential loan program for students to study at the National University of Ho Chi Minh City will be assigned to the Development Fund. National University of Ho Chi Minh City directly coordinated with banks for implementation.

The special feature of this program compared to other current student credit funds is that the National University Development Fund of Ho Chi Minh City will coordinate with the bank to implement the loan program for students of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM City, in which students stand out to borrow unsecured loans.

Students participating in this program do not have to bear interest, which means that the interest rate is 0%, the National University Development Fund of Ho Chi Minh City will support interest rates from the program funding ".

Currently, the new fund has mobilized 20 billion VND for the program within 4 years. The National University of Ho Chi Minh City and the National University Development Fund of Ho Chi Minh City continue to mobilize the contributions of society, businesses, and donors to this program.

The number of students and the loan amount will depend on the tuition fees of the training institution and the National University of Ho Chi Minh City's review board decided.

MSc Truong Van Dat - Head of Student Affairs Department of Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy - said he worked with some commercial banks such as Vietinbank, Vietcombank on student loan program.

Accordingly, students, parents will pay tuition in the form of credit card issuance or mortgage loan, banks support local procedures with preferential interest rates.

Similarly, MSc Vo Van Tuan - Vice Rector of Van Lang University - also said that based on cooperation with partner banks, the school is implementing a study support package for students, expected 10-20 billion VND. .

Accordingly, from the second semester of the first year, difficult students can apply for a study loan so that the school can consider supporting a bank loan with interest rates from 0% to a maximum of 50% compared to the interest rate. Usually, the loan term is 3 years (until the student graduates).

In addition, depending on your registration with the school, students can choose a credit support package with deferred payment to pay tuition fees for the school, with an estimated 12-month deferred payment period without having to incur deferred payment fees. Bank.

It can be said that in order to support students to continue their academic path, many credit institutions have implemented preferential loan policies. However, in order to borrow money, the students must ensure the required conditions, long review time, delay their plans. Here are some notes when students borrow money from the bank, you should pay attention.

Some notes when students borrow money from the bank

- Interest rate

Interest rates are often quite low because the policy of lending money to students is mainly supportive. Interest rates are usually in the range of 0.6% per month. Of course, the bank still has a penalty policy for students who pay late or overdue debts. Overdue interest rate will be calculated at 130% - 150% of the loan interest rate.

Banks, when offering loan packages for students, support no need to pay principal and interest during the loan repayment period. Loan interest will be calculated from the moment the student receives the first loan amount.

- Borrowing limit

Each bank will have its own clear loan limits to ensure fairness and impartiality. Normally the loan limit will be from 3 - 10 million VND. Particularly, Agribank will support the approval of loan limit up to VND 1,250,000 per month. In general, the loan limit of each bank is different, but it basically guarantees the tuition and living expenses of students.

- Debt payment term

The repayment period is clearly specified by the bank in the contract.

- Student loan conditions

Students, if not financially eligible, should borrow money from the bank to study, specifically here is the Bank of Policy and Society.

If comparing in banks and other financial institutions, the Bank for Policy and Social Affairs creates a lot of conditions for students to get loans from banks easily.

However, VBSP only lends up to VND 2.5 million / month (the new rate applied from the end of 2019), but before that, only loans up to 1.5 million VND / month were allowed.

So when you need a larger loan, you definitely have to pay attention to the form of a bank loan or financial company.

The conditions for students to get loans from the bank are usually:

+ Loan application, certified by the student's People's Committee where the student resides

+ Have a permanent household registration at local policy banks

+ If you are a freshman, you must have an admission paper from the school

+ If you are a 2nd year student or above, you need to have a confirmation of the school's information as well as the administrative status of the individual.

- Student loan procedures

Regarding the loan process, it depends on which unit you want to register for a loan that has different step-by-step procedures.

+ Bank for Social Policy Borrowing Procedures

Borrowing student money at VBSP is not too complicated with only 5 steps:

● Step 1: Make an application form     

For students, students borrowing through households: Borrowers fill out the loan application form in the form of the bank.

For pupils or orphans: Pupils and students who are borrowers, write a loan application form in the form required by general requirements.

● Step 2: Student ID     

Prepare school certificates (for students from year 2 onwards) and admission notices for first-year students and send them to the savings and loan team of the bank.

● Step 3: Verify borrower's information     

Savings and loan groups will conduct checking, verifying and comparing information in the living area.

● Step 4: Submit to the commune committee     

Then make a list with the loan request, the school's confirmation or the admission notice and submit it to the commune-level People's Committee for confirmation.

● Step 5: Review     

Confirm the information and proceed to loan approval.

+ Loan procedures for other units

If you do not borrow at the Social Policy Bank (VBSP), you can borrow at other banks or finance companies.

At this point, the procedure will include the following steps:

● Step 1: Prepare loan application including documents such as: Family registration book, ID card, admission notice / school confirmation     

● Step 2: Students who borrow money from a bank fill in full personal information in the loan application form     

● Step 3: Customer waits for a few days for the bank to verify the application and check the provided information. This is an important basis for the unit to approve a loan for the petitioner     

● Step 4: The bank gathers the documents in the student loan application file to submit to the People's Committee. This agency will check and confirm the applicant's need for loans     

● Step 5: The receiving bank carries the confirmation of the People's Committee and submits it to the Social Policy Bank for consideration of funding.     

Through the above conditions and procedures, CashBerry found that the loan process for students at banks, both VBSP, State Bank or private bank, is a complicated and cumbersome process. .

So, if you really need money urgently , want to borrow money quickly , please pay attention to choosing online loan support units for faster support, helping to solve your work promptly. - Solution to help students borrow money online quickly

With the aim of limiting the black credit that is taking place in the school environment, the student loan support project under CashBerry Vietnam was born. The purpose is to assist students to have access to safe and healthy capital to deal with financial difficulties in the following cases:

● The need to pay tuition fees;      

● Paying money for learning more foreign languages, informatics, learning to improve the subject;      

● Pay for accommodation, rent, electricity, internet;      

● Need capital for a small business;      

● Need to buy a laptop, a phone for study, communication, ...      

You can register to borrow money online at CashBerry from 500k - 5 million if it is the first loan. If you re-borrow from the second time on, it will be considered to increase the limit of a higher loan, up to 10 million.

Student loan information at CashBerry:

● Simple loan procedure: ID / CCCD      

● Commitment: 100% absolute confidentiality; Simple profile; Receive money in the day      

● Borrowing condition: full 18 years old      

● Support area: nationwide      

● Loan method: online mortgage; Without collateral property      

CashBerry affirms: With the lowest interest rates in the market, extremely simple and fast procedures, 100% confidentiality of loan information, we ensure outstanding safety and convenience compared to other services. hot loans.

College is not the only way but the shortest path to success. If you are having financial difficulties, do not hesitate to look for the CashBerry student loan package. Try today for a bright future tomorrow. Good luck.

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