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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Currently, salary payment by bank transfer is a fairly popular form of payment in Vietnam. Therefore, lenders have implemented unsecured salary based loans.

To be able to borrow money, customers need to meet the requirements and conditions of the bank as well as in accordance with the law. One of the conditions is the proof of income of the borrower.

Proof of income with payroll is the easiest proof of income you can choose from if you have a stable job and a steady monthly salary. Depending on the loan package and duration, each bank will give specific requirements for the monthly salary / income that you need to meet.

Unsecured loan on payroll is a form of loan that does not need collateral, low interest rates, does not need a guarantor, only requires proof of salary and current job on paper.

What is the reality and which bank offers salary loans with the lowest interest rates? Find out with CashBerry!

Learn about unsecured salary based loans

What is a salary loan?

Salary loan is a form of unsecured loan in which customers are approved for loans based on a stable monthly income. This income level is guaranteed through bank statements, payroll, labor contracts, appointment decisions or equivalent papers.

When customers have stable income, it means that customers will be eligible to repay loans. Therefore, the risk of a loan will be significantly reduced, which makes the interest rate of this loan much lower than other forms.

Unsecured salary loans have two forms: unsecured loans based on transfer salary and unsecured loans by cash salary. Inside:

● Salary transfer loan is a form of unsecured loan for customers receiving salary by bank transfer. Customers use salary account statements to make loan records.     

● Cash-based loan is a form of loan for customers who receive cash salary. Customers use their payroll at the business to make loan records. Normally, banks are very limited in supporting cash-based loans. Instead, most financial companies like CashBerry will support this option.     

The interest rate for unsecured loans by salary at the bank will change for each subject depending on the status of the client's profile. The criteria to evaluate are usually: salary, occupation, company, family, credit history, ...

Benefits of unsecured salary based loans

Borrowing money from wages is the leading mortgage loan that banks directed to the special benefits:

● No need to mortgage anything.     

● Lower interest rates compared to other unsecured loans. Ranging 15-20% / year.     

● Flexible loan period up to 60 months (5 years).     

● The procedure is quite simple, quick disbursement in just a few working days.     

Currently, individuals who register for unsecured loans for bank consumption based on salary as teachers or government officials will be more preferential on the monthly interest rate, which can be reduced by 1-3% / month based on the number of debt balance gradually decreased. Customers will be exempt from appraisal and quick approval documents within 1 day.

In addition to the incentives, the form of salary loan also has many limitations such as:

● Due to the lack of collateral, the interest rate for unsecured wages is usually quite high.     

● The loan amount is usually limited to a maximum of 500 million dong, and a short loan period of up to 5 years.     

● The bank filters and classifies unsecured loan applications according to strict standards, so not all customers can borrow     

● The bank imposes a high penalty fee for customers with late payment or early repayment.     

From the above disadvantages, why pay by salary is increasingly chosen by consumers?

Loan unsecured salary - Why is increasingly popular and developed

Unsecured loan is a form of loan that does not need assets or valuable papers to secure. This loan is formulated and decided on the basis of the credibility of the borrower's individual and work unit.

Bank unsecured loans are often used to serve daily needs in life such as shopping, wedding expenses, travel, tuition fees, hospital fees, ... Currently, unsecured loans are limited to up to 500 million and the term lasts up to 60 months. In addition, the application deadline is fast (within working days) and the borrower can receive money right after the application is approved.

Despite having high limit and long term, however, unsecured loan is now quite simple. You can find out in advance through the official websites of banks. After that, registration for unsecured loan is done directly at the counter and you can receive money immediately.

Guide to unsecured salary salary

Conditions for unsecured loans by salary

To successfully borrow salary at banks, you need to meet the following conditions:

● Customer is Vietnamese citizen and living in Vietnam.     

● Being at the age of the regulated bank: Usually 18-60 years old.     

● No bad debt at any credit institution.     

● Customers have stable income and satisfy all required documents and procedures.     

Unsecured loans are a form of borrowing entirely based on the credibility of the borrower, so customers working in salaried companies and factories can access the loan.

However, it should be noted that banks or financial institutions currently only review applications with customers with an income of 3 million VND / month within the last 3-6 months from the time of borrowing. 

Procedures for unsecured loans by salary

An unsecured loan packet will include legal documents and proof of income. Depending on the form of payment, you will need to prepare the documents as instructed below:

- Bank loan profile according to payroll

● Copy of valid ID / ID card / passport     

● Copy of household registration / KT3 / Temporary residence book     

● Original payroll for the last 3 months (signed and sealed by authorized authorities at the company)     

● Copy of labor contract / employment decision     

- Application for loan via salary transfer

● Valid ID card / CCCD / Passport     

● Valid household book / Certificate of temporary residence / Temporary residence book     

● Labor contract / work decision     

● Original salary statement for the last 3 months     

Unsecured salary loan process

The salary-based loan process will include 4 steps as follows:

● Step 1: Receiving loan documents:     

Upon receiving a loan request, a credit officer will contact you to preliminary verify your financial ability and guide you in making your application.

● Step 2: Loan appraisal:     

After receiving your salary loan application, the bank will conduct loan appraisal through a number of criteria such as: financial capacity, residence, credit history, ...

● Step 4: Credit analysis:     

After the loan appraisal, the bank will conduct analysis to make a decision to agree to loan or not.

● Step 3: Approve and issue loan notices:     

The credit counselor will submit your loan application for approval by the authorized authority.

● Step 4: Sign the contract and disburse:     

Once the loan is approved, the bank will disburse the loan amount for you. You will be allowed to open a bank account at the lending bank and receive money through that account.

What is the lowest mortgage interest rate on the bank salary?

Banks that lend unsecured salaries will announce different loan interest rates depending on the regulations of each period. In addition to the announced interest rate, the actual interest rate when customers borrow depends on factors such as:

● Credit rating score     

● The area where customers live and work     

● Income level     

● Customer credit history     

For customers who receive salaries through their own accounts applying for loans, there may be more incentives in terms of interest rates.

In addition, customers who have borrowed at a bank and have a good repayment history will have a high credit score rating, and will have a lower interest rate than customers who borrow money for the first time.

Some banks with the lowest unsecured loan interest rates include:

● Shinhan Bank: from 13.92% / year (decreasing balance)     

● HSBC: from 13.99% / year to 16.49% / year (decreasing balance)     

● Standard Chartered: from 13.49% / year     

● BIDV: 11.9% / year     

● Vietinbank: 9.6% / year     

● Agribank: from 7.2% - 12% / year     

However, interest rates often come with loan terms. Banks with low interest rates may require higher records, workplace, and income levels. So to ensure the loan is approved, you need to refer to the accompanying loan terms.


Top 5 banks with the best interest rate loans

Currently, most banks only support unsecured loans according to transfer salary. Here are 5 reputable banks with the best salary interest rates and loan terms for those who are intending to borrow.

1. Unsecured loan at Agribank's salary

Agribank offers salary loans with interest rates: 6 - 18% / year with the following advantages:

● Loan limit is from 10 million to 600 million dong     

● Quick disbursement within 24h-48 hours     

● Flexible loan package registration period from 12 months to 60 months (prepaid)     

● Just payroll without collateral     

● Absolutely confidentiality for families, agencies, and companies when getting loans     

● Free consultation and support for documentation     

Salary loan terms:

● Customers working in state-owned enterprises, private companies, and foreign countries enjoy stable salaries     

● To be paid insurance premiums at the enterprise     

● Target customers with transfer salary or cash     

● Statement of income over 3 million     

● Target customers: aged 18-55     

2. Unsecured loan at Vietcombank's salary

Vietcombank bank offers salary loans with interest rates: 6 - 13% / year with the following advantages:

● Loan limit is from 25 to 500 million VND     

● Disbursements 2-3 business days     

● The maximum loan limit is 5 years     

● Just payroll without collateral, no guarantee of the working unit     

● Attractive lending interest rate, decreasing gradually according to principal balance     

● Immediately control loan withdrawal and repayment at Vietcombank by VCB-iB @ nking or VCB - SMS B @ nking.     

● Information security     

Salary loan terms:

● Age: 21 - 55 (for women) and no more than 58 (for men)     

● Salary by bank transfer. Have the last 3 months salary from 5 million or more     

● Target customers with transfer salary or cash     

● Having a labor contract of 12 months or more     

● Insurance is paid for more than one year     

3. Unsecured loan at BIDV's salary

BIDV bank offers salary loans at the interest rate: 7 - 11.9% / year with the following advantages:

● The limit can be up to 500 million     

● Quick disbursement within 24 hours     

● Flexible loan for 1-6 years     

● Just payroll without collateral     

● Information security     

Salary loan terms:

● Age: 18- 55 for women and 60 for men.     

● Target customers with transfer salary or cash     

● Insurance is paid for more than one year     

● Customers have many banking transactions     

● Customers have a monthly utility bill     

● ….     

BIDV chooses to calculate low interest rates based on the actual outstanding balance, ensuring the best interests of customers.

4. Sacombank Bank

Sacombank offers salary based loans at the interest rate: 6 - 15% / year with the following advantages:

● Loan amount up to 16 times of income, maximum 500 million VND.     

● Quick disbursement within 24h-48 hours     

● Maximum loan term of 60 months.     

● Flexible loan method: installment payment according to the original loan balance (equal installment) or decreasing balance.     

● Just payroll without collateral     

● Absolutely confidentiality for families, agencies, and companies when getting loans     

Salary loan terms:

● Customers working in state-owned enterprises, private companies, and foreign countries enjoy stable salaries.     

● Original salary statement / payroll for the last 3 months over 3 million     

● Target customers: aged 18-55     

● To be paid insurance premiums at the enterprise     

5. MBBank

MBBank offers salary loans with interest rates: 8 - 1.8% / year with the following advantages:

● Minimum loan amount 10 million, maximum 500 million.     

● Quick disbursement within 24h-48 hours     

● Flexible loan tenor up to 60 months     

● Depending on the salary (the higher the salary, the lower the interest rate)     

● Just payroll without collateral     

● Absolutely confidentiality for families, agencies, and companies when getting loans     

Salary loan terms:

● Customers working in state-owned enterprises, private companies, and foreign countries enjoy stable salaries     

● Salary of over 5 million for customers in HCMC, 4 million for other areas     

● Target customers: aged 18-55     

● To be contracted at the enterprise for more than one year     

Should we borrow salary at the bank?

In life, it is impossible to predict situations where you need urgent financial mobilization such as shopping, travel, weddings, medical examination ... However, you do not always have a savings fund ready to use. use. In an urgent time, it is necessary to get a loan quickly, with simple procedures, without collateral and most importantly, with the lowest interest rate, a salary loan is a reasonable choice.

However, in addition to giving loan conditions and paperwork, banks often strictly regulate loan interest rates. There will be times when you have problems with work, do not have money to pay for daily activities, or you do not have a lot of time, it will be difficult to prove your income.

So, what is the solution to this case?

Quickly borrow money online, register online, receive money only 1 minute!

Thanks to the quick processing of a loan request in a short time (only after 30 minutes after the borrower registered for a loan), online loans help meet the needs of borrowing within the day instead of 3-5 days another loan.

That is also the reason that consumers increasingly prefer and choose this type of loan whenever financial difficulties arise.

Moreover, with Cashberry's online quick loan support, customers only need to complete their online application by filling in the required information and your loan will be processed immediately.

● Simple conditions: only your ID card!     

● Loan amount: 2-10 million     

● Lowest interest rate in the market: only 10.95-14.6% / year     

● Receive money after 1 minute, after the application is approved     

Obviously, borrowing money online by phone with Internet connection is much better than going directly to a bank transaction counter and only working office hours (this is a big obstacle for office customers. also work office hours).

Currently, CashBerry Financial Company always constantly improves product quality with outstanding and different features, bringing comprehensive benefits to customers.

With the desire to help Vietnamese people solve financial difficulties and improve their quality of life, CashBerry has developed a simple yet effective online loan product , expanding to the low- and middle-income customer segments. average as well as those who do not have access to banking capital in the whole territory of Vietnam.

From a simple loan process to quick review and dedicated customer service, CashBerry is all about development.

What are you waiting for without coming to share your wishes and plans for capital with our professional staff.


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