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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Unsecured loans are currently a form of credit chosen by many people because the procedure is simpler, much faster and especially does not need to mortgage assets.

Unsecured loans are currently a form of credit chosen by many people because the procedure is simpler, much faster and especially does not need to mortgage assets.

You want a more comfortable life so that your loved ones always feel comfortable and happy. CashBerry is pleased to bring you the missing puzzle piece.

"Interest rate is not a problem, 0.1-0.2% more is just a competitive trick, the important problem is the word TIN, is faithfulness, business must have first, have after ..." .

Because of the value of the word "credit", a form of unsecured loan was born.

What is unsecured loan?

Unsecured loan is a form of installment loan to serve the purposes of shopping and personal consumption of customers. Loan approval process is assessed based on personal reputation through credit history checks and other documents.

Credit scores are used to evaluate your reputation when using unsecured loans, managed by the CIC Credit Information Center, affiliated with the State Bank. Credit scores are calculated based on:

 35% payment history

 30% of the debt

 15% history

 10% new credit

 10% of the credit is used

The higher your credit score, the longer the loan duration and interest rate will be along with the higher limit.

If a bank mortgage loan must have collateral, the unsecured loan product is the exact opposite.

What is unsecured consumer loan?

Consumer mortgage loan (also known as unsecured consumer loan) is a form of loan to serve personal spending purposes. Borrowers do not need collateral, credit institutions will rely entirely on the reputation of the borrower to determine their ability to repay and decide to lend or not.

9+ The current lowest unsecured loan!

The interest rate for unsecured loans will definitely be higher than the mortgage loan. However, depending on your loan needs and ability to pay, you can refer to the following unsecured loan forms to find the best solution.

Loan installment day, month

Financial and credit institutions support

Interest rate 2.17% / month

Loan term (months): 36

● Loan amount: 50 million VND     

● Borrowing papers: ID card + household registration book     

Unsecured loan according to salary

Salary loans are currently the easiest form of loan that most customers are eligible for with a stable income. Usually, just need a payroll or salary confirmation from the company you are working, you are almost complete.

In terms of interest rates, unsecured loans have higher interest rates than mortgage loans but meet the most essential needs of customers in terms of procedures, flexibility, disbursement period or rich loan packages. .

This loan will certainly be very fast and easy to help borrowers handle many important tasks in the short term. This makes many customers choose the form of unsecured loan for their financial plans and their families.

All banks support

Interest from 1.66% / month

Loan tenor (month): 60

● Maximum loan amount: 500 million VND     

● Procedures include: Labor contract + Salary statement     

Borrowing under Cavet motorbike

Interest from 2.17% / month

Loan period (month): 36

● Loan amount: 90% of car value     

● Loan procedure: Cavet owner     

Loan under Life Insurance

Interest from 1.66% / month

Loan tenor (month): 36

● Maximum loan amount: 70 million dong     

● Procedures include: Insurance contract + Premium invoice     

Loan according to household registration book

Supported by financial institutions

Interest rate 2.17% / month

Loan term (months): 36

● Maximum loan amount: 50 million VND     

● Borrowing procedure: ID card + Household registration book     

Loan according to electricity and water bills

Interest rate 1.66% / month

Loan term (months): 36

● Maximum loan: 50 million VND     

● Borrowing papers: Electricity bill     

Loan under installment contract

Interest rate 2.17% / month

Loan term (months): 36

● Maximum loan: 50 million VND     

● Loan papers: Old credit contract number or payment receipt     

Borrow according to bank statement

Interest from 2.17% / month

Loan term (months): 36

● Loan amount: 50 million VND     

● Loan application: account statement for the last 6 months     

Loan under Health Insurance

Interest rate 1.66% / month

Loan term (months): 36

● Maximum disbursement: 30 million VND     

● Procedures include: Labor contract + Health insurance     

So, which bank unsecured loan is best?

Top 10+ Banks with lowest interest unsecured loans in 2020

Based on statistics from banks, we have a list of unsecured loan interest rates as follows:

● Citibank: from 15% / year     

● Maritime Bank (MSB): 9.6% - 15.6% / year     

● Asia Commercial Bank (ACB): from 17.9% / year     

● Standard Chartered Bank: from 13.49% / year     

● BIDV Bank: 11.9% / year     

● HSBC: from 13.99% - 16.49% / year     

● Shinhan Bank: from 13.92% / year     

● Vietinbank: 9.6% / year.     

● Vietcombank Bank: from 18% / year     

● Agribank: 7.2% - 12% / year     

Easy Credit

Simple procedure, quick disbursement

Interest: 15% / year

Term (months): 6 - 36

● Loan: 90 million VND     

● Borrowing papers: ID card + household registration book     

● Income: 4,000,000 VND / month     


Various loan forms / products

Interest from 2.17% / month

Maximum payment term of 36 months

● Maximum loan limit: 70 million VND     

● Income: at least 3,000,000 VND     

● Simple procedure, quick approval     

Mirae Asset

Reputable finance company

Interest 19% / year

Loan term (month): from 6 - 36 months

● Loan limit: maximum 100 million     

● Income from 3 million     

● Disbursement deadline: 2 - 3 days     


Vietnam Prosperity Bank VPBank

Interest from 16% / year

Loan term (month) from 12 to 60 months.

● Maximum loan amount: 200 million VND     

● Minimum income 4.5 million     

● Simple procedure, quick disbursement     


Support salary based loan products

Interest from 18% / year

Payment term 6 - 60 months

● Maximum loan limit: 300 million VND     

● Minimum income: 5 million     

● Approval deadline: 2 working days     


Support many loan products

Interest from 21% / year

Loan term (month) from 6 to 60 months

● Maximum loan limit: 300 million VND     

● Minimum income: 2 million     

● Approved in 48 working hours     


Diverse loan products

Interest from 17% / year

Loan term (month) from 6 - 48 months

● Maximum loan amount: 300 million VND     

● Minimum income requirement: 5 million     

● Approval in 2 - 3 working days     


Support unsecured consumer loan products

Interest from 12% / year

Term (month) from 12 to 60 months

● Maximum loan limit: 500 million VND     

● Minimum income: 7 million     

● Approval deadline: 2 working days     


Consumer loans without real assets

Interest from 27% / year

Payment period is from 12 - 60 months

● Maximum loan limit: 500 million VND     

● Minimum income requirement: 5 million     

● Approval from 2 working days back.     

Conditions for bank unsecured loans?

To register for a bank unsecured loan product, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Vietnamese citizen: Age 20-60, currently living and working in provinces across the country.
  2. ID card / CCCD: Have ID card or CCCD with clear number and information. Check ID card with no bad debt or attention debt.
  3. Sufficient documents: Have sufficient bank loan documents for each specific form of loan.

Application for bank unsecured loan includes what?

A qualified loan application for bank submission and appraisal will include the following documents:

● ID card or CCCD: request does not take up corner, still complete and clear information.     

● Household registration: Original or notarized copy (full 16 pages and notarized time less than 3 months) and KT3 (if any)     

● Labor contract / appointment letter / work confirmation and Statement of salary / pay slip / salary confirmation for payroll borrowers.     

● Life Insurance / Electric Bill / Motorcycle Cavet / Health Insurance Card / Statement of Account / Installment Contract ... for other loan products.     

Advantages and disadvantages of unsecured bank loans


Advantages Defect
No need to prove loan purpose. Unlike a mortgage, you usually do not need to prove the purpose of a mortgage when taking a mortgage. Higher interest rates and monthly payments. For banks and financial institutions, unsecured lending has a higher risk than mortgage lending, so they need to require higher interest rates to balance this risk.
Do not worry about losing assets. Unsecured loans do not require collateral, so you will have to worry about losing your assets if you do not repay on time. Must prove income from salary. To verify your income, the bank will usually ask you to submit a payroll statement with the bank's stamp, or a payroll with the seal of the place you are working in case you receive wages in cash. face.
Simple loan approval procedure. You usually do not need to go through the stages of valuing assets or reporting loan purposes. Many banks and financial institutions also allow you to apply for unsecured loans on the website. If you want to pay off the loan before the contract term, there will be a prepayment fee depending on how long it is to be settled.
Disbursement quickly. You can get a loan approval and receive money within a few days, even a day.
Anyone can borrow. Some finance companies allow you to take unsecured loans even if you have a low credit score.

You are in need of a loan to solve your personal problems but the bank refuses to lend because: there is no collateral, no labor contract or no stable source of income. Then unsecured loans online is a great choice for you at this time. With CashBerry learn about this loan form.

Loan unsecured online at CashBerry

Did you know, currently, there are many financial units that support quick loans from 500k - 10 million but only need you to provide enough personal information and your ID card only.

This is the financial solution with the simplest and easiest application file, the limit of up to 10 million dong. Consumers can apply for a quick loan with just 4 steps right on their mobile phone at CashBerry.

Borrowing money by identification card (ID card) is also a form of unsecured loan, borrowing without collateral for any related assets. Instead, you only need an ID card to take pictures for loan registration.

Why choose unsecured consumer loans at CashBerry?

Specialized loan for each customer

Designated Loans Based on the Personal Profile of each Client. Whether you are a full-time employee, self-employed, self-employed or pensioner, CashBerry is ready to support a loan package that suits your own financial needs. We want to bring a solution for unsecured consumer loans with the lowest interest rates compared to other financial companies in the market.

Get disbursements quickly

You will receive the money immediately within 2 minutes after completing the registration process and being approved for the loan. You do not need to spend much time waiting or going to the transaction offices to receive the disbursement. We support disbursement through trusted banking partners and convenient electronic payments across the country.

Simple procedures

Only your valid ID card is required to complete the online unsecured loan procedure at CashBerry. We strive to simplify all procedures, to help you experience the fastest and simplest consumer mortgage service so that you can soon achieve what you want.

Suggestions on how to increase chances of unsecured loans

  1. Good credit score

"Anything can be lost, but trust is not: Once unbelief, thousands of times of disbelief, don't believe those who are lying and don't lie to those who believe!"

If you want to maintain a good credit score for easy access to loans, consider improving the following credit behaviors:

● Pay all debts on time     

When you have any loan at a bank or finance company, you need to keep track of your repayment on time. Paying late or forgetting to pay will reduce your credit score significantly. If you are overloaded with high-interest loans, you can completely work with a bank or financial company for advice on a more feasible repayment plan.

● Keep track of regular credit usage     

Reducing your use of credit means keeping your debt below 30% of your credit limit is a good rule of thumb and has a positive effect on your credit score. Because it shows you are managing credit responsibly.

In addition, regularly monitoring and checking the outstanding balance to be able to have a reasonable repayment plan and prevent profitable cases is also a way for you to improve your credit score.

Especially, when you have a good credit score, you will be more advantageous to review a new loan with a simpler and faster procedure than other customers.

  1. Apply for a suitable loan for solvency

Customers need to consider and consider a fixed income enough to pay monthly payments and interest. If the loan registration is beyond their own ability to pay, spend more than collected, then the unsecured loan application is rejected by the bank or financial company is also understandable.

A simple formula is as follows: With your monthly income, after deducting all living expenses, do you have enough money to pay for the loan or not. For example, your income is 10 million / month, living expenses 6 million / month. The monthly amount you must pay for the loan is greater than 4 million. Of course, the chance that your loan application will be dropped is very high.

  1. Prepare all necessary documents when borrowing

Depending on the loan package and the credit institution will prescribe specific documents, so customers should contact a consultant in advance to prepare all necessary documents. Customers need to prepare originals for comparison if with photo papers.

Secrets of unsecured loans, mastering their own lives

  • Define a loan purpose and find a loan specifically for that purpose

There are loans for the purpose of buying, building and repairing a home, or studying abroad or doing business. These loan packages usually have a lower interest rate than unsecured loans. Therefore, you should not borrow unsecured loans unless you do not have a loan for the purpose you need to borrow.

  • Have a repayment plan before you borrow

You should not let yourself fall into the situation of late repayment. Then, in addition to being charged a late payment fee that leads to more debt stacking, your credit score also drops. A low credit score will affect your ability to obtain a loan in the future.

  • You should not take unsecured loans before getting a large loan

In the systems of banks and financial companies, every individual has a credit line based on his or her income. Credit limit is the maximum amount you can borrow, including your credit card limit. The total value of all of your loans can only be within this limit.

If you take out unsecured loans before getting another big loan, such as a home loan, the amount that the bank can give you a home loan will decrease.

  • Take advantage of promotions

Banks often have promotions or incentives for unsecured loans. For example, you can get a discount on your interest rate or get a loan insurance package.

If you are already a customer of a bank, you can also get a preferential loan at that bank. So please pay attention to these incentives when looking for a loan.

  • Please compare carefully

This is very important. There is so much information about loans and loan offers in the market that making a thorough loan comparison is not easy.

That's why CashBerry collects loan information and gives you loan information with an easy, intuitive comparison tool that helps you choose the right loan for you.

  • Pay attention to all the costs that come with it

Other costs related to the loan will be specified in the loan agreement. Talk to your lender clearly about these fees before signing the agreement to avoid any inconvenience later.

* The fees should be noted

At CashBerry, information is clearly presented to help you choose the right loan. Here are the fees you should pay attention to when choosing a unsecured loan:

  • Loan application opening fee

This is the fee you need to pay when applying for unsecured loan. This fee will help the bank to carry out the necessary procedures for loan approval and management fee. With online unsecured loans at CashBerry, you do not need to pay fees for the application service.

  • Settlement fee (early repayment)

This is the fee you need to pay when you want to pay off your debt ahead of time. The earlier you pay off, the higher the fee will be.

  • Penalties for late payments

If you do not pay your loan by the set monthly deadline, you will have to pay this fee.

  • Interest penalty if you pay off late

In addition to the late penalty fee, you will also incur an additional interest rate in addition to the original interest rate on the loan.

The importance of the word "credit"

Whether in life, or in business, the element of Trust is always on top. At work, Tin Tin is not fussy, not fancy, but it is only true trust, not lying or lying, completely trusting each other in business relationships.

People use reputation to evaluate each other, to sign contracts, as well as to resolve disputes and conflicts. When difficulties need help, people rarely look at a person's status or status but mainly consider whether the reputation that person has accumulated is worthy of their help or not. That is the standard for building long-term, sustainable relationships.

CashBerry trusts you, loans with limits according to your needs, helps you overcome financial difficulties, of course, you should pay properly according to the contract to preserve and enhance your "credit". !

Live smarter and better with CashBerry . Sign up to wait! 

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