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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Not only monthly installment loans, but consumer lending in general has become an inevitable trend of the economy. And the practical benefits from this form of loan are also confirmed. However, the issue of interest rates on installment loans does not prove how high or low income is? How much interest is the mortgage bank and the secret to the lowest interest rate loan is always what customers are most concerned about today.

Not only monthly installment loans, but consumer lending in general has become an inevitable trend of the economy. And the practical benefits from this form of loan are also confirmed. However, the issue of interest rates on installment loans does not prove how high or low income is? How much interest is the mortgage bank and the secret to the lowest interest rate loan is always what customers are most concerned about today.

What is an installment loan without proof of income?

Installment loan is a method in which banks or credit institutions lend to certain individuals, the principal and interest repayment periods overlap. The interest will be calculated on the principal balance and the actual number of days of the repayment term, the principal repayment amount for each period is the same.

Installment loan without proof of income is a form of unsecured loan for banks, credit institutions. In this service, customers do not need to prove their monthly income as in the form of borrowing money through payroll.

This type of loan is currently being applied by more than 30 banks such as VPBank, OCB, Vietcombank ... and hundreds of different credit institutions. With installment loans without proof of income, we have loan packages as follows:

- Borrowing according to electricity bill.

- Borrowing under old credit contracts from other credit institutions.

- Loan under life insurance.

- Borrowing by credit card at other credit institutions.

- Borrowing from the main sim card (Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone).

The advantages of installment loans do not prove income

Installment loans without proof of income help customers access loans quickly. From there, they can easily purchase goods and services for consumption or carry out their business activities.

The loan amount will be paid off on a monthly basis, reducing the debt repayment burden for borrowers. The short disbursement time, usually the lenders will disburse only a few days after receiving all the documents and documents.

The loan amount is large from 10 million dong to several tens of million dong . Flexible term for both principal and interest payment from 12 to 60 months .

It can be said that our daily life inevitably arises related to needs such as shopping, dress, play, travel, travel, ... Suppose, you are in need of a the item as a new air conditioner for hot summer, but at that time there was no money available for shopping. In the meantime, we might consider borrowing money to address the temporary financial shortage.

Choosing a low-interest installment loan is one of the perfectly reasonable solutions. It should be noted that borrowing cash for wrong purposes, or even for illegal purposes such as lottery, betting, borrowing for others, ... are absolutely not true. because the risk is very high.

Monthly installment loans , no need to prove income loans, non-mortgage installment loans are loan products that contribute to improving financial access for all people. This form of loan also provides opportunities for using financial services for many types of customers, including those with low average income, small business households, ...

Who is suitable for the form of installment loan without proof of income

● People who are working for hire     

Individuals working at agencies, organizations, companies, enterprises, with or without a labor contract, if they have a need for unsecured loans, are supported by the lender to complete the procedure. deal.

● Business owners, companies     

While doing business, the lack of cash, flexible capital or the problem of urgent need for money but the capital turnover has not returned, this form can be chosen as a solution.

● Freelance business individual     

Individuals who are pursuing their own business, dream, or have a small business, when in need of loans.

● Freelance, not working yet     

Whether you are a freelancer, do not belong to any organization, or you just quit work, are looking for a new job ... need to borrow a sum of money for the purpose of your own purpose, banks, financial units still have the right loan packages for you.

Before learning about the loan process, the interest rate on installments does not prove income, please know what is the form of monthly installment loans? How is the monthly installment loan?

What is a monthly installment loan?

Monthly installment cash loan is a form of unsecured loan used by the majority of users when in need of a loan without having to mortgage assets. Installment borrowers completely rely on their own reputation to borrow money, high loan limits and quite long loan terms. Every month, customers will have to pay a sum of money to the bank or credit institutions according to the agreement signed in the contract.

Normally, repayment terms are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months , depending on the needs, prepayment financial capacity and financial ability of the customer.

For example:

A person borrows 10 million money with 20% interest. So the principal is 10 million dong + interest debt is 2 million dong = Total principal and interest is 12 million dong. If it is divided into 12 payment terms, each period is 1 month, the amount to repay each period is 1 million VND.

=> Thus, the monthly installment loan is not difficult as many customers think. As long as you have sufficient financial capacity and meet the basic requirements of banks and credit institutions, you can apply for a monthly installment loan.

How can installment consumer loans be?

Currently, customers can borrow installments in two forms as follows:

● Direct loan at a bank or finance company: Customers will go to the bank or company to learn about the loan directly and sign a contract.     

+ Advantages: customers will be able to hold money directly.

+ Limitations: disbursement time takes 2 or 3 days.

● Get a loan when buying consumer goods at supermarkets, stores ... affiliated with finance and banking companies.     

+ Advantages: You can buy online, register for online installment payment and when you arrive at your destination, sign a pre-drafted contract, which is very convenient, right?

+ Limitations: customers will have to pay about 50% of the product value in advance, the rest will be paid according to the provisions of the contract.

Profile and procedures for a quick loan with monthly installments

- For monthly installment loan products with no proof of income.

Forms of borrowing money

Required documents

Unsecured loan under electricity bill

Identity Card + Household Registration Book + Electricity and Water Bill.

Loan by salary

Identity Card + Household Registration Book + Labor Contract.

Loan according to Internet bill

Identity Card + Household Registration Book + Internet Invoice.

Loan under life insurance

ID card + Household registration book + Life insurance policy.

Loan according to vehicle registration

ID card + Household registration book + Motorcycle papers.

Loan according to phone sim

ID card + Household registration book + Postpaid or prepaid phone bill.

- With regard to unsecured monthly installment loans:

Quick loan installment payment by salary transfer with interest rate from 0.85% / month: Identity card + Household registration book + Labor contract + Salary statement.

Quick loan with monthly installments according to salary and cash salary: Identity card + Household registration book + Labor contract.

How much interest is the installment loan from the bank?

If you are in need of the fastest unsecured loan to use for a term of 1 year, the normal interest rate will be 2.2% per month.

Should an installment loan without proof of income?

Non-income proof installment loans are a great solution if you are in urgent need of cash and cannot prove your current income.

With the advantage of simple conditions and procedures, and a large loan limit, this form is quite popular. However, the interest rate for this loan is relatively high. Customers should consider before deciding to borrow.

If you have a steady income, you should use that advantage when getting a loan. Because banks, finance companies all have preferential interest rate policies for customers with financial ability.

If you feel you have the conditions to borrow and the ability to repay, now let's find out how to borrow with CashBerry!

Installment loans do not need proof of income

The bank uses the following methods to request proof of income from the borrower, based on which it can determine the credibility of the borrower:

● Payroll     

● Salary account statements     

● Pension book     

But people can use the following documents to replace proof of income like:

● Post-paid electricity, water, Internet / TV cable / telephone bills     

● Bank account statements     

● Vehicle registration certificate     

● Life insurance policy     

● Savings book     

● Tax receipts for self-employed individuals     

Borrowers may choose to borrow providing these documents instead of proving income through the lender's basic methods.

3 Note when the installment loan does not prove income

1. Consider financial ability

Due to the many advantages mentioned above, many people have used the loan form without proof of income. However, this is not a long-term loan and applies continuously because its interest rate is quite high. Furthermore, it also comes with very heavy fines for late payment or prepayment fees. So you must be careful when making this loan.

When you have carefully considered your ability and the purpose of using capital, you will definitely pay your debt on time. This not only gives you peace of mind, but also avoids the bad debt problem. Because when your bad debt history is archived, it will be very difficult for you to continue to borrow money from other banks and financial companies.

If you are still a student, want to buy a phone, a laptop, you should not choose to borrow consumer loans to reduce the burden on your parents. Or if your finances are not stable, and the monthly payment is difficult, you should not choose this form of loan.

2. Choosing a reputable loan with low interest rates

Choose reputable and reliable shopping centers, stores, avoid going to small shopping places because it is easy to encounter fake financial employees, ghost companies. Not only have to pay high interest rates, but also sometimes have money lost and disabled.

It should be noted that the interest rate on installment loans is quite high, so if you really need money for urgent tasks or need to use items, new customers should buy goods by installment or installment loans.

In addition, you need to choose a loan package that is just enough to fulfill your investment purposes, to avoid falling into attractive products or to borrow a lot of money. Borrowing and repaying debt is a long process, so don't let the benefits ahead of you go blind.

3. Pay attention to the rules in the repayment process

You need to calculate your ability to pay, clearly define your spending purpose. When signing a contract, it is necessary to carefully read the following contents: Interest rate, loan term, repayment period, repayment method ... In particular, you must pay attention to the penalty fee when breaching the contract.

Borrowers need to comply with and comply with the commitments stated in the contract. To avoid troubles, disputes can arise later. The buyer should keep all documents related to the purchase, sale, payment, in order to compare the loan balance periodically with the bank. By now, there have been many cases of losing invoices, causing confusion and difficulties in settling debt later.

Installment loan banks do not prove income

* Unsecured loan of SHB Finance

With SHB finance company, there are many forms of unsecured loan. In which to not prove your income, you should choose a loan product for freelancers.

Loan benefits

● Borrowing money with large limit from 9 - 50 million     

● Low interest rate based on decreasing balance: 1.91 - 2.7% / month     

● Installment loan term: 6 - 36 months flexible     

? Loan terms

● Vietnamese citizen from 20 - 60 years old     

● No bad debt, no loans at other banks     

● There are special documents to not prove income by payroll: utility bill / life insurance policy / owner vehicle registration certificate / passport, ...     

? Loan Procedures

● Valid ID card / CCCD     

● Household registration book     

● Loan application form     

● Proof of residence such as utility bill / driver registration certificate / driver's license, ...     

● Electricity and water bills are over 150,000 / month and bills for 3 consecutive months     

● Account statement     

Installment period: 6-24 months

* Loan to retirement from Sacombank

If you have a pension book, no longer work, you can use your pension book to borrow. Using salary book is no need to prove income when borrowing at Sacombank.

Loan benefits

● Conditions and procedures are simple and fast     

● Disbursement quickly to meet consumer needs     

● Immediately giving away An Tam Credit insurance during the loan term     

● Loan limit is up to 200 million VND     

● Flexible installment payment for 5 years according to decreasing balance     

● No proof of income, no mortgage, no collateral     

? Loan terms

● Vietnamese citizen at the age of 51 - 65 years old for men and 46 - 65 years old for women at the time of borrowing.     

● Have a household registration book at the lending branch     

● Statement of the last 3 months of pension, at least 3 million / month     

● No bank bad debts     

● Good health condition     

? Loan Procedures

● ID card / citizen identification card     

● Household registration book     

● Decision on retirement benefits / retirement certificate / Social insurance benefits in accordance with the law.     

● Statement of salary account for the last 3 months, if receiving salary via bank account, if receiving cash, the receipt and payroll.     

Installment period: 1-5 years

* Unsecured loan from VPBank

To not have to prove income, people can choose the form of unsecured loan overdraft account. VPBank bases on your overdraft account to support loans. This is a form of credit loan, people can borrow quickly by opening a credit account.

Loan benefits

● Simple conditions, fast procedures, disbursement within 1 minute     

● No interest free use     

● Low interest rate: 670 VND / 1 million / day     

● Overdraft loan limit is up to 100 million dong     

● Loan tenor up to 1 year     

● No interest free use     

? Loan terms

● As reputable customers of VPBank, with good and long history of transactions with VPBank     

● There is no bad debt in Vietnam's banking system     

● Pre-approved by VPBank in accordance with VPBank's own credit standard     

? Loan Procedures

● Statement of your current account at VP bank     

● ID card / ID card / passport     

● Household registration / permanent residence registration     

● Proof of current job     

It can be seen that when looking for the above banks and financial institutions to borrow money, you need to complete quite cumbersome registration procedures as well as prepare all the necessary documents. You also have to wait a while to wait for the financial staff to review before receiving the money. Every month, you also need to go to the counter to pay off your debt.

Your problem is ...

Are you preparing for a business that needs more capital, wants to borrow money quickly but freelance cannot prove your income?

You need to buy everyday consumables for your family, but because you are busy working, you do not have much time to go to the bank to do procedures?

Are you unemployed, or are waiting for your salary, need to spend or handle your job urgently?

The effective solution for you is ...

Borrowing money online without proof of income, no mortgage, just an authentic ID / CCCD is the best plan for you right now!

As long as the ID card, everyone will have the opportunity to access the loan quickly, all difficulties will be resolved quickly.

Limit of 1 - 10 million        

Flexible 90 - 180 days period        

Low interest rates (below 20% / year)        

No mortgage, no proof of income, no need to meet        

Receive money via ATM card within 24 hours        

You can visit website or download CashBerry application on mobile app for free financial consultation!

Borrowing money without proof of income with ID card is the top choice today. Do not skip this form of loan if you need fast money during the day. Hopefully the above information will help you understand more about unpaid installment loans, as well as find the most reputable service provider. Wishing you a successful loan!

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