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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

You must be familiar with the phrase monthly loan installments at large shopping malls and shopping malls. So what do you know about monthly installment loans?

You must be familiar with the phrase monthly loan installments at large shopping malls and shopping malls. So what do you know about monthly installment loans?

With the current development and increasing tastes of the people, ensuring essential needs is always a priority. So instead of accumulating until enough, customers will choose the form of installment loan to meet the needs of themselves as well as work.

Find out how to use an installment loan

What is an installment loan?

Installment loan is a form of loan in which borrowers will have to pay debt and interest periodically with the same amount. When you borrow, you usually do not have to mortgage assets like other loan methods, but only need to prove it with the lending financial institution and wait for the approval time.

This form of loan has two main cases: cash loans or loans when buying products and services and you only need to pay a certain amount in advance, the rest will be paid in installments within the agreed time.

Usually the amount you have to pay in advance to buy an item is very low, at least about 20% and maximum 70% of the value of the item you buy. The remaining amount is calculated according to the product value and you will be paid monthly.

Currently, installment loans are chosen by many people when they need to borrow money because they often have less limit on the loan amount, flexible payment time reduces financial pressure for you.

Advantages of installment loans

● No need to pay one time, be divided into smaller amount to be more financially active     

● Pay less upfront, get ready-to-use products     

● Quick and simple procedure     

● Flexible loan term depending on the repayment ability of the customer: from 6 months to 60 months. Particularly with home loan installment products can be up to 35 years.     

Disadvantages of installment loans

● Compared to the one-off payment method, customers will have to pay more interest for the loan.     

● The longer the loan period, the more interest will be payable.     

Forms of installment loans

Installment loans are currently divided into two main forms: mortgage installment loans and mortgage installment loans.

Unsecured installment loan        

This is a form of installment loan that does not need collateral, does not need a third party's guarantee to serve consumer borrowing needs such as purchasing household appliances, buying household appliances, electronics, home repair, travel, wedding please. Features of mortgage loan products:

● Small loan amount: from a few million up to a maximum of 500 million dong     

● Maximum loan term of 60 months     

Installment loans in the form of unsecured loans are offered by both banks and finance companies. If you borrow at a bank, the customer will borrow a large amount of money, but will have to complete the income proof procedures and not everyone can borrow Borrow at a finance company with the maximum loan amount from 70 to 100. million but the procedure is simpler.

Mortgage installment loan        

Installment mortgage loans require customers to have collateral which is real estate, house, car, valuable papers. This form of loan is often applied to large loans with clear use of capital such as home loan installment, car loan installment installment ...

● Loan amount is up to 80% of collateral value     

● Long loan term: 7 years for a car loan, 20 to 35 years for a home loan     

● Concessional loan interest rate     

For example, Techcombank's installment mortgage loan package has a maximum term of 35 years, a maximum loan of 70% of the value of collateral.

Currently, monthly installment loan is a form of unsecured loan used by the majority of users when in need of a loan.

Installment borrowers completely rely on their own reputation to borrow money, high loan limits and quite long loan terms. Every month, customers will have to pay a sum of money to banks or credit institutions according to the agreement signed in the contract.

Are you in need of a monthly installment loan? Please take a loan, find out the information carefully to avoid the risks!

Monthly installment loan

Monthly installment loan is a method of lending money with the same amount of repayment in terms. The interest payable plus the principal divided to repay the loan. The repayment amount for each term is equal according to the agreement (contract) and the interest is calculated based on the principal balance and the actual term of the repayment term.

Usually the repayment terms are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months; depending on the needs, the upfront financial ability and the financial ability of the customer. Installment also applies to consumer loans, car loans, home ... The interest rate on installment loans is usually agreed upon by the lender and the borrower.

For example:

A person borrows 10 million money with 20% interest. So the principal is 10 million dong of the interest debt is 2 million dong = The total principal and interest is 12 million dong. If it is divided into 12 payment terms, each period is 1 month, the amount to repay each period is 1 million VND.

=> Thus, monthly installment loans are not difficult as many customers think, as long as you have enough financial capacity and meet the basic requirements given by banks and credit institutions.

Benefits of monthly installment loans:        

Little restrictions on the amount of money borrowed: The loan amount can be up to half a billion.       

Fast, convenient: Customers can have products to use right away without waiting as long as getting a mortgage loan, instead of waiting to borrow money.       

Flexible repayment term: Customers can choose a long or short repayment period, normally they can pay in full within 3 months or 60 months depending on the amount of the loan in the form of a monthly installment loan.       

In order to speed up the borrowing process, to meet the urgent needs of consumers, many banks and finance companies have implemented the form of installment loans without proof of income. What types of loans include? Please continue to follow the information below.

Installment loans do not prove income

Many banks and credit institutions support installment loans without collateral, which can also be understood as unsecured loans. With the non-mortgage installment loan package, consumers can choose one of the following loan forms.

Installment loan according to motorbike cavet

Borrowing by installment loan for motorbike has many advantages such as low interest rate, fast and simple application file, loan limit can be up to 90% of the value of the car.

Loan documents include:

● ID card     

● Household registration     

● Main motorcycle cavet     

A small note for you is that this loan product only supports customers with the name of the original motorcycle, whose vehicle life is less than 8 years.

Loan installment according to salary

Almost all banks - financial companies in operation are supporting unsecured loan products based on payroll based on income from customers' salaries.

Loan documents include:

● ID card and Household registration book     

● Labor contract and salary statement / Salary confirmation for the last 3 months     

CashBerry's advice: If you receive salary transfer via ATM card, sign up for a monthly bank installment loan to have a preferential interest rate of only 15% / year.

The monthly installment loan according to the payroll is the loan product with the most registered customers today. Almost every financial company or bank will support it because this is the only loan product that customers have sufficient proof of income.


● The loan limit is very high, it can be 10 times of income and maximum 500 million VND, equivalent to the disbursement rate of a mortgage loan.     

● Extremely preferential interest rate, only from 15% / year.     

● In particular, salary-based loan products have a longer installment period than other forms. Customers can flexibly pay from 12 - 60 months.     

● Supported by many banks such as: Vietcombank, VPBank, BIDV, ACB     

Installment loans under life insurance

Monthly installment loans under life insurance are supported by a number of finance companies. Loan documents include:

● ID card and Household registration book     

● Life insurance policy and premium bill     

Survey: Life insurance loan is a bank installment loan with the highest ratio of loan disbursement among all products.

Currently, life insurance monthly installment loans are only supported by financial companies. However, this is a product with an interest rate of only 1.66% / month and a high rate of application approval.

Life insurance is valid for more than 1 year and insurance premiums of over 3 million / year are eligible to borrow and only support customers who are in the name to buy insurance.


● The application is very easy to consider for disbursement.     

● No proof of income or collateral is required     

● Concessional interest rates     

Monthly installment loan according to electricity bill

Monthly installment loans according to the electricity bill are only applicable to customers who are in the name of the owner or a relative in the same household registration and living at the address on the electricity bill.

Loan documents include:

● ID card and Household registration book     

● Customer code using electricity     

Note: Loans under electricity bills only support customers with more than 500k / month electricity bills.

Although not many customers are eligible to borrow in the form of electricity bills, but in return, this loan product has a high proportion of disbursement records.


● Support for quick disbursement during the day     

● Flexible installment period from 6 to 36 months     

● No home assessment required     

Get a monthly loan in cash according to your bank account statement

The monthly installment loan according to the bank account statement helps customers to regularly make money transfer transactions, make payment via bank accounts.

Loan documents include:

● ID card and Household registration book     

● Bank account statements for the last 6 months     

Note: The loan product according to the bank account statement requires customers to regularly perform transfer and deposit transactions for 6 consecutive months. Average monthly balance over 3 million.


● Simple procedure     

● No need to prove income     

● Supporting a maximum loan limit of 50 million dong with preferential interest rate     

Borrowing money under installment contract

Loan under installment contracts applies to borrowers who want to borrow an additional amount of money. This form of loan is being applied by finance companies.

Loan documents include:

● ID card and Household registration book     

● Contract number, payment receipt of installment contract     

Installment loans for cash under health insurance

Health insurance card loan is a loan product that applies to employees of the company, to buy health insurance. This is a low-interest installment loan similar to a salary loan, but the application and procedure is much simpler.

Loan documents include:

● ID card and Household registration book     

● Health insurance card     

Monthly installment loan at the Post Office

Customers only need to go to the nearest post office for advice on types of loan, interest rate, appraisal and disbursement process.

An application for installment loan at the Post Office includes:

● ID card or ID card     

● Original household registration book     

● Additional documents such as vehicle cavet, electric bill, life insurance, salary statement, ...     

Installment loan according to Viettel sim

Currently, there are quite a few objects and fraudulent organizations regularly texting to offer customers sim-based installment loans. If customers do not have sims, they are willing to sell sims at high prices and collect service fees. However, customers should consider carefully and avoid this because this is a form of fraud. Customers will not be able to borrow but also lose money.

Bank installment loan via ATM card

In this form, the bank will rely on the balance in your bank account to consider lending you.

The process of installment loan via ATM card is as follows:

● Step 1: Customers register for installment loan and provide ID number to check credit history of CIC.     

● Step 2: After checking and consulting, customers come to the bank branch to open an account to request an account statement in the last 6 months.     

● Step 3: Apply for a loan and submit it to the bank.     

● Step 4: Verification department checks documents, assesses and announces the limit.     

● Step 5: Disburse and repay each month.     

In addition to the monthly installment loan, there is also a daily installment loan. How bad is it, let's find out!

What is installment loan?

This type of loan does not require collateral or collateral, it is also known as unsecured loan. The amount you borrow will be divided into days to pay, can pay the principal interest by day or just pay interest every day, the principal will be paid once.

Depending on the financial company and credit institution, the loan conditions are different, but most of them simply need a ID card and household registration book to borrow. With easy loan terms, of course borrowers have to bear quite high interest rates.

Advantages of loan service on installments

1. Many credit institutions offer daily installment loans

Currently, customers easily access many banks, credit institutions, and individuals lending to customers in the form of daily installment payments anywhere.

2. May not need collateral and do not need proof of income

With mortgage installment loan service, customers do not need collateral to borrow money. Customers only need to provide ID card and household registration to be able to borrow money, the loan amount can be up to several tens of million dong.

3. Quick procedure

Many credit institutions can accommodate your loan during the day to help clients handle their financial problems.

Disadvantages of the installment loan service

1. High interest rates

Fast loan period means very high interest rates. So, after only a few months of using the capital, the amount you have to pay out can be twice your initial loan.

2. Risks from non-reputable credit institutions

Convenient procedure is an attractive force that causes people in debt to rush into un-reputed credit institutions, despite a lot of warnings.

The technique of these facilities is often to make customers misinterpret interest rates by giving unclear information, in addition, penalties for overdue debts are not specifically mentioned. Because of that, many people were caught up in debt and caught in a vicious cycle between debt and interest day by day.

Currently, many banks allow installment payments with low interest rates or even 0% interest rates. To get a smart installment loan. Here is an installment loan experience you need to make sure you do not get “head-on” debts.

Things to keep in mind when needing an installment loan

In addition to the benefits and advantages that the installment loan package brings, there are still some notes that people need to pay attention to.

Must pay more than the actual value of the item        

When using installment loans, the installment amount will be much higher than when paying directly because every month, you have to pay both principal and interest at the same time in a fixed period as agreed by the two sides. The difference amount will be based on the interest rate of each bank and the longer the term, the higher the difference.

In addition, you must review the terms and the interest rate before deciding. Normally, banks will create an attraction for preferential loan installments in the first months with extremely low interest rates and will increase very high after the following months. This makes many customers confused because they do not know when they have to pay too high costs later.

Pay monthly        

Every month, you will have to lose a certain amount, which depends on the interest rate as well as the term of payment.

In the agreement contract, there will be a penalty fee when the customer is late for the appointment, this penalty will increase according to the delay of the customer's appointment. When the appointment is too late, the customer will be reminded by an employee from the bank and in the worst case, it will be classified into a bad debt group, losing the opportunity to pay in installments for the next time.

Consider your financial ability and repayment plans        

Because conditions to install consumer loans are quite easy, the interest rate in some cases is also quite high. The repayment term commitments are very tight and the penalty for late repayment is very high.

If you do not have stable financial resources to ensure repayment on time as committed, you should not choose this method. You should only buy on installments when you have a stable financial source, manage your own finances well, do not buy expensive items that exceed your capabilities.

Carefully calculate how much you have to pay in monthly installments, and evenly allocate the amount of living expenses based on your total fixed income. When you are sure that the installment payment does not affect your financial ability and can pay the debt on time according to the contract, decide to buy an installment product to avoid possible risks.

Consider loan term        

If you have a low income, you should extend the loan term so that you can reduce the amount needed to pay monthly. Reduce pressure to pay off monthly loans if your income is not enough.

In addition, early repayment can also result in a penalty from your bank. So, please pay attention to the loan term so that you do not get fined the amount should not be fined or in a state of frantic repayment.

Choose a reputable loan with low interest rates        

Choose reputable and reliable shopping centers, stores, avoid going to small shopping places because it is easy to encounter fake financial employees, ghost companies.

Currently, there are many banks that are lending cash on installments with preferential interest rates, you can choose for yourself a bank or financial institution that best suits your needs through several goals. Basic lice like:

+ Based on the reputation of the bank

+ Loan interest rate for each period and full-time loan

Loan amount and repayment term

+ Loan conditions and procedures

+ Monthly payment and interest payment method

+ Density of branches, transaction offices to deal with when borrowing

Learn clearly interest rates and costs incurred        

+ Loan interest rate: The loan interest rate will affect your financial plan and the actual amount you need to pay.

+ Costs incurred: There are some costs that will arise during the installment payment process and there are 2 fees that will surely have commitments and obligations that directly affect the interests of consumers. That is:

++ Fines for late payment. Depending on each bank, there are different regulations on late payment penalty fees. However, this is a very easy fee to arise and the fine will be quite high, borrowers need to pay attention to this amount

++ Early settlement fee. This is a penalty that the borrower pays to the bank or finance company for paying off the loan before the contract. The penalty is normally between 3-5% of the total outstanding balance.

Read the contract terms carefully before signing and storing documents and papers        

Contract terms will often include specialized financial wording that the consumer may not fully understand or understand. But it will greatly affect your benefits in case of problems such as interest rates, costs incurred, overdue interest, ...

Therefore, learn briefly about financial terms or ask for a clear explanation of the terms before signing pen to protect your best interests. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep full records and papers during the process to always have grounds to prove and protect interests in case of problems that need to be resolved before the law.

Do you have a good understanding of the form of installment loan? If you feel that this form of loan is quite complicated and cumbersome, you want to receive money faster, the online loan form is the financial solution that CashBerry wants to mention.

+ Online loan registration only 15 minutes on the phone

+ Just take 2-sided photo ID / CCCD

+ Lowest interest rate in the market (committed below 20% / year)

+ Receive money to your bank account only 1 minute after the application is approved

+ Quick and easy online payment

Those are the outstanding advantages when you want to borrow money online via CashBerry!

Above are the installment loan experiences you need to know for sure, to avoid risks and use capital most effectively. Need help with financial advice, quick loan instructions, contact CashBerry for answers!

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