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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

High limits, low interest rates and gradually decreasing over time are two of the many "plus points" of the red book mortgage loan package . This is a loan form that many customers choose for long-term purposes such as trading, investing, buying a car, ... If you are also looking for a reputable bank, finance company to advise or For registration, do not ignore the following useful information.

High limits, low interest rates and gradually decreasing over time are two of the many "plus points" of the red book mortgage loan package This is a loan form that many customers choose for long-term purposes such as trading, investing, buying a car, ... If you are also looking for a reputable bank, finance company to advise or For registration, do not ignore the following useful information.

Red book mortgage loan is what?

A loan mortgage loan certificates, the financial package is much larger banks such as Agribank, Vietcombank, BIDV, ACB, give borrowers. This is a form of loan to mortgage real estate assets to the bank.

To join the red book mortgage bank loan package, you need to provide a certificate of land use rights and a house to secure the loan. However, in the process of joining the loan package, the borrower is still allowed to use the collateralized real estate.

In case the customer cannot afford the loan repayment, the assets will be disposed of according to the agreement between the borrower and the bank. Usually, red book mortgages often require a third party guarantee. In this way, the bank reduces the risk of the loan that the entity provides.

Advantages of mortgage red book to borrow money from the bank

      High loan limit

The approved bank mortgage loan limit for customers can be up to 70% or even 100% of the asset value (with the asset being a savings book) to help customers have enough money to implement their plans.

      Low interest rates

Interest rate is the most prominent advantage of mortgage loan when compared to unsecured loan packages. The interest rate for bank mortgage loans usually ranges from 5% / year - 12% / year and is calculated based on the decreasing balance.

      Installment period up to 25 years

The mortgage red book and pink book mortgage forms have a maximum installment period of up to 25 years. This helps customers to have effective loan use plans and best repayment plans.

      Flexible installment payment method

If in the form of unsecured loans, customers need to pay each month, with mortgage loan packages, customers can choose a flexible repayment plan on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This helps customers to be more proactive, avoiding deferred payments that lead to bad debts and attention debts.

Conditions and procedures when borrowing money to mortgage red book

1. Conditions for mortgage of land use rights

Article 188 of the 2013 Land Law stipulates that users of a red book to mortgage a bank loan need a legal land use right certificate; land assets are not in dispute; not subject to distraint of land use rights to serve judgment execution; belong in the term of land use.

2. Conditions for housing mortgage

Article 119 of the Law on Housing 2014 stipulates housing conditions when participating in transactions, including: houses with a land use right certificate in accordance with the law, except for houses that are to be formed in future, in the construction investment process; not subject to a dispute over claims of ownership, distraint, expropriation, release or demolition as notified by the competent authority.

3. Conditions for individuals and organizations to conduct mortgage

Particularly for mortgagees: if being an individual, the requirement is full 18 years of age or older. regulations of civil law. The mortgagee must be a house owner or an authorized or authorized owner before being allowed to mortgage the house in accordance with the Law on Housing. If it is an organization, legal status is required.

With the strictest conditions mentioned above, then ...

How can the application for a red book mortgage loan be approved?

This is a question that many customers ask when applying for a red book mortgage loan. So how to get the mortgage loan approval rate at the highest rate?

● There is a feasible plan for using capital:     

The mortgage loans are disbursed at a high limit, up to billions of dong. Therefore, customers need to plan how to use capital effectively to generate profits. If the plan is found to be feasible, the passing rate will be high.

● Demonstrate financial:     

Customer's financial ability is also an important factor when considering loan application. Stable financial situation and high income will make mortgage loans easier to approve.

Red book mortgage loan procedure like?

In order for the application for mortgage loan to be quickly assessed and disbursed, customers need to know all relevant information and procedures.

* Loan profile

- Loan application form in the form of a bank.

- Valid identity card / citizenship / passport, permanent residence, book or confirmation of temporary residence, marriage registration (if married), if single, you should prepare additional documents certified bachelor with local residence certification.

- Proof of income: Statement of payroll, labor contract, ...

- Papers related to the purpose of capital use: house and apartment purchase and sale contracts, papers and invoices related to the payment and deposit for the purchase of that property.

- Papers related to collateral: Certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets (pink book, red book), house sale and purchase contract, valid declaration registration fee, ... For the purchase of project apartments, in addition to the sale and purchase contract with the investor, there are also payment requirements to serve the disbursement according to schedule.

* Proof of income when taking a mortgage is what?

Income proof records are papers proving that the money comes from the business, from the salary of individual customers - enterprises.

- Proof of income with individual customers

People with salary income:

● Labor contract / appointment letter / job certificate     

● Payroll / Payroll / Salary Verification     

Customers for renting houses and warehouses:

● Contract for renting house, premises, warehouse     

● Business license, stall rental contract, market, ...     

● House red book, land red book for rent     

Self-employed customers

● Tax code certificate and business license     

● Sales invoices for the last 3 months     

Proof of income with Business

● Business registration certificate     

● Financial statements for the most recent year     

● Sales contract and purchase invoice for the last 3 months     

● VAT return     

● Related papers ...     

Red book mortgage loan process

● Step 1: Submit loan application at the bank.     

● Step 2: The bank checks the certificate or other legal documents to determine the authenticity of the certificate of land use rights, the term of land use, and financial obligations related to land use rights. .     

● Step 3: Appraisal Division Field inspection, survey, measurement and asset valuation; check information about property, family, work, income source, loan purpose, ... After the collateral or pledge has determined its value, the bank will decide how much maximum you can borrow money is based on this property's value.     

● Step 4: Approve the loan, sign a mortgage contract between the bank and the mortgagor (the person having land use rights), notarize the mortgage contract at the notary's institution and the conducting bank. Disbursement.     

How much money can I borrow as a mortgage red book?

How much money can I borrow as a mortgage red book? The first time you borrow, everyone will ask my red book how much money can I borrow, what is the procedure for getting a mortgage? CashBerry will provide you with the most complete and accurate information. First, let's see what factors the bank will base on to decide the amount of money that customers can borrow.

What does the amount of money borrowed in the form of a red book mortgage depend on?

● How much is the assessed value of the assets, considering whether the assets are subject to the restrictions of the bank or not     

● Is the customer's monthly income enough to pay off the loan     

● House, frontage or in an alley, will also affect the borrower's property value     

After meeting all the above conditions, the bank will balance customers 'income sources, valuate customers' assets. From there, they will decide how much money they can borrow.

In addition to the above factors, the bank also checks the type of land mortgaged by the borrower, the borrower's ID card to see if there is a bad debt or not. After that, the new bank can file the application for the customer.

Having a red book, why is it still difficult to access bank capital

There are red books in hand, but many people still have difficulty, even unable to access bank capital. The simple reason is because they cannot prove their income, have no specific loan purposes, they have borrowed and have bad debts of CIC.

State regulations for small-sized houses

The current Vietnamese law does not have any regulations that prohibit mortgages from mortgaging homes with an area of ​​less than 20m2. This means that customers who have a need to borrow capital and only need the property to be a legal real estate certificate can borrow from the bank.

However, in fact, some banks stipulate that collateral must satisfy the bank's own conditions such as house from 20m2 or more, alley 2m or more, ...

The rules of each lending bank will be different. However, the lending banks will still rely on the liquidity value of the mortgage, the mortgage of the land.

What is the minimum area for a bank loan?

Currently, the minimum area for bank loans is usually regulated by banks to be 30 square meters or more, some banks will receive assets from 20 square meters or more; However, the loan terms will also be very difficult and will have to be submitted to the credit committee.

Can a house with an area of ​​less than 20m2 be allowed to borrow from a bank?

Tip: You can find a bank that accepts mortgage loans with an area of ​​less than 20 square meters (usually banks need credit quotas, banks want to expand more customers, newly established banks ).

Thus, the minimum area for bank loans is not prohibited, but will depend on the lending policy of each bank.

What is the cheapest interest rate to borrow money to mortgage the red book of the bank?

Usually, customers who borrow in the form of business loans, additional business loans will get the best interest rates. Then there are loan products to buy houses, loans to study abroad, loans to build and repair houses, and consumer loans.

The specific applicable interest rates of some banks are as follows:

The mortgage interest rate of the bank red book updated in January 2021


Interest rate (% / year)

Borrowing limit

Borrowed time





























Shinhan Bank












HD Bank








Most banks charge interest for mortgages based on their diminishing debt balance. Amounts payable per month include fixed principal and interest that decrease over time.

The formula for calculating the interest rate for a bank mortgage is as follows:

● Monthly principal = Loan amount / Number of months borrowed     

● First month's interest = Loan amount * Monthly interest rate     

● Interest in the following months = Principal remaining amount * Interest rate     

Example: Customer A borrows an amount of VND 100 million within 3 years at the interest rate of 13% / year. We calculate the fixed principal payable each month is 2,777,778 VND.

Interest paid in the first month is VND 1,083,333, the second month is VND 1,053,241 and the following months are gradually decreasing according to the remaining actual principal amount.

The interest rate for bank mortgage loans is calculated on the decreasing balance and has a preferential interest rate from 3 months, 6 months to 1 year depending on the supporting bank.

Some banks have the lowest mortgage interest rates today such as Agribank, VietcomBank, BIDV, Sacombank, ...

● Interest rate of Agribank: 6.09% / year     

● Vietcombank interest rate: 6.07% / year     

● Interest rates BIDV: 7.1% / year     

● Vietinbank interest rate: 6.5% / year     

● Interest rate Sacombank: 8.5% / year     

Note: the interest rate for mortgage loan products may change from time to time. Most of the loan term usually lasts for 5 years, Agribank alone supports a loan term of up to 10 years.

* Criteria when choosing the best mortgage bank in 2021:

● Was the appraisal and disbursement process difficult?     

● Some banks are merging, should pay attention to this issue to buy safely.     

● What is the best mortgage interest rate in 2020?     

● Which bank has the fastest processing and disbursement time?     

● Which bank needs the simplest paperwork?     

● Which bank provides complete information about most loan products?     

Those are the criteria that customers should pay attention to when choosing a mortgage bank during this time. For more advice, you can contact the CashBerry hotline.

Summary of questions when borrowing money from a bank mortgage

● Can agricultural land be used as collateral?     

Agricultural land is still used for mortgage, but quite a few banks support this asset because its value is not high and its geographical location is not suitable.

● Where is the lowest interest mortgage loan?     

Each bank has a different mortgage interest rate in each different period. So there will be no specific answer to the question of where the lowest interest rate mortgage is.

However, mortgage borrowers can refer to some banks with stable interest rates such as Agribank, BIDV, Vietcombank, ...

● Can bad debt get a bank mortgage?     

For unsecured loans, bad debts will not be supported. However, bad debt customers can still use collateral to borrow money from banks.

So which group of bad debts will the bank support mortgage loans? This is a separate regulation for each bank. And often, the mortgage limit for customers with poor credit history is often limited.

When considering supporting customers with bad debts for mortgage loans, the bank will base on the following factors:

- Which group of bad debt customers?

- Have you paid off all overdue debts now?

- What is the customer loan limit?

- How much is assessed asset value?

● What are the differences between mortgage and unsecured loans?     


+ Small loan from 1 - 500 million VND.

+ Easy loan procedure: ID card, vehicle documents, payroll, ...

Quick loan support . The higher interest rate on your mortgage is based on your reputation. Short-term loan term, can pay the loan monthly (installment payment).

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+ Large loan from a few hundred million to several billion.

+ Loan procedure with much necessary information: Real estate, savings book, ...

+ Disbursement for a long time because waiting for application approval as well as checking information collation.

+ Because of the collateral, the interest rate is low.

+ Long-term loan term.

The above is all the necessary information about the form of a red book mortgage loan, you should consult if you are planning to get a loan. Besides, if you have a need for consumer loans, online loans by ID card within 24 hours, you can contact CashBerry for support. Wishing you a successful loan!

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