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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Ngoài cung cấp các dịch vụ gửi, tiếp nhận, phân loại, xử lý, truyền tải hay cung cấp các thư từ và bưu phẩm, chuyển phát hàng hóa, bưu điện còn là nơi kết nối khách hàng có nhu cầu vay vốn với những công ty tài chính và ngân hàng. Hãy cùng CashBerry tìm hiểu về sản phẩm cho vay tiền tại bưu điện, điều kiện và thủ tục ra sao nhé.

In addition to providing the services of sending, receiving, sorting, processing, transmitting or providing letters and parcels, and delivering goods, the post office is also a place to connect customers in need of loans with other finance companies and banks. Let CashBerry learn about loan products at the post office , conditions and procedures.

Look around, somewhere you will find some other content on the internet, people also talk about "postal loans". But be careful lest you get wrong, get caught up in a superficial perspective!

Overview of post offices to lend money

First, let's talk a little bit about post offices in Vietnam today. When it comes to post offices, most of us by default refer to traditional post offices, which have existed for a long time, and are now present in all communes, wards and towns. However, the entire postal sector in Vietnam currently has over 300 businesses licensed to provide postal services.

That is not to mention a series of "unauthorized" postal businesses and a lot of garages that operate free postal services (passenger cars, coaches to receive freight).

For example, an enterprise within Vietnam has:

● Traditional post: VNPost, ViettelPost, VNPT, EMS Vietnam ...     

● Start-up delivery - delivery: GiaoHangNhanh, GiaoHangTietKiem, SuperShip, ...     

● International (multinational), there are: DHL eCommerce, Grab Express, Lazada Express, TNT Express, FedEx, ...     

Through such a point to let you see, post offices today do not merely do "delivery". They are expanded & balanced with other services such as: transportation, freight forwarding, logistics (logistics chain), ...

But in terms of the form of borrowing money at the post office, we only need to pay attention to the two largest postal units in Vietnam, namely VNPost and ViettelPost .

Returning to the story of cash borrowing , the post office was originally born to operate in the postal sector, not in the financial sector. So, in principle, they cannot lend money like banks or finance companies.

Yet you can still borrow cash at the post office!

And the answer is: the post office will not directly lend to customers, but act as an agent for a bank or some financial company to provide a loan. That is, the post office is just an intermediary, the money you borrow still comes from financial institutions.

What is a cash loan at the post office?

Cash loan at post offices is a form of unsecured loan borrowed by credit institutions affiliated with post offices to provide loans to customers. With cash loan products at the post office, customers will easily get a loan on demand without having to mortgage their assets. Time to receive disbursement quickly, timely meeting the financial needs of customers.

A simple understanding of the form of a postal loan is that any loan application you can complete over the internet, or a transaction location, will then receive your money disbursed in the mail. This method of borrowing is often applied to remote provinces where the system of banks and financial institutions is not present.

So what specific loan packages are there?

Cash loan products at the post office

You know, the post offices don't lend money directly. They "act on behalf" of the financial units to provide loans to you. And as just said, here we only discuss two major postal units that most people know: Vietnam Post (VNPost) & Viettel Post (Viettel Post).

Both 2 post offices are "lending money". In other words, when you need a cash loan at the post office, you can go to any of their locations nationwide.

Many people don't care where the post office comes from. That means no matter who is behind the post office to lend you a loan, you can just borrow money as long as you can. This is not recommended! Or sternly, this is actually a very wrong act.

When you borrow money, you pay principal, interest, and fees. In addition, depending on the specific loan product, you must declare to the lender all of your information, or property papers.

Ignoring it, irresponsibility with a loan will leave many consequences that you will regret. Which is to pay high interest; high fees or crap fees (surcharges, intermediary fees, penalty fees ...); is subject to debt squeeze, property confiscation. Then what is being listed in the group of bad debts, bad credit and sometimes even "losing face".

This is a general reminder for any borrowing case. Here, when borrowing cash at the post office, you need to know clearly which unit you borrow & detailed information about your loan product.

Then, what cash loan products does VNPost or Viettel Post provide?

Cash loan packages at Vietnam Post Office - VNPost

CashBerry will first go through a few features of Lien Viet post bank. This is a financial institution established by VNPT Posts and Telecommunications Group and Vietnam Post Corporation.

Currently, Lien Viet Post has more than 500 branches and transaction offices in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Besides savings, payment, remittances, Lien Viet Post Bank also offers a list of various credit products. Including loans to buy real estate, cars, loans for production and business, study abroad, home repair, mortgage loans, ...

Currently, Vietnam Post (VNPost) is the agent of the following financial institutions:

  1. LienViet Post Bank
  2. Finance company FE Credit (under VPBank)
  3. Home Credit Finance Company

Therefore, when you need to borrow cash at the Vietnam Post, you may be issued with one of the loan products from the three units mentioned above.

Basically, when you take a real loan, you must research carefully and clearly consult with the postal staff about your loan package before signing your signature.

Okay, now let's move on to:

Cash loan packages at Viettel post office - ViettelPost

Currently, Viettel Post (Viettel Post) offers many unsecured loan packages with high limits and flexible loan periods. However, it is not directly provided by Viettel, but this is an intermediary combined with finance companies to offer loan packages to support customers to borrow capital in times of financial difficulties.

Similar to VNPost, Viettel post office is just a loan agent. Here, Viettel Post is the agent of financial company FE Credit. More specifically, Viettel post office currently only supports one loan product of FE Credit: loan from Viettel sim .

The loan is of course provided by the company FE Credit. However, almost all the procedures from registration to receiving money can be transacted at Viettel post office.

This is a consumer unsecured loan product of FE Credit. Because you borrow with Viettel sim, you do not have to mortgage assets, nor do you need to prove income or a guarantor.

Basic information of this product:

● Require Viettel sim card owner, used for more than 1 year (the older sim card, the more you can borrow and the lower the interest rate).     

● No bad debt.     

● Loan amount: 10 - 50 million dong (or more depending on the case).     

● Term: 12 - 36 months.     

● Interest rate: 1.4 - 2.95% / month (depending on specific package).     

● The loan can only be settled when the contract is over 4 months old (penalty fee of 5% of the total outstanding balance).     

In addition, FE Credit also supports loan products under Mobifone or Vinaphone sim cards. However, when you come to borrow at the Viettel post office, you can only choose only the loan package under the Viettel sim.

Private lenders at the post office

So you know, a few banks or finance companies cooperate to provide loans through the mail. However, there are many other cases of cash loans at other post offices on the market today. They are non-formal private lenders, borrowing the post office as a place for transactions to easily "gain trust" from borrowers.

You can find advertisements for "cash loans at the post office" everywhere such as poles, sidewalks, leaflets, on facebook & on many websites. Some units also implement a stand-by loan product - which is a quite dangerous type of loan, you should be aware of.

The advice is: If you do not know the lender or lender, and do not understand the loan well, do not sign a loan agreement, avoid risks later. When you want to borrow cash at the post office, absolutely only apply for a loan through the post office staff, and for strangers, immediately ignore it.

Next will be information about loan procedures at the post office for those who are in need.

Loan procedures at the post office

The post office we are talking about here is one of two units: Vietnam Post Office or Viettel Post Office. So if you want to get a cash loan at the post office, you will have to work directly with either agency.

There are two options : one is to go out to any of the post offices and work with the support staff. Second, you can pre-register online at home and follow the instructions after registering.

The papers you need to prepare in advance:

  1. ID card (ID / passport) & household registration.
  2. Proof of income: payroll, labor contract.
  3. Property papers, HD-BHNT, ... (depending on the loan package has separate requirements).

When you go to the post office, you will be instructed by the post office to fill out a loan request form, as well as proceed with other procedures until it is completed.

There are two ways to receive money for you to choose from : receive cash at the Post Office or transfer to your bank account (ATM card account) as required.

In the end, there are two major post offices: Vietnam Post Office and Viettel Post Office. They are lending agents for financial units such as Lien Viet Post Bank, Home Credit, FE Credit.

You should get a cash loan at the post office, you actually get a loan from one of these three finance companies. Of course, it will depend on each specific unit, product and loan package that has its own characteristics.

Note that Lien Viet Post Bank (LietVietPostBank) is a bank, not a post office! A lot of people mistake this bank loan as a "postal loan".

Remember: only work with postal workers or the employees of the three financial institutions. Read carefully the loan product information, carefully review the loan agreement, ... are the things you need to pay attention to.

With technology developed, consumers have gradually become acquainted with modern loan methods in addition to traditional methods of borrowing. The advent of online loan applications has opened up many benefits for consumers, helping them solve urgent financial problems.

You are in urgent need of money, but do not want to borrow money at the post office because you are concerned about the long disbursement time, and have to prove complicated documents. Then online loans are the right choice for you right now.

Why should I borrow money online via website and mobile app?

When you want to borrow 1 to 10 million as capital, or daily consumption, the first financial institution that consumers think of is always a bank or financial company. The advantage of getting a loan at a bank is that the safety and transparency of the loan are always guaranteed, but the loan conditions are often quite strict, the loan procedure requires a lot of paperwork. Conversely, borrowing from financial companies has the strength of easy loan terms and procedures, but lending rates are often quite high.

Getting loans through online applications solves the above problems. Not only is it simple and fast, but the tightening of the online loan application makes the transparency and clarity of loans through these applications even better. So, if you are denied a loan at a bank or finance company, borrowing 5 million online through online applications is a good suggestion.

The advantages of fast online loans are:

- Register online, just need ID card

- Limit of 1 - 10 million, depending on needs

- Flexible loan tenor 90 - 180 days

- Disbursement after 2 minutes if the application is approved

With flexible loan limit, super fast disbursement time, online loan application becomes a safe lifeline for many people's financial problems. From there, we can limit the search for "black credit", helping to limit the "expansion" of "black credit" in the credit market.

Customers belonging to group of 3 or more bad debts according to CIC's regulations often find it difficult to be considered for loans at banks or finance companies. Especially in the form of unsecured loans, when borrowers have to mortgage their credit reputation instead of valuable assets to borrow capital. However, for online loan applications, customers in group 3 bad debts still have the ability to be considered for the loan. As long as their current financial position is stable and verifiable.

Choosing applications to borrow 1 - 10 million quickly online for urgent financial needs is the very right decision of modern consumers. Just master some basic knowledge about credit and learn some outstanding loan applications, you will have an effective financial solution for yourself and your family. Hopefully with the above information, you have more suggestions for your plan to borrow 5 million just need your ID / CCCD upcoming.

If there are any other questions, or want to be advised by CashBerry to borrow money quickly during the day, please contact the hotline 1900638385 . CashBerry - professional financial advisory service, quickly will help you find the most effective loan package. Wish you can choose a smart loan product!

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