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The conditions for applying for a loan at Cashberry

4 easy steps to register for a loan

Filling in the registration form
Provide a phone number and fill in personal information. Register and send request for a loan.
Getting approval and Signing an Agreement
The approval results will be anounce via phone call. Only need to log in to Personal account and sign an Agreement.
Receive money
After the application is approved, our partner will transfer the money to your account.
Make repayment to our partner according to the instructions.
with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
Get loan
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Borrowing money through App, easy loan app, new loan app, most reputable online loan app are the search terms we often think of when there is a need to borrow money 24/7.

Borrowing money through App, easy loan app, new loan app, most reputable online loan app are the search terms we often think of when there is a need to borrow money 24/7.

Simple profile only requires ID card, online registration without meeting, does not prove income that are the advantages of current loan applications.

But you are worried because you do not trust the Loan App, or have not yet grasped the most prestigious loan App?

Then in this article, CashBerry will synthesize the new easy-to-borrow online loan App which is synthesized from the reviews of many customers.

There is a saying that many people agree with that: "Money is not omnipotent, but without money, ten thousand cannot be capable" .

Indeed that is true. The importance of money, I think every adult has a profound understanding.

Is it stressful to need money right away not knowing where to 'turn'?
This is a thing of the past

What is online loan via App, App which is easiest to borrow money are 2 problems that CashBerry will solve for you in this article.

Wait, if you need to borrow money quickly via App right now to handle your personal work, CashBerry is ready to assist you right now!

CashBerry - Reputable, fastest and easiest loan app?

Why is CashBerry the fastest loan app? Here are the reasons you can take a look and see!

What is CashBerry?

CashBerry is a consulting platform and provides online financial solutions 24/7, to support your extraordinary financial needs.

Understanding the financial problems you are facing, CashBerry tries to bring you the simplest, fastest and most convenient financial solutions.

Digital Platform Company Limited is the unit that manages and implements the consulting and financial connection activities with CashBerry's lending partners.

CashBerry's lending partner is Lending Platform Trading Service Co., Ltd. with Certificate of Business Registration No. 0316078299 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on December 27, 2019.

FIGURE 2: “CashBerry - A financial friend of all families”

How to borrow money via App CashBerry

* For new customers:

● Please choose the amount and deadline. Once done, click the button "RECEIVE LOAN"     

● Fill in personal information and complete the loan request form     

● Waiting for approval and Signing contract     

● Receive money as soon as you sign the contract     


* For former customers:

● Please log in to your personal account     

● Select the desired amount and loan term and submit the request     

● Waiting for approval and Signing contract     

● Receive money as soon as you sign the contract     


Quick - compact - quick payment at CashBerry

  1. Payment by electronic wallet - internet banking

Make a quick payment with a virtual account
Step 1: Open your internet banking application
Step 2: Make a payment to the following account information:

Beneficiary Bank:
Woori Bank (Woori Bank)
Beneficiary account name:
Beneficiary account number:
Provided in your loan account
Money transfer content
Contract number + first and last name

** To get the beneficiary account number in your loan account please follow these steps: 

■ Sign in to your CashBerry account. Then Click the button "PAYMENT".     

■ The screen will show your bank accounts. Then please choose the account to which you have been disbursed.     

■ Next screen will display virtual account information at Bao Kim bank that CashBerry has provided to you.     

Step 3: Pay the loan and take the Payment Receipt.

  1. Payment in cash

Quick payment with virtual account
Step 1: Go to the nearest bank / ATM or use internet banking to transfer money.
Step 2: Pay into the following account information:

Beneficiary Bank:
Woori Bank (Woori Bank)
Beneficiary account name:
Beneficiary account number:
Provided in your loan account
Money transfer content
Contract number + first and last name

** To get the beneficiary account number in your loan account please follow these steps:

■ Sign in to your CashBerry account. Then Click the button "PAYMENT".     

■ The screen will show your bank accounts. Then please choose the account to which you have been disbursed.     

■ Next screen will display virtual account information at Bao Kim bank that CashBerry has provided to you.     

Step 3: Pay the loan and receive the Payment Receipt.

Benefits of Borrowing at CashBerry's easiest loan App

● Online registration: CashBerry supports online money loans at home. That means you do not need to go to where you can get a successful loan.      

● Simple procedure: CashBerry allows you to just have an ID card and a stable career to borrow immediately.      

● Maximum amount: You can apply for a loan at CashBerry with the amount up to 10 million VND.      

● Disbursement - payment: CashBerry disburses within the day (up to 24 hours, sometimes only a few hours) if the application meets the requirements. Payment of the loan at any bank's transaction point by cash or bank transfer is okay.      

● Incentives: The lowest interest rates in the current online lending App. Just provide a valid ID number and bank account number and you can receive cash immediately within the day.      

Currently, loan status via App is very popular. Loan organizations and individuals have taken advantage of the fast and neat internet to trick people into borrowing money in difficult times with interest rates of more than 300%, even some borrowers have to pay interest up to 1,000%.

Pursuant to the provisions of the current law, if the subjects and organizations behind the money lending App are involved in lending with high interest rates, "terrorizing" the borrowers, they may be handled as follows:

According to Clause 2 Article 201, if committing the crime of gaining illicit profits from 100,000,000 VND or more, the offenders shall be subject to a fine of between VND 200,000,000 and 1,000,000,000 or a prison term of between 6 months and 3 years.

Therefore, you can rest assured when borrowing money via App CashBerry! With the right job, the right organization and the right law, there are no obstacles.

If you are not sure about the concept and nature of the online loan form via the App, continue with us to find out!

What is Loan App?

The combination of finance and technology (Fintech) through financial applications is the most miracle that professionals create, contributing to serving the maximum of our borrowing needs.

Today, instead of spending time and effort to go to the bank to borrow money, you can completely sit at home with a smartphone to borrow money through the App easily up to 10 million .

Unlike the web borrowing money, borrowing money via the App is an online loan by downloading financial applications on mobile platforms such as Android or IOS to fill in information. Then, customers choose a loan package that suits their needs and purposes.

* Loan App: is the online loan application on mobile phones (smartphones) through downloading and installing online loan applications on the Play Store or AppStore. Loan App is developed by licensed loan aid finance companies.

The form of loan via App supports groups of customers with urgent financial needs during the day from VND 500k - 10 million with ID card without having to prove their income. The loan via App is reviewed based on the customer's credit history and disbursed via bank account or ATM card.

It can be said that thanks to the ability to quickly disburse, borrowing money through the application is the first choice for those who need money urgently.

Tips and experiences when borrowing money quickly through the App

In order for the loan process to take place quickly and improve the application approval rate, you need to pocket some experiences as follows:

* Loan experience:

- The express loan application in this article has been carefully selected with a high rate of application approval if you successfully complete the loan registration step.

- Please carefully consider the need for quick loans, because most applications offer short-term loans with low limits. So this is just a solution to a temporary financial problem.

- Pay attention to how much service fee is because not all loan apps list the fee schedule. So do not forget to find out about service fees before deciding to borrow.

- The loan interest rate on the application will definitely be higher than the bank, to avoid the file falling into bad debt, it is necessary to actively arrange financial and repay on time.

* Loan tips:

- In addition to CashBerry, you can refer to other loan apps such as: One Click Money, Money Cat, Robocash. These are the App that supports 24/7 quick loans thanks to the automatic disbursement feature.

- Note when filling in the income level: should be larger than 6 million VND, the possibility of the application being approved is much higher.

- You can register for a loan via the App in many applications at the same time to increase the loan amount.

- If denied this App loan, try to apply for another loan App that can be approved more easily.

Distinguishing reputable and fraudulent online loan application

● Forms of advertising     

- The ads for unsecured loans at pawnshops, sticking leaflets at power poles, intersections, on the walls of houses in alleyways, ... are mostly App for fraudulent loans, black credit.

- A reputable online loan app is that financial companies will often advertise their services online, have their own website or link to other reputable second parties such as banks, electronics stores, super marketing to advertise its products.

● Loan procedure     

- The application procedure at financial companies often requires photo ID, photo of household registration book or KT3, photo 3 x 4 and some other papers depending on the type of loan registered by the customer. There is clear appraisal, full verification.

- For black credit credit institutions, just leave your ID card or citizenship card, driver's license or ATM card to be able to borrow.

● Loan interest rate     

For online lending transactions related to pawnbroking business, as prescribed in Clause 1, Article 468 of Civil Law 2015, the agreed interest rate must not exceed 20% / year of the amount. borrow. However, some units will charge additional costs, for example, consulting fees, loan management fees.

Therefore, the borrower should find out exactly how much the total is payable. In it, including what amounts, how to calculate how, how to pay, who to pay and due date.

- The next difference is that interest rates and black credit interest rates fall to about 108 - 360% / year, equivalent to about 3,000 - 10,000 VND / 1 million / day .

- For banks, finance companies, this interest rate falls to about 20% / year (1,667% / month) or about 600 VND / 1 million / day .

However, nowadays, to deal with legal regulations, many individuals / black credit institutions often agree with borrowers that the contract only indicates the interest rate as prescribed and the actual interest rate is different. Therefore, the lender should pay attention to this point.

● Loan agreement     

The borrower should be clear about the type of contract entered into and how the company sends the borrower the contract for retention. Only confirm the agreement to sign the contract after having studied and clearly seen the contents of the contract, to avoid the case of information being changed between the consulting content and the signed contract.

Regarding contracts, reputable loan applications often offer contracts accompanied by clear terms such as payment method, repayment period, interest rates, prepayment penalty fees, postpaid penalty fees, ...

Ideally you should go online to look for the contract form of financial companies, see what the contract contains. Then you will easily see if the contract is for black credit or not because the black credit contract does not specify many such terms.

After signing, the borrower should request the company to send the signed contract to keep, compare and use when a dispute arises. In case of detecting that the contents of the contract are not the same as the consulting and advertising content, the borrower should use the form of reflection and complaints with traces to the company, such as emailing, sending via confirmed post. receiving courier.

● Search for information on the internet about the lending institution     

Financial companies will usually have their own website licensed under the law. Reputation and brand name of unsecured finance company you can easily search history on internet sites, check customer information and reviews.

As for fraudulent black credit lenders, which often have a small location, the website does not have a clear address or information about licensing operations.

If you need money urgently, customers should be wary of advertising of black credit, consider choosing a bank or legal credit company with an appropriate interest rate so as not to fall into the "pitfalls" that The usury has already arranged the usury.

After distinguishing and confirming what is a reputable online loan app, what is a black credit hiding the financial company, let's find out the reason, why this form of loan is popular and is an advantage. first every time the consumer needs.

What are the advantages of online loan application?

Why has the money-via-App model flourished and developed on the internet in recent years? That is because of the advantages that this service brings to customers to use.

  1. Fast

Fast, with only 5 - 15 minutes to register for a loan application on loan applications, customers can quickly receive a maximum amount of up to 15 million VND to help solve immediate financial needs.

  1. flexible

Flexible, the credit limit through the App is very flexible, from 500k, 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 5 million or 10 million so that customers can easily choose according to their personal financial needs.

  1. Simple

Simply, with ID card, customers can easily register and get loan approval.

  1. Easily

Easily, when borrowing money through the App, customers do not need to prove their income, do not need collateral, nor go through the appraisal process but are still approved for a loan based on ID card.

Quick loan 5 minutes        

500k - 10 million        

Just need ID card        

No mortgage        

Do online loan applications have drawbacks?

There are certain advantages and disadvantages, and there are still some limitations in the App loan form when supporting customers.

Interest rates of new loan applications are still quite high, higher than unsecured loans. But this is also understandable when customers do not need to prove income or have collateral to be supported with loans.

The limit for borrowing money through the App is not high, most loan applications only support 1-10 million, some apps support higher limits: 15 million.

What is the interest rate for borrowing money via App?

One thing is for sure, loans via App loans will have higher interest rates when borrowing bank unsecured loans. Because it is too simple when borrowing and disbursing, not having to prove income or have complete records when borrowing from the bank.

However, the interest rate for borrowing money via the App still cannot exceed the allowed interest rate. Therefore, the applicable interest rate of online loan applications from 1.66% / month.

In addition, creditors via the App also charge service fees, connection fees, customers need to learn carefully when borrowing.

Should I borrow money online?

This is a question that many people before borrowing online are hesitant and questioned. However, ask yourself, if you do not borrow online, can you solve the financial difficulties you are facing? And if you decide to borrow, please note the following issues!

Before applying for a loan online, you need to understand that the entity that supports this loan is a private finance company, not a bank or finance company. So the interest rate will be higher, the loan limit will also be lower.

If you can afford a bank loan, you should apply for bank loans first. You only have to borrow money online when you cannot get a bank loan, because you cannot meet the bank's profile or when the amount you need to replenish the cash flow is not much and needed in a short time.

And the most important thing is that you must have a repayment plan on time so that you do not fall into a passive state, getting stuck.

The cost of borrowing online is quite high compared to the lending level at traditional credit institutions. Therefore, even though it is a loan of small value, the borrower needs to have specific calculations. Be sure to ensure the ability to repay on time, avoid incurring high costs and unnecessary troubles.

5 Note when borrowing online to not lose money injustice

  1. Find as much information about the organization you are preparing to borrow as possible, search the internet and radio media channels. Choosing reputable credit institutions that do not borrow from advertising sites that do not clearly state information about the business and have no clear headquarters.
  2. Carefully read the terms of the e-loan agreement before accepting a loan. Pay attention to important issues such as loan amount, loan term, interest rates, overdue interest rates, late payment penalties, administrative costs, insurance costs. If possible, ask a relative with expertise in accounting, finance, or banking to check your loan terms, especially the actual interest rate you pay.
  3. Recording and archiving loan documents, transaction agreement to resolve in case of any dispute.
  4. Debt payment due but not enough money to pay, absolutely do not settle by borrowing this App to pay that App. Ask for help from relatives and friends to contact the lending organization to handle your problem.
  5. In case you suspect there is a fraud, a scam or a dispute occurs, the amount to be paid is larger than the agreed amount, you should promptly report it to the police or protection agency. Consume closest to the deal.

With the above detailed information, I believe, you have grasped the basics of getting loans and be proactive in the borrowing process. Below is an App loan registration guide, you can refer to for easier implementation.

The most prestigious online loan application registration guide 2020

Borrowing money via App is an instant home loan, so you can do 100% online application. Just follow these 4 basic steps.

● Step 1: Choose the best online loan app     

Based on criteria such as loan limit, application conditions, interest rate and disbursement time, customers choose the easiest and fastest loan App.

● Step 2: Download and install the App to borrow money online to your phone     

After choosing a low-interest loan App, you can download the App loan on CH Play if you use an Android phone or the App Store if you use iOS.

After downloading, install the loan App on your phone.

Note: Some loan applications support customers to register directly on the website without having to install the application (eg CashBerry).

● Step 3: Fill out the loan application form via App     

This is the most important step in deciding whether your application is approved 24/24 or not. The information that the loan application requires you to fill out includes:

Personal information       

Job and current income level       

Bank account information or ATM card       

Photo of 2-sided ID card for verification       

You should complete and match the information for the easiest loan application.

● Step 4: Review and announce loan limit     

After the customer completes loan application information, the system will conduct an automatic review based on the CIC credit history and notify the loan limit to the customer.

There are two ways to announce a loan limit:

By SMS       

Directly through the customer care switchboard       

● Step 5: Disbursement of loan application App     

If the customer agrees to borrow, the money will be disbursed to the customer's bank account or ATM card immediately.

At the same time, customers will be informed of the contract number, the payment date and other relevant terms clearly and transparently on the contract.

How to pay loan contract via App

Online loan applications always create favorable conditions for customers to pay loan contracts. Here are some of the most popular App loan payments options.

Transfer to the bank account        

Each loan App is developed by a company, so customers can pay the loan contract by transferring money to the bank account number of that company via:

● Internet Banking     

● Mobile Banking     

● Send money directly at a bank branch     

Before sending money, customers should contact Customer Care to check the correct bank account number.

Payment through collection points        

Most loan applications have payment links with collection points such as Viettel Post, convenience stores such as Vinmart, Family Mart, ...

Customers only need to go to the collection points to request payment in installments and provide necessary information such as ID number, contract number for payment assistance.

Payment via electronic wallet        

Quite a lot of e-wallets support customers to pay for loan contracts via App such as Momo, Payoo, Viettel Pay, Zalo Pay, ...

To make payment, customers follow the instructions below:

● Step 1: Log in to your e-wallet     

● Step 2: Select loan payment item     

● Step 3: Select a lender     

● Step 4: Enter the contract number / ID card number     

● Step 5: Check information and payment     

Loan conditions via App

Most of the new loan applications are developed by private financial companies and support customers with fast loan needs, so the conditions are quite easy:

● Age: Customers from 18 - 60 years old     

● Support area: Nationwide     

● Documents: Just an ID card or ID card is fine     

● Disbursement: an ATM card or bank account is required to receive disbursement     

Some questions when registering the App to borrow money online, disburse 24/24

● How do I know which loan App is reputable and legal?     

“Around me a lot of people are in trouble because they borrow money through the App. Disbursement is quick but the exorbitant interest rate makes it soon become that the parent's interest leases. When they do not pay their debt on time, they disturb, threaten, or call relatives and friends. So is there any reputable loan App? How to know? " - Consumers.

As recommended by the Ministry of Public Security, first of all, you need to find out which company the loan App is owned by, full of information such as: Company name, business number, address, key books on loan interest (early repayment, late payment, ...).

Next, the lending interest rate must be within the limits specified by the Civil Code (not exceeding 20% ​​/ year). And in particular, the App does not require customers to allow access to their contacts and social media accounts.

If you have borrowed money and detected that the App has signs of usury, it is necessary to soon settle all debts; If being threatened by objects, it is necessary to notify the nearest police station by application or by phone.

● Can bad debt borrow through App online?     

If the bank stipulates that bad debt cannot be borrowed, in an online loan app like CashBerry, bad debt can be considered for loan.

However, to have a successful loan rate with a high loan rate, you should not have bad debt.

* Conclude

It is often said that "money is the source of all sin" , and it must be admitted that it is true. Conflicts, big and small, homicide, split brothers, spouses separation, and all sorts of breakdowns in relationships other than society, mostly revolve around money.

However, it is undeniable that money and capitalism are two inevitable things and tools to bring people to a new civilization. A civilized society is a society that protects, respects and honors the success of each individual. Money is a symbol of that civilization and the pinnacle of humanity and life.

But in all, money is just a tool. It can take you wherever you want, but not for you. It helps you to meet your needs, but does not provide you with those needs. Money cannot buy people's happiness when they have no idea what happiness is, nor can it serve purpose when he doesn't know what he wants.

You have financial difficulties, need money to keep your relationship, need money to keep "life" for your loved ones, for yourself. Then it does not matter when you decide to borrow money, so that they can help you solve those things.

See, money is a tool to meet your needs, don't let them become the "boss" and control you. Just borrow the right place, trust the right place and pay the debt according to the planned plan. Your life will be easier and happier!

In the end, I will not wish you a successful loan. But I will wish you to resolve the worries that are bothering you, hoping that you will have a comfortable and peaceful life.

Don't forget to visit CashBerry for financial assistance!

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