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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Bank loans without collateral were born to meet the financial needs of customers with many different purposes. Under the support of banks as well as financial institutions, the form of unsecured personal consumption loans is widely used.

Bank loans without collateral were born to meet the financial needs of customers with many different purposes. Under the support of banks as well as financial institutions, the form of unsecured personal consumption loans is widely used.

When should I borrow cash from the bank?

Borrowing money from a bank in the form of a mortgage has many obvious advantages. However, you should not borrow without calculating. Because the lending rate in this case is not low at all. According to the CashBerry financial experts, you should only borrow cash from the bank in the following cases:

- No collateral for collateral

If you have assets of great value such as houses, cars ... you should borrow in the form of a mortgage to get a lower interest rate. You should only borrow money from the bank in the form of unsecured money when you have no collateral. Interest rates for bank loans in the form of unsecured loans are usually higher. In addition, the loan limit is also a limitation of unsecured loans.

- You need loan urgently

Time to prepare and approve documents are advantages of unsecured loans. If you need an urgent amount of cash, a mortgage loan is a suitable option. You can also look for pawnshops, but the interest rates will be very high and the risks are much greater than getting cash at banks.

- You need to borrow cash

Unsecured loans, unsecured bank loans used for consumers can be disbursed in the form of cash.

- You only borrow small amounts for a short period

Unsecured loan interest rate can be up to 20% / year. Therefore, when you borrow money from a bank in the form of a mortgage, you have accepted to pay a pretty large amount of money. Even if you have a high and stable income, you should consider carefully before you borrow to avoid losing money injustice.

Learn how to borrow money from a bank without a mortgage

You don't have any valuable assets as collateral or loan security, but are in desperate need of money for investment expansion or for personal consumption. The only thing you have is a stable job, salary and insurance and an employment contract.

The good news for you is that banks are currently implementing this mortgage-free loan package. With the above conditions, you can completely borrow 10 times to 15 times the current income level. The maximum number that you can borrow is 300 million dong, attractive interest rate, in the range of 1.5-1.7% / month. Especially if you are an affiliated company with a bank that wants to borrow hot money, you will be entitled to a preferential interest rate with a loan period of up to 5 years.

In addition, a number of non-mortgage borrowers are also supported by the bank's policy of supporting customers with installments from 6 months to 3 years. With this time around, you can plan your repayments carefully, with less pressure.

What is a bank loan without a mortgage?

A bank loan without a mortgage or unsecured loan is a form of consumer loan. In particular, the bank supports customers to borrow money without having to mortgage any assets.

Usually, banks evaluate your income and credit history as well as evaluate your ability to pay off debt to decide how much money to lend you, for how long.

Most banks have implemented this mortgage-free loan program through many forms and characteristics to suit the diverse needs of customers. Customers can refer to the details below.

Bank loans do not need collateral 

There are many ways for banks to lend people unsecured loans. In Vietnam today, there are some popular forms such as: unsecured salary loans, unsecured loans according to insurance books, unsecured loans according to invoices, ... Among them, the most popular form is credit loans. payroll.

Unsecured loan according to payroll

This is the most popular form of lending today. All individuals who are working with stable income can go to the bank to apply for loans. At the bank, the borrower provides payroll, salary confirmation. Then, the bank reviews the payroll and approves the loan application to the customer by salary. Depending on the salary of each person, there are different limits and loan terms. 

Unsecured loan by invoice

When borrowing from a bank with this form, customers can use their electricity bills, water bills, and internet money to borrow. This is a relatively new form in Vietnam and is being implemented in major cities.

To get a loan with bills, such as an electricity bill, your bill in the last 3 months must have an average value of more than 150,000 VND.

Based on your family's electricity bill, the bank will support unsecured loans in accordance with the bank's regulations. The electricity bill is proportional to the loan amount. That is, the higher the electricity bill, the larger the disbursement amount, up to a maximum of 50 million dong.

Loan unsecured with sim Viettel

This is a form of loan exclusively for Viettel's subscribers. Subscribers who are eligible to consider the usage time, monthly subscription fee, payment history will be approved by the bank for unsecured loan.

Unsecured loans for individuals and business households

Based on the time of operation, revenue, monthly profit for the bank to approve loan. Unlike other forms of loans, unsecured loans for individuals and households are often for business purposes, not for consumption purposes.

Unsecured loans without collateral are based on available mortgage loans

For customers with good repayment schedules, the bank can extend another unsecured loan without requiring additional assets. This unsecured loan can be at the same bank or another bank. VPBank currently offers unsecured loans to customers 10% of the value of the mortgage loans available at other banks.

Loan under credit card overdraft

If customers want to take unsecured loans and are using a credit card, please refer to the credit card overdraft form. Under this form, customers who are active credit cardholders will be supported by banks and financial institutions with high support for non-mortgage personal consumption loans. The condition for this method is that the customer's credit card has a limit of 15 million dong or more. Note that your credit should have good history and not be in bad debt.

How to borrow money from the bank without a mortgage

Conditions for bank loans without collateral

Currently, according to the regulations of most banks, the conditions for non-mortgage borrowers are as follows:

● Customers are required to be Vietnamese citizens, have full civil / criminal responsibility, are from 18 to 55 years old.     

● Clients are individuals with stable income, pay salary and work in state agencies with payrolls or labor contracts.     

● No bad debt balance at any banks or credit institutions at the time of borrowing.     

● Customers are required to have permanent residence registration, or register for long-term KT3 temporary residence in the area where a bank branch wants to borrow money.     

Documents and procedures for bank loans do not need collateral

To get a loan at a bank, you need to choose the form of loan and learn carefully about the loan's procedures and records. Specifically, in a loan without a mortgage at a bank, it is regulated as follows:

- Bank loan documents do not need collateral

You need to prepare full documents for the form of a non-mortgage loan before bringing it to work with the bank that chooses to borrow. The dossier set includes the following provisions:

● Permanent residence book or certificate of long-term residence (KT3) at the place where you borrow from the bank.     

● Loan application form according to regulations of banks and credit institutions.     

● Proof of income, including labor contracts, salary statements for the last 3 to 6 months.     

● ID card copy, customers need to bring original ID card for bank staff to compare and authenticate when doing loan procedure.     

● Other relevant documents if required by the bank.     

- Bank loan procedures do not need collateral

● Loan application form: Depending on the bank you come to work for for a non-mortgage loan, they will give you a sample loan form available. Information including full name, identity card number / ID card number, permanent address, contact phone number ... Then your application is received and loan verification is carried out.     

● ID card + Household registration book or KT3: These are required documents to prove the legal existence of the borrower.In certain cases you can use ID card or prove military to borrow money.     

● Proof of income: including papers such as payroll, labor contract, or utility bill, unsecured loan agreement of the credit institution ... to certify the ability to repay the loan after the loan. .     

How to calculate interest on a bank loan without a mortgage

Currently, the interest rates applied by banks for non-mortgage loans vary from 1.5 to 1.7% per year. However, the specific number at each bank will be different from each other.

There are two ways to calculate the interest rate in accordance with the law with the specific formulas as follows:

● Method 1:     

Monthly Interest Payable = (Total Current Loan Balance x Daily Interest Rate x Number of Actual Days to Maintain Current Balance) / 365 days

● Method 2:     

Monthly interest payable = Principal amount * monthly interest

Where is creditworthiness, quick and easy to borrow money from the bank without collateral?

Currently, Vietinbank and Vietcombank are two banks that do not need collateral and are trusted by many people. You can refer to the information below.

Bank loan Vietcombank does not need collateral

What is Vietcombank unsecured loan?

Non-mortgage loan at Vietcombank is a form of unsecured loan of Vietcombank. Vietcombank will rely on customers' reputation to approve loans. This loan can serve many essential consumer purposes such as buying phones, computers, building and repairing houses, and traveling quite conveniently.


At Vietcombank, unsecured loans are available to:

● Officers and employees (CBCNV)     

● Managing and operating officer (OMP)     

Product Utilities:

Non-mortgage loan Vietcombank offers its customers the following benefits:

● Total loan limit is equivalent to 12 months salary and up to 200 million dong     

● Total loan limit is flexibly used among three products: (i) consumer loans, (ii) overdraft and (iii) credit card issuance.     

● Quick and convenient lending procedures     

● Competitive interest rates     

● The form of loan repayment is consistent with the actual income level     

Loan products are not mortgaged at Vietcombank

Currently, Vietcombank is deploying a lot of non-mortgage loan products to meet the needs of customers. Specifically:

● Overdraft loan for Vietcombank personal account     

● Loans to Vietcombank employees     

● Borrowing from Vietcombank's managerial staff     

● Loan overdraft mortgage of Vietcombank valuable papers     

Conditions and procedures for non-mortgage loan at Vietcombank


To borrow unsecured loans at Vietcombank, customers need to meet the following conditions:

● Loan executive officers - cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees working under the state payroll regime or labor contracts, with executive management positions from department level or equivalent or more, there is a need for consumer loans in accordance with Vietcombank's loan regulations.     

● Loan officers - cadres, civil servants, public employees, employees working under the state payroll regime or labor contracts at organizations wishing to borrow consumer loans in accordance with the regulations. to borrow money from Vietcombank.     

● Requirements at working age, male 18 - 60, female 18 - 55.     

● The monthly salary is over 4 million dong, economically able to repay the bank's debt.     

● Proving that the purpose of the loan is justified and reasonable.     

● If customers already have bad debts at other banks, they will not be able to borrow.     


When making a non-mortgage loan at Vietcombank, you need to prepare registration documents as follows:

● Household registration book / Long-term residence certificate.     

● Loan application form for employees / executive managers (by form)     

● Proof of income and working time     

● ID card copy (bring the original for comparison)     

● Household / KT3 temporarily absent     

● Some related documents such as payroll, insurance, electricity bill ...     

● Application form for consumer loan using Vietcombank's form     

● Some other relevant papers (if any).     

Non-mortgage loan limit and interest rate at Vietcombank


At Vietcombank, when accessing a non-mortgage bank loan product, you will be able to borrow up to 300 million and a term of up to 5 years. This can be seen as a reasonable limit and loan term so that you do not have too much pressure on repayment issues and interest. Especially, Vietcombank also supports you with long-term installments.

In addition, when borrowing by salary for employees, the total loan limit is equivalent to 12 months' salary and up to 200 million VND. Borrowing according to salaries of executive managers, total loan limit is equivalent to 12-month salary and maximum 300 million dong.

Loan interest rate

Vietcombank will provide a maximum loan of 10 to 15 times the salary and income, interest rates from 0.6% - 1.7% per month (down 1-3% for companies affiliated with the bank).

Customers are allowed to register for installment loans with a term from 06 months to 3 years. For customers who are in need of a few tens of millions of capital, they should choose Vietcombank's unsecured loan product.

Vietcombank's non-mortgage loan is an unsecured loan support product for individuals who are employees. Customers will not have to secure any assets but still have a large amount of capital to implement their life plans.

Borrowing money from banks does not need to mortgage Vietinbank

Loan overdraft card Vietinbank is a non-mortgage loan product, applicable to those who have an E-Partner domestic debit card account and VietinBank international debit card.

Overdraft loan limit up to VND 500 million without collateral or collateral. Overdraft maintenance period is up to 1 year, overspending in account 24/7 at all locations where card payment or Internet Banking is accepted with advance limit.

Conditions and procedures for borrowing money Vietinbank do not need collateral

Conditions for unsecured loans Vietinbank

● Subject: Are Vietnamese workers living in the area where a branch of Vietinbank operates     

● Age: From 20 - 60 years old     

● Have a job and stable income of 3 million VND or more     

● Contract with experience over 12 months     

● No bad debt     

● Have legal loan purposes     

● Other terms and conditions depending on the loan product     

Procedures for unsecured loans at Vietinbank

Borrowing procedures for most banks are required to have the following documents including Vietinbank.

● Personal papers: Original ID card / CCCD card with notarized photocopy     

● Proof of whereabouts: Household registration book with original copy or permanent residence certificate certified by the police     

● Proof of employment: Certificate of company / labor contract, decision of promotion or job transfer     

● Proof of income: Salary account statement if received via bank account and payroll confirmation if receiving cash salary from the company     

● Loan contract cum loan application form according to the form of Vietinbank     

Interest rate for bank loans Vietinbank does not need collateral

With a Vietinbank unsecured loan you can now borrow up to 300 million but it's really not easy. If you are an employee, the loan will be easier than others. One of the benefits of unsecured loans at Vietinbank is that the loan does not mortgage assets but the interest rate is low.

Unsecured loan interest rates fluctuate in the range of 10 -20% / year. The high or low interest rate depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower, how income can prove to be able to repay the debt. So based on the loan file that the borrower provides, the bank will review and give a specific interest rate.

Other questions when borrowing money from banks do not mortgage Vietinbank

How long will it take to disburse loans without mortgage Vietinbank?

Your application processing time will be done by Vietinbank within 5-7 working days. This includes loan processing time and disbursement procedures.

Except for people who borrow at the end of the year, if they borrow at the end of the year, it is very difficult to disburse because at the end of the year, the bank decides to summarize the capital, recover the capital to make reports, so sometimes the loan amount of you will move into the month of the following year disbursement.

Is there a bad debt for unsecured loans at Vietinbank?

If there is bad debt, there is a high chance of never getting a loan.

Can the savings be an asset to guarantee a mortgage loan at Vietinbank?

If you cannot prove your income, you can choose to use your savings book as collateral for a loan. If there is collateral, it will be easier to borrow and lower interest rates.

Note when borrowing money, the bank does not need a mortgage

To make an effective loan decision, you need to keep in mind the following:

- Choose the right type of loan

Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to consider and choose the right form.

Note interest rate, loan limit, loan period

● Interest rate: Each bank will have a different interest rate, which will normally be issued and agreed upon before signing a customer contract.             

● Loan limit: The amount of the loan will depend on the needs of the borrower and the approval of the lender.             

● Loan term: Directly affects the amount of the borrower's monthly payments. Therefore, customers need to consider and choose carefully the loan period to reduce financial pressure and be more proactive in repaying debts. The average time will be from 6 - 36 months.             

- Check information on loan agreement

Before signing a loan agreement, check the information on the contract to avoid unnecessary errors. In addition, in the loan contract, there are always provisions on the obligations and responsibilities of both the borrower and the lender. Therefore, you need to read these carefully before deciding to sign your consent.

- Do not borrow more than the payment limit

You should only borrow money within your affordable range as well as balance your spending appropriately. If you borrow beyond your ability to pay, you will have a bad credit history and this will have difficulty in wanting to borrow consumer loans at any financial institution in the future.

So carefully consider a suitable loan, pay off the loan in a timely and timely manner. Only use consumer loans when you have a stable source of income.

Above are detailed instructions on how to take out a bank loan without a mortgage. This is a large disbursement loan of up to 300 million dong, but it is not really easy to borrow. Not to mention, a bank loan without a mortgage requires a lot of review and appraisal time. So, if you need to borrow money urgently, the limit is not too large in a short time, you should sign up for a loan online .

Loans online - a fast form of borrowing money on the website or on a modern application, helping you to overcome financial obstacles quickly. This is also a form of loan without collateral, but can still receive 10 million a day.

If you are ready, you can apply for a loan now to receive great deals from CashBerry!

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