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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Bank loan is a need that anyone needs, whether an individual or a business. However, bank loans are not easy because borrowers must meet strict conditions, complete complicated procedures and papers. So how to borrow money from the bank, what is the interest rate, how to get a loan from a bank without a mortgage easily? Find out with CashBerry now.

Bank loan is a need that anyone needs, whether it is an individual or a business. However, bank loans are not easy because borrowers must meet strict conditions, complete complicated procedures and papers. So how to borrow money from the bank, what is the interest rate, how to get a bank loan without a mortgage easily? Find out with CashBerry now.

Current forms of bank loans

Mortgage loan

* Concept

This is a form of loan with collateral. Depending on the bank and loan package, there will be different types of collateral, such as: Red book or pink book, car, circulating goods, machinery, equipment, ... The borrower still has ownership of the property, but the bank will keep the relevant papers. Only when the borrower cannot pay the debt, then he / she must transfer the ownership of the property to the bank to liquidate the debt.

* Mortgage loan benefits

Large loan amount, maybe 50 million VND to 5 billion VND. How much this amount depends on the purpose of your loan, depending on the rules of each bank and the value of the collateral. Usually the amount that banks can lend is up to 70% of the collateral value.

● The average mortgage interest rate fluctuates from 14% - 16% / year, lower than unsecured loans.     

● Maximum loan term is up to 15 years.     

* Mortgage loan terms

Clients need to ensure their solvency by demonstrating a stable source of income.

● Good credit history, no bad debt at the time of borrowing.     

● Collateral must be in accordance with the bank's regulations.     

* Procedures for mortgage loans

● Identification documents: ID card, SHK, ...     

● Proof of loan purpose     

● Proof of income and solvency     

● Legal papers of collateral.     

Unsecured loan

* Concept

This is a form of loan without collateral, non-collateral bank loans based entirely on the reputation of individuals and the company working. Loans for consumption and business purposes.

* Benefit:

● Unsecured loans do not need to mortgage collateral (the lending organization does not require any collateral).     

● Simple filing procedure: A customer provides simpler personal documents than a mortgage loan.     

● No need to pay attention to the details of the loan purpose: You do not need to disclose the details of the usage of your loan amount. Credit institutions are more concerned with your solvency.     

● High loan amount: You can easily get a quick loan with the maximum loan amount up to VND 500 million. There are banks to support up to 1 billion.     

* Loan terms

● Vietnamese citizen     

● Age from 18 to 60 (the legal age may vary by bank or finance company)     

* Required documents

● Copy of ID card     

● Copy of household registration book where you are applying for permanent or long-term residence, internet / electricity / water bill     

● Proof of income such as bank statements if you receive wages via bank transfer, pay statements if you received cash wages within the last 2-3 months.       

Overdraft loan

* Concept

This is a form of bank licensing for customers to spend in excess of the amount on the customer's account.

* Characteristics

● An overdraft is a lesser known type of loan compared to a mortgage loan, unsecured loan or cash withdrawal via credit card.     

● The limit for overdraft loans is quite diverse, depending on the income and credit history of the borrower. The maximum overdraft limit on the market today is up to 5 times the salary (for the popular form of overdraft).     

● Mainly responding to consumers' needs in a sudden or unexpected way.     

● An asset review may be required, but it may not be. In fact, it is not always easy for you to get an overdraft loan from all banks.     

● Most financial institutions apply an extremely high overdraft interest rate, up to 1.5 times the normal interest rate.     

* Form of overdraft loan

Overdraft loan has 2 main forms: unsecured loan overdraft (no mortgage) and mortgage overdraft.

● Mortgage overdraft: You need collateral (usually a savings account). The mortgage overdraft limit depends on the value of your collateral and can reach billions of dong.     

● Unsecured loan overdraft: That is, there is no need for collateral.     

* Procedures for overdraft loans

● Loan application form in the form of a bank;     

● Copy of ID card / Passport / ID card of Vietnam People's Army officer;     

● Copy of permanent / temporary residence registration;     

● A copy of the labor contract / payroll decision (or other papers of equivalent value such as the decision on assignment, the decision to change the rank of a civil servant, ...);     

● Account statement with the last 3 months of minimum salary / Payroll     

Loan according to credit limit

* Concept

This is a lending method where the bank will issue a loan limit and the firm maintains a balance that does not exceed the granted limit. Collateral in this case is real estate, valuable papers or other collateral approved by the bank.

* Characteristics:

● Subjects of general loan, all elements of current / short-term assets such as: inventory, receivables, budget ... can be financed from banks, regardless of each group. separate subjects as in each loan.     

● The process of disbursement and debt collection is always intertwined, the outstanding balance fluctuates within the defined credit limit.     

● The borrowers are usually businesses that meet two conditions. Business characteristics must be businesses with short business cycles, fast-rotating capital. On the other hand, enterprises must be reputable in relation to banks.     

* Benefit

● The credit line lending method is usually applicable to corporate customers with frequent capital needs and fast capital turnover.     

● With this method, the bank and the enterprise will agree on the production and business plan, plan, capital demand, collateral value, and the source of capital that the bank can meet. From there, the approval bank offers a credit line that can be loaned, and at the same time determines the interest rate for each time, the loan account, and pays through a credit contract.     

● Especially, the bank does not specify a limit for each loan, as long as the loan amount does not exceed the loan limit. The customers' lending and debt repayment can be performed alternately during the effective term of the credit contract.     

Installment loans

* Concept

Bank installment loan is a form of loan with equal interest and principal each month. Depending on the needs as well as the ability to pay debts of each customer, there are different loan repayment terms and limits.

* Forms of installment loan

● Online installment loan:     

This is the fastest form of loan today. Loans do not require consumers to go directly to banks or finance companies. Basically, online installment loans are not complicated. Borrowers just need to visit financial company websites, exchanges, click on the registration form and fill in information.

● Bank installment loan:     

This is not considered a form of quick loan. Because bank loan procedures are often complicated and occupy a lot of time to prepare and travel time of consumers. However, we can confirm that when using installment loans at banks, the security factor is extremely high. And if consumers become potential customers of the bank, they will be given priority when there are incentive programs. Normally, bank installment loans will be divided into two categories: consumer unsecured loans and mortgage loans. Compared to mortgage loans, unsecured loans are faster, the process is shorter and the processing time is shorter.

* Loan procedure

● Financial documents when borrowing money from banks:     

● Sources of salary income: Labor contract, Employment decision, or original job offer letter from the employer. Bank statements of salary accounts or payroll for the last 03 months.     

● Red book, land / house sale contract, other deposit or payment papers (if any).     

● Income from Business Household: Business Registration License, 3-month Books.     

● Sources of revenue from private businesses: Business registration license, last 2 years financial statements, VAT invoice for the last 6 months, and output contract valid….     

● Proof of other sources of income, if any, for example: House rental / car rental within the last 6 months (Including red book of rental house, lease agreement, collection receipt, ...).     

Borrow each time

* Concept

This is a lending method in which each loan borrower and credit institution carry out necessary loan procedures and sign credit contracts. According to each term in the contract, the bank will collect principal and interest, the borrower must actively repay.

* Characteristics:

● For each loan, customers have to sign a separate credit contract that includes contents such as loan amount, interest rate, term, ...     

● Lending and debt collection are clearly demarcated, easy to recognize when to lend, when to collect debt.     

* Advantages and disadvantages


● Ensuring the safe loan version as well as creating an active position for both sides is the bank and the customer.     

● Specific loan term and repayment term, banks can fully calculate the economic efficiency generated from customers' loans. Thanks to that, the bank can plan the next loans in a reasonable and scientific way and limit capital stagnation.     


● The one-time loan method is a relatively complicated form of loan because its loan procedure is quite cumbersome. Therefore, each time customers want to borrow, customers have to prepare loan documents, consuming time and effort, making it difficult to get loans.     

Bank loan interest rate of each form

Normally, bank interest rates are affected by factors such as:

Effect of money supply and demand: The interest rate is the cost of capital so any change in supply and demand or both supply and demand for money not at the same rate will be a change in the interest rate. market.

Effect of expected inflation: When inflation is predicted to increase in a certain period, interest rates will tend to increase.

- The impact of budget deficit: The budget deficit at the central and local levels directly increases the demand for money and raises interest rates.

- Impact of expected exchange rate: When the domestic currency is weak, under great pressure due to fluctuations in foreign currencies, the popular psychology of people is to consider a strong foreign currency as one of the types. safe savings assets.

From a combination of factors, the bank will have the right interest rate for each type of loan. Basically, interest rates on bank loans will be divided into two types: unsecured loan interest and mortgage interest.

Unsecured loan interest rate

Interest rates for unsecured loans, non-mortgage bank loans range from 18-28% / year . This form of loan is chosen by the majority of customers for its safety and efficiency.

Mortgage interest rate

The credit market is gradually "hotter" when banks lend with preferential interest rates to serve big goals such as buying real estate, buying a house or buying a car ... According to the survey, the banks customers have different loan packages with diverse loan interest rates. Customers will receive preferential interest rates for the first time ranging from 6.8% - 9% / year depending on the loan period (for 6 months, 12 months, over 24 months ...). The interest rate after the preferential period, some banks will apply the interest rate based on the deposit interest rate plus the interest rate range from 2.8% - 4.5% / year.

With the above loan products, the currently commonly applied bank loan interest rate is fixed interest rate and floating interest rate.

● Fixed interest rate:     

Fixed interest rate is a specific interest rate set in a period specified at a specified level in the loan agreement or the debt acknowledgment contract. This interest rate is not affected by fluctuations in market interest rates, so it is very suitable with the psychology of customers who want to be financially stable.

● Floating rate:     

This is the interest rate that is periodically adjusted according to regulations, so it will change over time. Adjustment rate and interest rate adjustment term will be agreed between the borrower and the bank (in accordance with the law) and specified in the loan agreement. Normally, the interest rate adjustment term is 3 months / time, 6 months / time or maybe 12 months / time.

Bank loan process

People learn about the process of getting a bank loan so they can know how a bank will take out a loan.

● Step 1: The bank accepts the loan request     

You will send a request for a loan to the bank through channels such as website or phone or you can go directly to the branch of the bank that wants to borrow. The bank will assign a consultant or you can choose your own to advise everyone on the suitable loan product, as well as how your initial conditions are.

So please present your conditions to the consultant most accurately as well as your own needs for that staff to advise the most accurately.

● Step 2: Prepare the loan application myriad n     

After the borrower meets the loan requirements of the bank, the bank staff will guide the borrower to prepare a loan application according to the loan product. It is noted that the loan documents must be accurate and transparently certified by the agencies.

● Step 3: Evaluate loan application     

After receiving the loan application, the appraisal department will conduct the appraisal of the application for the loan step by step

Personal information: See if you have any problems with your personal information, correct or fake documents

+ Then take that information to check bad debt on CIC, check details even 2 -3 years ago

+ Next is the evaluation and analysis of the borrower's financial capacity, whether they can afford to pay debts or not and how much they can borrow.

+ After that, if it is a mortgage, the loan is assessed to check the limit

So the bank will agree to make a decision to loan or not, how much to borrow and disbursement time.

● Step 4: Disbursement     

After getting the results, the bank will notify the borrower. Then the two sides will proceed to sign a credit contract. Everyone should check and read the loan agreement before signing it carefully to avoid mistakes and mistakes. After that, the bank will report the time for the loan to be disbursed. By date, the borrower can go to the bank to disburse and receive money.

Top easiest loan banks 2021

  1. Borrowing money with Agribank household registration book
  2. Loan unsecured TPBank
  3. Bank unsecured loan VietinBank
  4. MBBank installment loan

Questions about bank loans

● Can unsecured loans not prove income?     

With unsecured loans, everyone needs to understand that proof of finance is extremely important. And to prove it, you need documents such as: Payroll, confirm the company's payroll. In addition to the payroll, you can also use the insurance policy to prove income.

If you do not want to prove your income when you borrow money, you can choose to borrow money online without proof of income, without collateral.

● Is there any bad debt from the bank?     

If you have bad debt (from group 3 onwards) you cannot get a bank loan.

To get a loan, people need to settle all of that bad debt and it takes a long time to be able to borrow again.

Things to note when borrowing money from the bank

1. Clearly define your own conditions and needs

Right from the beginning before borrowing money, you need to carefully consider personal income with the desired loan to see if the ability to repay is high or not. If not, don't borrow, or adjust the loan right. For example, if the income is only 6 million dong and you want to borrow 600 million dong to buy a house, it is definitely too much.

2. Find out the interest rate, loan limit, loan period

Each loan agreement will have a different interest rate, loan amount (loan limit) and loan term. This is an important issue that customers need to spend time researching to plan a suitable payment plan.

3. Double check the amount to be disbursed as agreed

If disbursing in cash: Check if you get the correct amount as agreed or not, the money is of circulation quality or not.

If disbursing through the account: Check the account has been received the agreed amount or not.

4. Request to receive records from the bank

● When signing loan contracts, customers should request to receive back a copy of the signed documents.     

● Always stay in touch with the bank     

● Completing the bank's principal and interest payments in accordance with the agreed rules is something you should do on your own.     

Because loans with preferential interest rates, high credit, conditions for bank loans are quite strict and not everyone can satisfy them. Depending on each bank, each different loan package will have the respective loan conditions, procedures and papers. However, in general, if you want to borrow money from a bank, you must create your trust with your customers. So how to get loan from the bank?

How to create credit for the bank when borrowing

● You are a target: Vip customer of the bank who opens a credit card at the bank, has a large limit deposit account at the bank, has many transactions via the bank.     

● Your collateral is of great value     

● Financial capacity: it is the borrower's current level of income and job. If you have a stable job, high income, holding high positions in the company, it will be easier to borrow money.     

● Good credit history.     

Do you want to borrow money banks lower interest rates? However, after consulting the conditions, procedures, papers and requirements of the bank, you sighed deeply! Everything has a solution, you can rest assured!

Currently, there are many financial companies established to support easy and quick loans for people.

CashBerry - Financial expert of every client

Cashberry provides 24/7 online financial consulting services through technology platforms, with simple procedures. Understanding the financial problems you are facing, Cashberry gives you a quick, transparent, simple, and convenient financial solution. We work with a wide range of partners, to help you access the right financial resources through a team of professional financial advisors.

When coming to CashBerry, customers will:

■ Free consultation and effective loan solutions.     

■ Search and connect customer profile reviews with financial institutions.     

■ Follow up the entire loan process with customers, providing immediate assistance when needed.     

Online loans only need ID card - the fastest and most modern form of loan in 2021

Traditional banks and non-bank finance companies have dominated lending for years, but things are slowly changing. The lending market is growing and there are now more flexible loan products available. CashBerry is an online money loan platform on mobile and website apps that uses innovative technology to deliver fast personal loans at low interest rates.

Outstanding advantages of online quick loan:

- No collateral

- No proof of income

- You can still borrow money without meeting

- Just 1 phone, 1 ID / CCCD, 1 bank account of the owner

- Limit of 1 - 10 million

- Term from 90 - 180 days, flexible according to customer requirements

- Interest rate is about 10% / year

- Quick, safe and highly effective online loan

With simple registration process, quick approval, fast loan , disbursement is done within minutes.

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