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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

With the increasing income level, owning a motorbike or car is no longer a luxury for Vietnamese users. However, in certain times, not everyone has a large amount of money available to buy a car. Therefore, they use the form of car loan installment loan. However, worrying about having to hold a "lump of debt" often makes many people hesitant to make a loan decision to buy a car on installments.

With the increasing income level, owning a motorbike or car is no longer a luxury for Vietnamese users. However, in certain times, not everyone has a large amount of money available to buy a car. Therefore, they use the form of car loan installment loan. However, worrying about having to hold a "lump of debt" often makes many people hesitant to make a loan decision to buy a car on installments.

The truth is, the car loan installment is not as scary as you think, if you have a clear direction. Please refer to the following article to wisely choose a solution as well as soon own a family car, "cover the sun and cover the rain" before the increasingly hot weather or on rainy days.

Faced with increasingly expensive car prices, the money spent to buy cars has exceeded the ability of many individuals. Therefore, many people have chosen to buy cars with low interest installments at banks to both solve financial problems and own a car as desired. Here are some experiences to help you get a loan to buy a car.

Experience of borrowing money to buy a car by installment payment

1. Do not buy a car like "no hand to arrest the enemy"

This means that you do not have a car loan without a loan. Now, getting a bank loan is easier and faster. You can borrow up to 70-80% of the value of the car, depending on the financial situation of each individual. So, at least you should have 20-30% of the money on hand. According to the report of leading financial experts, the "golden ratio" when borrowing is about 30-40% of the car's value, in order to ensure that you are still able to take advantage of living expenses and living expenses. If you want to borrow more than 50% of the car's value, your family's income must also be relatively "strong", as long as the total cost of paying interest from the bank does not account for more than 40% of monthly income.

2. Take advantage of loans from relatives and friends

If you are a reputable person, do not hesitate to ask relatives and friends to help partly because this debt is often provided with low-interest loans or even free.

3. Generate income from the car itself

Currently, in order to quickly repay the loan, many people choose to borrow money to buy an installment car and then rent out the same car or take a car to drive Grab, Gojek, ... overtime. From those jobs, you will earn a decent amount of money to reduce the pressure to repay the bank.

4. Hard work "plow hoe"

In our state of debt, our general mentality often feels burdened, anxious and anxious. However, it must be admitted that, that debt has partly brought a strong motivation to work. It makes us try to work harder, of course also reap more results in life.

5. Always set a target for early settlement

Most of the time, customers who borrow to buy cars or motorbikes can pay off their debts before the due date. As soon as you have a relative amount of money, instead of saving money, you should pay the bank down that amount because the savings interest rate you enjoy is always lower than the bank's lending rate.

You see, borrowing money to buy a car installment is not too scary, right! Make plans now to buy a satisfying car right away! Here, CashBerry will give information about how to borrow money to buy motorbike installment, loan to buy car installment. 

Guide to buy motorbike loan by installment loan

Do you want to buy a motorbike to serve your travel needs or simply want to upgrade a new luxury car, more trendy? However, the financial situation is not enough, so you have to put aside that plan for now.

And, the solution to help you own a motorbike you like is to borrow money to buy a motorbike with low interest, even 0%.

The fastest process of buying a motorbike with installment payment

Buying a motorbike by installment payment is a form of buying a car in which customers will not need to pay the full price of the car in one go. Customers can installment installments in many installments. 

The process of buying a car by installment includes the following 4 basic steps:

● Step 1:     

You will go to the shops to choose the car to buy. After determining which car you want to buy on installments, you need to negotiate about the amount you will have to pay in advance. You can choose to pay at least 40% or up to 70% of the value of the car, depending on your financial ability.

● Step 2:     

Choose a reputable finance company or bank to borrow money to buy car installments. You will be referred by the staff to the banks associated with the store or if you want, you can also choose a reputable address for yourself. Then, you meet directly with a bank representative to complete the procedures for buying a motorbike by installment payment and loan appraisal.

● Step 3:     

Get approval from the bank to borrow money, sign credit contracts, the sales staff will guide you through the paperwork to buy motorbike installments. You may need to prepay a portion depending on the store's requirements and your ability to pay.

● Step 4:     

Once you have signed the contract and paid a sum of money in advance, you can bring your motorbike to use. 

It can be seen that, if you follow the above procedure without any mistakes, you will receive the car quickly. As long as you have enough financial ability to secure the loan, you can easily own the right car with a reasonable price, preferential interest rate, even buy a motorbike with 0% installment payment. from a store or vehicle dealer.

Procedures for buying the latest motorcycle with installment 2021

In order to be convenient and easy when making the procedure to buy a motorbike installment payment, the preparation of documents and related papers is a matter of concern. You need to actively prepare the following basic documents:

● Firstly, identity papers     

Identification papers are the basic documents that you are indispensable in any transaction.

Proof of identity will include:

- Copy of identity card

- Copy of household registration book / KT3

- Single certificate or marriage certificate

These documents usually need to be original for comparison or notarized. 

● Second, papers proving financial ability     

- Proof of income source: labor contract, payroll, savings book, personal bank account.
- For customers with valuable assets such as land, houses, factories, a certificate of land use rights can be added, individuals with assets such as vehicles, or assets contributed as capital. In other units, it is possible to add certificates of ownership, shares, bonds or certificates of capital contribution.

- Sources of income from production and business: financial statements, tax reports, payrolls, company profits sharing sheets, business registration licenses, personal expense invoices in recent months: telephone charges , transaction costs, ...

- Other sources of income: car rental contracts, certificates of capital contribution, stocks, bonds.

● Third, loan application and interest payment plan (according to the form provided by the lender)     

Use the loan application and loan repayment plan in accordance with the borrower's template.

How to buy motorbike installment payment?

Currently, you can choose from different options to buy motorbikes on installment payments: buy a motorbike with an installment without proof of income, buy a motorbike with an installment payment with proof of income, buy a motorbike with installment payment without having to pay in advance. By credit card.

Installment loan for motorbike without proof of income

With this method, you can complete the procedure to buy a motorbike with installment payment within 30 minutes. However, the car loan interest rate in this form is usually quite high, the loan term is often shorter to reduce the risk of the loan process.

● Loan limit: maximum 70 million dong     

● Interest rate: from 1.49 -2.92% / month     

● Loan period: 6 - 24 months     

● Value of motorbikes: from 10 -100 million VND     

● Equity required: 20% - 90% of the value of the car     

Thus, for those who are difficult to prove their income source or do not want cumbersome procedures, borrowing to buy motorbikes by installment payment without proof of income is the most suitable choice.

In addition, if you want to borrow money with a lower interest rate, you can completely choose the second form, which is a car loan with proof of income.

Motorcycle installment loan with proof of income

This form of car loan allows you to borrow a car with a limit of 70-80% of the value of the car. The car loan interest rate proves income at the threshold of 1.39% / month with a loan term of 6 - 36 months.

However, car borrowers need to ensure clear proof of income for the car loan process to be carried out most effectively.

Loan to buy motorbike with 0% interest installment by credit card

The advantage of buying a car with a credit card is that you will be able to buy a motorcycle with installment interest rate of 0%.

When making a repayment plan, customers just need to divide the value of the motorbike by installment payment by the installment term and do not have to bear any other fees or interest on the credit card loan.

Especially, when getting a car loan in this form, you may not need to pay any amount upfront. However, you should be aware of the limit on which credit card you must guarantee to pay for the value of the car.

Currently, buying motorbikes with installment payment online is gradually becoming a popular form of many people. This type of service brings many benefits to customers, both being able to have a new means of transport, while being split the fee evenly every month, without having to pay at once. In addition, most motorbike sellers now have many incentives for customers to use this type, reducing certain procedures.

Buy a motorbike with installment payment online

Buying a car online installment is a form where people buy a car on a number of online sales channels or website, official sales fanpage of that car company. The procedures in the process of reviewing dossiers, consulting, completing monthly payment are all conducted online. With online car loan installment, you will save time and effort.

You can buy motorbikes with installment payments at car dealerships or on e-commerce sites. Each car company has genuine distributors with warranty policies and preferential motorbike loan support. Here are some reputable installments for buying motorbikes you can refer to:

● Shopee: supports many attractive motorbike buying policies such as 0% interest installment, promotional code, no paperwork, no prepayment, free payment, ...     

● Tiki: enjoy subsidy policy up to VND 2,000,000, enjoy 0% installment interest rate for many models, ...     

● Honda motorbike dealerships: available in all provinces and cities, making it easy to buy motorbikes with installments.     

● Yamaha motorbike dealerships: branches are wide, there are many preferential policies for customers who buy car installments.     

The above are easy and quick instructions to help you get a motorcycle loan installment loan. Next, CashBerry will introduce the form of car loan to buy installment car for those who are in need.

Guide to car loan installment loan

What is an installment car loan?

Car loan installment is a form of bank loan to buy a car. Customers need to prepay a certain amount of money, the outstanding balance will borrow from the bank, monthly installments will be paid to the bank at a specific interest rate.

Thus, if you cannot afford a one-time payment to buy a car, you can pay 20-30% of the value of the car in advance to the dealer. The remaining amount will be supported by your bank to pay gradually with a certain interest rate and attractive incentives from time to time.

Usually, you can make your own loan at the bank and then go to a car dealer or buy on installment with a referral from the dealer. At that time, the salesman takes the middle position between the bank and the buyer.

What should I pay attention to when buying an installment car?

Car loan to buy car installments is deployed and expanded nationwide by most banks. The loan interest rates at banks differ, with preferential rates from 7.50% - 9% / year depending on the type of loan profile, vehicle maturity, loan type, income proof, value of the mortgage, … After the preferential period, the floating interest rate of banks is usually 11-13% / year . Customers should carefully calculate to choose the bank with the lowest interest rate but still ensure the safety of the loan package.

Normally, the lending interest rate is calculated by banks in two ways: based on the principal balance (the interest is based on the original loan amount, calculated on a monthly basis during the loan process) and gradually decreasing the outstanding balance (the interest is decreasing over time in proportion to the principal amount decreasing). Currently, the method of calculating interest based on decreasing outstanding loans is being widely applied by banks.

Car loan installment loan process, disbursement according to appointment paper

Step 1: Customer prepares documents according to the instructions of the credit officer.

Records usually include: household registration, ID card, proof of income, loan application for installment car loan and interest payment plan (according to the form of the bank).

Step 2: Bank staff receive the application and verify it.

Step 3: If the application is approved by the bank, the customer signs a loan contract to buy a car at the bank.

Step 4: The car dealer issues the invoice and sends the dossier to the customer to go through the procedures to pay registration tax, press the number plate, register, the customer submits an appointment to get the vehicle registration certificate to the dealer.

Step 5: After completing the necessary procedures, the bank will issue the customer a copy of the vehicle registration certificate and transfer money to the car dealer and will take the original vehicle registration from the traffic police office.

Loan record to buy a car by installment payment

Individuals who want to borrow from a bank to buy car installments need to prepare all the following documents:

● Personal / personal profile: ID card / Passport, Family record book, Single certificate or marriage registration (if any), ID card of spouse.     

● Documentation of income: Labor contract, payroll statement for the last 3 months or 6 months, ...     

● Loan purpose profile: Car sale and purchase contract, Car dealership's deposit receipt, ...     

Should I buy a car with installment payment?

Confused, hesitated, worried, many people ask the question: should I buy a car by installment payment? Below, CashBerry will come up with and analyze a number of cases to make it easier for you to decide. 

● Do not buy a car with installment payments if you can pay directly     

If you can afford to pay directly, you should not borrow money to buy a car. Because, unlike other items such as air conditioners, refrigerators, phones, ... there is a program to buy 0% interest by installments via banks or credit cards, car purchases do not have this program.

Therefore, if you buy a car on installments, you will have to pay a certain interest, which takes a lot of time for complicated and complicated procedures. So if you have good finance, you can afford to pay directly, you should not buy a car loan installment.

● Buy a car by installment payment if the current finance is not enough, but can afford monthly payment     

Buying installments has long been a popular form in many countries around the world. Buying installments becomes a solution to help people immediately own the necessary item when the current financial conditions cannot fully pay for it.

Cars are an asset of great value. For those who are in need of using a car but can not afford to buy a car, instead of "giving up" or waiting for a long time to accumulate, thanks to the form of installment car loan, people was able to immediately own the car I wanted. The biggest benefit of an installment car loan is that the initial cost is very small, even 0 VND, and you can still buy the umbrella quickly.

So why are so many people hesitating: "Should I buy a car by installment?". This hesitation mainly came from worrying about a long-term debt burden from buying a car on installments. When buying a car with installment payments, the buyer has to pay not only the principal but also the interest and other fees. The installment period can last for several years. If you choose a floating interest rate, the interest rate will fluctuate according to the market interest rate, making it even harder to control. In short, the key issue everyone cares about is: affordability .

Many people believe that "life does not know where to go!", Life is inherently volatile, so it is difficult to have to bear debts and pay monthly installments for a long time. Right! But there is also a saying "eat a lot". If you always want everything under control to feel safe, you can just wait and accumulate enough money to buy a car. While buying a car with installment payments will help you own the car you want right away.

Borrowing from the bank to buy car installments is a good solution provided that buyers are wise and knowledgeable. Just know how, calculate financial problems, and plan risks, you can completely confidently borrow from a bank to buy a car.

Therefore, if your current financial conditions do not allow you to buy a car right away, you can choose a car loan by installment loan, but you must expect that you can afford to pay so that it does not become a "bad debt". with you and your family.

Buying a car with installment payments is a good option, helping people who are not financially eligible to own the car they want. However, in order to avoid being burdened with debt and financial pressure, car buyers need to be wise and alert to plan their ability to pay, so that owning an umbrella. I am always happy and proud.

Recently, there are information related to the issue of borrowing money to buy an installment car, readers should refer to if you are planning to use this form of loan. Besides, if you are in urgent need of money, want to borrow money fast, you can contact CashBerry.

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