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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Only with health insurance cards, workers, employees, and office workers working can quickly borrow cash. Cash loan products with health insurance cards allow customers to borrow cash for consumer purposes with flexible terms lasting from 6 to 36 months.

Only with health insurance cards, workers, employees, and office workers working can quickly borrow cash. Cash loan products with health insurance cards allow customers to borrow cash for consumer purposes with flexible terms lasting from 6 to 36 months.

With simple application requirements, fast procedures, customers only need to provide health insurance cards, identity cards and household registration books to receive a loan safely, securely and conveniently. .

Health insurance cards are known to be products in the healthcare sector, so why are they used in getting loans? What is a loan with health insurance card? What is special and outstanding in this form of loan, how is loan method?

What is health insurance (HI)?

Health insurance is the product in the field of public health care. This is insurance that is granted to Vietnamese citizens and is managed by a competent state authority.

When using health insurance in medical examination and treatment at treatment establishments, hospitals, clinics, ... on the list of insurance, the patient will be exempted from medical examination costs and drug costs. This helps to raise awareness of health protection and can be assured of medical examination and treatment without having to worry about costs.

In addition to the priority cases to be granted free health insurance cards such as war invalids, martyrs, people with meritorious services to the revolution, the elderly over 70 years old, ..., people need to pay a certain fee to participate in insurance. . However, the state always has support policies with the most preferential prices that all people can fully participate in health insurance.

What is a cash loan with health insurance card?

According to Article 2 of the Law on Health Insurance, health insurance is defined as a form of compulsory insurance that is applied to those under the provisions of the Law on Health Insurance for health care, not because profit purposes are organized by the State.

Borrowing under health insurance is a form of installment unsecured loan, no collateral is required. The loan amount is used for consumption purposes. The product is applicable to customers who are working for a salary and are paid health insurance by the company according to the provisions of the Labor Law.

 Health insurance card is also a way to prove your financial capacity and reputation

Loan insurance cards are accepted for all types of health insurance cards

The current lending institutions have regulations on the types of health insurance cards participating in the loan are insurance with codes starting with the symbol DN, HX, NN, TK, CH, HC, XK, QN, CY.

Because these insurance codes belong to entities such as businesses, companies, hospitals, and state agencies, there are facilities to check and qualify for unsecured loans.

Voluntary insurance, family health insurance or for poor households are insurance outside the loan portfolio.

Why can I get a loan with a health insurance card?

The actual health insurance card has no value to the lender. However, according to the current regulations, only customers who are working at businesses and organizations can purchase compulsory personal health insurance.

Because of this, lenders, instead of requiring customers to submit payroll statements or salary statements, and labor contracts, need to pay health insurance. The main purpose of the health insurance loan product is to simplify the procedure for unsecured loans for customers. From the health insurance card, the lender can look up some information such as basic salary paid for insurance, average monthly income of the borrower.

Advantages and disadvantages when borrowing money with health insurance cards

Advantages of borrowing cash with health insurance cards

- Simple loan profile, no payroll statement required

- No collateral required

- Quick review in 24 hours

- Support loans up to 30 million VND

- Flexible monthly installment loan period from 6 to 36 months according to customers' need of repayment

- Diversified disbursement channel: receive cash directly, receive money via account or post.

- Customers can settle the loan at any time.

Disadvantages of borrowing cash with health insurance card

There are still some limitations when getting a loan with a health insurance card as follows:

- Low loans (usually only support a maximum loan amount of up to 30 million VND), and depends on the premium premium as well as the time of health insurance payment.

- Many banks or finance companies still restrict this loan product.

- Some banks offer loans under health insurance cards but have strict conditions, or have higher interest rates than other loan products.

- If the health insurance card pays the premium for less than 3 consecutive months, it is very difficult to get a loan approval.

Instructions on how to get a loan with a health insurance card

Conditions for unsecured loans with health insurance cards


● Vietnamese citizen from 18 - 60 years old     

● Have a residential address in an area where an operating loan bank branch is located     

● Have a job and a minimum income of 3 million / month or more     

● Have health insurance cards provided by companies or businesses     

● No credit bad debt     

There are also a number of other conditions depending on the lending bank. You should contact your health insurance lender for detailed information.

Application for unsecured loan with health insurance card

In general, to get a cash loan with a health insurance card, you need to prepare some documents as follows:

● Identification papers: Original ID card + notarized photo copy, in other cases people can use a valid citizenship card or passport.     

● Proof of residence: A notarized photo copy of the household registration book or a permanent residence registration as prescribed by law.     

● Insurance papers: Original health insurance card and photocopy     

● Proof of income: Labor contract and payroll     

● Loan application form, depending on each bank     

The above are just some of the basic papers, when borrowing, the bank staff will guide you to prepare a complete application according to the prescribed procedures.

 In addition to the health insurance card, you need to prepare other documents required by the bank

Loan limit by health insurance

Currently, insurance loans have been deployed by many credit institutions and banks to improve people's living standards. Due to the characteristics of the value of the insurance card, the maximum loan limit of this form is relatively low, about 30 million VND.

For insurance cards with symbols DN, HX, NN, TK will be allowed to borrow up to 25 million VND and for holders of CH, HC, XK, QN, CY card codes will be 30 million VND .

Interest rate, limit and loan term according to health insurance

Each bank or finance company will support loans with different interest rates, and of course, unsecured loans always have a higher interest rate than mortgage loans. The interest rate of cash loan by health insurance card is about 1.7% - 2% / month .

The following is a summary of the types of health insurance cards that allow loans, along with the accompanying factors: loan limit, interest rate and loan term. The interest rate is based on flat balance (monthly installments).

Health insurance card code




Borrowing limit

10 - 20 million

10 - 20 million

10 - 25 million

Interest rate

2.17% / month

1.72% / month

1.66% / month

Borrowed time

6 - 36 months

6 - 36 months

6 - 36 months

The above table of loan interest rates under the health insurance is for reference only. For a specific interest rate, you will need to contact your product lender.

Procedures and procedures for getting cash with health insurance cards

The process of getting loans through the health insurance card usually consists of 3 steps as follows:

● Step 1: Submit loan registration request     

In this step, you will provide the necessary information such as ID number, health insurance number for the consultant to check credit history, interest rates. If you are eligible for a loan, staff will conduct consultation on interest rates, procedures and necessary documents.

● Step 2: Apply for a loan     

After agreeing to the loan plan, you proceed to prepare the necessary documents, then make a loan application and submit it to the bank for appraisal.

● Step 3: Appraisal and disbursement     

After receiving loan documents from customers, the appraisal department proceeds to appraise the application, sets the disbursement limit and informs the results to the customer.

Normally, you will receive disbursement 1-3 days after signing the application.

Where to get loans for health insurance installments?

When you have a health insurance card, you can get a mortgage loan at some of the following financial companies:

MCredit finance company

MCredit is currently implementing a loan product under health insurance.


● Valid ID card / Citizen card / Military ID     

● Household registration book     

● Health insurance card     

Preferential loan policy:

● The maximum loan amount is 70 million dong     

● Free consultation     

● Quickly browse profiles     

Mirae Asset Finance Company

Health insurance loans are one of the loan products at Mirae Asset.


● Identity card     

● Household registration book     

● Health insurance card     

● Proof of residence     

Loan policy under health insurance at Mirae Asset:

● Interest rate 4.58% / month     

● Maximum loan amount of VND 15 million     

● Loan term: from 12 to 18 months     

Loan procedures at Mirae Asset are quite fast, but the loan amount is not large. Those who need money urgently can use this loan package to promptly solve their financial needs.

Note when borrowing money with health insurance card

To avoid the risk of getting a loan under health insurance, you need to keep in mind the following:

- There is no regulation that counselors keep original documents of health insurance cards. You only need to bring the original for the lender to check for authenticity. The customer will still be the holder of the original for illness, which can be used to reduce medical examination and treatment costs.

- During the application process, the lender will not collect any fees. If you are required to pay fees right at the application stage, you need to call the lender's hotline to check the information.

- The loan contract is only valid when the two parties have signed a loan agreement and you have received the disbursement in accordance with the contract. You can also pay off your debt early, but be mindful of early repayment penalties.

 Get a cash loan with a health insurance card that receives a limit of 25-30 million, but there are still risks, you should note

Should you borrow cash with a health insurance card?

It can be said that borrowing cash with health insurance card is a new form of borrowing money for some people. However, at present, there are also financial companies that support unsecured loans under health insurance, quick approval, and preferential interest rates.

If you have a stable income, pay health insurance regularly, then the form of borrowing money with the health insurance card is quite suitable for you. If you do not have a health insurance card but still want to borrow money, you can refer to the online loan product with your ID card, receive money within the day.

Quick loan with ID card, receive money in 30 minutes, no security assets, no proof of income

Borrowing in cash by identity card (ID card) is the simplest and easiest financial solution to implement, with a limit of up to 10 million dong. Consumers can apply for a quick loan with just a few steps right from their mobile phone at CashBerry.

* For new customers:

● Please choose the amount and deadline. Once done, please click the button "REGISTER PROFILES"      

● Fill out personal information and complete a financial advisory profile      

● Waiting for approval and Signing contract      

● Receive money from our partner as soon as you sign the contract      


* For former customers:

● Please login to your personal account      

● Choose the amount and duration to consult, submit the request      

● Waiting for approval and Signing contract      

● Receive money from our partner as soon as you sign the contract      


Advantages of borrowing money online with an ID card at CashBerry

Fast loan approval time

To meet the development of unsecured loans, CashBerry has improved and upgraded its modern and professional management system. Well-trained, experienced staff will review and evaluate records quickly. Loan approval time is within 24 hours.

After submitting the application, the client will receive an approval status notification. The loan is disbursed during the day. Expedited, urgent expenses will be resolved quickly.

 Download the CashBerry app on CH Play to receive money now!

Transparent interest rates

Cash loan interest rate at only 10.95 - 14.6% / year. This interest rate is clearly stated in the loan application and discussed directly with customers when consulting. All customers have clear explanations about interest rates and how to calculate loan interests before signing contracts. Ensure all information is transparent, creating peace of mind when applying for a loan.

Simple procedures

The loan process with documents and procedures is quite simple. Customers only need ID card (still valid for 15 years).

Non-mortgage loan

Unsecured loan is a form of loan that does not need to mortgage assets, does not need collateral. This is also an advantage for the group of customers who do not have secured assets such as graduates and employees, workers, students, ...

There is no fee for processing records

Compared with many other financial companies, borrowing cash with ID at CashBerry, customers do NOT have to pay a processing fee. Counseling, receiving and processing stages are completely free.

Easy online payment

With the goal of bringing convenience and fastest loan, CashBerry has applied technology 4.0 and linked with many units. Borrowers can easily make online payments via Internet Banking.

Track loans anytime, anywhere

With the CashBerry application, customers not only make loan payments easily, but also track the loan anytime, anywhere. Thanks to that, we know the repayment progress, the remaining amount to be paid, and how long is the due date. From there, you can plan a reasonable expenditure and plan to apply for the next loan (if there is a need).

As can be seen, in addition to borrowing cash with a health insurance card, you can also quickly borrow money with an ID card. Hopefully, through this article, CashBerry has introduced you to a form of low-interest unsecured loans, simple records to help solve your financial needs.

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