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CashBerry is a financial company, providing an online loan consultation service that is fully automated, disbursed within the day.

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The conditions for applying for a loan at Cashberry

4 easy steps to register for a loan

Filling in the registration form
Provide a phone number and fill in personal information. Register and send request for a loan.
Getting approval and Signing an Agreement
The approval results will be anounce via phone call. Only need to log in to Personal account and sign an Agreement.
Receive money
After the application is approved, our partner will transfer the money to your account.
Make repayment to our partner according to the instructions.
with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
Get loan
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Need a loan but afraid to go to the transaction office, want to get money quickly without having to go far? Borrow money without meeting online 100%, help you get up to 10 million in 30 minutes.

Everyone understands the pain of getting a loan , that is, going to a bank or a financial company to do the paperwork; then have to wait for a response from 3-7 days. If you are lucky, you will be approved, but if you are unlucky, your application will be dropped. So how much effort and time is wasted for nothing! For that reason, a face- to- face loan was born to overcome the above limitation.

With the form of online loan without meeting , just sitting at home, you can still apply for a loan and receive money through your bank account. Moreover, you can also manage your loan via website or mobile app easily and conveniently.

What is a no-show loan ?

The concept of a face-to-face loan

A face-to-face loan is a form of loan in which all processes from application to disbursement are done online. Borrowers apply, receive money and pay completely through the website or online loan application without meeting .

 After that, the lending institution will approve the application based on the information provided by the customer without having to meet in person for appraisal. After the loan application is approved, the loan will be transferred to the bank account or e-wallet provided by the borrower.


Borrow money without meeting to help customers access capital quickly

Borrow money without meeting to help customers access capital quickly

To make it easier for you to imagine, CashBerry has compiled the characteristics of face-to-face lending .

Summary of characteristics of face-to-face loans vay


Apply for a loan via app or web


Minimum 100,000 VND, maximum 10,000,000 VND.


Option 1 – one-time payment of principal and interest after 7, 10, 15, 30 days.

Option 2 – monthly installment, up to 12 installments.


Customers are Vietnamese citizens, aged 18-60.

Have an income of 3,000,000 VND/month or more.


A valid ID or Citizenship ID.

Bank account.

Phone/tablet/computer with internet connection.


Advantages of borrowing money without meeting

The traditional way of borrowing money is being restricted by many complicated regulations and procedures. Therefore, online loan services without meeting installment loans without meeting were born to meet customer needs. One of them is to borrow money online with ID card / CCCD which is highly appreciated by everyone. 

For those who have urgent financial needs, waiting for loan documents to be processed at banks is extremely inconvenient. This interrupts and affects the work. For that reason, borrowing money online without meeting at a financial company will solve the problem of time, shorten the loan process, and receive money faster.

The advantages of a face-to-face loan can include: 

● The procedure is simple, time-saving, suitable for those who need money urgently.      

● Disbursement within 24 hours.      

● Borrowing without collateral .      

● Borrowing without proof of income .      

● Flexible loan limit from 1 to 10 million VND, depending on the needs of each customer.      

● Flexible loan term from 7 to 30 days with a moderate amount to help reduce debt payment pressure.      

● Simple form of payment, fast 24/7 bank account transfer.      

● Loan extension if not able to pay on time.      


Borrowing money without meeting , no need to prove income helps you save time and effort

Borrowing money without meeting , no need to prove income helps you save time and effort

Disadvantages of unsecured loans without meeting

In fact, the problem of borrowing money without face-to-face also makes the assessment of loan applications more or less subject to high risks. As a result, these face-to-face online lenders often charge higher interest rates than banks. 

Besides, to ensure that customers use the money for the right purposes and ensure the ability to recover capital, online loans often have a small limit. Therefore, if customers have large capital needs (over 10 million VND), a non-meeting loan often cannot be met.

Through the above content, you must have understood about the form of loan without meeting, right? Now is the time for you to learn about the lender, how to apply, and receive money in the same day!

Borrow money without meeting anywhere?

The service of borrowing money without meeting by ID card / CCCD is attracting the attention of many people. The demand for urgent loans is increasing, so the number of lending units is constantly increasing. However, you should choose financial company reputation , supply package mortgage loan without meeting safe, fast and effective way to avoid the risk of the latter.

Referring to the form of fast loan without meeting, it is impossible not to mention Cashberry. Cashberry is a company that provides online financial solution consulting services 24/7 through a technology platform, with simple procedures.

Understanding the financial problems of customers, CashBerry offers quick, transparent and effective loans. CashBerry face-to-face loan features:

Online 100%, the system is capable of researching customer data quickly and accurately.         

The procedure only requires ID card or citizen identification.         

Disbursement within 1 second, after the application is approved.         

Information security and high profile approval rate, according to statistics, up to 95% of applications are approved.         


Visit or download the CashBerry app to get a quick loan

Visit or download the CashBerry app to get a quick loan

Instructions on how to borrow money without meeting at CashBerry

With the advantage of not having to go to the transaction office to register, the face-to- face loan form facilitates those who are in urgent need of money and do not have much time. Process loan not met in CashBerry simple as follows: 


Age between 18 - 60 years old.         

Be a Vietnamese citizen.         

Income over 3,000,000 VND/month.         

Borrowing steps

* * Before applying for a loan, please note the following issues for a smooth loan and disbursement process.

- Please prepare valid ID/CCCD, valid for use and not torn or blurred.

- Make sure your bank account is correct and usable.

- Please fill in the information accurately and completely to improve your chances of being approved for a loan.

- Please VERIFY your bank information after completing the loan steps to get priority loan approval with the highest limit.

The loan process is as follows:

● Step 1: Visit the website or download the CashBerry app on CH Play to apply for a loan.      

● Step 2: Fill in all information to make an application.      

● Step 3: Wait for approval within 20 minutes (24 hours at the latest).      

● Step 4: Sign the contract and receive money if the application is approved.      

Despite how simple, quick and easy it is, there are still many people who cannot get a loan. Here are some tips to help you get a loan without a meeting .

5 Tips to help your online loan application not meet successfully

1. Improve your credit score

The higher your credit score, the better your chances of being approved for a loan. Take a loan and pay it off on time to improve your reputation.

Improve your credit score by paying off existing loans

Improve your credit score by paying off existing loans

2. Fill in personal information completely and accurately

The majority of applications are denied due to incorrect or incomplete filling of personal information. Please register a loan application without meeting with accurate information, absolutely do not use other people's information to register.

3. Do not borrow an amount that exceeds your income

Not only does it make the application difficult to get approved, but applying for a loan that exceeds your income level also puts pressure on yourself. Therefore, borrow with a moderate amount, in accordance with your financial capacity to avoid falling into insolvency.

4. Plan to pay on time

Before borrowing, you need to calculate the loan amount and repayment period so that it is reasonable. Planning to pay on time will help you be more proactive in spending and financial management.


Make a reasonable spending and payment plan so as not to be under pressure to repay the debt

Make a reasonable spending and payment plan so as not to be under pressure to repay the debt

5. Verify bank information

After you have completed all the steps to borrow money without a meeting at CashBerry, for quick approval, please verify your bank information. This step will help you improve your reputation, thereby having a chance to receive the maximum limit of 10,000,000 VND.

Applying technology to the financial sector, face-to-face loans are increasingly proving attractive when bringing many benefits to customers. If you need an urgent amount of money but don't know how to manage it, do not hesitate to choose the online cash loan solution using CashBerry's ID/CCCD.

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