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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Borrowing money with Viettel sim is a form of loan that is not unfamiliar to everyone. Borrowing money according to Viettel sim has a loan limit of up to 50 million dong with simple procedures and conditions.

Borrowing money with Viettel sim is a form of loan that is not unfamiliar to everyone. Borrowing money according to Viettel sim has a loan limit of up to 50 million dong with simple procedures and conditions.

One of the fairly simple forms of unsecured loans is to borrow cash with Viettel's own sim. This is a loan form chosen by many customers because of its convenience and speed. However, there are quite a few customers wondering, is it reputable and the interest rate is suitable? Because they think with this easy procedure, the loan will lose very high interest rates.

In fact, many customers choose to borrow money according to Viettel sim and 90% is successful. So what are the loan procedures and conditions under Viettel sim? Let's find out with CashBerry!

What is a loan with Viettel sim?

Borrowing money with sim Viettel is a form of unsecured loan with a registered Viettel subscriber, no need to mortgage assets, no need to prove income and no guarantor. Just owning a genuine Viettel subscriber, ID card / CCCD with a term, household registration book, you can be approved for a loan with a maximum term of 50 million VND in a period of 6 - 36 months.

Borrowing money by sim is a quick and convenient form of unsecured loan. In addition to owning a genuine Viettel sim, you can still borrow if you own a Mobifone or Vinaphone sim that has been used by the owner for more than 6 months. A loan contract that has been closed for more than 4 terms can be settled before the maturity date.

The form of monthly installment loan by sim can register for loans online through the borrower's website without having to directly register with the transaction branch. The approval results are returned in about 30 minutes, disbursed directly to the registered bank account after 2-3 days, without verifying the home or office.

Some information when borrowing money with Viettel sim:

● Loan amount from 1 to 50 million VND     

● Installment or direct installment from 7 days to 12 months     

● Online profile, quick and simple     

● Only need ID card and household registration number     

● Early loan repayment     

● To extend the loan term if not able to pay     

Advantages of borrowing money with Viettel sim

Online application: you can apply for a loan and complete the online application, no matter where you are, at home or out, with a phone or a computer, you can do it.

Fast: After registering a loan successfully, the application will be reviewed automatically in a few minutes, within 24 hours you will receive the money into your bank account.

No mortgage: With a limit of up to 50 million, customers can borrow consumer loans, loans for business, or loans to solve any job.

No appraisal: Most banks or unsecured lending institutions have to go through a complicated appraisal process, but borrowing money according to Viettel sim is different. There is no property assessment or property appraisal, so you will receive money more quickly.

Cash loan limit with Viettel sim

If about two years ago, you borrowed in this form, the loan could reach 70 million. But today, reputable units only dare to lend with a limit of 10-50 million. Why is that? Simply because the number of borrowers who do not pay is increasing and up to 90% cannot recover both principal and interest. This makes the business performance of credit institutions significantly reduced. Therefore, financial companies have to tighten and reduce lending limits as well as more rigorous review to ensure safety and minimize risks.

Surfing on social networks, the internet, you can see many advertisements for loans according to Viettel sim up to 70 million - 100 million - 200 million. Apparently, this is just a story on the advertisement.

You wonder: why can only with one sim Viettel be able to borrow so much money, the 50 million?

Simple, because if it is the owner sim, the lender will learn information about the customer such as: personal information, location, credit history, ... The clearer the information, the more, good payment history will be able to borrow at a high limit.

Where to borrow money with Viettel sim?

Currently, mainstream banks do not provide loans with Viettel sim. To help you feel more secure when borrowing money according to Viettel sim, CashBerry has surveyed, evaluated, and found reputable loan organizations as follows:

● VP Bank     

● City Bank of BANK     

● Home Credit     

● FE Credit     

● HD Saigon     

● Shinhan Finance Company     

In addition, there are a number of reputable online lending organizations such as: Avay, Tima, ...

Interest rate when borrowing with Viettel sim

Interest rates for loans with sim Viettel are calculated from: 1.5% - 5%.

Tip: To enjoy low interest rates you need to prove your source of income for the loan, the higher the better; The sim you use must also have a "lifespan" of 5 years or more to ensure you stick with it for a long time. If you have ever had a history of deferred credit or debt, be sure to be honest.

Thus, we can see that borrowing money with Viettel sim is exactly a form of consumer unsecured loan. This is a form of fast lending with easy terms, so the customer interest rate must be higher than the mortgage interest rate.

Conditions to register to borrow money according to Viettel sim

Borrowing conditions are terms that customers need to meet when borrowing money in order to ensure compliance with the regulations of the lending institutions. Each place will have different binding conditions, but in general there will be the following basic conditions:

● Borrower is the owner of Viettel sim used to open loan application. Verification staff will verify client's identity before approving.     

● The borrower must have a valid Identification Card / Citizen Identification Card / Passport and Household Registration Card. The full name of the ID must match the name of the Viettel sim card owner.     

● Mandatory Viettel Sim has been activated and used regularly within at least 6 months up to the time of loan registration.     

● Sim number used to borrow money has no history of debt payment and subscribers have money that will be an advantage when participating in borrowing.     

● If the customer is the subject of bad debt, it will not be allowed to register for a loan, but in cases of slow liquidity or debt completion, it will be considered. However, a loan with a bad credit history will affect interest rate policies as well as stricter approval conditions.     

● The borrower does not participate in many loan services at other credit institutions at the same time.     

Documents should be prepared to register for a quick loan via phone sim

When borrowing money according to Viettel sim, you need to prepare the following documents:

● 3 × 4 photo taken in the last 3 months     

● Valid identity card or citizenship card     

● Sim viettel owner, activated and being used.     

● Household registration book (Full photo, including unwritten pages) can be replaced with KT3 / Driver's license / ...     

In order to increase your loan limit and lower your interest rate, please provide:

● Minimum labor contract 12 months     

● Confirm work at work     

● Bank account statement / Salary receipt for the last 3 months     

Tip: To easily disburse in the form of a loan with Viettel sim, you should use a sim that has been used for 2 years or more, the best is 5 years (because the longer the prestige shows that you will use that number. for his or her own work and later). 

How to register for a loan according to Viettel sim

● Step 1: Register online or go directly to the transaction office of the unit you want to borrow money through Viettel sim.     

● Step 2: Fill out the information on the registration form.     

● Step 3: After the staff directly receives the application and checks all the information, the application will be reviewed after 30 minutes - 1 day (depending on the unit).     

● Step 4: Report results and disbursement (transfer via ATM card or receive cash).     

Answer questions when borrowing money with Viettel sim

In order to help you better understand the Viettel sim loan form, CashBerry has collected frequently asked questions and helped you answer. If you have any other questions, you can contact us directly for a quick consultation.

● Can an unregistered SIM get a loan?     

The answer is no . All lending organizations do not accept applications for loan applications under viettel sim but cannot prove the owner of the sim. This will affect the legality of the loan process as well as more risks. If you are using a Viettel sim without the owner, you can go to Viettel service shops to be registered as the official sim.

Then, you need to provide Viettel's sim card holder certificate to the lending institution for authentication. In this case, the sim activation time will usually be calculated from the moment your Viettel sim successfully registers the owner. Therefore, if you do not have the official sim card, it may take more time to meet the loan requirements.

● If I have bad debt, can I borrow money according to Viettel sim?     

Depending on the regulations and lending policy of each unit, customers with bad debts will be assessed and approved for the loan. When you apply for a loan at any lender that is licensed to operate by the state, your bad debt information is checked and updated into the CIC system. During the process of getting a loan from an institution, your credit history is fully recorded on this system and can be seen by state-authorized organizations.

If you are in the case of delinquent payments and you have completed your previous debts, your approval will be considered depending on the magnitude and frequency of your history. Most applications in this case will be approved and lent at a separate interest rate, while also requiring a number of other mandatory conditions.

In case of bad debts due to debt evasion or outstanding debts at other organizations, they will not be allowed to apply for further loans because there are many risks affecting the lender.

● Is it possible to use the sim card during the loan process?     

You can rest assured that customers can use the sim for normal communication and the lender does not have the right to request to keep the borrower's sim.

However, when borrowing money, if required to provide information about the digital sim as well as the loan, customers should also be wary of fraudsters pretending to be employees of the unit you are participating in borrowing money. Better yet, borrowers should not provide too much personal information as well as loan information to avoid possible risks.

In order to avoid the situation of getting loans to face risks, economists said: Most financial companies, when making loans, will be based in large cities and provinces.

This is also a way for the lender, typically banks to grasp specific customer feedback and help customers to resolve the reflection as quickly as possible.

Therefore, every customer when borrowing money by sim or in any form should also choose a reputable location, make sure to carefully read the loan agreement and the interest rate that he or she must bear.

Before deciding to borrow money with a sim, you need to find out exactly how to calculate the interest rate, how much will I have to pay for my loan, and how long is the payment term. At the same time, pay special attention to your income level, to determine if that income level is enough for you to pay off monthly debt and to cover your life. That way, your borrowing will ensure your own personal interests.

Do you still have any questions about borrowing money with Viettel sim, or do not understand how to borrow money with Viettel sim? Please contact CashBerry for further advice! Besides the form of borrowing cash with Viettel sim, you can also borrow money in other ways: faster, easier, receiving money during the day . That is the form of borrowing money online through the website or on a mobile phone application.

Borrowing money online - the fastest and easiest form of loan today

If borrowing money with Viettel requires you to have a Viettel sim, ID card / CCCD / passport, household registration book and proof of income (if necessary), online loan forms only need ID card.

With just one ID / CCCD, you can receive up to 10 million VND. Although the number is not too large, it is enough for you to handle your daily consumption needs or handle urgent personal affairs.

Because of the fastness and convenience, the form of quickly borrowing money online is becoming more and more popular, becoming the modern trend of borrowing money from modern people.

Utilities of online loan products during the day

The reason why online fast loans are increasingly receiving responses from customers across the country is because the form actually brings many advantages such as:

Convenience and simplicity: As long as you have an internet-connected device, you can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere. Loan procedures are not cumbersome, complicated, with ID / CCCD you can borrow.

Fast money receipt: After only 5 minutes to 2 hours, successfully registered for a loan, the money will be disbursed online via your bank account.

Many incentives: Some finance companies offer a 0% interest rate for the first loan and old customers pay good debt.

How to quickly borrow money online

Basically, the process of getting money online at financial institutions through the website / application is as follows:

● Step 1: Select a reputable online loan application / website and fill in loan information, loan limit in the loan registration form on the website / application.     

● ‍Step 2: Waiting for loan approval and loan disbursement through bank account.     

● ‍Step 3: Pay the loan contract on time.     

So where to loan money online prestige, fast , efficient and safe loan ?

CashBerry - professional online financial consulting service will answer for you

Cashberry provides 24/7 online financial consulting services through technology platforms, with simple procedures. Understanding the financial problems you are facing, Cashberry gives you a quick, transparent, simple, and convenient financial solution. Cashberry works with various partners to help you access the right financial resources through a team of professional financial advisors.

Are you in financial trouble or are you simply NEEDING MONEY ? Don't wait any longer, subscribe to CashBerry to find an effective solution for you. Since time waits for no one, so don't miss your chance! Wishing you a successful loan!

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