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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

You own a motorbike, need money urgently? Do not worry, with the motorbike registration loan package, you will quickly have money right away. Without proof of income, you can still borrow up to VND 50 million with just a motorbike registration certificate.

You own a motorbike, need money urgently? Do not worry, with the motorbike registration loan package , you will quickly have money right away. Without proof of income, you can still borrow up to VND 50 million with just a motorbike registration certificate.

Car registration or car tie is a legal document provided by the police in a form issued to an individual or a group or enterprise. Valuable papers that provide legal information identifying the ownership and use of a motor vehicle or vehicle during circulation. This is also the basis for the competent authority to resolve in case of disputes or incidents.

So what is a loan by motorbike registration or a loan with a car cavet, what are the benefits and how to register? All will be answered in the article below.

What is a motorbike loan?

Borrowing money by motorbike registration or borrowing money by car cavet is a form of unsecured loan where customers only need ID card and vehicle owner is eligible to borrow from a bank or finance company. Although being born after other forms of loan such as electricity bills or salary, a car tie loan is a form that many customers apply for because of its convenience and speed.

Benefits of loan package with car cavet

It is no coincidence that a newly launched loan form has such a large number of registered customers. That stems from the advantages of the loan-by-vehicle form for customers:

● The biggest advantage of this form of loan is that customers do not need to mortgage the car, still keep the original cavet to join the traffic.     

● Immediately after applying for money, about 1 hour.     

● Browse the application without home appraisal, no need to call reference phone number.     

● Simple application: only need ID + ID card, valid vehicle owner.     

● Support loans up to 90% of the car value and any model from: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, ...     

● Concessional interest rates.     

● Get a loan of up to VND 50 million with a long loan term that can range from 6 to 36 months.     

Disadvantages of borrowing money according to vehicle cavet

● The loan limit is usually not high, the loan amount depends on your creditworthiness.     

● The interest rate is higher than other loans because of the fast loan rate and the low limit.     

● The loan area is often limited because if it is far away, it will be difficult for the lender to verify the credibility.     

Loans by motorbike registration

Borrowing money by vehicle owner

The form of unsecured loan with a car cavet is for those who are motorcycle owners. Borrowers wishing to borrow money need to prepare necessary documents such as ID card or citizenship card or passport book and vehicle registration papers. This helps the credit institution correctly verify the motorcycle owner information to disburse the loan. Note that customers must ensure accuracy and safety when applying for a loan application.

Borrowing money with an illegal vehicle

In addition to the form of loan money with a motorcycle cavet, the limit of 90% of the car, low interest rates with official papers, now a number of other units also support customers to borrow with non-owner vehicles. This form of loan makes borrowing flexible, easy and meets the maximum loan needs of many subjects. The loan package with a non-official vehicle will be divided into two main categories:

- Motorcycles of family members, including grandparents, parents, siblings and descendants, ... have a certificate of relationship through household registration number. In this case, the borrower must prepare personal papers and a household registration book with the name of the vehicle's owner.

- The purchased vehicle has not completed the owner change procedure: Customers can open a loan application, as long as it is proven that they bought this car with handwritten papers, notarization of both parties or the ID card of the seller. .

In addition, the common point of both forms of loan is the need to prove the borrower's income to ensure creditworthiness and safety for credit institutions when opening loan applications.

What is the loan limit for vehicle registration?

Currently, there are many types of motorbikes on the market: scooters, motorbikes, motorbikes, motorbikes, ... With the form of a motorcycle tie loan, the credit institutions will conduct a parrot evaluation. including vehicle type, brand and value of the vehicle, ... From there, give the contract value of the most suitable loan limit.

For valuable vehicles, you will be offered a loan with a higher value than conventional cars. In addition, the evaluation of the loan rate depends on the age of the motorcycle that you accept. Currently, credit institutions have implemented many preferential policies for loan money by motorbike with a limit of 90% of vehicles, and low interest rates. Loan contract value can be up to 50 million VND depending on vehicle condition and financial capacity.

Also, depending on the lender, there is also a discrepancy between the approved loan amount. Therefore, borrowers should choose reputable credit institutions and institutions to get the best credit.

Loan interest rate by car cavet

Currently, the loan interest rate for consumer loans by vehicle registration is quite competitive and attractive. All credit institutions have preferential interest rate policies to attract potential customers. This interest rate depends on the value of the car. As follows:

● Group 1: Vehicles with a value over 25 million, the monthly interest rate is 2.17% / month     

● Group 2: Vehicles with a value of over 15 million, the monthly interest rate is 3.2% / month     

Note: The above interest rate is for reference only and is subject to the adjustment of the lending institution. So to find out exactly what the number is, you should contact your lender's customer service department.

Instructions for borrowing money by vehicle registration

Conditions for borrowing money by motorbike registration

To obtain a consumer loan with a motorcycle document, a customer must meet the following conditions:

● Customers are Vietnamese citizens, age for women is from 20 - 55 years old, for men from 20 - 60 years old.     

● No bad debt, attention debt at any bank, finance company.     

● As the name of the original vehicle cavet, with the original Cavet.     

● Vehicle value over 15 million.     

● Vehicle life is less than 8 years from the date of first issue on the vehicle cavet.     

Documents and procedures for borrowing money by motorcycle registration

Customers who meet the above requirements need to prepare the following documents to borrow money:

● ID card photo.     

● Card image 3 × 4 or 4 × 6.     

● Copy of household registration book with full 16 pages or papers proving temporary residence (in case the customer lives at a different address on the household registration book).     

● Vehicle registration papers.     

● Proof of temporary residency (in case the customer lives at a different address on the household registration book).     

The process of lending money by motorbike registration

● After receiving the application file, the credit institution (credit institution) will notify the customer exactly the supported loan, loan term, interest rate monthly and monthly contract payment amount.     

● Customers can completely decline the loan at any time. When the customer receives information about his contract, if he agrees the credit institution will prepare the contract and send it to the customer's address.     

● Credit institutions' appraisal staff in the customer's area will come to work and compare the originals that the customer keeps at home.     

● The entire process of applying and receiving a loan takes place only about 2-3 working days.     

Some frequently asked questions of borrowers according to vehicle cavet

      Should I borrow money with a motorcycle tie?

After you have learned the basics of how to borrow money with motorcycle papers, you are wondering whether you should apply for a loan or not? Is this loan safe or not?

It is true that borrowing money with a motorcycle Cavet, the limit of 90% of the car, low interest rates sounds very attractive. However, you absolutely cannot borrow money beyond your financial capacity.

No one will know what happens if you cannot pay the full amount you borrowed. Therefore, try to borrow money that suits your purposes and needs.

In addition, you also need to note that you should only borrow at reputable loan sponsors, avoid unknown addresses. If not, you will be subject to a "disability money" situation.

      Is there a need to mortgage the vehicle when applying for a loan?

No matter whether you apply for a loan with the owner or the owner, there is no need to mortgage the vehicle or motorbike documents. Because this is a form of unsecured loan, the loan review is based on the credibility, loan history and financial proof of the borrower. So, you can completely feel secure to use the car during the loan process.

      Can motorbikes on installment purchase be loaned?

Normally, during the installment process for motorbikes, the installment sponsor will keep the motorcycle's tie. This also creates a barrier when customers have urgent need to borrow cash.

However, at present, there are still many credit institutions to create conditions for customers to borrow with a motorcycle cavet, provided that the vehicle documents have been notarized. With this benefit, people in need can easily open a loan application.

      How much can I borrow for car registration?

The loan contract value for this form of loan can be up to 50 million VND depending on the assessment organization and vehicle condition.

      What types of motorcycle cavets are allowed to borrow?

As mentioned above, there are currently two types of motorbike loans: loans with official papers and non-governmental papers. So with these types of cavets, you can sign up for a loan:

● The borrower's main vehicle vehicle is the same as the name registered on the ID card or ID card.     

● The vehicle is not owned by the owner (must have proof of sale, transfer or household registration book to prove the relationship with the owner).     

● Legal vehicle license issued by the competent authority.     

Note that the information on the motorcycle tie and the information provided by the borrower must match and be accurate.

CashBerry has provided you with all the necessary information about the form of a vehicle paper loan. Borrowing money by motorbike with limit of 90% of car, low interest rate to meet the urgent cash demand for many people.

However, this form of loan has a short loan term, so it is necessary to consider carefully before borrowing. If the payment is late or can not be paid, you will have to bear a large penalty fee.

Currently, car tie loan is becoming the trend of all people. Because it brings many benefits in terms of payment time as well as paperwork. However, this form of loan also has certain risks. For safety, customers should choose reputable financial institutions or banks.

In addition to the form of a car tie loan, you can also borrow money online with ID / CCCD quickly, with money right in the day without meeting.

Quick loans online only need ID card - disbursement within the day 24/7

Quick loan online is a solution to borrow money online at websites or mobile applications. Online loans are supported by financial institutions with many incentives such as low interest rates, simple application only needs ID card, no appraisal.

Quick loans online help solve financial needs from 1 million to 10 million in a short time with simple documents (just need ID / CCCD, ATM card and phone number) and disburse quickly from 2 minutes - 24 hours. .

24/7 online loan form without appraisal, no proof of income or collateral. Customers register 100% information on their phone and be verified and disbursed automatically.

Benefits when borrowing money online 24 hours

If you are wondering why online quick loan development is growing so fast in Vietnam, here are the most outstanding advantages of this service.

● Fast loan online with only ID / CCCD     

Daily loan packages have simple loan conditions, customers only need an ID card or ID card to register for loans online.

● Online loan from 18 years old     

If unsecured loans require customers to be over 20 years old, online instant loans apply to customers aged 18-60. This means student customers can also apply for loans. online.

● Online quick loan disbursement during the day     

With super-fast loan solutions, customers are supported to disburse within the day via ATM cards or bank accounts.

● Reputable quick loan to support nationwide     

With the exception of a few areas of the island district where support is limited, quick loans can provide financial solutions across all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

● You can still borrow money online with bad debt     

Most online loan support units accept customers with bad debts and paying attention to register for loans.

The fastest online loan registration guide

With only 4 basic steps, customers can access loans with limits from 500k to 10 million dong.

● Step 1: CHOOSE LOAN     

Select a reputable online loan website (suggestion:


Fill out personal information as required.

● Step 3: LOAN APPROVAL     

Wait 5 - 15 minutes for the loan application to be approved.

● Step 4: DISBURSEMENT     

Receive disbursement to your bank account, ATM card if the application is approved.

Most of the units that support quick loans online do not need to meet and transfer money via banks or ATM cards to save time as well as create a competitive advantage.

Customers only need ID card, ATM card, mobile phone and register online to receive money after 15 minutes. Utilities are like that, but where to get a loan to ensure safety, quickly and effectively?

CashBerry - a unit specializing in consulting online financial solutions for those who are in need of fast consumer loans during the day. Cashberry provides 24/7 online financial consulting services through technology platforms, with simple procedures.

Understanding the financial problems you are facing, Cashberry gives you a quick, transparent, simple, and convenient financial solution. Cashberry works with various partners to help you access the right financial resources through a team of professional financial advisors.

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