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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Getting a bank mortgage to buy a house, buy a car, or to invest in a business - it sounds "big and serious" to the previous generation. However, it is the "express ticket" that helps young people come closer to modern and intelligent life.

Spreading all over the electronic newspapers, it will not be difficult to see that young people from Europe and America are very fond of buying houses on installments. Not because they have a more relaxed mindset than Asians who are accustomed to "dress well," but on the contrary, these young people think that "living in a peaceful karma" should be done as soon as possible.

Once determined that they will stabilize in a certain city, they choose to borrow money from the bank to own a house right away, reducing the financial burden and giving themselves a driving force for development. Meanwhile, young Vietnamese still have many concerns about this "risky" solution.

Normally, to borrow with high limits and low interest rates, many individuals, households and businesses have chosen to borrow as collateral.

So let CashBerry's experts find out about this loan form!

Learn about bank mortgage loans

What is a bank mortgage?

Legal basis: Civil Code 2005, mortgage is a measure of securing the performance of obligations with property. Accordingly, the obligor uses property under its ownership to secure the performance of the obligation with respect to the obligee. 

Mortgage loans are loan products with collateral, for example: loans to buy cars as collateralized with real estate, loans for personal consumption, mortgage savings books. Ownership of the property remains with the borrower, but if the debt cannot be paid back to the bank, the customer must transfer the ownership of the property to the bank for liquidation.

A mortgage loan is a form of bank loan that helps you solve your financial needs at a medium to high level. To get a mortgage, you definitely need to have valuable collateral.

So do you know what you can mortgage when you have a mortgage loan at the bank?

One of the most traditional loan products for a bank is collateral borrowing, also known as mortgage lending.

You can get a mortgage loan when the demand for finance is medium and high such as: business loan; borrow money to buy expensive items; You can even get a loan to pay off loans with higher interest rates.

So, what can mortgage when getting a mortgage loan at a bank? Here are a few pointers!

- Collateral is real estate

Real estate is the type of property assessed as having the highest value and is owned by each person. With real estate on hand, you will have less trouble in the process of getting a mortgage. The more valuable a property you own, the higher your bank's loan limit.

Real estate in accordance with the law includes:

+ Land

+ Houses, construction works attached to land

+ Intangible assets attached to land such as land use rights, mortgage rights, ...

+ Other assets as prescribed by law

- Real estates: cars, ships, boats, ...

If you don't own real estate, you can mortgage real estate to get a loan. Real estate is movable property. The range of objects that are considered real estate is very wide, making it difficult to list them all. By law, all non-real estate assets are considered real estate.

- Security property is a savings book

Getting a mortgage loan is the fastest and simplest form of loan. Accordingly, if you have a savings book at the bank, you will not spend much time waiting until the bank disburses the loan. You only need to provide a savings book to the bank to be able to borrow up to 100% of the savings book value.

At this point, your assets in the passbook account will be blocked by the bank. The maximum loan term in this case cannot exceed the term of the savings book. A mortgage with a savings book has the biggest advantage of its quick disbursement time (even after only 2 working hours); attractive lending rates; ...

Benefits when borrowing a bank mortgage

● Loan limit up to 100% of collateral.     

● Flexible loan term, up to 25 years, depending on the financial ability of each customer.     

● Lower interest rate compared to other forms of loan.     

● Flexible repayment method based on individual ability.     

In addition to the above benefits, a mortgage loan also has some notes that you need to know before deciding whether to borrow or not?

● The interest rate is not fixed, it can change according to the payment period.     

● The bank filters and classifies documents very strictly. You may incur a non-preferential interest rate if your application is classified as poor.     

● The bank imposes penalty fees on customers who pay late or pay debts before due.     

● Complicated and complicated procedure.     

Mortgage loan terms

● Be a Vietnamese citizen living and working in a place where loan assistance is available.     

● Age from 18 - 60.     

● Capable of paying bank debt.     

● No bad debts, no criminal records.     

● Have collateral to take out a mortgage.     

Bank mortgage loan procedures

To get a mortgage loan at a bank, customers need to prepare the following basic documents:

● Application form for a mortgage loan at the bank.     

● Copy of ID card / ID card, passport.     

● Copy of Household Registration and other papers requested by the lender.     

● Documents proving the ability to pay debts such as: Statement of credit activities in the last 3 months, labor contract, payroll, ...     

● Papers related to collateral: Certificate of property ownership and land use rights (red book, pink book) or other documents related to the transfer of property ownership and land use having the name of the customer, vehicle or other valuable document.     

Bank mortgage loan process

● Step 1: Prepare all loan documents.     

● Step 2: Bank calls to confirm and check.     

The responsible bank will contact you and advise you about: eligible for approval or not, estimated loan limit, monthly interest statement.

● Step 3: Approve and Issue Loan Notice.     

A credit agreement is a written document recording the agreement between a customer and a bank. The two sides are responsible for complying with each other's requirements.

● Step 4: Sign the contract and disburse     

When the procedure is completed, the bank will sign the customer an appointment note. Then proceed to sign loan contracts and disbursement.

● Step 5: Debt collection.     

Based on the previously agreed contract between the two parties, the bank will recover the principal and interest on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Interest rate for banks' mortgage loans

- Monthly calculation of principal and interest: For mortgage loans, there are currently 2 popular methods of calculating principal in the banking market.

+ Option 1 - Principal divided equally, interest gradually decreased: more common, applies to almost both domestic and foreign banks

+ Option 2 - Total principal and interest are monthly: mainly applied in foreign banks such as Standard Chartered, UOB, ...

+ Comparison: With the same loan amount and loan term, method 1 to calculate total interest will be less than method 2, but method 2, you know the exact monthly payment amount and the risk of interest rate fluctuations will be low. than.

=> Most mortgage borrowers now choose option 1

- The current lowest mortgage interest rate packages:

  + Foreign Banking Division: 7% -7.5% in the first year, 9% -10% in the next period.

  State-owned Commercial Banks: 7.7% - 7.9% in the first year, 10.5% - 11% later.

  + Joint Stock Commercial Banks: 9% - 10.5% in the first year, 11% -12% later.

* * Other fees incurred when borrowing consumer mortgage

When you take out a mortgage, in addition to the principal and interest, you also have to pay other additional fees such as:

● Assessment fee: Is the fee used to assess collateral. This fee is collected by a bank or an independent appraisal company. However, if any bank waives this fee, you will not have to pay it     

● Notarization fee : Is the fee paid to certify collateral. The fee will be paid to the competent state agency or the Notary Public.     

● Security transaction fee: Submit to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for collateral registration and declaration purposes.     

● Insurance premium : Buy insurance for collateral to prevent accidents arising.     

● Early repayment fee : If you close your contract before maturity, you will have to pay this fee to the bank. Early repayment fee =% of prepayment amount. However, there are also some banks that do not charge this fee.     

● Late debt payment fee: If the debt is due but the customer is unable to pay, resulting in paying the overdue debt, the late payment fee will be charged.     

Besides assets such as house, land, car, savings book, red book is the property used by many customers to borrow as collateral. So, what are the benefits of this form of loan, which bank offers a low interest mortgage red book mortgage, let's find out.

What is the cheapest mortgage bank red book loan?

Red book, also known as land use right certificate. With this paper, you can prove that you are the owner of the land and assets attached to it. Therefore, for a long time, the red book has been considered as a valuable collateral with high security.

So many banks have launched the form of red book mortgage loans. And since then, it has become a popular loan solution today.

What is a red book mortgage / home ownership certificate mortgage?

Red book mortgage is a popular way of calling for a borrower using residential land use rights or houses that have been issued with a certificate of residential land use right or house ownership (red book) as an asset. collateral, in order to secure the fulfillment of its obligation to repay debts to the bank and not to transfer such assets to the bank. 

Borrowing a bank red book mortgage is a form of taking assets (red book) out to be a reliable and secure basis. From there, help banks make loan decisions. This form of loan will mostly have lower interest rates than other ways, which are loved and chosen by many people.

Conditions for a bank red book mortgage loan

To get a mortgage on a bank red book, you need to satisfy the following conditions:

- Be a citizen of Vietnamese nationality

- Located in working age

- Have papers to prove income over 3,000,000 VND / month

- Absolutely not have any bad debt at the bank

- Residence must be located in the area of ​​the bank's head office

In the case of asking for a loan, they must also fully satisfy the above requirements.

Where do banks rely on red book mortgage loans?

- Banks rely on the following criteria to provide loans for red book mortgages:

+ Based on the value of real estate in the red book, will the bank determine the price to make a decision whether to lend to its customers? How much is the loan?

+ Loan purpose: What will the bank base on your borrowing purpose? There is a plausible not to give loans and support to choose the right loan package for customers' conditions.

What are the benefits of getting a red book mortgage?

- First, mortgage interest rates will usually be lower than some other types of loans.

- Second, loan periods are generally relatively flexible and can last up to 25 years.

- Third, borrowers can comfortably maturity, in order to continue extending the mortgage loan period.

- Fourth, when you borrow a red book mortgage, you will be able to borrow an amount equal to 100% of the value of the property to provide guarantees to support the best customers. However, each person will have a different loan amount based on needs, collateral and banking regulations.

- Fifth, there are many diverse forms of debt repayment for visitors to refer.

- Friday, customers have the right to bring the property that they need to buy as collateral for the fastest investment amount.


What is the cheapest mortgage bank red book loan?

In today's financial market, most banks offer red book mortgage lending. However, not every place is good for you to initiate this transaction.

The reason is that, each firm has a different interest rate, high and low places. If you do not calculate but choose the mess, the possibility that you will have to pay will be very large. Therefore, a little advice for you is to consider carefully to find the bank to mortgage with the least interest.

Mortgage loans are currently being focused by many banks, investing in improving service quality. Below is a list of 3 banks that offer installment loans with the most attractive interest rates for customers to refer to when in need of a loan.

* Agribank

As one of the largest banks in Vietnam, Agribank is always a reliable place for customers to choose from when they need a mortgage loan.

- Loan terms

● Be a Vietnamese citizen of working age     

● Be able to repay bank loans and have a stable source of average income     

● No history of bad debts at Agribank and other banks     

● Reside at the area where there are branches / transaction offices of Agribank     

● Have collateral for the loan     

- Procedure

● Legal documents: Papers proving the owner of collateral, red book, pink book ... Identity card / citizen ID / passport, loan application issued by the bank.     

● Income verification documents: payroll, labor contract, business license ...     

● Documents verifying loan purposes such as a car loan, studying abroad, building a new house, repairing and upgrading a house ...     

- Loan interest rate


Interest rate (/ year)

Loan maximum


Borrowing for new construction, repair, upgrade, and purchase of houses for residents


85% of total collateral

15 years

Loans as mortgage valuable papers




Loan to buy a vehicle

11.5 - 12%

85% of the total cost


Business loan




Loan to support study abroad


85% of the cost


Loans for agricultural production



1 year


* VietinBank

The mortgage is a strong product of VietinBank. Quick procedure, simple conditions, attractive interest rates are the main advantages to attract customers and get the trust from great partners. Therefore, VietinBank is a reliable place for you to choose a mortgage loan.

- Loan terms

● Men are not over 60 years old, women are not over 55 years old until the end of loan term.     

● Have the ability to repay the loan and collateral for the loan.     

● Have a household registration book / temporary residence in the same locality as the branch / transaction office of Vietinbank to lend money.     

- Procedure

● Papers related to collateral: Red book, pink book, papers to verify property ownership ...     

● Personal documents: Identification card / citizen identification / valid passport, certificate of marital / single status.     

● Income verification papers: Payroll, personal financial statistics ...     

● Loan application form by VietinBank     

Once a complete application is submitted, it can be completed quickly in as little as 48 hours.

- Loan interest rate


Interest rate


Loan maximum


Home loan


100% of demand

20 years

Car loan


100% of demand

10 years

Borrowing business products


100% of demand


Loans for agricultural production


100% of demand

5 years

Mortgage consumer loans


100% of demand

15 years

Securities business loan


100% of demand

5 years

Loan to study abroad


100% of demand

10 years


* Vietcombank bank

Vietcombank mortgage is a product with many benefits and a high loan limit (up to 75% of collateral) and a long loan period (up to 25 years). In addition, the package service, diversified borrowers, and quick procedures are the main advantages for this loan product to always be interested and selected by a large number of customers.

- Loan terms

● Be a Vietnamese citizen not over 60 years old     

● Have collateral     

● Have a good history of borrowing and repayment (at any bank)     

● Having a stable source of income, consistent with the ability to pay for the loan.     

● Have a household registration book / temporary residence in the locality where the Vietcombank branch / transaction office lends.     

- Procedure

● Proof of legal ownership of collateral, land ownership certificate.     

● Proof of income and solvency: Payroll, financial statistics ...     

● Family registration book / temporary residence in the locality where Vietcombank lends to a branch / transaction office.     

● Identity card / citizen identification / household registration.     

● Loan application form according to Vietcombank bank form.     

- Loan interest rate


Interest rate (/ year)

Loan maximum


Home loan


75% of collateral

15 years

Car loan


100% car value

5 years

Loans for construction, home repair


75% of collateral

10 years

Mortgage consumer loans




Loans to buy social housing


90% value

15 years

Business loan


100% of demand


Home loan project


100% of the house value

20 years

Lending as mortgage for listed securities


3 billion


Home loan, house construction and rental combination


70% collateral

15 years

The above is the answer to the question of the easiest and most reputable bank mortgage loan. Hopefully, with the information provided above, you will choose for yourself a suitable bank address, to deposit assets and make wise investment plans.

Besides, if you have other questions, please refer to the information below.

Answer all questions when taking a mortgage

● Is it possible to mortgage a red book at many banks?     

When a large sum of money is urgently needed, many people want to mortgage a red book at many banks. So how to do this transaction?

+ Legal provisions on a red book mortgage at many banks:

Specifically, Article 324, Civil Code 2015, provides for the issue of a red book that can be mortgaged at many banks:

An asset may secure the performance of many civil obligations, if the value at the time of establishment of the transaction is greater than the total value of the secured obligations, unless otherwise agreed or provided by law. other.

Where a property performs many obligations, the securing party must notify the secured party that the property is being used to perform another obligation. Each guarantee must be in writing.

In cases where property must be disposed of in order to fulfill a due obligation, the other obligations are deemed due; All parties receiving security are involved in the disposal of property.

If the parties wish to continue performing an undue obligation, they can agree on the securer's use of another property to secure the performance of the undue obligation.

+ 3 conditions to mortgage a red book at many banks:

1. At the time of mortgage, the property's value is greater than the total amount borrowed at banks.

2. The status of the collateral needs to be notified by the mortgagor to the next accepting bank.

For example, you can mortgage your house red book at bank X to get a business loan. Currently, you are running out of capital, so you want to use the red book to mortgage at bank Y.

In this field, you need to notify bank Y of the status of your house mortgaged at bank X.

Then, to verify the information, bank Y will contact bank X and then consider and decide whether or not to accept the red book mortgage.

3. When making a mortgage of a red book with a bank, it must be made in writing.

When making a mortgage red book, you need to agree clearly on the disposal of the property in case of violation of payment obligations. The mortgagee may auction the collateral without prior agreement.

Thus, you can mortgage a red book at many banks, if all 3 requirements above are met.

● What is the difference between mortgage and unsecured loans?     

Unsecured loan

Mortgage loan

- Suitable for those who need money for daily living

- No need for collateral, lending based on the credibility of the borrower

- High interest rates, short loan periods

- Disbursement fast during the day

- There is no incentive for early settlement

- Can be paid in installments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

- Easy to get bad credit when paying late on contract

- Suitable for those who need a large amount of capital to invest, buy a house or buy a car.

- Valuable assets are required as collateral

- Long loan term, low interest rate and gradually decreasing

- High loan limit

- Appraisal and disbursement takes a long time

- High rate of asset loss if unable to repay debt

Experience to pay attention when getting a mortgage for the first time

Maximum loan ratio: Normally banks only lend up to 70% of the valuation value, and the valuation price will usually be assessed by the bank's own valuation company about 10% -15% lower than the valuation. market.

=> Normally: banks only lend about 60% of the market price (if mortgaging with the assets to buy).

- House area : Most banks accept a mortgage with a floor area of ​​25m2 or more, alley 1m or more.

- Source of income: The bank will prioritize the source in the order of: Group 1 (Transfer salary, house rental, company reporting full tax)> Group 2 (Cash salary, business household, company not reporting Tax in full)> Group 3 (Unregistered self-employment, revenue from brokerage commissions, other unproven sources).

Overdue debts: If you have ever borrowed (unsecured, credit cards, mortgages) and have been delayed and got up to group 2-5 on the CIC, the bank can check, and most of them will limit / No loans.

=> Therefore, you absolutely do not let late repayment of bank related loans (especially credit cards you easily forget).

- Blockade disbursement or blockade: You should disburse the blockade because it ensures the interests of the buyer (Because if the bank disburses directly at the time of notarization of the sale contract by both parties, then if For some reason it is impossible to change your name, you will have to pay both interest in the bank and no assets).

- Mortgage mortgage for an apartment / project without a book: You can only do it with a few banks that are affiliated with the investor, so there are not many choices. If you want to borrow from unaffiliated banks with better interest rates, you can mortgage your own assets.

Mortgage loans allow you to borrow a larger amount of capital than unsecured loans. Usually, banks offer mortgage loans with limits of up to 70% of the value of the collateral. The loan term for a dual mortgage loan is longer. Lower interest rates while a longer loan period are the biggest advantages of mortgage over unsecured loans.

However, the mortgage loan procedure is more complicated and the bank will take longer to process the application because the bank will have to assess the collateral before deciding on a loan limit. Conditions for the bank to approve the application are also stricter. Usually, banks only approve large loans with a clear and legitimate use.

To ensure the conditions for a mortgage loan, you are required to prove your income to assure the bank of your ability to repay. At the same time, you must have collateral in accordance with the bank's regulations; have a good credit history and no bad debt chance at the time of applying for a loan.

Today the Internet develops, Vietnam increasingly approaches the general development of the world. Along with that trend, Vietnamese consumers have access to a variety of forms of finance, not just forced through bank loans.

One of these forms, fast online loans are increasingly favored by Vietnamese consumers.

It can be understood that fast money loan online (quick loan without collateral) is a form of loan without collateral. Borrowing method is based entirely on the individual's reputation in terms of ability to repay debts to serve personal purposes.

It can be a expense for wedding, travel or consumer purchases and loans are very convenient to cater to all your needs. A financial loan usually ranges from 2-10 million VND.

Moreover, quick loan online will help you to cover or solve the problems that arise in life that for some reason you are short of cash in the short term.

Instead of having to borrow money from relatives (usually not having to pay interest, but with "emotional debt") we can look to the financial channel and pay a little interest to solve the inconvenience that arises outside will without "debt" anyone.

When the mindset is ready, continue to realize your dreams, meeting the needs of life with the simplest and most convenient online loan guides from CashBerry.

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