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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

You want to buy a motorcycle to serve your travel needs or simply want to upgrade a new luxury car, more trendy. However, the financial situation is not enough to make you temporarily put aside that plan. Why do you have to do that when you can immediately own a motorbike you like by borrowing to buy a car with low interest rates, even 0%.

You want to buy a motorcycle to serve your travel needs or simply want to upgrade a new luxury car, more trendy. However, the financial situation is not enough, so you have to put aside that plan for now. Why do you have to do that when you can immediately own a motorbike you like by borrowing to buy a car with low interest rates, even 0%.

Because time waits for no one, CashBerry - a professional online financial consultant will assist you in borrowing money and buying your dream motorcycle in the best way. 

The fastest process of buying a motorbike with installment payment

Buying a motorbike by installment payment is a form of buying a car where customers will not need to pay the full price of the car in one time, but can pay that amount many times periodically. With this form of buying a car, customers will solve a temporary financial difficulty to have a car immediately.

The purchase of motorbikes by installment payment will be conducted according to the process, including 4 basic steps:

● Step 1: Customers will go to the shops to choose the car to buy. After identifying the car to buy on installment payments, customers need to negotiate about the amount they will have to pay in advance. Customers can choose to pay at least 40% or up to 70% of the value of the car, depending on their financial ability.     

● Step 2: Select a reputable finance company or bank to borrow capital to buy motorbike installment. Customers will be introduced to the banks associated with the store by the staff or if they want, customers can also choose a reputable address for themselves. After that, customers meet directly with bank representative staff to complete the procedures for buying motorbikes on installment payment and loan appraisal.     

● Step 3: Receive the approval from the bank to borrow the loan, sign the credit contract, the salesman will guide the customer to carry out the paperwork for buying motorbike installment payment. A partial prepayment depends on the vehicle's requirements and the customer's ability to pay at that time.     

● Step 4: Customers receive the car and can bring it back.     

Procedures for buying the latest motorcycle with installment 2021

For the most convenient and easy way to buy motorbikes with installment payments at banks or reputable financial institutions, the preparation of necessary documents and documents is indispensable.

To be able to complete the loan document for an installment loan, customers need to actively prepare the following documents:

- First, identity papers

Identification papers are basic documents that customers are indispensable in any transaction.

Proof of identity will include:

+ Copy of identity card

+ Copy of household registration book / KT3

Single certificate or marriage certificate

These documents are usually the customers to have originals for comparison or notarized. Notarizing these documents, customers can bring to public agencies such as the People's Committee of the commune and ward where they live to notarize or now there is a private service to notarize these documents.

- Second, papers proving financial ability

+ Proof of income source: labor contract, payroll, savings book, personal bank account.

+ For customers with valuable assets such as land, houses, factories, they can add a certificate of land use rights, individuals with assets such as vehicles, or assets contributed as capital. In other units, it is possible to add certificates of ownership, shares, bonds or certificates of capital contribution.

+ Sources of income from production and business: financial statements, tax reports, payrolls, company profits sharing sheets, business registration licenses, personal expense invoices in recent months: telephone charges , transaction costs ...
+ Other income sources: car rental contracts, certificates of capital contribution, shares, bonds.

- Third, loan application and interest payment plan

Use the loan application and loan repayment plan in accordance with the borrower's template.

How to buy motorbike installment payment?

Currently, customers can choose from different options to buy motorbikes with installment payments: buy a motorbike with an installment without proof of income, buy a motorbike with an installment with proof of income, buy a motorbike on installment without payment advance by credit card.

Installment loan for motorbike without proof of income

With this method, you can complete the procedure to buy a motorbike with installment payment within 30 minutes. However, the car loan interest rate in this form is usually quite high, the loan term is often shorter to reduce the risk of the loan process.

● Loan limit: maximum 70 million dong     

● Interest rate: from 1.49 -2.92% / month     

● Loan period: 6 - 24 months     

● Value of motorbikes: from 10 -100 million VND     

● Equity required: 20% - 90% of the value of the car.     

Thus, for those who are difficult to prove their income source or do not want cumbersome procedures, borrowing to buy motorbikes by installment payment without proof of income is the most suitable choice.

Motorcycle installment loan with proof of income

This form of car loan also allows customers to borrow a car with a limit of 70-80% of the value of the car. But when buying a car in this form, customers can buy motorbikes with a minimum value of 15 million or more without the maximum limit. At the same time, the car loan interest rate of this form is only at 1.39% with a loan term of 6 - 36 months.

However, car borrowers need to ensure clear proof of income for the car loan process to be carried out most effectively.

Loan to buy motorbike with 0% interest installment by credit card

The advantage of this method of buying a car with a credit card is that customers will be able to buy motorbikes with 0% installment interest rate.

When making a repayment plan, customers just need to divide the value of the motorbike by installment payment by the installment term and do not have to bear any other fees or interest on the credit card loan.

Especially, when buying a car in this form, customers may not need to pay any money in advance.

But customers need to be aware of the credit card limit to pay for the value of the car.

Can I buy a used motorbike by installment payment?

Normally, genuine dealers and e-commerce sites only support the purchase of installment cars for new and unused cars. However, there are still used car dealerships to support the loan to buy used motorbikes by installment payment with a fairly simple procedure.

Second-hand motorcycle dealers often set the amount of money the customer has to advance and the interest rate according to the number of original papers submitted by the customer. Currently there are the following options to buy used motorbikes on installment:

● Option 1: Just submit ID     

● Form 2: ID card + household registration book     

● Form 3: Driver's license + ID card + household registration book     

Although the value of a used car is usually quite low, the on-lending interest rate is very high, so if you intend to buy a used car, you need to learn in detail the procedure, how to calculate the interest rate on installments to avoid falling into debt. can't pay.

The interest rate for buying motorbike with installment payment for some outstanding models

Installment rate for motorbike 0%

You can completely buy motorbikes with installment payment at 0% interest rate if you own credit cards from banks such as: TPBank, Shinhan Bank, BIDV, VPBank, ACB, South Asia, HSBC, Standard Chartered, VIB, OCB. Loan term at 0% interest rate can be from 6 months to 12 months depending on the bank.

Although the form of 0% installment loan is quite attractive. However, customers need a credit card to enjoy this preferential interest rate.

Installment loan interest rate> 0% / month

There are many finance companies that are willing to give you motorcycle installment loans. However, the interest rates of these financial companies are often high, but with that loan terms are also easier.

- Home Credit: Car installment loan with interest rate of 1.39% / month

- HD SAISON: interest rate from 1.03% / month

- Fe Credit: interest rate from 1.75% / month

Motorbike-buying interest by installment payment of some reputable motorcycle manufacturers

Interest rate to buy Yamaha installment car

Yamaha is currently selected by many customers with many models such as Yamaha Latte, Yamaha FreeGo S, Yamaha Exciter, Yamaha NVX, Yamaha Janus ... Yamaha models have prices ranging from 18.8 million to the highest of 139 million dong.

This is a well-known car company, so it often has attractive preferential installment policies to stimulate shopping demand.

You can buy on installment payments with 0% interest if you own a credit card from a bank. However, if you are difficult to prove your source of income, you will often have to borrow with a higher interest rate policy.

Honda motorbike installment payment interest rate

Honda is one of the most selected motorcycle manufacturers in Vietnam. At the same time, Honda motorcycles are also one of the car manufacturers that regularly receive installment support with the most 0% interest rate.

In addition, when buying a Honda car, you also get preferential treatment without prepayment, but only need to pay according to the monthly installment amount.

In addition to the motorbike installment loan, you can also borrow money to buy motorbikes Vietcombank.

Vietcombank car loan

With more than 50 operations in the market, it can be said that Vietcombank is one of the oldest and most experienced joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam.

With strong financial potential, owning more than 100 branches across the country, Vietcombank was the first bank in Vietnam to be in the Top 500 World Banks voted by The Banker. This year, Vietcombank offers car loans with attractive interest rates and many other competitive lending policies.

1. Vietcombank car loan interest rate

Vietcombank car loan is one of the most popular credit products today. When borrowing from this bank to buy a car, customers will enjoy extremely preferential interest rates from this bank:

Currently, Vietcombank has applied the preferential interest rate for car loans for the first 12 months to customers from only 8% / year . This is the preferential interest rate in the group of low interest rates on the market today. With this interest rate, customers will have the opportunity to minimize the interest they need to pay the bank. After a period of enjoying preferential interest rates, the car loan interest rate of customers will be calculated according to the savings interest rate of 24 months + 3.5% / year .

2. Outstanding advantages of Vietcombank motorbike loan package

When borrowing to buy motorbikes or cars at Vietcombank bank, the biggest incentives that customers will enjoy are:

● About loan limit:      

Loan value is up to 70% of the value of the car if secured by the car you intend to buy. In addition, if there are other secured assets such as houses, land, ... Vietcombank can support a loan to buy a car up to 100% of the loan need. This helps you soon own your own car without having to borrow from a variety of sources.

● About the loan period to buy a car:      

Loan repayment period is up to 05 years. Customers can base on the repayment period to plan the most detailed repayment, ensure payment on time, and reduce interest pressure for themselves.

● Regarding the application processing time:      

Vietcombank commits to send a notice of loan agreement / denial within 3 working days from the date of receipt of a complete application file, ensuring that the customer's loan application is approved as quickly as possible. This is an outstanding advantage when buying a car Vietcombank compared to other banks.

Customers can also instantly control the withdrawal and repayment of car loans at Vietcombank simply and quickly via Internet Banking or SMS Banking.

3. The most detailed conditions and documents for the Vietcombank car loan

- Loan terms

+ All individual customers have legal borrowing requirements, in accordance with Vietcombank's loan regulations

+ Have civil liability

+ No bad debt

- Loan profile

+ Original loan application form according to Vietcombank's form

+ Copy of ID card / Passport / Citizen card, Family record book / Paper, Temporary residence book of the borrower and spouse, guarantor (if any)

+ Documents proving income, ability to pay debts

+ Information about the vehicle intended to buy (Price quote, purchase contract / purchase invoice ....)

+ Document of collateral in case of mortgage with real estate.

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Along with the development of the economy, Vietnam is entering the stage of car socialization with the rapid growth of the individual customer segment. According to the transportation experts, the demand for travel in our country is on a high growth momentum and cars are increasingly becoming popular means of people today.

Currently, the need to use private cars is increasing, because of the convenience of moving and avoiding rain and sun. However, not everyone has the conditions to own a private car. Therefore, borrowing money to buy a car is very interested. There are agreeing opinions and also others are not in favor of borrowing money to buy a car. CashBerry will help you clarify the above problem.

Car loan - Should or not?

1. The nature of a car loan

In bank loan packages, car loans are said to be safer, with lower risks due to specific collateral. As for the borrower, it is thought that the bank will support the capital and the car owned by them.

However, in essence, the bank is the owner of the car. Because after buying vehicle documents, it is held by the bank. You will only get your vehicle ownership certificate back when you pay off your debt. It is easy to understand that you are just borrowing the car from the bank only. In case you cannot afford the loan, the car will belong to the bank.

Try asking when there is a sudden accident, damaged car or the worst case scenario is losing your car, your bank debt still has to pay in full. In addition, you will also have to pay an additional fee to purchase auto insurance from the designated bank.

2. The fear of debt after getting a quick loan to buy a car

There is a reason for many people to consider whether to borrow a car or not. Because after owning the right car you like to go home also means that you have to face a monthly debt.

Many people have the money to be able to afford it, but for a few people, it is a whole lot of effort and hardship. Even the installment payment is not enough for daily expenses.

Not to mention that you also have a lot of fees to pay such as registration fees, license plate fees, road fees ... Many people also spend a hundred million more to install new accessories for cars such as cameras, floor mats. , fuel costs, tolls ...

Be really careful financially and do you really need to buy a car or not? The car loan is really only needed in cases of buying a car to use as a means of transporting services or running a car in the form of a contract or taxi.

Here is information for those who have clearly identified car loan goals.

Currently, car loan products have been deployed and expanded nationwide by most banks. Now, the demand for car loan installments of many customers is considered to be satisfied to the maximum.

A question that many borrowers ask at this time: What is the current interest rate for car loans at banks? Which bank has the most preferential car loan interest rate? In fact, these questions often appear because banks have continuously adjusted low car loan interest rates to encourage borrowers.

Car loan and related information

Latest updated bank car loan interest rate

Car loan preferential interest rate table in 8/2020

Unit:% / year


Preferential interest rate

Preferential interest rate

Preferential interest rate

Preferential interest rate

Preferential interest rate

the first 3 months

first 6 months

The first 12 months

The first 24 months

The first 36 months























































Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam)


































































* * Note: Above is the table of interest rates for buying a preferential car for each fixed period. After the preferential period, the interest rate will be applied floating according to the regulations of each bank. The interest rate can change from time to time, from different regions according to the policies of banks.

Car loan process

Conditions for a car loan

- Be a Vietnamese citizen from 18 to 60 years old

- Have a permanent or local KT3 address for loan application

- Have a stable salary or business income, can prove the origin and can afford monthly installments

- Having legitimate car loan and mortgage loan purposes and collateral for a car loan. This property can be real estate or the vehicle itself to be purchased.

Papers need to prepare to buy a car by installment payment

- For individuals who buy:

+ Identification papers: Household registration photo, photo ID card, single certificate or marriage certificate.

+ Proof of income by: labor contract, payroll, savings book, personal account.

+ Proof of valuable assets: houses, land, cars, machines, factories, factories ...

+ Car rental, house rental, workshop rental, capital contribution paper, shares, stocks, bonds.

If the individual has his own company whose income mainly comes from the company, the following should be added:

+ Tax reports, financial statements, payrolls, profit sharing tables from the company. Business license.

+ Personal expense invoices for the most recent months: Telephone, business transaction costs.

+ Not necessarily all the above documents, depending on the lender's request, the customer will provide more.

+ Loan application form and interest payment plan (according to the form of the lender)

+ In case the borrower is not eligible, he / she can ask a relative with good income to make a guarantee for the bank for appraisal.

- With the company or business buying a car

+ Business license.

+ Director appointment paper, chief accountant appointment.

+ Registration form to use seal sample (copy).

+ Tax code.

+ Tax report for the latest 01 year.

+ VAT invoice report for the most recent 01 year.

+ Company charter.

+ Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors.

+ Contract economic output, input.

+ Paper ownership facilities: factories, lines, machinery, equipment, factories, other cars.

+ Loan application and interest payment plan

Depending on how the lender is, the customers will have to provide the required documents.

Car loan installment process

After you prepare all the documents and papers and are reviewed as required, the assessor comes to the home to assess and get the records. If all suitable will be approved and proceed to the next step, specifically as follows:

● Step 1: You need to provide all documents and documents required by the bank.     

● Step 2: The bank will conduct an appraisal of the application provided by you. If your application is approved for loan by the bank, the bank will notify you of the loan guarantee. You will pay a guarantee and a reciprocal amount to the car dealer.     

● Step 3: The car dealer will issue an invoice and send the documents to you to go through the procedures to pay registration tax, press the number plate, register.     

● Step 4: Once you have received your license plate and the original vehicle registration, you need to go to the bank to sign a credit agreement.     

Then pay the related fees, carry out the notarization of papers, sign the debt receipt from the bank (signature of both husband and wife, if the borrower is a company, you must sign the representative of the borrowing company. and stamped the company's seal). Once you have completed the above steps, the bank will now issue you a copy of the vehicle registration form and transfer the money to the car dealer.

● Step 5: When the car dealer receives the money from the bank, you come to pick up the car and complete the transaction.     

Note when borrowing money to buy a car

Car loan by installment payment - a form of preferential car loan

Car loan installment is simply understood that you will pay a part of your own money in advance, the rest will borrow from the bank and pay by installments according to the agreement, signing a credit contract between the bank. The car buyer will mortgage his own car, the bank will keep the vehicle registration (original) during the loan term. Installment term can last from 1-5 years depending on the bank.

Master the loan process

The experience of an effective car loan installment is that you need to consult banks before you intend to borrow money on issues such as interest rates, maximum loan percentage on the value of the car, loan term, interest rate adjustment amplitude, application fees if any, prepayment penalty calculation and bank reputation.

Car loan interest rate by installment

One of the experiences of car loan installment is that you have to be clear about paying more than the original value of the car, because each month you have to pay an interest rate. That is why buyers must pay special attention to this issue when choosing a car loan. There are two forms of interest calculation that banks usually apply are:

- The interest is fixed for the entire loan term, but the monthly interest to be repaid is calculated on the total original balance.

The advantage of this approach is that the interest rate is not affected and fluctuated by the adjustment of the bank. However, in this case the buyer will not benefit if the market interest rate falls, and the real interest rate will increase later on. Therefore, only people with stable incomes can choose this form of loan.

- The interest rate is fixed initially, but then will be adjusted every 3 months according to the policy of each bank. Most banks are currently applying interest rates from 12% to 15% , much higher than the first form. Conversely, car buyers will only need to pay part of the money plus the interest on the actual outstanding balance.

Therefore, depending on the value of the car plus your own financial condition, you can choose the loan amount, from 10% to 90% of the value of the car, and at the same time choose the appropriate form of loan for the due date. Risk mitigation related to solvency as well as interest rate fluctuation.

0% interest rate consideration

Besides, you also need to consider whether or not to borrow 0% interest installment loan or not. For goods with high value such as cars, interest-free or low-interest loans only apply for the first time, 3, 6 or 12 months.

After that, the interest rate will be raised depending on the policy of each bank. If you only borrow 12 months, the interest subsidy ends but do not want to borrow any more, then settle it, the prepayment will be penalized. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about this form of 0% loan.

Borrowing costs are usually invoiced

- Cost of notarized photocopies, guaranteed transactions, expenses for sending and receiving dossiers collected once for the entire loan period ...

- Document assessment fee: About 2,000,000 VND / document (usually with low interest rates or attached)

- If it is difficult for you to prove your income, need support with a loan plan, there is a loan application fee. The car salesman will advise the customer on a case by case basis and the final decision maker is still you.

Collateral when buying a car

There are many banks that often use advertising methods such as low interest rates of 5.99% per annum. But then, they increase the associated fees such as credit opening fees, credit management fees, notarization fees, premature repayment fees, ... So you should learn carefully before signing. loan agreements.

There are 3 types of collateral accepted by the bank:

● Government savings book.     

● Red book owner.     

● Cavet new or old car owner.     

Fees should not be ignored

An unforgettable bank car loan experience is to keep in mind the charges incurred. Many customers make the mistake of ignoring certain fees when they borrow to buy a car at the bank. The main types of fees are commonly found such as annual car insurance, property transaction registration fees.

Vehicle insurance premiums are compulsory for customers to purchase when using the vehicle as collateral. The minimum insurance purchase ratio is equal to the loan value. Buying car insurance to avoid loss, reduce property value quickly when the car has an accident in the process of traffic and is done every year.

Currently, many banks have loan interest rates to buy cars ranging from 6-8% / year or more and fixed from 6 months to 2 years or during the loan period depending on the bank. When you take out a loan from the bank to buy a car, the bank will force you to buy auto insurance for the life of the loan (it can be purchased annually, or full-time).

Carefully read the terms of the contract

Because the insurance policy has a lot of complicated terms, the borrower should read carefully and ask the insurance staff to clarify to avoid being "lost" when an event later arises. For example, the terms of insurance cases, genuine replacement goods, rate of payment, ...

With the increasing income and the increasing demand for cars, owning a private car is no longer a distant dream of Vietnamese consumers. However, the car selling price in Vietnam is still too high, so 50-60% of customers choose a car loan by installment loan.

Buying an installment car is now very popular, the process and procedures are also much simpler, in order to bring the most convenience to consumers. However, to avoid errors, mistakes and unnecessary troubles, you should pay attention to the above!

Do you still have questions about the form of a car loan, or want to borrow consumer loans , borrow money online ? Contact CashBerry - the best online financial consulting service today!

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