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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

You are in need of large capital but cannot repay the debt in a short time. In this case long-term loans, medium and long-term loans will be the appropriate choice.

You are in need of large capital but cannot repay the debt in a short time. In this case long-term loans, medium and long-term loans will be the appropriate choice.

So what is a long-term loan, high or low interest rate, how to borrow effectively? Let's find out with CashBerry through the article below.

Learn about long-term loans

What is a long-term loan?

Currently, any bank clearly divides the forms of money lending over time. Specifically, there will be three types of loans: short-term loans, medium-term loans and long-term loans.

● Short-term loan: A loan package with a short term of less than 1 year.     

● Medium-term loan: A loan package with a term from 1 year to 5 years.     

● Long-term loan: A loan package with a term of more than 5 years.     

Popular types of long-term loans

● Guarantee object:     

This is a form of credit guarantee loan, then the bank will have certain rights over the customer's assets. In case the customer cannot pay the bank debt, this property can be used to assign a debt to get the money back.

● Mortgage loan:     

Customers will use assets to secure payment to the bank, without needing to hand over the assets to the bank. However, the bank has the right to seize the property if you are unable to pay the debt to the bank as agreed.

● Mortgage loan:     

Customers use their assets to deliver to the bank to secure the loan and receive the loan amount corresponding to the asset value. The property will belong to the bank if you do not refund the bank on the agreed time.

● Borrowing by project:     

Customers borrow money to carry out production and business projects, commercial banks carry out all activities and are responsible for the selected customer's investment projects.

● Syndicated loans:     

Syndicated loan is a form of loan where many banks combine lending in the same project, to increase capital for customers and minimize bank risks. A syndicated bank will make arrangements according to the co-financing regulations of the State Bank.

Characteristics of medium and long-term loans

● Equity involved in the project or plan     

Medium and long-term loans with long duration, higher risk than short-term loans. In order to reduce risks, in addition to the requirement that loans must have collateral, lending banks also stipulate that customers must have equity to participate in the production, business and life processes.

The percentage of equity involved in the project is high or low depending on the level of risk and the efficiency of the project. In Vietnam at present, the commercial and commercial bank stipulates the capital level of the owner participating in the project as follows:

- At least 10% of the total investment capital for plans and projects for technical improvement, production expansion, and production rationalization.

- At least 30% of total investment capital (after deducting expected working capital) for new construction projects.

- At least 30% of the total investment capital (after deducting the expected working capital from the total investment capital) for projects serving daily life.

● Debt repayment term and repayment source     

The repayment term depends on the nature and location of the investment project. But the repayment period can also be shortened in case the efficiency of the project is high. The early repayment will help the bank to collect a certain debt but sometimes affect the bank's capital use plan.

The source of repayment for medium and long-term loans is generally different from short-term loans. Medium- and long-term loans are mainly used for the purchase of fixed assets and current assets, so the main source of repayment for this loan is depreciation and a part of the project's profit. investment brings.

● Disbursement in medium and long term loans     

For medium and long-term loans, it can be disbursed once, or many times to ensure that customers use the loan for the right purpose. The Bank does not allow capital withdrawal when the spending needs related to the project have not arisen.

The bank and the customer agree to withdraw the entire loan once in case of borrowing to purchase machinery and equipment. For assets formed over a long period of time, disbursement is made according to the completed work schedule.

● Loan interest rate     

Interest rates on medium and long-term loans are usually higher than short-term lending rates. It can be a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan period, or it can be a variable rate depending on market fluctuations.

The collection of interest can be monthly, quarterly or yearly based on the balance at each repayment term and the loan interest rate. Customers can pay interest and principal at each repayment period or pay interest on a certain date in the period as agreed.

Advantages and disadvantages of long-term loans


● Long-term loan limit is usually very large, meeting the need for large capital of individuals or businesses to reform production and business.     

● Financial pressure and economic burden will be reduced by the extended payment term, customers can calculate to pay the debt slowly.     


● Borrowing conditions are more difficult than short-term and medium-term loans. Customers who want to borrow money must have a guarantor or collateral.     

● Because the long payment term leads to a long and risky capital recovery, the interest rate on long-term loans is usually higher than short-term and medium-term loans.     

● In order to avoid risks and losses if customers pay early, most long-term loans charge a penalty fee for early payment.     

● Customers may be forced into debt or lose their assets when they do not pay their debts on time as agreed.     

New regulations on short-term capital ratio for medium and long-term loans

The State Bank of Vietnam has just announced Circular 08/2020/TTNHNN amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 22/2019/TT-NHNN on regulations on safety limits and ratios in the operation of banks. banks, foreign bank branches.

Accordingly, the State Bank decided to delay the application of the short-term capital ratio for medium and long-term loans by one year compared to the previous roadmap.

Procedure to apply for a long-term loan

To be able to make a successful and fast loan, customers need to understand the loan terms and procedures.

Long-term loan conditions

In order for a bank to accept a large amount of money, customers need to secure the object by mortgaging or pledging valuable assets.

In addition, customers need to prove the loan purpose and ability to repay the debt through proof of finance, income or loan project plan, etc.

Long-term loan procedures

● Application for loan     

● Household book/temporary residence certificate     

● Valid ID/CCCD/Passport     

● Financial Status Report     

● Worksheet for loan amount, source of income and debt repayment ability     

● Documents to prove the purpose of capital     

* Note: Depending on each bank, there will be different regulations on conditions and procedures for long-term loans. For accurate and detailed information, you need to go to a bank transaction office and ask a consultant for support.

What is the long-term loan interest rate?

To help you visualize and compare, CashBerry sends you the latest updated long-term loan interest rates of reputable banks in the market.

Table of long-term loan interest rates of big banks


Fixed interest rate

Interest rate after incentives

Penalty fee for early repayment


7.7% fixed for 1 year

8.7% fixed for 2 years

9.5% fixed for 3 years

10.2% fixed for 5 years

LSTK 24M + Margin 3.5% (10.5%)

- Year 1 - Year 3: 1%

- Year 4 - 6: 0.5%

- From year 6: Free


7.5% fixed for 1 year

LSTK 24T + Margin 4% = (10.9%)

- Year 1: 2.5%

- Year 2: 1.5%

- Year 3: 1%

- Year 4: 0.5%


7.7% fixed for 1 year

8.7% fixed for 2 years

LSTK 36M + Margin 3.5% (10.5%)

Get back the preferential interest rate during the incentive and penalty period:

- First 2 years: 2%

- 3rd year: 1.5%

- Years 4 - 5: 1%


11% fixed for 1 year

11% fixed for 2 years

11% fixed for 3 years

LSTK 24t + 3.5% = (11%)


- First 2 years: 1% - Remaining: Free

- First 3 years: 1% - Remaining: Free


10.2% fixed for 3 months

8.9% fixed 1 year (project house)

LSTK + 3.5% = (11.5%)

- First year: 3%

- Year 2-3: 2.5%

- From the fourth year: 1%


8.4% fixed for 1 year

9.1% fixed 1.5 years

9.7% fixed for 2 years

LSTK 24T + 4.5% = (11.5%)

Year 1,2: 3%

- Year 3: 2.5%

- Year 4: 1.5%

- Year 5: 1%

Lien Viet Post Bank

8.5% fixed for 1 year

Accounts receivable 13M + Margin 4% = (11%)

- 1/3 loan period: 1.5%

- 1/3 next time: 1%

- Remaining: 0.5%


8.8% fixed for 1 year

CI 13M + Margin 4% = (11.7%)

First year: 3%

- Second year: 2.5%

- Third year: 2%

- Year 4 onwards: Free


12% fixed 12 months

CI 13M + Margin 4.5% = (12.1%)

- First 2 years: 2%

- Year 3-5: 1.5%

- Remaining: 1%


11% fixed 12 months

12T balance sheet + 3.9% = (11.3%)

- First 2 years: 2%

- Year 3-5: 0.75%

- Remaining: Free


9.99% fixed 12 months

12T accounts receivable + 3.7% = (12%)

- First 2 years: 3%

- Third year: 2.5%

- Year 4: 2%

- Year 5: 1%

- From year 6: 0.5%

* Comment: Through the above table, you can see that the common long-term lending interest rate is from 7.5% - 11%/year .

* Note: Banks now have many different interest rate packages and methods of calculating interest rates, even different for each branch in the same system. Therefore, the interest rate information in the table above is compiled for reference purposes to help you somewhat have a basis for making an appropriate loan decision.

Which bank is the best for a long-term loan?

Currently, most commercial banks from state-owned to private banks provide long-term loan services for individuals and businesses. Therefore, customers often choose banks with low interest rates and many incentives.

However, the incentives also lead to banks being more strict and demanding in terms of loan conditions as well as the review and appraisal process. Instead of looking for a bank with the lowest interest rate, you should find the best lender where you can meet the loan conditions.

Besides, you can also consult with relatives, or friends and partners who have borrowed money. Or directly contact the bank you want to borrow money to learn about policy and loan conditions.

Long-term borrowing is a form of borrowing suitable for the market economy, supporting individuals and businesses to develop, improve production and recover the economy. With the information in the article, hopefully you have a clearer view of the long-term loan form and find yourself a suitable loan. Good luck with your loan.

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