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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Borrowing money with car cave is a quick loan solution with a limit of up to 50 million. Where should the loan be, what conditions should the borrower meet, how to prepare the procedure?

Are you in need of money to solve urgent problems but don't want to borrow from friends? Do you have bad debt that cannot be borrowed from the bank? Car loan is an effective way to solve the financial difficulties you are facing. Just owning a motorbike registration license, you can easily borrow up to 50 million, receive money fast within a day.

So lending by Cavet vehicle factory is, where safe loans, loan procedure like? Let's find out together now!

What is a car loan ?

Car cavet originates from the word card vert (French), which is a valuable legal document that provides legal information to determine the ownership and right to use a motorbike/car in the process of circulation. In simple words, the car cave is the registration paper for cars and motorbikes.

On the legal car hood will clearly state the information of the car owner, the characteristics of the car such as name, brand, paint color, engine number, chassis number, etc.

Borrowing money with a motorbike registration certificate or a motorbike loan is a form of unsecured consumer loan for customers who have the right to own the vehicle.

Summary of the main car loan package

Loan form

Borrow money quickly with a car key

Borrowing limit

90% of vehicle value (up to 50 million VND)

Interest rate

From 2.17%/month – 3.2%/month

Support area


Approved age

18 years old - 60 years old

Procedures – documents

ID card/CCCD + Household registration book + Motorcycle registration of the owner


Ask for the original cave and the borrower is in the name of the owner. Vehicle value from 15 million or more


Advantages of borrowing money through car caves

● No need to mortgage the car, still keep the original cave to join the traffic      

● Receive money right after making the application, ranging from 30 minutes - 1 hour      

● Browse documents without a home appraisal, without calling a reference number, without checking a car      

● The profile is extremely simple: just need ID card + Cavet of the owner's car to take pictures      

● Support to borrow up to 90% of the car value and any car model from: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki,...      

● Installment period from 12 to 36 months      

Limitations when borrowing money with car key

● The interest rate applied to old cars over 4 years old or cars of low value is quite high      

● The loan limit depends on the age of the car, not on the value of the car when it is new, so it is difficult for customers to borrow the desired amount      

Types of loans through car caves

● Unsecured loan according to car cave      

This is a form of borrowers who do not need to provide collateral, but only need a cave to be eligible to apply. However, the borrower must prove the financial ability, ensure the repayment capacity to be considered for a loan.

● Installment loan by car lock      

In the form of a car loan, you will not have to pay the debt in one time, but it will be paid in installments periodically.

● Car mortgage loan      

In order to be disbursed quickly, many people choose to take out a car or motorbike mortgage . However, only after paying off the debt can you get your car's cave back.

Guide to getting a car loan from the owner


To be able to apply for a motorbike loan, customers need to meet the following conditions:

● Customers are Vietnamese citizens, age 18 - 60      

● No bad debt, outstanding debt at any bank, financial company (some places even support bad debt)      

● In the name of the original car's cave, with the original cave      

● Vehicle value over 15 million      

● The vehicle life is less than 8 years from the date of first issue on the car's hatch.      


● ID card/CCCD (original, not torn, not blurred)      

● Original car cavet (with full information on the date of first issue and the date of issue of cavet)      

Interest rate & loan limit

The car loan limit and loan interest rate depends a lot on the car model, car manufacturer, and the age of the car, but still within the frame below:

● Limit: 10 - 50 million VND      

● Interest rate: 1.66% - 3.2%/month      

Where is a safe and reputable car loan?

Currently, there are many financial companies that support loans with motorbikes, such as FE Credit, Mirae Asset, MCredit, SHB, etc. However, according to customer reviews, FE Credit and MCredit are two companies. The best car loan support finance company today.

FE Credit Finance Company

FE Credit full name is Vietnam Prosperity Bank One Member Limited Liability Company, is the largest financial company in Vietnam with installment loans, installment purchases and credit cards. Motorcycle loan is a form of unsecured loan being applied by FE Credit for many different customers, just need to be on the motorcycle's name.

Interest rates for motorbike loans at FE Credit

The interest rate of a motorbike loan depends on the vehicle's valuation as agreed by FE Credit as follows:

● Interest rate of 2.17%/month for motorbikes valued at VND 25,000,000 or more      

● Interest rate of 2.95%/month for motorbikes with value from VND 15,000,000 to VND 25,000,000      

Dossier to borrow money by motorbike at FE Credit

Customers applying for a car loan at FE Credit need to provide the following documents:

● ID card or CCCD      

● Original household registration book, notarized copy or photo of original household registration      

● Original motorcycle cavet in the owner's name      

Borrowing limit

● Vehicles registered from 4 months to less than 6 months, the loan limit is 90% of the car value      

● Vehicles registered from 7 to under 12 months, the loan limit is 80% of the car value      

● Vehicles registered from 13 to 48 months, loan limit is 70% of car value      

● Vehicles registered from 48 to 96 months, the loan limit is 60% of the car value      

MCredit Finance Company

MCredit full name is MB Shinsei Financial Co., Ltd. provides 2 main products: installment loans and installment purchases . Mortgage loan by motorbike at MCredit is a consumer loan product that applies to many different types of customers such as:

● Customers are employees of companies and businesses      

● Customers are business owners      

● Self-employed customer      

● Customers who are working at state agencies,…      

* Interest rate on installment loans with motorbikes at MCredit

The way to calculate the interest rate according to the motorcycle cave at MCredit financial company is based on the age of the vehicle, specifically as follows:

● Interest rate of 2.14%/month for vehicles aged from 3 months to less than 4 years      

● Interest rate of 2.95%/month for cars aged from 4 years to under 6 years      

What should be kept in mind when borrowing money with a car lock?

● Choose a suitable installment period according to your ability      

● Some financial institutions will NOT provide loans to customers with bad debts within the last two years      

● Learn carefully about the lending units, especially interest rates, penalty fees, early settlement fees, etc.      

● Pay your loan on time or it will affect your credit history      

● Avoid places with excessive advertising such as car loans disbursing in just 30 minutes, posted in alleys, power poles      

Frequently asked questions when applying for a car loan

● Is this a car loan?      

Motorcycle loan is not a form of mortgage loan. Because the lending unit does not keep the car's lock, nor does it keep the motorbike. This is a form of unsecured consumer loan based on the customer's reputation and credit history to lend.

● How is the motorbike loan interest rate calculated?      

- For motorbikes with a value of less than 25 million, the interest rate is 2.95%/month

- For motorbikes with a value of 25 million or more, the interest rate of 2%/month applies

However, depending on the lending unit, the profile of each customer, there is a certain interest rate. For more information, you should contact the car loan company directly.

● Is the motorbike loan process fast?      

With the development of technology, many organizations lend online cars , so the loan process is quite fast and simple, including 3 steps as follows:

- Step 1: Provide ID card + Motorcycle Cavet for staff to check

- Step 2: If the customer is eligible, proceed to enter the profile on the software

- Step 3: Receive appraisal results, disbursement and debt repayment

● Can I get a loan for a motorbike that is being paid in installments?      

Normally, when buying a motorbike on installment, customers do not have the original cave, so they cannot apply for a loan under the car cave.

However, some financial companies support customers to pay 50% of the car value in advance to receive the original cave, in this case the customer is still eligible for a cash loan with a motorcycle cave.

● What are other types of loans?      

In addition to the form of a motorcycle loan, customers can refer to some other loan products below:

● Unsecured consumer loans      

● Salary loan      

● Borrowing according to electricity bill      

● Borrow money online with ID card / CCCD from 1 to 10 million      

Among the above forms of borrowing money, a loan with an ID card is the fastest loan solution with the least procedures. Just visit or download the CashBerry app on CH Play and click register for a profile, you will have the opportunity to receive money within the day.

No need to meet or prove any documents, no collateral, just with a phone in hand, you can easily get a quick loan 24/7 .

Identity card is not only an identity document, but also can be used to borrow unsecured loans online in difficult times. As long as you have an ID card or a citizen ID card, you have a limit of 10 million in your hand.

Above is the information related to the form of car loan . If you still have questions about how to borrow in this form or want to learn more about online loan solutions, please contact hotline 1900638385 for support from CashBerry consultants!

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