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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

In recent years, e-wallet is one of the applications that many people are interested in because of its convenience, speed and incentives. Today CashBerry will introduce 10 reputable and best electronic wallets in Vietnam for you to refer and experience.

In recent years, e-wallet is one of the applications that many people are interested in because of its convenience, speed and incentives. Today CashBerry will introduce 10 reputable and best electronic wallets in Vietnam for you to refer and experience.

what is network wallet?

E-wallet, also known as online wallet, is an account to pay the most popular online transactions today such as: payment for electricity, water, tuition, phone top-up, movie tickets. ..

The function of e-wallet operations is done by simply linking a bank account, recharging the wallet and paying for any linked service in a simple and convenient way.

As long as you have a Smartphone, Wifi network and account, you can make all transactions anywhere.



Transfer - Receive money

Quickly transfer and receive money to others.

Pay the bill

Convenient payment of electricity bills, water bills, tuition fees, apartments, ... to reduce the management of transactions via bank cards.

Store money on the Internet

Reduced cash flow to avoid inflation risks.


Currently on the market there are many types of e-wallets both provided by domestic businesses and by foreign businesses. To help you easily choose different types of e-wallets, CashBerry will offer the following basic criteria:

● E-wallet provided by the enterprise has a reputation in the market     

● E-wallet ensures multiple layers of security     

● E-wallets are linked with many service providers such as telecommunications, goods, services, insurance, finance, banking, ...     

● E-wallet has many convenient recharge channels even during holidays     

● Payable both in Vietnam and internationally     


Here are the most reputable and safest electronic wallets in Vietnam surveyed and synthesized by CashBerry.

E-wallets in Vietnam should be used

1. MoMo e-wallet

MoMo e-wallet is a name that is not strange to us. This application was established on June 2, 2014 until now, the application has been trusted by 13 million users (information according to MoMo statistics).

The application specializes in providing bill payment services, money transfer, phone card top up, game card recharge, ... to help you pay billions of daily things such as electricity bills, water bills, phone cards, ... quickly and conveniently.

In addition, MoMo also regularly offers promotions and incentives for users such as: giving phone scratch cards, discount cards when buying food, paying for services, ... and "extreme" gifts. Good deal "for users.


2. ViettelPay electronic wallet

Less than 2 years in the market, ViettelPay has surpassed 9 million service users. The scope of application not only focuses on urban areas, but also develops in remote and mountainous areas to serve her. Currently, the application has 120,000 deposit / withdrawal transaction points nationwide.

In addition to services such as payment of bills, transfer / receipt of money, shopping, ... like other e-wallets, the application also implements to pay tuition fees of 450 schools, in 20 provinces across the country. nationwide to meet the travel needs of people in the provinces with children studying away from home.


3. ZaloPay electronic wallet

ZaloPay e-wallet allows you to easily transfer / receive / top-up interbank money, besides it will help you pay for many services such as electricity bills, water bills, Internet ... with just 2 seconds per transaction. and pretty high security. Another plus point is that you do not need to create another account, just log in with Zalo to use the ZaloPay e-wallet.


4. VTC Pay e-wallet

VTC Pay is also an e-wallet you should pay attention to because this is a unit licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam to provide Payment Intermediary services since 2016. This e-wallet is trusted by more than 2000 partners. choose cooperation. So paying your bills, buying phone recharge cards, buying airplanes, entertainment, ... on your e-wallet will be best supported.

In addition, you can use VTC Pay wallet to code game cards such as Vcoin card, Zing card, Gate FPT card, Facebook with a pretty high discount. This is also an electronic wallet that many gamers regularly visit and trust.

5. Airpay e-wallet

Airpay is a mobile application that allows users to use cash in their wallet to pay for purchases or pay for services or bills. Not only that, Airpay wallet users also enjoy different discounts depending on the support service inside the wallet.

Some features of Airpay such as: Buying game cards to top up Garena Clams, online cash recharge, buy game card codes VTC, Gate, Scoin, BIT, ... In addition, Airpay also provides recharge cards for many online services. Different online: Watch movies, learn online, transfer mobile money, buy car tickets, buy air tickets, order food and pay DeliveryNow, ...

6. Payoo e-wallet

Payoo is an electronic wallet or virtual account that functions as a wallet in the Internet world to help users buy - sell - transact at e-commerce websites and in online communities with bar activities. payment or payment online. Payoo's payment services were licensed by the Governor of the State Bank to operate in the field of payment intermediaries on February 18, 2009.

7. BankPlus e-wallet

BankPlus is a cooperation service between Viettel and banks, helping customers to quickly, safely and simply transfer money transfer transactions, anytime, anywhere. Bankplus is offered at 12 banks nationwide including Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, Agribank, MB, VIB, VPBank, ABBank, HDBank, Nam A Bank, Maritime Bank, LienVietPostBank).

8. VinID e-wallet

VinID is a digital ecosystem built with the goal of becoming an effective assistant, a reliable companion for all people, every family and every business household in life. VinID has 2 forms: Hard Card and Mobile App.

In addition, the VinID application also has a built-in e-wallet, you can link with more than 36 domestic banks to recharge and pay, shop quickly and conveniently.


9. Moca e-wallet

Moca has been operating in Vietnam since February 2016. Moca e-wallet is used to pay for shop purchases, taxi fare, electricity bill, television, internet, postpaid phone bill, top up phone and buy card code.

10. Ngan Luong electronic wallet

Ngan Luong is an electronic wallet, an online payment gateway, an online banking that allows individuals and businesses to send money, transfer money and receive payments on the internet instantly in a convenient, secure and convenient way. protect. All completely free.

Ngan Luong operates under the model of electronic wallet, users register for a personal or business account to use with 3 main functions: Deposit, Withdrawal and Payment, all are completely online. via domestic or international card, bank account or other convenient forms. Investment capital from leading corporations in the world such as IDG (US), SoftBank (Japan) and eBay (US) helps it to be able to finance all online payment transactions in Vietnam.

In general, for the convenience of transactions, you should use e-wallets that use a variety of payment channels, easy deposit and withdrawal locations, and a large number of members. This will help optimize your benefits for the best.

Notes on using electronic wallets

To protect your wallet securely, you need to keep in mind the following:

● Do not reveal wallet registration information to anyone     

● Don't share your wallet account with others     

● Install anti-virus software for mobile phones and computers to ensure safety and avoid being stolen by bad people.     

● Do not give out the OTP password to others, including acquaintances     

● Do not let others share the wallet     

● Load the wallet with a moderate amount, not to have too much money in the wallet to avoid being stolen     

● Do not click on unknown links to avoid being hacked or redirected with OTP code messages     


If you ask the question of whether to use an e-wallet or not, the answer is yes. You have learned about the preeminent function and the great benefits that this wallet is not signed because it is not used at all. However, in order to avoid the bad guys using the loophole to steal your wallet or withdraw money in your wallet, you should know for yourself how to protect your account.

Today, e-wallets are not only used to pay all bills, but also can be used to pay off loans quickly. You can also pay CashBerry loans via MoMo e-wallet quickly, with many attractive gifts.

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