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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Instead of leaving money "idle", wasted, you can make short-term financial investments to make a profit. But, what is an effective short-term investment channel? Find out now!

Short-term financial investment or “surfing” is one of the ways to generate profits over a certain period of time, usually less than a year. Many people want to make a quick profit when investing. However, in reality, not everyone is so lucky. If you want to make a successful short-term investment, you need to choose the appropriate financial channel. So, where to invest in the short term ?

The following article of CashBerry will help you learn the concept of short-term investment , and list 7 most effective short-term investment channels today.

What is short-term financial investment ?


Before learning about short-term financial investments , you need to know what investing is. In simple terms, investing is betting money on an asset with the hope that this asset will generate income, or the value of the asset will increase.

Short-term financial investment is one of the forms of investment aimed at generating profits in a short period of time. Another name for short-term investment is "surfing", suitable for investors who want a quick return of capital and therefore they invest in hot areas - which is the trend at the moment.

In addition, short-term financial investments, also known as marketable securities or temporary investments, are short-term investments that can be easily converted into cash. Many short-term investments are sold or converted to cash after a period of only 3-12 months.

Some common examples of short-term investments include investing in stocks, government bonds, treasury bills, certificates of deposit, etc., or contributing to joint ventures in cash or in kind with a period of time. Payback period is less than 1 year. It can be said that short-term investment will help investors recover capital, circulate cash flow and get profits quickly.

Advantages and disadvantages


●    Strong price volatility: the price percentage can go up to 10-20% in 1 week, so the potential for interest income is very high.

●    Quick capital turnover : quick return of capital within 1-2 months or even 1-2 days after making a transaction.

●    Choose from many investment forms: hundreds of reliable sectors and high return on investment in the current economic climate.

●    Turn "idle" money into useful: when you need money urgently, you can still collect capital conveniently and quickly.

●    High liquidity: the product can be easily bought and re-sold, the price is relative and less volatile, has a good ability to recover the initial capital.

●    Flexibility: investors do not need to wait until securities mature to receive cash.

●    Change investment strategy quickly: short-term investing gives you the freedom to change strategy in a short period of time, you are not tied to long-term investments. Therefore, reinvest profits in other forms if your expected returns are not met satisfactorily.

●    There is less devaluation due to market changes and in economic returns the same.

●    Tends to be less risky than long-term investments.

●    Take advantage of compound interest from small investments.

Short-term financial investment, many high-profit opportunities but also includes potential risks

Short-term financial investment, many high-profit opportunities but also includes potential risks


●    Constant market volatility : the market can fluctuate up and down depending on the economic situation in the world.

●    Fluctuations in stock and securities prices: market fluctuations lead to floating financial product prices.

●    Uneven profit: you don't always get high returns in a short time and there are times when you don't get any profit from it.

●    Investment returns are lower than long-term investments.

●    There may be risks if you do not study the business market carefully, leading to loss results.

●    For seasoned investors who have experience in predicting trends and have a thorough understanding and vision of this field.

●    Inflation in the economy can be higher than returns on short-term investments.

most effective short-term financial investment channels today

Stock investment

This is a form of capital investment to buy securities currently circulating on the market. You can make a profit by waiting for the stock price to rise and selling it to someone who needs it.

Securities are the most popular form chosen by investors when participating in short-term financial investments. This "fertile" market is easy to implement, but it also needs to be carefully considered if you don't want to lose money.

Short-term securities include: treasury bills, corporate bonds with term less than 1 year, stocks. Investors need to choose the right investment model to avoid risk.


●    Stocks in Vietnam have always tended to increase over the past 20 years.

●    Invest with small capital.

●    Diversify forms of capital investment.

●    Two-way derivatives trading investment.


●    Common sources of risks: world economic recession, interest rate fluctuations.

●    Low liquidity.

Short-term investors need to be mentally prepared because risks can strike at any time. In case the stock is no longer worth adding, withdraw and look to buy shares with higher potential.

There are 4 ways to invest in stocks :

– Buy retail stocks yourself : do your own research, research, review the market and buy stocks that feel reliable.

– Invest with consultants: rely on intermediary organizations (professional investment companies or reputable financial investment funds). They will use the capital you have to invest in profitable businesses that they think will be high in the future. With this form, you will have to pay more for the experience and knowledge of the expert in exchange for the opportunity of a high profit.

Investment by index fund: in Vietnam, ETFs will aggregate a lot of different stocks and bonds built according to market trends. Therefore, investors do not lose time and energy to research and choose, moreover, this investment will reduce the possibility of being affected by the market up and down.

– Target date fund investment: this form requires you to choose a withdrawal time in the future, the fund will balance the risk when investing.

Investing in Contracts for Difference (Margin Trading)

Contract for difference, also known as margin trading, is a type of derivative that is known to many veteran investors in the world.

With Contracts for Difference, you can diversify your portfolio and participate in hundreds of other markets such as Forex, gold, stock indices, stocks, etc.

What is the advantage of Contract for Difference? For example, comparing Gold Contracts for Difference and traditional gold investment channels (physical gold), Gold Contracts for Difference allow you to hold a large value contract with a low margin. No need to own or store real gold, you can still trade for money.

In addition, if you buy physical gold, you will only make a profit when the price of gold increases, and with Contracts for Difference, you can still make a profit when the price of gold goes down. And instead of waiting several years to make a profit, Contracts for Difference allow us to earn profits every day, even for a few short minutes:


●    Access to a variety of markets: With Contracts for Difference, you can participate in any financial market you want: from stocks, to stock indices, to gold, forex or Bitcoin.

Forex : more than 60 forex pairs.

+ 13 commodities: Gold, silver, WTI Oil, Brent,...

+ Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, ETH, XRP.

+ Top 60 stocks: APPLE, FACEBOOK, ALIBABA,...

+ Stock indices: 11 typical indexes

●    High Leverage: The high leverage of Contracts for Difference can be as high as 1:200, allowing investors to use limited investment capital to achieve greater profits.

●    Flexibility: With Contracts for Difference, investors can invest in gold, Forex, stocks, oil, etc., depending on their preferences. The market operates continuously so investors can participate whenever they want.

●    Two-way profit: Unlike real estate, stocks or physical gold, investors only profit when the price goes up. With the right strategy on Contracts for Difference, investors can profit when prices go up or down.

●    Capital is less suitable for all investors: With only a few million dong, investors can start to participate in making profits in the market.


Be careful when choosing a reputable exchange. Parallel to Forex, Contract for Difference is a very popular financial instrument in Vietnam.

If you are new to the market, it will be difficult for investors to find a suitable brokerage brand. Investors need to carefully learn about the legality and credibility of Contracts for Difference brokers before joining. 

To invest in Contracts for Difference effectively and smartly, you need to follow market news, regularly update knowledge and learn from many people's experiences

To invest in Contracts for Difference effectively and smartly, you need to follow market news, regularly update knowledge and learn from many people's experiences.

Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds are bonds issued by companies to finance their investments with maturities of 1 year or more. The business is obligated to pay both principal and interest or other obligations to the investors who own the bonds.


●    The interest rate is higher than the savings interest rate of the same term.

●    Easy to transfer.

●    Diverse in industry and company size, a bad performance of a bond will not affect the general interest.

●    The level of risk is lower than owning shares because when a company goes bankrupt, the business owner is required to prioritize debt payments to shareholders.

●    High liquidity (can be bought/sold any day the financial markets are open).


●    It is not certain to sell immediately with the desired profit when needed.

●    Not insured by the government, so it is possible to lose money.

Bonds and Treasury bills

This is a short-term 3-6-12-month government borrowing instrument issued by the Treasury to make up for the temporary shortfalls of the State budget. Treasury bills are paid at a fixed rate and are repaid at maturity.

This type of investment is guaranteed 100% by the State Government, so it is considered safe in all forms of investment.


●    High level of safety.

●    Interest income is tax free.


●    Relatively low profits.

Certificate of Deposit with term less than 1 year

Certificate of Deposit – a valuable paper issued by a bank to raise capital from other organizations and individuals. This type of document is equivalent to the form of a savings book.


●    Risk-free investment assets guaranteed by major financial institutions.

●    Interest rates are higher than regular savings accounts.

●    It is possible to transfer or sell valuable papers for a very flexible loan.


●    No prepayment is allowed.

●    Low liquidity.

●    Low interest rate for long term investment.

Save money

The form of monthly/quarterly/yearly savings deposit is no stranger to many people. This form is extremely popular because of its level of security and credibility. Currently, in addition to the normal form of saving money, there is also a form of saving money online with an interest rate of 3-6%/year.


●    Safe, low risk.

●    Easy to withdraw money when needed urgently.

●    Capable of earning and accumulating.

●    Used as a basis for verification to borrow capital.

●    Diversity of trading time period.

●    Start with a very small amount.


●    Interest rates are low and fluctuate according to the market and time.

●    Banks may go bankrupt.

Saving bank - a popular form of financial investment, safe but low profit

Saving bank - a popular form of financial investment, safe but low profit

Invest in gold

Investing in gold is a traditional method of investment but has never ceased to be hot in the financial market. Investing in gold is not as complicated as other financial investment channels, without professional knowledge and market analysis skills, you can still buy gold. However, you need to watch the gold price regularly, to seize the opportunity to take profits.


●    The price of gold will usually be very high.

●    It doesn't take much time and effort to invest.


●    Gold price fluctuation range fluctuates erratically depending on the economic situation.

●    Gold also depends on the monetary policy of the State.

●    Selling gold will often depreciate.

Cryptocurrency investment

The heat of cryptocurrency has never cooled down since its appearance until now. Especially under the strong impact of the 4.0 trading market, it stands out even more.


●    Low transaction costs (sometimes even free transactions).

●    Ease of receiving/transferring e-money instantly.

●    Relatively high security.

●    Profitability is very high.


●    The price of money fluctuates up and down erratically.

●    Low level of safety.

●    The level of cryptocurrency recognition is not yet widespread.

After learning the basic information about the 7 types of short-term financial investments mentioned above, the next step you need to do is find a way to make short-term investments effectively. Short-term investment how to make a profit? Follow along below. 

Effective short-term financial investment guide

Not all investments are profitable, sometimes risk comes and you can lose all your money. Avoiding those risks is impossible, but we can completely reduce it by taking a few steps below:

●    Step 1: Determine your personal finances

See if the money you plan to invest is actually considered idle money. Because in case of unforeseen circumstances you will become a debtor immediately.

●    Step 2: Consider your investment goals and risk level

Depending on the individual, and the desired return on investment, you must consider the cases with the least risk and the highest return to invest.

Think about how much risk you can accept, and then aim for less risky investments.

●    Step 3: Try to invest with a small amount of capital

Do not rush to invest large amounts of money when you do not have experience or skills in this field. All big things start from small things. Therefore, let's start from a few million, a few tens of millions, then hundreds of millions, billions,... Gradually, when you stumble, you will have experience in coping and dealing with risks.

Depending on the time, evaluate the market that you can choose with the appropriate amount of capital

Depending on the time, evaluate the market that you can choose with the appropriate amount of capital

What should investors pay attention to when participating in short-term investments?

Because the risk of short-term investment is quite high, we need to pay attention to a few things below before looking to this investment channel, specifically:

●    Investors must equip themselves with a lot of relevant financial knowledge. Knowledge not only stops at the concept but also has to learn more specialized knowledge and exchange experiences with people.

●    Constantly updated news about the market, economy, society.

●    Research more on the State's economic policies.

●    You must choose an investment channel that is suitable for your capital and resources.

The important thing in short-term financial investment is to find an investment strategy and style that suits the individual and available capital. Each form of investment has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to clearly consider and build appropriate goals to avoid future uncertainties.

Hopefully, the above article of CashBerry will give you useful information about short-term financial investments , from which you can be wise in choosing the right investment path and have high profits. Thank you for reading the article, do not forget to follow the CashBerry Blog to consolidate useful knowledge about finance and loans!

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