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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

According to experts' calculations, gold, USD or savings are not the most profitable channels for long-term "gu" followers. So what is an effective investment channel?

The only way to be rich, is not hard work but smart labor, effective investment with wisdom. In the midst of the 4.0 era, many new investment forms were born, which investment channel is both safe and profitable?

“Poor people keep money, rich people spend money” which is a seemingly paradoxical fact but completely true. The need to develop material life is born and develops with human life, therefore, the desire to get rich, though justifiable, is extremely difficult. The key to this fact is that, in order to increase wealth, it is necessary to create a rich and bustling life of money, so that money can "reproduce", "proliferate", develop. develop.

So, what is the most effective investment today ?


Spending a large amount of money to invest in any investment channel also contains unpredictable risks. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary risks, investors should equip themselves with the most complete financial management knowledge including:

1- Manage revenue and expenditure, and cash flow

2- Asset balance management

3- Investment management

4- Risk management

5- Lifetime financial planning

What is investment?

After a period of monitoring the spending, we will have a "save". Under the split-fund method, that money is financial freedom. Your task is to make this fund self-growth more and more. This growth will create a new source of income for us.

However as we know “nothing is free” so you also have to invest effort and time into the investment to be able to get the desired income.

Why should we invest?

Many people think that we just need to bring a savings deposit to be enough, both safe and save effort and time. Yes it is, however you can invest to earn higher and faster returns. You bring your savings as an investment.

You should also remember that all investments involve risks. This means that there is a certain probability of getting a lower return than you want or worse, you could lose all your investment.

Investing, in addition to helping you earn profits, also contains potential risks

Investing, in addition to helping you earn profits, also contains potential risks

The time invested also determines the amount of money you get, if you start with small amounts now, there will be more chances of creating larger amounts in the future.

So what is effective investment ? Let's take a look at 3 factors required to become a smart investor.

3 factors to help you invest with high efficiency

How to invest effectively ? Many opinions believe that effective investment strategies and methods are often accompanied by a large amount of capital and a high risk ratio. But in reality, that's not the case. Investors can still achieve the best results with a small amount of capital if they know a reasonable trading strategy for themselves. Here are the 3 factors that make a smart money investor:

1. Predictability: Accurately predicting capital sources, profit taking time and risk estimation will make it easier for you to determine the appropriate steps forward and backward, thereby ensuring safety. for your wallet. 

2. Money management ability: Smart investors need to know how to control and manage money effectively. In strategy, to succeed, you should not be hasty, eager to win; Please know how to control and choose a reasonable account activation time.

3. Ability to cooperate: "Learning from a teacher does not make you better than a friend", working together, exchanging experiences and professional knowledge will help you have more "living capital" in business and investment experience. more seasoned, and promote a higher probability of success.

In general, knowing how to invest money effectively is not difficult, it's just that you have to work hard to learn and build a plan for yourself or not! Get started now and try different ways if you are bored with your current financial situation and you want to improve it more and more.

So now, which investment channels are effective and have high success rates?

Effective investment channels today

Buy gold

This is a traditional investment channel of Asians, including Vietnam. Previously, gold was considered a fairly safe channel with sustainable value. But in fact, gold and foreign currency channels are only shelters of currencies, so there are many potential risks.


Saving is always the choice of many people because of its liquidity, financial experts say that this is a channel that is not afraid of losses (except in cases where inflation is higher than interest rates, these cases are rare) only increase.

However, the experience of financial experts shows that, except for some periods of hot interest rate increase, normally savings will not be able to accumulate assets.

Savings deposit is suitable for savers to spend in the short and medium term such as buying a car, buying home appliances. Or this is a form of investment for people reaching retirement age who want to live a comfortable life, not depending on their children and grandchildren, so they bring money to the bank to make sure and get monthly interest.

Securities investment channel

This is a channel with high liquidity and potential for development, especially in the context of stable economic growth in 2015. But investing in securities requires time and a certain level of expertise. The research, analysis, evaluation, selection and acumen before deciding to invest, so choosing a securities investment channel is really not easy for individual investors.

Currently, the stock investment channel is not for amateurs. Because even if you choose good stocks for long-term buying, you may be affected by the ups and downs, if you encounter a strong decline period, you may be forced to sell out and lose your capital.

And if buying - selling in small waves, statistics show that for amateurs, the number of losers is more than winners. Therefore, this is not a good choice for these subjects.

Real estate

Real estate investment channel requires large capital and if you have large capital, this is an attractive investment channel for idle money. But the liquidity of real estate is the lowest compared to other common types of investment. You have to follow long, that is, you can't buy today, sell tomorrow, because the selling price cannot increase quickly, and many times the market will be frozen and cannot be traded. The most risky is when the market freezes.

Forex (Foreign Currency)

Forex investment is participating in transactions on the Forex market, making profits based on fluctuations in exchange rates between currencies.

- Advantages:

●    High liquidity:

You can quickly convert your investment to cash.

●    Market flexibility:

Forex is a two-way market. The profit depends on the point difference from your original prediction whether increasing or decreasing. With a deep understanding of the market, you can make a huge amount of money.

- Defect:

●    Virtual market:

In recent years, the number of virtual Forex floors has increased rapidly, becoming a veil to hide sophisticated scam schemes. You need to be careful before joining any Forex trading platform.

●    Risks from leverage:

The forex market offers leverage at a ratio of 1:1000, which means that even if you only have 100 USD in your account, you can trade up to 100,000 USD. Despite bringing high profits, countless people have suffered huge losses or even lost everything when they were too focused on the benefits of leverage.

There are many different investment channels, choose the one you feel most knowledgeable about

There are many different investment channels, choose the one you feel most knowledgeable about

Invest in personal finance with open-ended funds

This is a type of indirect financial investment through open-ended funds. Investment specialists of the Fund Management Company will use investors' money to directly invest in stocks and bonds. Investing money in an open-ended fund, you will receive a fund certificate - an asset with the same value as your investment.

- Advantages:

●    Safe and stable:

Strictly supervised by competent authorities, you can rest assured when investing in open-ended funds. In addition, the experts of the Fund Management Company have many years of experience in the financial sector, so their decisions are always beneficial regardless of the situation.

- Defect:

You will have to pay a fee to the fund management company for what they do.

Invest in yourself

This is definitely the most valuable investment channel for each of us. There is no way to generate more profit than that, because you are the most valuable asset, and investing in yourself means increasing your own worth.

From now on, you are always ready to learn more knowledge, exercise health, strengthen relationships and maintain a healthy spiritual life. You will soon realize the profitable potential of these seemingly simple habits.

What should be prepared to be able to invest most effectively ?

1- Prepare financial resources: save a sufficient amount of money. We think with only 5 million you can start investing. However, you should pay off any existing short-term debt. Long-term debt such as buying a house, you should continue to pay monthly as planned.

2- Only invest in the money in the "Financial Freedom" fund: in terms of risk, when investing, you risk losing that money, so to ensure your life, you should make a spending plan. Spend and invest wisely.

3- Recommended: you should buy life insurance or at least annual personal accident insurance. The two means above will help you avoid uncertain situations in life. Life insurance is also a low-risk, high-performance investment instrument.

4- Prepare investment knowledge: which channels will you invest in? How is the risk? What knowledge should be equipped when investing? Those are the questions you need to answer before you step into investing.

5- Make an investment plan: you should set specific investment goals for you such as how much is the annual growth, what areas to invest in, the acceptable level of risk to be able to choose the type of investment. suitable investment.

Don't forget to invest in yourself for a long time to develop continuously!

Don't forget to invest in yourself for a long time to develop continuously!

*Small tips:

1. The golden rule in financial investment is to never put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your investments to minimize risk. Investments that offer high returns, especially in the short term, are high-risk investments.

In order to choose an investment channel that is both safe and effective, one must first learn the context of the market economy and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of investment channels before choosing.

2. When investing, risks are likely to be encountered. If you need money for consumption, you still have CashBerry to support you financially at any time . With just ID card, you can borrow up to 10 million . Although this amount is not too large, it will help you feel more comfortable in spending, thereby making wise choices for your investment process. 

The above are ways to help you invest effectively and increase your income. If you have any questions, you can contact CashBerry Fanpage for further advice. CashBerry - an online financial consulting company that will answer and solve your financial problems, making your life easier, more comfortable and convenient. Apply for a loan today to receive a discount!

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