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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Since it is possible to make transactions in any currency in the world, Visa cards are quite useful when traveling abroad. Cardholders also enjoy incentives applied globally.

Visa Card - The "universal" key to help you make payments anywhere in the world

Since it is possible to make transactions in any currency in the world, Visa cards are quite useful when traveling abroad. Cardholders also enjoy incentives applied globally.

Life is increasingly enhanced, the use of domestic and foreign services more and more. So Visa card is becoming more and more popular in life.

With this card, consumers can withdraw money, shop online, or use to pay at any Visa transaction points worldwide.

Up to now, Visa card has been present and allowed to be used in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. However, many people still do not fully understand the features and benefits of Visa card.

What is Visa card?


Visa card in English is Visa card. Visa card is an international payment card, issued by Visa organization affiliated with domestic banks, for the purpose of withdrawing money, buying online or paying at merchants worldwide. .

Visa card appeared in 1976 and was issued by Visa (Visa International Service Association). This is a payment company based in California, USA with tens of millions of merchants in the world.

As can be seen, Visa has been widely used all over the world. By integrating many special benefits, it overcomes the disadvantages of credit and debit cards.


Information on the Visa card is printed on both sides. The front of the card includes information about the cardholder's name, card number, information about the validity of the card. The card number is a 16-digit number (in which the first 6 numbers help identify the issuing bank).

The cardholder's name is printed in an unsigned format. The validity period of the card is specified as calendar day, including month and year information in mm / yy format.

The back of the Visa card is always printed with a very important number, the code CVV / CVC. CVV / CVC is a security code consisting of 3 letters printed at the end of the white ribbon near the cardholder's signature.


Visa cards are divided into 3 categories, suitable for many different needs. Specifically:

1. Visa Debit (international debit card)

Visa Debit is a card associated with an account at a bank. Accordingly, you can withdraw, pay, transfer the amount in your account anywhere Visa is accepted.

When paying with a Visa Debit card, note that you cannot overpay in your account.

For example, if you have 1 million VND in your account, you can only pay less than 1 million VND. In case you want to pay for a transaction worth 2 million VND, the bank will send you a non-payment notice.   

2. Visa Credit (international credit card)

Similar to Visa Debit, you can also make international payments using Visa Credit. However, the difference here is that you can overpay your existing account by "borrowing money" from the bank to which your card is linked.

After the period specified in the contract, if you do not fully refund the money you are borrowing will start to charge interest. Also for this reason, to create a Visa Credit card, you need to prove your income.

For example, if you "temporarily borrow" 1 million VND from the bank and the repayment period in the contract is 45 days, then after this period you do not fully refund, you will be charged interest. If you refund before this time, you will not be charged interest at all.

3. Visa Prepaid (Visa prepaid card)

Visa Prepaid is similar to Visa Debit in usage, meaning you can only use it within your existing account level. Therefore, you also do not need to declare income when you want to create a card. However, unlike the above Visa cards, Visa Prepaid is not linked to any bank account.

All of the above cards are physical cards. There is also another type of non-physical card - a virtual Visa card. In essence, Virtual Visa is a prepaid card but has no card embryo. VPBank and Sacombank are typical banks that open virtual Visa.


Benefits of using Visa card

- Easy in checkout

With Visa card, you can make payments globally. You do not need to change money or bring cash when making payment. The card will automatically convert to the local currency for payment.

Besides, Visa card is also used for online payment. You can freely place orders on the online shopping website and pay at home with great convenience with Visa card.

- Safety for the user

With the use of Visa card, you will not need to carry too much cash with you. This helps to limit cases of theft, theft, robbery ... Besides, even if you lose your Visa card, you just need to notify the bank to lock the card to ensure that the money in the card is still intact.

- Increase credibility in payment

When using Visa Credit credit card for payment, your reputation will be confirmed. Because this is a card that only customers with qualified income and creditworthiness can use.

- Easy financial management

Any card spending will be notified via SMS to the cardholder. So cardholders can know what they spend on, how much money, and where. In addition, when declaring the account, all debit and credit transactions are clearly shown.

With smart management and notification of transactions from Visa card, cardholders will easily manage their daily expenses. These are benefits that if you spend cash you won't be able to get them.

As can be seen, Visa card has many benefits for cardholders. However, for customers who own Visa Credit card, you need to know how to manage spending strictly, avoid abuse of card to withdraw money will be charged very high fees.

Instructions on how to use a Visa card

Besides finding out "What is Visa card?", How to use Visa card is also interested by many people. You can use this card in many cases, mainly for payments.

● Payment through POS machines     

Nowadays, the trend of using cashless is gradually gaining popularity, including when shopping directly. Therefore, POS machines are equipped by many stores to help customers make payment convenient.

POS (Point of Sale) are machines that accept card payments. When paying with Visa through a swipe on a POS machine, you only need to enter the security code (PIN) to pay.

This payment method helps you to reduce the risk of theft due to carrying too much cash on hand. Even so, always request a receipt from the store to compare with the amount you just paid.

How to use Visa card is very simple, when making payment, you only need to let the employee swipe the POS machine, no need to enter the password and just sign the receipt and the payment is done.

● Online payment     

You can buy goods online domestically and also on foreign websites such as Lazada, Tiki, Ebay, Amazon ... or make online payments for services from foreign organizations such as Facebook, Google, Youtube ...

Accordingly, when the payment request box appears, you need to enter full information including: Full name of the cardholder; Card number; Card term; Security code CVV number is available for payment (no need to enter PIN).

Pay to borrow money fast online by Visa is quick and secure, just enter all the information on the card to the web, then enter additional authentication code is sent to the phone we are dealing also successfully .

● Withdraw cash at ATMs or bank transaction offices     

You can withdraw cash with Visa cards (except for Visa prepaid cards). At an ATM, you do the same operations as a normal local payment card. As for the bank's transaction office withdrawal method, you only need to bring your Visa and ID card. Bank staff will assist you with your withdrawal after confirming the information.

With Visa card, as mentioned above, you will have almost no need to bring cash when shopping, dining, even traveling because now many stores, the system has accepted the bar. pay with this card.

If you regularly travel abroad or shop, the Visa card will show its best advantages. Because you can withdraw money at any ATM, whether it is at home or abroad, you only need to bear the money exchange fee as prescribed by the bank, without having to waste time or consult the money exchange fee at the yard. fly, bank again.

* * Note: When you lose your Visa card, you must immediately notify the bank because otherwise, thieves will freely take our card to pay everywhere (they just cannot withdraw cash from the ATM only).

Ah! There is one more issue you need to note, that is ...

* * Distinguish between VISA and visa

You also avoid confusion between VISA - the abbreviation of the US financial group Visa International Service Association with the word visa - meaning ENTRANCE VISA, a type of permit issued by a foreign government to TRAVEL - STUDY - DO JOB OR RESIDENCE in that country.


● Making a Visa Card means making a Bank card with the VISA brand name - protected by a VISA financial group.     

● As for Applying for a visa - means Applying for a foreign entry visa when there is a need to go there to travel - study abroad - work or stay temporary or long-term (settle).     

Currently, in Vietnam, MasterCard is as popular as Visa card, let's find out with CashBerry!

Many people confuse Mastercard with Visa card. However, these two brands are competitors of each other, directly competing with each other in the global market.

Mastercard cards are different from Visa cards

In essence, these two cards are not different. Both types of cards have debit and credit types, both have online and offline payment features on a global scale.

Visa card is an international payment card with VISA brand name.

Visa and MasterCard are just two different payment networks. Depending on the country and region, some places prefer Visa cards and others prefer Mastercard.

Specifically, if paying domestically, Visa is clearly accepted at more points than Mastercard. However, in Europe or Singapore, the Mastercard is somewhat more prominent. In the US, American Express is more popular and Visa and Mastercard are similar.

Currently, Vietcombank is among the banks with the most Visa Debit card users. Therefore, if you intend to open a Visa card, this will be necessary information to help you use it more optimally.

How to make Visa Debit Vietcombank card

Visa Debit card conditions

For Vietcombank Visa Platinum card, you must ensure the following conditions:

● Have a maintenance amount of 300 million VND or more right at the time of card registration.     

● Customers must have a salary of at least 25 million VND or more at the time of card registration.     

● Vietcombank's international debit card registrant had spending turnover of VND 100 million or more in the last 12 months.     

A normal Vietcombank Visa card has the following conditions to open a card:

● Visa cardholders of Vietcombank must have Vietnamese nationality and be residing in Vietnam.     

● Visa Vietcombank card holder must be 18 years or older, supplementary cardholders must be 15 years old or older.     

● Use limit is from at least 5 million VND to 300 million VND.     

Visa Debit card issuance procedures

To be able to apply for a Visa card, everyone must be sure to have a card issuance record that includes:

● Contract and terms of card usage (provided by the bank).     

● Copy of identity card or passport. Need to have the original for comparison.     

● Other documents requested by the bank.     

How to make Visa Vietcombank card

To apply for a Vietcombank Visa card, you can do it in two ways:

● Option 1: Register online     

In order to bring transaction convenience to customers, Vietcombank allows people to open cards online. Accordingly, to register to open an online card, you only need to access Vietcombank's website. Then, you follow the instructions, provide full personal information such as full name, ID number, personal phone number, address, income ... Finally, enter confirmation code that you are done. Application for opening Visa Debit card online at Vietcombank.

● Method 2: Register offline     

In addition to online registration, you can also register directly at Vietcombank branches and transaction offices. To register directly at the bank, follow the steps below:

+ Step 1: Get an application to open a Visa Vietcombank card.

+ Step 2: Prepare complete documents including: ID card or passport, contract.

+ Step 3: Apply at a bank or at a bank branch. Valid at all branches across the country.

+ Step 4: Process the application from the bank, after checking all papers and sufficient banking procedures, the bank will complete the file.

To become a smart, modern consumer, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

Note when using Visa payment card

- Secure card information:

Customers should not give Visa card to others to borrow, view or photograph. Because the Visa card only has full information on two sides of the card, anyone can use it to make online shopping when they have enough information. When you lose your card, you need to notify the bank branches immediately to block the card.


- Always check the transaction amount:

At the point of purchase, you need to compare the amount between the invoice and the payment receipt before signing the confirmation. Use SMS Banking service to check phone messages right after swiping the card / payment and save all purchase invoices.

- Do not withdraw cash with Visa Credit card:

Due to the nature of the card, you will use the bank's money as a consumer loan, so the bank will charge a very high fee for cash withdrawals. Visa Credit cards are encouraged by banks to spend.

- Pay on time for the loan:

For Visa Credit cardholders, the bank will only give you 0% interest free on all debts you owe for consumption in the month prior to the statement payment due date. The penalty for late payment is very high, so customers need to pay attention to pay on time.

** "Utilize" Visa card to build financial profile * *

If you have financial goals such as buying a house, buying a car, getting an investment loan , or borrowing consumer money , using a Visa card will help you build a good financial profile.

Paying in full and on time will be the “plus point” so that you can easily browse future loans in the future. Knowing how to use a Visa card will also help you more in your financial records and future plans.

Besides, if you need to open a Visa Credit card but do not qualify, or do not have time to go to the bank, you can contact CashBerry for 24/24 quick consultation support.

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