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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

It is necessary to distinguish and compare Napas and Visa cards to know which is the type of card that you should use. Making Visa or Napas cards will depend on your needs and consumption purposes.

Confused about the difference between Visa and Napas cards ? What type of card should be used for easy transactions and payments? Let CashBerry compare Napas and Visa cards to find the answer.

In today's life, bank cards are gradually becoming an indispensable part. We can use bank cards to make purchases, pay bills, transfer money at home and abroad,... and many other services.

However, to meet the diverse needs of consumers, many types of bank cards are now available. Each type is equivalent to different features, uses, and fees. Today, CashBerry will help you compare Napas and Visa cards , these are two quite popular cards that you can easily come across. Through this article, you will also know which tag you should use.

Napas card aka domestic card / ATM card

What is Napas?

National Payment Services (English: National Payment Services, abbreviated to Napas) is a national card brand developed by Vietnam National Payments Joint Stock Company since 2004. Napas is an authorized payment intermediary. The State Bank is licensed to provide financial switching services and electronic clearing services in Vietnam.

Napas is currently managing and operating a switching system connecting a network of 18,600 ATMs, 261,000 POS machines, and over 100 million cards of 48 domestic and international commercial banks operating in Vietnam.

NAPAS also provides electronic payment gateway services connecting with public service providers, large enterprises in the fields of airlines, telecommunications, hotels, tourism and many payment services. other electronic gadgets for people.

What is a Napas Card?

Many people mistakenly believe that Napas card is a card issued by 'Napas bank'. However, that is not the case, it is an ATM card of the banks that are part of this union. Cards are printed with Napas logo for customers to easily recognize during use.

In some cases, the bank has not printed this logo on the card, but as long as your bank is in the union, you can still make money transfers to other banks in the same system.

In essence, Napas card is still a normal ATM card, which customers can use to receive monthly salary, daily spending, pay bills each time shopping and withdraw money at ATMs.

When using Napas ATM card, customers can withdraw money, transfer money at ATMs or POS machines of all banks in this alliance. Currently, this network has more than 16,800 ATMs and more than 220,000 places using POS machines of banks in the system, making it more convenient for customers to easily search for ATMs to make transactions and withdraw money.

Features of ATM card:

  • Fees: very little, even none.
  • Offers: discounts when paying online, many promotions from time to time,...
  • No financial proof is required when making a card.

Visa card, also known as international card

What is Visa?

Visa (Visa International Service Association) is a payment company based in California, USA with tens of millions of acceptance points around the world.

What is Visa Card?

Visa card is an international payment card, issued by Visa organization in association with domestic banks, for the purpose of withdrawing money, making online purchases or making payments at points accepting Visa cards across the country. world. Besides Visa card, MasterCard is also a widely used card in the world.

Visa international cards are usually divided into 2 types:

  • VISA Debit card (debit card)

VISA Debit, also known as VISA international debit card (or VISA international payment card), is a card that is directly linked to money from your bank account. That is, you must have money in your account in advance, and you can use your VISA card to withdraw, make payments and transfer on demand of the money you have.

Some banks do not limit the amount you can use on the card, while others require you to maintain a minimum amount in the account.

  • VISA Credit card (credit card)

VISA Credit (VISA international credit card) has almost all the features of a VISA Debit card. Instead of using existing funds in your checking account, you will be given a line of credit to use according to the card issuer's agreement.

Usually you will have about 15 to 45 days (depending on the bank and card you are using) from the time you use the card to spend until the date you need to refund the used amount.

As long as you pay back the transaction amount on time as specified by the bank, you will not be charged interest and fees on the purchased amount. Conversely, credit card interest will be applied for late payment or failure to pay off the outstanding balance of the previous period.

In addition, VISA Credit cards often have many exclusive programs for cardholders to use such as installment payments, reward points, cashback or many other attractive incentives and promotions.

Compare Napas and Visa cards

What are the common points between Napas and Visa cards?

The similarity of Napas, Visa, Mastercard is that these symbols are located on the user's payment card as a brand providing inter-bank or inter-national money transfer and receipt services.

Similar to Napas, Visa and Mastercard both carry out the responsibility of operating and connecting banks on the interbank network. And this brand also does not issue cards, but banks associated with this brand will issue cards at the request of customers.

Should you use Visa or Napas cards ?

Almost both Napas and Visa cards have features such as:

  • Transfer money, withdraw money at ATM
  • Service bill payment
  • Check account balance, account statement
  • Pay bills at the POS
  • Transfer money by phone

Difference between Visa and Napas . cards

Visa / Mastercard are two popular cards that many people often confuse with Napas cards. In fact, the features of these cards are quite similar and differ only in the issuer. Specifically:

  • Visa/Mastercard cards are widely used on a global scale called international payment cards.
  • Napas card can only be used for transactions within the territory of Vietnam, can be roughly called a domestic payment card for easy identification.

Which card should I open, Visa or domestic?

Should Visa card or domestic ? Depending on the needs of each person, domestic or international payment, choose the most suitable and economical card type.

  • If you only need to withdraw money at an ATM, you can choose any card, but you should choose Napas domestic card to save more.
  • If you open the card for the purpose of online payment for foreign e-commerce sites like Amazon or run ads on Google, Facebook,... then choose Visa card.
  • If you open a card to link with e-wallets (MoMo, Viettel Pay, Shopee Pay, ...) then you should use Napas card.
  • If you open a bank card to receive CashBerry disbursement, you can use either Napas or Visa.

With modern technology, CashBerry is currently a financial company that lends money online fast , approved in 15 minutes, disbursed within a day. Need to learn about loan services , you can contact via Fanpage CashBerry - The financial friend of every home .

Above are the sharing on how to use the bank card properly. Comparing Napas and Visa cards will make it easier for you to imagine which card you need. Please update regularly on the CashBerry Blog to become a smart consumer!

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