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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Opening a snail shop is an "easy to do" business form. But it's not always delicious to open, especially for beginners with little experience.

Snail is a favorite food of many Vietnamese people, so opening a sidewalk snail shop is not new, but it is always attractive to invest. If you have this intention and do not know how to make a successful business, please read the following article of CashBerry right away!

The sidewalk snail shop business model is currently very popular, you can almost come across snail shops anytime, anywhere. The delicious, hot taste, which can be eaten with relatives or friends are the factors that keep the snail shop busy with customers coming in and out every day.

However, it is not always necessary to open a sidewalk snail shop to earn high profits. This also depends on your experience and thorough preparation before starting a business . So, what does it take to open a sidewalk snail shop ? If you want to recover your capital quickly and make a profit, how should the shop be?

Is the sidewalk snail shop business profitable?

For food enthusiasts, there is nothing better than enjoying delicious - nutritious - cheap snail dishes after a long day of work and study. Therefore, sidewalk snail shops are always crowded places every night, especially in winter or on cool days. A bowl of hot boiled snails, a plate of fried snails with tamarind flavor, a pot of fragrant steamed clams, ... is a must-eat dish for many people every week.

Opening a sidewalk snail shop is really a smart business idea , because as long as you go in the right direction from the beginning, you will reap a lot of profits. Because snails are cheap and popular ingredients in Vietnam, they are easy to process into attractive dishes and are suitable for everyone's taste.

Moreover, you do not need to spend too much capital to open a shop. And especially, the shop has a very fast return on capital, just one night, you can collect a part of the capital to cover the cost for the next day.

For simplicity, suppose the number of guests coming each night is about 15-20 tables, the bill for each table is from 200,000 to 300,000 VND. The revenue of an evening will be in the range of 4-7 million VND. After deducting other expenses, the owner also makes a profit of 2-3 million. And after only 3 months, you can get your investment back.

How much capital is needed to open a sidewalk restaurant ?

Because it is a popular snail shop on the sidewalk and does not need as much capital as other forms of business investment, it ranges from 35 to 50 million VND. This money is usually spent by the restaurant owner on the following expenses for opening a sidewalk restaurant :



Equipment for serving and processing

(tables and chairs, dishes, pots, gas stoves, ...)

7-10 million VND


5-7 million won


7-10 million VND


10 million


Lease of business premises

With a low initial capital, the premises do not need to be too large or located on a large road, it can be located in an alley or alley. Once the restaurant has delicious dishes and reasonable prices, 10 points of service quality, no matter where the restaurant is located, customers will still come.

But also should not rent in alleys that are too small. You will be in trouble because when there are many customers, the shop does not have a parking space, so the security side is not guaranteed.

Import material

Choosing a clean and reputable source of raw materials is something that you must always pay attention to. Usually, the amount you have to spend on this part accounts for about 30-40% of the capital. Therefore, you need to calculate the possible risks to promptly rotate capital and continue doing business.

Buy serving and processing equipment

The fee paid for this part accounts for about 10-20% of the capital, calculated based on the formula:

Minimum cost = set of tables and chairs (1 table, 4 chairs) + set of dishes (4 bowls) + set of chopsticks (5 pairs) + …

Based on the minimum cost and the estimated cost, you can determine how many sets of tables, chairs, dishes, serving utensils you can buy. At a minimum, a snail shop should prepare 10-20 sets of dishes, 5 sets of tables and chairs.

As for the kitchen area, make a separate list and go shopping. The amount is determined by you and freely added during the operation.

Hire a service staff

Limited capital makes you hesitate to hire employees. However, the snail shop cannot guarantee the quality of service when you are alone. At this point, you can ask relatives and friends for help in the early stages.

When the shop is stable, you should estimate again the number of staff the restaurant needs and outsource. Because the snail shop does not operate all day, it only serves guests from 3 to 4 pm to night. The salary you pay to employees will be 3 or 4 million a month. Salary will increase based on the employee's ability and contribution level.

Experience in opening a high-profit sidewalk snail shop

To open a profitable sidewalk snail shop , make your own detailed and thorough snail shop business plan. And this plan must take note of the important issues listed just below:

One, the ingredients must always be fresh

This is considered the key to deciding the success or failure of a snail restaurant. You should find a reliable food source, you can choose to pick up goods from large wholesale markets, traders, and distribution agents in the early morning for the freshest seafood.

The shop only takes just the right amount, there is absolutely no buying excess and then using it for the next day. When buying, proceed to classify freshwater and saltwater snails into separate sections and have appropriate preservation methods.

Two, the recipe is delicious and appetizing

If a sidewalk snail restaurant wants to be crowded, of course, it must have deliciously prepared snail dishes that are suitable for the majority of people. With a diverse menu, from boiled snails, fried snails, steamed snails, ... to other seafood dishes. Above all, the process of making them must also ensure food safety and hygiene, avoiding cases of customers eating allergies, poisoning and reducing the reputation of the restaurant.

However, just fried or boiled snails are not delicious enough. The accompanying dipping sauce is the "soul" that creates its own style and flavor. That's a way for customers to always remember your shop and bring more friends and relatives to enjoy a plate of fresh and clean snails and a bowl of unique, rich dipping sauce.

Three, competitive selling price

If your snail shop wants to stand out from other shops, it has a reasonable price (not dumping). The formula for calculating the price will be:

Cost of buying snails + Cash in hand + Employee rent + Additional raw materials + Desired profit + Expenses incurred.

For expensive snails such as incense snails, garlic snails, etc., selling by ounce/per child is the best choice. Snails are usually sold in pre-processed parts according to the recipe to reduce the price.

Four, good and fast service

The snail shop staff is always welcoming, friendly, agile, meeting all the requirements of customers, which is easy to create sympathy for customers.

In addition, the restaurant must give priority to serving dishes continuously and must not let customers wait long (standard is within 15 minutes), wholeheartedly attentive from the moment the customer enters until the customer checks out.

Five, prepare full documents

Many people at the beginning of the plan still wonder if they need a business license to open a sidewalk restaurant ? In order for the shop to go into operation, you must prepare the following documents:

- Business registration license with the type of household business.

- Certificate of food safety and hygiene.

- Certificate of retail sale of alcohol, beer and tobacco if the shop is sold together.

These documents will help the shop comply with legal regulations. Since then, the operation process has also become smoother, so customers have more confidence in the quality of the food.

Six, continuous image marketing and promotion

Opening a sidewalk snail shop is an investment trend that never ceases to be hot, which means fierce competition between restaurants. And to find a foothold, in addition to the "great tricks" of quality, price, beautiful and clean space, you also need to have a strategy to promote the snail shop to more people.

The current popular way is to build a fanpage on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Join restaurant review groups and write articles to share or hire small and medium influences to post marketing articles, etc.

Wait until the snail shop has a certain popularity, you start to expand the reach channel by linking with fast food delivery applications such as Grab, Shopee Food, Baemin, Goviet, etc. While helping customers enjoy rewards comfortably. food, while helping to advertise the restaurant when these applications always have a huge number of users available.

Seven, avoid risks affecting the shop

Any business has many potential risks, directly affecting profits. Opening a sidewalk snail shop is no exception with the usual risks:

- Bad weather such as rain, wind, storm, ... led to the shop not being able to sell. And if you invest in equipment to cover, the number of visitors on days like this will also decrease.

- The shop can't afford to serve when the number of customers is so crowded that they wait. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the ingredients are prepared, and hire more staff if needed to speed up the delivery of delicious dishes to the restaurant and reduce the waiting time.

- Food poisoning because raw materials are not fresh, improperly preserved. This is a very serious matter for the snail shop, once the reputation is reduced, it is very difficult for customers to return.

- Not enough materials to sell, especially with seasonal snails, when off-season will become scarce. Customers who have needs but the shop cannot serve, it is easy to lose customers.

- Compete with snail shops that have a brand, are known by many people and have a certain number of "fans".

Opening a sidewalk snail shop can only make huge profits if you have a correct plan from the beginning, as well as overcome the above risks. Please carefully consider all possible directions to the restaurant, thereby promptly taking measures to maintain the trust of customers.

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Opening a sidewalk snail shop is a bright "money-making" idea, but starting a business is never easy. Especially for those who are having difficulty in funding, have not had time to turn around to pay the fees for premises, raw materials, personnel, etc. At this time, quick loans at CashBerry are the solution for you. .

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Hope the above sharing of CashBerry will help you build a successful business plan and open a sidewalk restaurant . If you are in need of a loan, please visit the website or send a message to Fanpage CashBerry - Everyone's financial friend . CashBerry will support you 24/7, giving you more confidence on your chosen path.

Wish you a successful business, successful business!

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