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  • Term:
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

The demand for online transactions and international payments is increasing, but which bank should make a Visa card to get the most incentives and promotions?

Making payment transactions around the world, Visa card brings many conveniences to customers. The question is which bank Visa card should be made to receive many incentives and be safe in transactions.

What is Visa card, commonly used Visa cards?

Before answering the question which bank should register for a Visa card , you should learn about Visa cards and the types of Visa cards currently being used.

Visa card is simply understood as a card used for international payment. Using a Visa card linked to a bank account, customers can make payment transactions all over the world.

Commonly used Visa cards:

  • Credit card - Visa Credit: with this type, customers are lent by a bank in advance for a certain amount of money to spend. In a word, use first, pay later. At the due date, customers must pay back the money to the bank, otherwise, they will be fined and charged high interest.
  • Debit card – Visa Debit: customer opens a payment account at the bank where Visa Debit card is issued. Similar to a regular bank card, customers can withdraw money using the amount they have in their account with the advantage of international payment.
  • Prepaid card - Visa Prepaid: similar to a debit card, but instead of using the money they have in the bank account, the customer has to use the money available in the card. Often this card has limited features such as cash withdrawal or transfer.

Which type of Visa card should I choose?

Most Visa cards are issued by banks. However, choosing which type of card will depend on the preferences, desires and needs of the customer. Before applying to open a Visa card, you can base on the following factors to decide on the right type of Visa card:

  • Your needs and lifestyle: If you often shop online, use advertising services and need to pay expenses for foreign organizations such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc., you should open a Visa Debit card. or Visa Credit. If you regularly withdraw cash and transfer money, you should choose a Visa debit card.
  • Features and preferential programs of the card: Among the three types of Visa cards, Visa credit card is the card with the most incentive programs. Popular programs such as discounts, cashback, accumulate points, ... when paying with Visa credit cards when shopping in areas such as cuisine, restaurants, hotels, medical services, education , technology.
  • Convenience in card registration procedures: Among the three types of cards, Visa debit card and Visa prepaid card have the simplest registration procedure. Only Visa credit cards need proof of income.

So which bank to use Visa card is good ? Currently, most banks in Vietnam have issued Visa cards, but each bank's issuing policy and service is separate.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a card for specific uses: Or withdraw cash and transfer money, regularly buy goods on installments, or travel for many days abroad,... When opening a card, find out the relevant information in advance to find the right type of Visa card for the needs you want to use.

Which bank's Visa card is the best today?

Currently, making Visa cards is quite easy and convenient, just have an ID card that customers can own Visa cards for themselves. Particularly for Visa Credit card, customers need to prove more income and financial ability to be approved for card opening.

Most banks in Vietnam are now authorized to issue Visa cards to meet the needs of customers in domestic and foreign transactions. Many people wonder which bank to make Visa debit card .

According to a survey by CashBerry , you can go to banks such as ACB, Sacombank, HSBC, etc. to make a Visa card.

ACB Visa Card

Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) is one of the leading banks with many incentives for ACB cards in the private banking sector in Vietnam. You can also apply for ACB's credit card, but Visa cards seem to be more valuable.

If you are a reputable customer of ACB, it is certainly impossible not to know about the Visa ACB Platinum card in the credit card line of this bank. ACB's Visa credit card has a high transaction limit of up to VND 200,000,000 with a maximum number of transactions up to 30 times/day.

With the feature of a credit card, so they support you to spend first, pay later with an interest-free period of up to 60 days. In particular, ACB also has attractive incentives for cardholders such as travel support services, car and limousine rental services, sports and entertainment support.

Sacombank Visa Card

Sacombank is also one of the banks with very good debit and credit card services today. Like ACB, Sacombank is extremely advantageous when issuing Visa cards for customers.

One of the Visa credit cards that are considered "powerful" of Sacombank is the Visa Infinite card. The premium perks of this card are unlimited credit limit and unlimited airport VIP lounge access.

In addition, you also receive annual incentives for recreational sports services such as free golf 12 times/year at the top golf courses in Vietnam, free spa 12 times/year. Along with that, you'll also get global travel insurance and card payments.

HSBC Visa Card

HSBC is one of the international banks that have many incentives for customers when opening a credit card here. HSBC's Visa card lines have huge benefits, with limits ranging from VND 40 million to VND 1 billion.

HSBC Visa credit card also has a reward points program for customers with 1 flight mile converted into 25 points for annual fee payment or air ticket payment. Not only that, HSBC also has a preferential period of interest-free up to 55 days, better support for customers.

It can be seen that Visa is increasingly being used in Vietnam. Above is the basic information about this international card, hope you already know which bank Visa card you should make .

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