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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

What do you need to open a clothing store besides capital, space and sources of goods? Should a specific business plan be made in advance to avoid risks in the first place?

You have some capital and plan to start a clothing store business. However, what do you need to open a clothing store ? Where to import goods? How much capital is enough? How to attract the most customers? Everything will be answered right in the article below of CashBerry, stay tuned!

If in the past people only needed to "eat well and dress warmly", today it has developed into "eat well and dress well". Therefore, fashion-related industries quickly become the leading hot trend in the market. Especially clothing stores, which always bring huge profits to investors.

However, it is accompanied by fierce competition between thousands of different large and small brands. Therefore, those who are intending to join, need to learn more carefully and have a thoughtful plan to avoid the risk of capital loss. Experiences from previous people will help you know what you need to open a clothing store .

Why is opening a clothing store always the first choice?

According to statistics, about 30% of business beginners choose fashion to start a business . Although not a new industry, but fashion is the industry with the largest market share today. And these will be the reasons for you to quickly decide to "open a clothes shop" instead of other fields:

- No need to worry about the source of customers or the market will be stagnant. You can choose to open a clothing store for women or men, mother and baby fashion, shops for the elderly, middle-aged people, etc.

Investing in a clothing store is less risky than other trades. Especially for those who choose to sell online through social networks, e-commerce floors when there is no need to pay extra costs to rent space and open a booth.

- To open a clothing shop, it requires less capital than other businesses such as electronics, auto accessories, furniture, etc.

- The supply of goods is extremely diverse, from garment factories, fashion agents, wholesale clothing markets, imported directly from foreign e-commerce floors such as Taobao, ...

- Easily approach potential customers, continue to maintain and expand the shop if the quality of products and services is guaranteed.

Even so, it is not without risk when opening a clothing store . In fact, for every 100 new shops opened, there will be 40 shops that are forced to transfer or close because there is no profit. Therefore, a specific business plan and clear goals, plus the acumen of constant change will be the secret to helping your clothing shop get through the difficult early days.

Clothing shop business, a trend that never ends HOT

Clothing shop business, a trend that never ends HOT

What does it take to open a successful clothing store?

Anyone who is just starting out has to answer a series of questions on their own such as "What do I need to open a clothing store ?", " Where is the source of quality goods? ", " How much is the initial capital? Do you need more? capital to maintain? "… The experience from those who went before is to make a plan on the process of opening a clothing shop very carefully and in detail.

This is an effective way for you to avoid making basic mistakes that damage capital, as well as create a solid foundation for your shop in the future. So, if you are planning a clothing business, you should definitely note the following items:

1. Initial capital source

The amount of starting capital will vary depending on the type of business. Normally, selling clothes online usually needs to prepare a minimum of 30-60 million VND. But the number will increase many times if you choose to open a clothing shop, small scale 60 - 90 million and increase when the scale is larger.

When you have prepared the capital, prepare a spending plan as detailed as possible. Includes items such as:

- Cost to import goods (usually about 50% of capital).

- Expenses for renting space, decorating shops, buying necessary equipment, tools and equipment.

- Expenses to hire staff for the shop.

- Marketing and advertising expenses.

- Estimated business expenses (for at least the first 2-3 months).

- The cost of completing legal procedures for the shop.

However, this process can incur additional fees that are not part of the plan, resulting in problems with your ability to finance. At this time, loans at CashBerry are the "salvage" to help you quickly solve financial difficulties.

Simple procedure, instant disbursement, lowest interest rate in the market, no surcharge during the loan process. The advantages make CashBerry the leading online loan application today! 

2. Business premises

What do you need to open a clothing store ? Yes, the second factor is the space to open a clothing store. A prime location, many passersby will largely determine business efficiency, especially for fashion shops. You can choose the premises so that the following criteria are met:

- Location of clothing shop (in central shopping area, densely populated area, convenient traffic area, ...).

- Area of ​​clothes shop.

- What is the business potential of the premises to be rented? (refer to the shops around).

- How much does it cost to rent that space?

- If opening a shop at this location, will customers easily identify and move to?

Difficulty in renting a suitable clothes shop business premises

Difficulty in renting a suitable clothes shop business premises

In particular, must carefully consider the cost of renting shop space. Avoid spending too much capital on renting space without exploiting its sales potential. You definitely have to think about whether that place is good for future sales plans or not!

3. Prestigious source of goods

To open a successful clothing store, the third thing you need to pay attention to is the source of the goods, where is the place to import reputable, quality and reasonably priced goods. Some of the popular sources of goods today are:

●     Source of self-designed goods

Suitable for those who have skills, skills, aesthetic taste or have been professionally trained. Self-designed products will always ensure the uniqueness, stable supply for business, and easier to attract customers.

●     Source of goods from garment factories

You can choose to sample directly at factories or clothing factories in Vietnam. But often it takes a long time for you to choose new models, avoiding "touching" inventory samples.

●    Source of goods from abroad

This is the way many people new to the clothing business choose. Because foreign goods such as in Guangzhou, Guangdong, Thailand, etc., often have diverse and unique designs, but the cost is also extremely reasonable. Ideally, you should spend 1 to 2 times per month to import goods directly.

●    Source of goods from domestic wholesalers

Many people who have just opened a shop often choose this source, because wholesalers will not force you to buy in large quantities. While still ensuring a variety of sizes and designs for you to take the initiative to pick up goods, or according to what customers order.

But because this is an intermediary stage, the price will be much higher than other sources. That means lower profits.

4. Items to open a clothes shop

An equally important job when opening a clothing shop is to equip the shop with the necessary items. Below will be a list of the pages - equipment most preferred by many clothing shops:













Display shelf, display table, wooden wall, display iron column


2,000,000 VND/m2








270,000 VND/1 lamp


Cashier seats + waiting chairs for customers


1,000,000 VND/piece






Green trees




Decorative posters


VND 1,500,000


Editing of premises (painting walls, floors, fitting rooms, ...)


Depends on the unit


Carrying bag, receipt printing paper








Software sales


VND 5,000,000


Bill printer




Barcode scanners




5. Marketing plan, approaching customers

If the above factors help to open a successful clothing shop, the marketing and promotion strategy will determine the survival of the shop. Try to make the most of different forms of marketing to expand sales channels as well as build brands in the market.

Some of the issues to consider while planning a promotion are:

- Research on target customers (age, interests, shopping habits, which social media to use, ...)

- Build a story for the brand, name and slogan for the shop to make the most impression.

- Opening date and time, promotions, ...

- Advertise online by building websites and fanpages on Facebook, Zalo, TikTok, Youtube, etc. Or update the shop on e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc.

- Do not forget the ways of offline advertising such as handing out flyers, organizing birthday events, gift vouchers, discounts on special events.

Make a marketing plan, promote the brand to quickly get capital back

Make a marketing plan, promote the brand to quickly get capital back

Do you need a business registration to open a clothing store?

According to the provisions of Vietnamese law, any shop opened for profit-making business must register for business. And so is the clothing shop, having a license helps to improve the legality and prove the origin of the goods to the market police, avoiding unnecessary troubles.

What documents are required when registering to open a clothing store ?

In order for the business license registration steps to take place quickly, you need to prepare all the documents to provide to the authorities, including:

- The application for business household registration correctly filled in with the necessary personal information.

- Notarized copy of ID card/CCCD, Passport of you or all individuals contributing business capital.

- Signed business premises lease contract. Or if you are the owner, you need to show a certificate of land use right.

Do I have to pay tax when I open a clothing store?

Paying taxes is everyone's duty. When opening a clothing store, there are usually 3 basic fees:

- License tax, collected once/year and calculated by the registered capital of business and annual turnover.

- VAT (1% of revenue for fashion shops), will be exempted if the annual turnover is less than 100 million VND.

- Personal income tax (flat revenue in the tax period x fixed rate of taxable income).

When you're determining and estimating the funding to open a clothing store, these fees must be included in the deduction from the cost of the product. From there, benchmark the best market selling price for you!

Online loan has become a solution that receives a lot of attention

Online loan has become a solution that receives a lot of attention

Borrow money with ID card at CashBerry, do not worry about capital for business!

Many people are still confused with " what do you need to open a clothing shop? ". Especially in terms of capital, one is not enough to open and the other is almost no capital. Therefore, forms of borrowing capital for production and business from banks and financial institutions such as CashBerry become "saviors" for business ideas and plans.

In particular, borrowing money with ID card is a form of unsecured loan that is very popular today. Especially at CashBerry, you do not have to mortgage any related assets, instead just have an ID card/CCCD.

The smartphone will help you complete all the registration steps right at the website or the CashBerry app on CH Play. Visit and get yourself loans with a series of attractive incentives such as:

- Quick loan from 1 to 10 million, approval within 5-15 minutes.

Borrow online completely without having to meet face-to-face .

- The loan contract is transparent and clear, supporting even bad debt cases.

- Have the right to extend the loan when facing difficulties or not being able to pay.

- Many attractive programs such as interest reduction for early payment, increase of loan limit for loyal customers, etc.

If you are short of capital to open a clothing shop, let CashBerry help you via hotline 1900 63 83 85 or send a message to Fanpage CashBerry - Everyone's financial friend . Good luck with all your plans! 

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