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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

What does it take to open a milk tea shop, how much capital is enough. Is the milk tea business true to 1 profit 10 as rumored? Check out CashBerry's article now!

With a profit of more than 50%, the business of opening a milk tea shop is a fierce competition for many big men and individuals trading in milk tea. If you are intending to participate in this market, you need to refer to the experience of opening a milk tea shop from those who have gone before, to avoid the risk of loss or bankruptcy.

Want to open milk tea to how much capital?

You have an idea to open a milk tea shop but don't know how much capital is enough?

Usually the capital will range from 0 to 200 million. However, there are business models of milk tea shops with a capital of only 0 dong.

How much does a franchise cost? Usually, for large, high-value brands, the cost of franchising will be very high.

For example: Dingtea milk tea about 500 million VND, Tocotoco about 300 million VND,...

Opening your own milk tea shop will save you a lot of franchise fees. However, if you open your own milk tea shop , you will spend a dedicated expense on promoting and branding your shop.

Brand building takes at least 6-12 months, you have to make sure you can afford to maintain that level of pay. However, when you are able to get through the most difficult period, everything will be much easier and smoother later on.

The cost of opening a milk tea shop with only 0 dong capital

You may not believe it, but you can completely start a milk tea business with a capital of 0 dong.

Currently, we are living in the modern 4.0 technology era. Instead of going directly to restaurants and bars, online food ordering and home delivery services are increasingly developing.

Just, choose the item through the website, service app, ... and wait for the drink to be delivered to your hand without having to go far. They will list the prices of food and drinks on websites, facebook, buy and sell classifieds, then receive orders, deliver and collect money.

These business people will cooperate with restaurants, eateries, ... to help them develop more online distribution channels and traditional on-site sales channels.

This is a modern business model with high economic efficiency and maximum cost savings that is being used by many people. With this online business form , you can start a milk tea business with 0 dong capital from this model. 

With this service, you do not have to spend any money to open a milk tea shop such as renting space, hiring staff or designing space. The only thing you have to do is promote marketing strategies for your milk tea shop online, the more customers you earn, the higher your income.

In addition, when operating a milk tea shop in this type, you can also accumulate more experience in opening a milk tea shop , such as:

●    Define your target audience more precisely.

●    Which region has the most and most regular orders?

●    How much iced sugar to ensure delicious quality when reaching customers,...

However, every type of business has its own disadvantages. And the disadvantage of this form of milk tea business is that you can hardly control the quality of your products throughout the process from processing to delivery.

This is difficult in building trust from customers and building a sustainable brand for themselves.

Running a small milk tea shop with a capital of 10 million VND

With the cost of opening a milk tea shop of 10 million VND, you can start a sidewalk trolley business. This is an extremely suitable business idea for students.

Estimated business cost of 10 million sidewalk milk tea:

●    Stainless steel car, beautifully decorated car, with a dedicated ice box of about 6 million.

●    The cost of raw materials for the milk tea shop including milk powder, pearls,... about 2 million, some other miscellaneous items such as cups, straws, tables and chairs, about 2 million.

- Focus on beautiful sign design

Since this is a small trolley, you cannot focus on the decoration of the premises. For this type of milk tea shop business, you should decorate the milk tea sign beautifully, with speakers that turn on music when necessary to attract customers.

- Arrange tables and chairs neatly and hygienically

You need to arrange the tables and chairs neatly, for example, the milk tea selling equipment must be clean and hygienic, thus creating an impression and sympathy for customers.

- Suitable for students

Although the cost of opening this sidewalk milk tea shop does not cost a lot of capital, there is no fee to rent space, but it will be very hard because you have to stand outside constantly. For students who have free time in the evening, they can open a trolley milk tea shop like this to earn extra income.

- Don't forget to promote the product

With just a few small understandings on how to promote products to customers, you will quickly attract a series of customers to visit the shop! Think carefully before opening this type of milk tea shop .

There is a special point you need to note, if you do business on the sidewalk, you have to accept that you will sometimes be fined by the police or by civil defense when encroaching on the sidewalk, roadside.

Milk tea business with 50 million VND

When you have a capital of 50 million and intend to open a milk tea shop, you need to determine that the size of the shop will be quite small. You can rent a space with an area of ​​​​20-25m2, can serve up to 15 guests at the same time. With a capital of 50 million, you can test the model of a popular milk tea shop Take Away.

The Take Away milk tea shop model is considered one of the most cost-effective business models. Suitable for beginners with an average capital of 50 million.

To be able to attract customers, you need to invest and build your milk tea shop in the most beautiful and eye-catching way. Please refer to the cost of opening a small milk tea shop that we have planned.

●    The rent of the premises is about 10-15 million/month (not including the deposit).

●    The cost of decorating and repairing the shop: About 5-10 million to edit, design and redecorate the shop according to the style and preferences of customers.

●    The cost of furniture in the shop: Buying tables and chairs is about 15 million, including 8-10 small tables and about 30 chairs. To save costs, you can choose the type of table made of pallets or stainless steel tables. 

●    Fan: Because the area of ​​the shop is not large, you only need to equip 2 air conditioner fans with the size of 1 million / unit.

●    Wifi cost: Under 500,000 VND.

The tools to open the milk tea shop : The price is from 8,000,000 to 10,000,000 VND. Including:

●    Ingredients: About 1,000,000 VND - 3,000,000 VND

●    Small cups for pouring tea and filtered water: 30 cups (about 5,000 VND/piece)

●    Glasses for juice and teas: 30 cups (about 30,000 VND/cup)

●    Refrigerator for items and ingredients: About 5,000,000 - 8,000,000 VND/piece

●    Plastic cup lid stamping machine: About 1,000,000 / machine

●    Disposable straws: About 25,000/pack of 500g

●    Tea pot: 3 pieces about 100,000 VND/piece

●    Water tray: 3 pieces about 50,000/piece

●    Print menu: About 200,000 VND

●    Super speed kettle: About 500,000 VND - 1,000,000 VND/piece

You have to spend at least nearly 50,000,000/month to open a take away milk tea shop . In addition, you also need a budget to be able to maintain the operation of the shop until the shop is stable and can bring profit.

But with this capital, you can only rent a business location that doesn't really attract customers. The small space of the shop will be very difficult to decorate the beautiful sparkling milk tea shop to create sympathy for the diners.

Because your business is small , you can't make a big profit, but you need to have a clear milk tea business strategy to retain customers and develop your business.

In addition, this business model has low profitability and also takes a long time to recover capital. Therefore, you must have a comb to retain and attract customers. The space deposit can cost 3 - 6 months of rent, so think carefully before choosing this type of business.

Running a milk tea shop with a capital of 100 million VND

According to the experience of opening a milk tea shop , with a capital of 100 million, you can open a small milk tea shop to serve 20-30 guests at the same time and diversify your drink menu. Compared with the capital of 50 million, the capital of 100 million will give you more choices in terms of space.

Space rental cost: You need to spend about 20,000,000 - 30,000,000 VND/month to be able to rent a space with an area of ​​​​about 25-35m2 in a convenient location.

●    Cost of repairing and redecorating the shop: 10,000,000 VND

●    Cost of furniture in the restaurant: 35,000,000 VND (including: furniture, air conditioner, fan, refrigerator)

●    Equipment for making milk tea (15,000,000 VND)

●    Mixing ingredients: Because the menu is more diverse, the ingredients for the preparation cost about 3,000,000 - 5,000,000 VND/time

In addition, to be able to diversify more drinks, you need to invest in buying:

●    1 juicer is about 2,000,000 VND/ machine.

●    1 blender: 1,000,000 VND/machine

●    1 orange juice extractor: 300,000 - 500,000 VND/machine

Total cost is about 85,000,000 VND and does not include ground deposit. You can try to talk to the landlord about reducing the deposit to reduce costs.

The advantage of this type is quite similar to the sidewalk milk tea shop model.

You will not need to spend too much money on furniture, hire staff or pay electricity and water to invest in ingredients to help control the quality of drinks.

However, with the cost of opening this 100 million milk tea shop, there are still many limitations such as not being able to rent a large space and not having many estimated costs if there are problems.

Model of milk tea shop with capital from 200 million VND

The capital to open this milk tea shop is enough for you to own a pretty good milk tea shop in a "prime" location. When you want to open a milk tea shop, you should choose a location near schools, offices, crowded streets, ... you will have a stable number of customers and increasing revenue from the source of current customers.

In addition to the importance of a "prime" location, the owner should also hone more knowledge and skills in multi-channel brand promotion, in order to replicate the brand to more customers.

However, according to the experience of opening a milk tea shop , the more capital you have, the greater the risk you will face. To reduce your risk, you can learn about franchising businesses. When the brand is known to everyone, you will easily get a certain number of customers.

When you intend to open a milk tea shop , you must have management skills, otherwise it will easily lead to unexpected failure. The larger the capital, the more opportunities you have to create the style of the shop to your liking.

What does it take to open a milk tea shop?

1. Choose the right milk tea model

Currently, in the market, there are 3 popular milk tea business models: medium-sized milk tea shops, small or medium-sized milk tea shops, take-away shops and milk tea franchises.

Depending on the financial capacity for the cost to open a milk tea shop and the needs of each unit and individual, different business models of milk tea brands are implemented.

2. Identify business objects

Usually when you want to open a milk tea shop , the business object is often determined at the same time as the business model and how much capital it takes to open a milk tea shop to come up with the most suitable development strategies.

However, the most important thing is still choosing the right milk tea shop business model with the capital. Then, the business object will be gradually defined in the planning and operation process. And the main business objects of milk tea shops are still students, students and modern young people.

3. Choose the location to open the shop

As mentioned above, the subjects who often "go back" to milk tea shops are students. You can stop by to buy or find a space to study and relax.

Therefore, if you want to open a small milk tea shop or a large-scale milk tea shop, you can focus on areas near schools, entertainment areas, residential areas, and central roads.

However, according to the plan to open a milk tea shop, before choosing and depositing a milk tea shop business premises, you should also go to the actual location and survey the traffic situation, business conditions, etc. .. to make sure everything goes smoothly.

4. Estimate the cost of opening a milk tea shop

If you want to know how much capital it takes to open a milk tea shop, please note the costs that need to be prepared to operate the store below:

●    Rental cost: depending on the location and area, the price will have a certain difference.

●    Costs for ingredients and preparation tools: milk powder, tea, syrup, blender, shaker, press, etc.

●    Expenses to operate the store: hiring staff, utilities, internet,...

●    The cost to design and decorate the milk tea shop: tables, chairs, wall stickers, ...

●    Estimated expenses for incurred expenses.

5. Milk tea shop decoration

For example, popular or take away milk tea shops do not need to care too much about decoration, just keeping the shop cool and clean is already a plus point in the eyes of customers.

As for the big milk tea shops, the milk tea shop business will be more successful if the milk tea shop is shaped and designed in certain styles.

Individuals or units can look to design and construction units to make the shop more perfect, or it can be more economical if you can refer and decorate your own bubble tea shop.

6. Create milk tea dishes

Menu is the most important highlight for a successful milk tea shop business. Those who have experience in mixing will definitely be an advantage when running a milk tea shop.

Or take a few courses on bartending for methodical instructions on mixing recipes, choosing ingredients, etc. will help improve the quality of the milk tea shop.

7. Implementation of Marketing campaign for milk tea shop

In this era of technological development, the implementation of marketing strategies for milk tea shops and advertising on social networking sites or websites specializing in food and beverage will bring the reputation and brand of the company to the top. The restaurant is more known.

Your milk tea shop business project will be more effective when implementing online marketing campaigns!

8. Legal procedures

Do you need a business license to open a milk tea shop ? Doing business will be more convenient when strictly complying with the laws of the state. Therefore, individuals and units need to complete business registration documents before putting into operation the milk tea shop.

9. Operate, monitor and change

The above has contributed a series of steps to follow for those who want to open a milk tea shop but do not know what to prepare. With this process, you can completely apply it to other businesses.

However, do not forget how to operate the shop and monitor the customer's adaptation to the restaurant to make more appropriate changes from time to time. Stay up to date with the latest on the style of the bar, as well as how to make attractive drinks.

The above is how to open a milk tea shop for those who are intending to invest in this field. It's not too difficult to own a milk tea shop, but how to operate and develop it, that's the important thing. Let's study and improve every day, if you want to borrow money to rotate capital, register now with CashBerry!

Need to buy ingredients or pay cash to open a milk tea shop with CashBerry - a quick online financial consulting company ! Turn your ideas into reality, and your dreams will come true! If you have any questions, please contact us via Fanpage - The financial friend of everyone!

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