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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

You want to open a small cafe but don't know how much capital is enough, how to run a small cafe business so that you don't fail? This article is for you!

Currently, opening a small cafe is one of the businesses chosen by many young people because of its attractive income. However, running a coffee shop is not easy. How much capital does it take to open a small cafe , what is the experience to build this successful business model? Find out in this article!

How much capital does it take to open a small cafe?

Each person will have a different financial plan , a model, an area, someone will open a cafe at a lower cost than the other. However, in general, the cost to open a small cafe is about 150 million. CashBerry will advise opening a small cafe with this capital allocated as follows:



Amount of money


Cost rent

10 - 15 million VND


Restaurant design costs

6 - 8 million (150,000-200,000 VND/m2)


Infrastructure investment costs

40 - 50 million VND


Cost of buying tools and materials

30 millions


Cost of purchasing management software

3 million won


Cost of maintaining the shop

30 millions


Costs incurred

20 million

●     Cost nh rent cafe in

Since your goal is just a small cafe, you can make use of the space (if any). In case of renting, the cost of the premises should not exceed 20% of the budget. Based on the current rental price in big cities, the space will cost you about 10-15 million.

●    Restaurant design costs

This is an expense that needs to be spent to ensure that the cafe has an eye-catching space, suitable for business criteria and attracts customers. When customers have not had a drink contemplation, it is the impressive design that will help customers choose you.

According to CashBerry consulting to open a small cafe , the cost of hiring a designer accounts for about 5% of the budget. The current popular design unit price ranges from 150,000 to 200,000 VND/m2. The corresponding amount for the area of ​​​​40m2 is about 6-8 million.

●    Infrastructure investment costs

This is quite a high cost when investing in opening a small cafe. This space is used to repair the shop, make signs, buy tables and chairs, furniture, decorations, etc. The reasonable budget is 30%. You should only spend from: 40 - 50 million for these items.

●    Cost of buying tools and materials

Dispensing equipment, cups, and materials for the business need to be complete to start. This amount you should spend about 25% of the budget. The equivalent amount is about 30 million. Materials should only be purchased for the first time. In the course of business will buy more to ensure quality raw materials.

●    Cost of purchasing coffee shop management software

In the era of industry 4.0, it is very important to operate and manage business using technology. This will help you easily remotely control the cafe, the system will make sales in a very simple way. A simple sales management software costs only about 3 million.

●    Cost of maintaining the shop

These are the necessary expenses to maintain the operation of the cafe. This cost includes: staff costs, internet costs, space costs, electricity and water per month. This amount should account for 25% of the budget, equivalent to 30 million VND.

●    Costs incurred

It is necessary to have a budget to prepare for arising cases as well as to maintain the operation of the shop in the event that the business is boring in the first few months. For small cafes, the budget is not too much, only about 15% of the budget. The ideal number is 20 million.

To better determine the costs you need to spend as well as make a detailed business plan for a small cafe business , survey the market and learn about current coffee shop business models.

The model small cafe now

Toad coffee

This is the simplest cafe model, anyone can learn and start a business with a simple small toad cafe. This model can be sold on sidewalks, corners, sidewalks, etc. Just a few small tables and chairs is enough. With little capital, only about 50 million VND, he was able to open a toad cafe.

However, CashBerry recommends that you consider the pros and cons of coffee toads before deciding:



Low capital, easy to operate

Highly competitive, saturated market

Serving customers from all walks of life.

The restaurant cannot serve a large number of customers because of the small space. Therefore, guests and groups often choose to visit these shops less often.

There are many forms to choose from: trolley cafe, traditional cafe, modern cafe, football cafe, etc.

Small scale, almost exclusively sold on the spot, serving mainly customers in the area

Cafe take away

This is a popular takeaway coffee model, serving customers who do not have time to visit the cafe to sip coffee. With a capital of 50 million and a small kiosk, you can deploy this model.



Low capital, flexible

Must open a shop in a densely populated area, on a busy street to be successful.

Mainly sell to take away without large premises.

Bad drinks are difficult to retain customers. Brand awareness is not high.

Book Cafe

If you are a book lover and live in a place with many students and teenagers, we will advise you to open a small cafe combined with books as an attractive suggestion. In a cafe, many bookshelves and books are displayed. Guests can drink coffee while being immersed in the world of books.

With this model, you need about 150 million to start. Since guests who like to read mostly prefer a quiet space, it is necessary to create reading spaces far apart to serve customers.

This idea has pros and cons such as:



The restaurant's customers are usually regular customers. The tendency to draw friends to a lot.

Only serve for knowledge objects mainly, picky customers.

Book cafe is also an ideal place to chill and live virtual, so it is one of the current hot trends.

Opening a cafe in the wrong place with the target customer will be very empty.

Popular coffee

Popular cafes can be found anywhere in every street and corner. Simply with a small space, the shop does not need a signboard. The distinguishing features are very clear. Opening a popular cafe is very suitable for housewives who want to earn extra income.

This model has little capital, only about 40 million. On the contrary, there are also many disadvantages to be aware of:



Little capital.

Competition is very high. On a large road, a small alley, you can meet popular cafes.

Serving for working class customers is the main, the price is quite cheap.

It is difficult to build a brand and grow strong. Scale is often encapsulated.

Football Cafe

One of the advice to open a small cafe that people often encounter is the football cafe model. This model does not need to invest in design, customers are not picky about beautiful shops, just comfortable. With this model, the investment level is also quite high. You need over 100 million to get started.

Advantages and disadvantages of football cafe:



Customers are not too picky about space or menus

Need to invest in quality football watching equipment

Visitors are very crowded in the football season. Usually brings friends.

Guests only focus on the football season, normally deserted. The risk of damage to items when the audience watching the ball has extreme actions

Office cafe (apartment)

On the ground floor of apartment buildings, the office cafe model is very popular. Target customers in apartments (most are office workers, business people). This model is quite popular. However, because of the specific customers, the requirements for space and drinks are also very high. To open an office cafe, the minimum capital you need must reach 180 million. The cost of renting premises in the apartment is also not cheap.



The number of visitors is stable, quite crowded on weekends.

It is necessary to invest in setting up a formal, polite restaurant with good quality drinks.

Customers have economic conditions, so the price may be higher than the common ground, as long as the quality, taking advantage of local characteristics, customers do not need to move far.

It is difficult to compete with branded cafes that often do business in apartments.

Steps to open a small cafe

After you have researched and determined your cafe style, the next thing is to do it. So what do you need to prepare to open a small cafe ?

●    Step 1: Determine investment costs and choose a suitable cafe model

The first step to opening a cafe, even if it is just a small one, you also need to determine your finances. How much money will I invest in this business plan? How is this model, is the capital suitable to develop that model? Choosing a cafe model, you can plan and have specific ideas.

●    Step 2: Set up the desired project schedule

The next step is to consider the project schedule you want. How long do you want to open the shop? Set a specific schedule, stick to it, everything will not be broken as planned.

●    Step 3: Make an investment plan

This is a very important step, affecting your entire investment landscape . A detailed plan, which clearly states what needs to be done, how much is budgeted, and how to do it.

The more detailed the plan, the higher the probability of success. So don't plan everything in your head, you have to write it down.

●    Step 4: Analyze the market

This step is to ensure the success rate of the cafe you intend to open. Around the place where you intend to open a shop, how many cafes are there, how is the business situation, what is the price, customers tend to choose which shop.

Not only researching and analyzing competitors to create a unique feature, market analysis also helps you to proactively come up with restaurant and menu design ideas that best suit customer requirements.

●    Step 5: Choose the right location

With a toad cafe, the place doesn't have to be too large or too luxurious. Thus, the rental price will be high. Just a suitable location, densely populated, open market and less competition, you can be assured of the feasibility of the project. Also, don't be too hasty to choose a site. Please refer to 3.4 locations and choose the location that you find the most favorable.

●    Step 6: Design and decorate the cafe

After choosing a location and signing the lease, let's start decorating and designing the shop. Attention should be paid to the design in accordance with the selected shop model to increase customer identification.

●    Step 7: Purchase equipment and materials

If you do not have experience, you can refer to the experiences of previous people by participating in forums. Ask relatives and friends for places to buy cheap and quality equipment and materials.

●    Step 8: Make the appropriate menu

Drink quality largely determines whether you can retain customers or not. Invest in your bartending skills with a short bartending course. Surely this will help you throughout the business process later.

●    Step 9: Do legal procedures as prescribed

Do you need a business license to open a small cafe ? The answer is yes! Please complete the legal procedures to open a legal, stable cafe, aiming to do long-term business.

●    Step 10: Marketing and opening the cafe

Promote your cafe to relatives, friends and potential customers. Clearly announce the opening date, promotions, ... to attract customers.

●    Step 11: Operation + Control

Coordinate your planned business. Pay attention to marketing and improve service quality to achieve expected revenue.

In the process of operating and developing a cafe, it is inevitable that you will encounter financial difficulties, not knowing where to borrow quickly and easily. You fall into crisis, pressure, but everything has a solution and CashBerry will be the one to support you right now.

Cashberry - an online financial consulting company specializing in business loans , opens a small cafe with a limit of 1 - 10 million VND. Although this is not a large number, it will partly reduce the stress and temporary financial difficulties.

Simply visit or download the CashBerry app on CH Play, register for a loan via ID card/CCCD and you have money in your account.

Above are the experiences of opening a small cafe for those who are planning to do business in this field. It's all just a dream if you don't do it. Take action, work hard, and you will achieve success. Need financial support, please contact via Fanpage CashBerry - Everyone's financial friend !

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