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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Surfing investment with profitability and quick return of capital is what attracts investors. Here are the surfing investment experiences to help you get quick profits.

Many people when participating in investing want to make profits quickly, however, not everyone has that luck. To invest successfully, you need to choose the appropriate financial channel. Surfing investment is a strategy chosen by many investors to maximize profits in a short time.

The following article of CashBerry will explain to you what surfing investment is, and share, "tips" about effective surfing investment experiences today.

What is surf investing?

Surfing or short-term investing is a stock investment strategy made by taking advantage of the ups and downs of stocks or the market over a short period of time from a few days to a few weeks to earn profits. on profits.

The essence of surfing investment is speculation. Wave traders are short traders who trade in short cycles that happen several times a day. Investors will seek profits based on even small fluctuations of the market. Therefore, many people will be willing to sell if the price is profitable, making the market more stable.

Why is surfing investment so popular?

●    This form of investment appears often, so it increases the possibility of profit. On the other hand, these waves are often formed on volatility such as news, people, markets, etc.

●    The investment period is short and the profits are high, so it is easy for investors to round up capital for the next investments.

●    Profit per wave will be very high if the wave crest is reached. Investors can get great bargains after successful "surfing".

Surfing investment - a profitable method and quick return of capital

Surfing investment - a profitable method and quick return of capital

Smart surfing investment

To traders successfully is not easy. Traders need many factors such as the ability to research and analyze the market, trading strategy, experience, ...

Identify market trends

Market trend is a very important factor because most stocks move in the same direction as the market. Identifying market trends is how you catch the waves to profit. In order to have a higher probability of correctly predicting a stock, it is best for a scalper to follow the market trend.

It is necessary to pay attention to the analysis of the stock market to determine at the present time, which stocks are dominant. This helps you to get certainty about the market trend from which to make appropriate surfing decisions.

Selecting stocks to invest

Selecting stocks to trade surfing is the deciding factor in whether your investment succeeds or fails. To play stock surfing effectively, choose good stocks that will increase the probability of success.

Usually the best option for scalpers is stocks of companies that are doing well. These stocks will be noticed and also have a great influence on the stock market, from which you can easily gain profits and limit risks.

Technical analysis when investing in surfing

It is a process of evaluating and studying a stock or market using previous price levels to predict which trends will dominate the market. In trading stocks, technical analysis is an important tool to help you grasp how to make maximum profits.

Go the "wave"

Surfing is a short-term play, but you shouldn't focus too much on short-term profits. Try to ride all the waves, the price fluctuations to achieve the best effect.

However, this method does not apply to all stock investors. Only professional investors should apply this method and new investors should not apply it.

Investors should not be in a hurry to buy and sell securities without any prior calculations or plans.

Investors should not be in a hurry to buy and sell securities without any prior calculations or plans.

Well control the risks

Investment in general or surfing investment both have risks. For investment trading, the associated risks are often very high, so risk control is essential. The way to control risk when investing in surfing is to understand the market well.

Psychological factors

The psychological factor is also a very important thing, especially in a short-term game like investment surfing. When participating in surfing investment, there are times when you win or when you lose, so what you need to do is accept it.

Always control your greed and fear to not get caught up in the market and make more accurate buying and selling decisions.

Experience when investing in surfing

There is no official formula for traders to succeed, but there will be things that new investors can be found before the start of play so effectively.

●    Firstly, understand your strengths: Surfing must always monitor the situation up and down, fluctuations should take time to observe.

●    Second, don't be greedy: Whatever you do, "greed is deep" and this is also a taboo of investing in surfing. Because stocks can't get rich quickly, curb your greed.

●    Third, only surf good stocks: Admittedly, scalping is a short-term activity, but it's clear that surfing in quality stocks will always have a better chance than bad ones.

●    Fourth, must have the right knowledge: Players often use technical analysis to choose securities.

●    Fifth, practice often: Experience is something that can only be drawn when we actually fight, stock investment is a war, we are a general. You have to fight a lot and learn a lot to become a talented general.

●    Finally, be ready to cut losses: Investing means taking risks so there is no 100% profit, there must be a loss. It's your job to face it, cutting losses is the core principle for effective surfing. If you do not cut your losses in time, the consequences are unimaginable.

Should you invest in surfing or long-term investment?

Should long-term investment or surfing investment is not an easy question to answer. And this is also what many of you have asked and found the answer to in the past. There are many people hanging around in this vortex, sometimes they want to invest for a long time, consider it as an asset and will hold it for a long time, sometimes they want to surf to earn more daily income quickly. So what would be the logical answer?

Depending on the market and the field in which you invest, you can decide whether to invest in surfing or long-term

Depending on the market and the field in which you invest, you can decide whether to invest in surfing or long-term

Long-term investment

Long-term investment is a form of investment over a period of many years (usually 3 years or more). This is a suitable form of investment for those who prefer safety and want to use their idle money for profit and sustainable growth.

The simplest way to understand is that you hold that asset, your coin for a long time and when you feel profitable enough, you can take profits.


●    You don't need to worry too much about the short-term volatility of the market, maybe the market will drop sharply, or drop suddenly in a short period of time.

●    It won't take too long to monitor the market's price movements, but instead you can spend that time doing other things. And this is also a way to increase sustainable assets besides your work.

●    Psychological comfort, leisure, not pressured by the market, by negative information, by people around. From there, you can feel comfortable in the investment process.


●    Long-term investors are not always profitable and safe. Because in investment, we will not know anything in advance, there will always be hidden risks around us.

●    Many people only know about buying and then throwing it away, waiting for the price to go up and then selling. This isn't bad, but it's not optimal.

●    When you make long-term investments, you have to spend a lot of time researching the market, products, and your coin in the near future. How much will it increase in 3 years 5 years or even 10 years from now? This requires you to have your analytical and evaluation skills on that project.

●    The return of long-term investment will not be as high as surfing. And surf trading can make money every day and can be seen as a trader's profession.

Surf investment

Surf traders are those who trade with short cycles, many times a day, making quick profits.


●    When you invest in surfing, you will earn profits continuously and regularly.

●    In addition, surfing can also be considered a profession that many people are aiming for because in addition to its ability to bring you endless income, it is also very flexible in time.

●    Another advantage of investing in surfing is that whether the market is up or down, you can make a profit. Unlike long-term investors, they are just loyal and expect the market to follow its direction and usually an uptrend.

●    If you know how to invest , grasp the market, you will earn huge profits quickly within a day


●    Surfing trading requires you to have certain specialized knowledge, being a good at technical analysis. Being a person who captures information continuously and has a sharp view of the market. Because the market will be constantly fluctuating and unpredictable.

●    Surfing investing is live trading and strategies that work require consistency. This means that when investing in surfing you will have to spend a lot of time. To continuously monitor the movements, thereby finding suitable investment opportunities.

Above are the pros and cons of long-term investing and scalping. Depending on your needs, experience and economic conditions, you can choose the appropriate investment method.

Surfing investment is the first choice for investors who want to find quick profits . And investors who want to limit risks can think long-term investment. However, investors need to know how to apply many methods and effective surfing methods to ensure profits.

Above are the experiences that CashBerry wants to share with you. Before investing in surfing you should invest in yourself. If you have a comfortable life, it will help you have more motivation to earn money and develop your career.

You are in financial difficulty, want to earn money to solve your work, CashBerry will support you. Register now for a loan at website , you will be able to disburse up to 10 million VND. If you still have questions about investing in surfing or borrowing money online, leave a question on CashBerry fanpage , we will answer it right away!

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