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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

In fact, many people have to rush to disperse the shop when they do not know how to open a beer shop. Find out the experiences of opening a beer shop below!

In the hot weather of summer, cold beer mugs are a great choice. Beer bars are also places chosen by friends and family as a place to gather and talk. Opening a beer shop is a good business idea to make a profit.

But, how can I be successful at a beer shop and limit risks? This is the question that anyone before starting a business wants to know. Below CashBerry will answer questions of business owners who are intending to open a bia hoi.

Learn how to open a pub

What is draft beer?

English draft beer is Fresh beer, a popular beer at affordable pubs in our country. Bia Hoi is an alcoholic drink with low alcohol content and it is the result of fermentation from corn, barley, rice, malt at low temperature.

The alcohol content in beer is usually from 1.68-7.2% and the CO2 content is from 0.29-0.51%. With a low price, this will be the perfect choice for those 18 years and older who want to find a refreshing drink or have a gathering with friends.

Right time to open a beer shop

Bia Hoi has now become a familiar image for Vietnamese people on the drinking table. Summer beer business is a great time to increase sales. June, July, and August are the peak of the hot season and the fastest time for draft beer to be consumed. So you need to have a plan, prepare about 15-30 days in advance for the shop to quickly go into operation.

Challenge after challenge

Opening a beer shop is a form of business "one capital, four words ". However, in just over a short year, the beer industry has had to face three big challenges in a row. Therefore, it has had a heavy impact on all aspects, from advertising to business and product consumption.

  1. COVID-19 epidemic

Facing the stressful epidemic situation, the closure of a series of sidewalk beer businesses across the country has slowed beer consumption.

  1. Law on Prevention of Harmful Effects of Alcohol

Road users can be fined from 30 to 40 million dong, and have their driving license revoked for 22-24 months if they are found to have an excess of alcohol in their blood or breath.

On balance with the COVID-19 epidemic, it is clear that the Law on Prevention of Harmful Effects of Alcohol has also created equally heavy blows to the beer industry. One side is serious damage but only momentary, the other is the potential for long-term, smoldering damage.

  1. Law on advertising

After Decree 100, the beer industry continues to face pressure from Decree 24 issued on February 24, 2020, regulating alcohol advertising:

  • Limit the use of images of drinking alcohol in film, theater and television productions.
  • Preventing people under the age of 18 from accessing, accessing information and buying alcohol.
  • Ads for beer and wine with an alcohol content of less than 15% must include a harm warning.

Seize the opportunity to overcome the challenge

When one door closes, other doors open. To overcome difficulties, beer business people can completely count on the following opportunities.

  1. Large consumption demand, rapidly increasing income

Vietnam is one of the leading beer consuming countries in the region. In the period 2014 - 2020, beer consumption in our country increased by about 6.6% annually, while the global increase was only 0.2%. Rising income, strong demand and strong purchasing power. The above actual statistics are the basis for us to believe in the potential of the domestic market.

  1. The light door is named "non-alcoholic beer"

Under pressure from policy fluctuations, "non-alcoholic beer" is clearly a wise move of manufacturers. In Vietnam, the number of brands participating in this segment is still quite small, mainly foreign units.

That means the opportunity to compete for market share is still very high. If seizing the opportunity well with a right strategy, beer brewing businesses are completely capable of making a breakthrough.

  1. The trend of “going local”

The epidemic and Decree 100 have made obvious changes in consumer habits. Instead of focusing on large selling points in the central area as before, diners have begun to prefer to choose small shops near where they live to enjoy beer. This fact will open the golden door for business owners with limited investment capital, as well as beer businesses that are intending to participate in the affordable segment.

  1. Online business model and take-away

Online ordering and take-away are not unfamiliar models in the Vietnamese F&B market. However, it is only popular in the field of food and non-alcoholic beverage products (tea, coffee,...). That was the reality before COVID-19 broke out.

In the current epidemic situation that does not allow large gatherings of people, buying beer to enjoy at home will be a worthwhile option for consumers.

Lessons from failures when opening a bia hoi

When viewed from a positive perspective, challenges also open up many attractive opportunities for the business world. The core issue is whether each business or individual accepts challenges to create a breakthrough. Here are the conclusions after the failure of business owners you need to know if you want to open a successful beer shop .

Manage revenue and expenditure reasonably

When building a small beer shop business model, the investment costs are too high, including space fees, bar design, operating and labor costs, etc. While I myself do not "do my homework" , do not grasp carefully, accurately grasp and calculate the number of visitors coming in and out, how much is the income per capita, ...

As a result, the total revenue does not cover the expenses, so of course, the business is considered a failure. Therefore, before opening a business, it is necessary to have a specific plan to avoid unfortunate situations.

Choose the wrong location "station"

From the place "hungry for cheap premises" will lead to choosing the wrong location "to station the army". Because, the restaurant has a beautiful design, luxurious space, and no matter how delicious and eye-catching the food is, if it is placed in the wrong place, it is also a failure.

Suppose the shop is located deep in an alley and is a one-way street, for example, because it is very inconvenient for customers to eat. In fact, there are many shops that are not so excellent, but choosing the right location to station the troops, the chance of success is often quite high.

No target market

The "massive" business thought it was easy to succeed, but it wasn't. Customers from different walks of life will have different eating and drinking needs.

To do so, business owners must be able to answer "who will their customers be?", "whom to serve", "how to serve?", etc. Products made must meet the needs of customers, especially must be delicious, clean and safe,…

The design of the space is airy, reasonable light

Garden space brings comfort, and at the same time does not take much interior decoration or renovation, just setting up tables and chairs and a suitable lighting system, you have a spacious and airy beer bar space.

Lighting plays an important role to create space inside the beer bar. You should invest in lighting in combination with wall furniture, tables and chairs to achieve the most optimal visual effect. Using a lot of pictures, wall design, ornamental plants also need to be beautifully designed, simple also contribute to the decoration of the shop more beautiful.

Persevere to overcome failure

The shop is empty, customers are few, business is sluggish, revenue is not enough to cover expenses. Not to mention many days when guests finished drinking, they were still drunk, evil, cursed, quarreled. All of the above factors can cause unwanted frictions and conflicts.

But if unfortunately the owner lacks the will and determination, it will be easy to give up. As a result, the shop gave up, did not recover capital, debt stacked, etc. All stages must be calculated and considered comprehensive benefits - harms, expected large and small arising may happen to come up with a treatment plan. backup when needed.

And finally, for a successful business , not only need knowledge, but also have to be reckless, passionate, enthusiastic and stubborn to cope, always in a position to be ready to deal with the worst possible situations. happen.

Business capital required when opening a beer shop

It can be quite difficult to give an exact figure on how much capital you will need to open a bia hoi. The reason is because each person's needs when opening a beer shop are different. According to many people with experience in this field, to set up and run a beer bar business, you will need to budget the following costs, specifically:

  • Ground

Property owned or rented. If the family owns the premises, that's great. If you do not have space, you should prepare 20-30 million in cash per month. When renting, you will have to deposit from one to three months' rent

  • Types of facilities

If the shop is small, maybe 10-20 million VND is enough for a simple beer shop. However it can be bigger with a big shop.

  • Beer and drinks

The ingredients are rotated every day at least about 20-30 million VND with the specificity of the beer bar that needs a variety of drinks

  • Human

The basic salary for chefs is about 10-12 million per month, serving staff is from 5-6 million dong per month. Depending on the shift, the number of employees that multiply will result in monthly staffing costs. If the scale is small, it can also reduce a part of the cost when you may be a chef who needs a few housekeeping staff to assist in the kitchen on a shift basis.

  • Promotional advertising

Depending on your budget and technology capabilities, you should spend about 5-10 million VND per month in the initial stage to invest in advertising about promotions. However, you need to clearly determine that in the first 3 months, your beer shop cannot be profitable. Therefore, you need to consider spending clearly to have enough money to operate the restaurant regularly.

Recently, starting a business by opening a beer shop has gradually become a trend of many young people. Along with that, financial issues are always the top concern of people who are starting a business.

Many young people have cherished unique business ideas but have not been able to implement them because of lack of capital, no money to solve difficulties, maintain business operations, etc.

Are you in need of a loan to solve problems today? CashBerry - a financial consultant will accompany and support you quickly, helping you achieve your business goals.

If you are in need of capital for your business plans, immediately visit the website or download the CashBerry app on CH Play. Here, the cashBerry financial company's production and business loans and quick online loans will always be supported 24/7.

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Above are the experiences of opening a beer shop that attracts customers that CashBerry has selected. Hope the article will help business owners on their entrepreneurial path. Good luck!

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