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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Should I borrow money from F88, what is the interest rate of F88? Is it reputable to borrow money at F88? Is it fast to borrow F88? Below CashBerry will answer this question!

Currently, there are many credit institutions established to meet the borrowing needs of the people. Borrowing money from F88 is the solution that customers choose to access finance super fast - super easy. However, many people think that the applied interest rate of F88 is too high, is it safe to borrow?

Today, let's find out with Cashberry who is F88, should we borrow money from this organization?

About F88

For a long time, F88 has been known as a reputable mortgage loan provider in the market. F88 is a legal pawn company established in 2013, operating nationwide.

F88 was born with the goal of changing customers' prejudices about the pawn industry, bringing this industry closer to everyone, and supporting cases of financial difficulty. Therefore, F88 provides a variety of services to customers such as mortgage support , quick money loans , hot money loans during the day.

Currently, the system owns nearly 1000 transaction offices nationwide. In each province and city, the number of transaction offices of F88 can reach several dozen, making it more convenient to serve the needs of customers.

F88 operates with the criterion of always upholding the interests of customers, taking customer satisfaction as the core value to develop services. Therefore, F88 received the certificate of "Customer protection" from the international organization SmartCampaign in 2019 and the Gold Cup award "Reliable product - Perfect service - Preferred brand".

The operating motto of the F88 pawn system is Fast - Easy - Transparent.

Loan package at F88

Currently, F88 supports customers with five quick cash loan packages . Depending on your purposes and needs, you can use F88 loan packages such as:

Motorbike pawn loan package

Maximum loan limit is up to 80 million VND. Customers can get quick cash loans with old or new cars, non-proprietary cars, etc.

Car loan package

Maximum loan limit is up to 2 billion VND. Customers can borrow money with old or new cars, non-owned cars, provincial license plates, etc.

Loan package holding motorbike papers

Maximum loan limit is up to 30 million VND. Suitable for customers who want to borrow money but still keep their motorbike to use.

Car loan package

Maximum loan limit is up to 1 billion VND. Suitable for customers who want to borrow money without leaving assets.

Package of mortgage loans for other properties

With this loan package, customers can be valued up to 80% of the property value at the time of mortgage. Suitable for customers who want to borrow money quickly with assets such as phones, computers, jewelry, etc.

How much is the interest rate of F88 loan?

The mortgage loan package at F88 is supported with an interest rate of 1.1%/month , an average of 13.2%/year . Although it is higher than bank loans , compared to other online money lending credit institutions, this is a preferential interest rate, suitable for customers who need to borrow money quickly.

Table of characteristics of loan package of F88



Interest rate



1 million - 2 billion VND


3 – 12 months


Not required


Accept bad debt


●      Loan eligibility appraisal fee

●      Late payment fee

●      Prepayment fee

●      Property insurance fee

●      Mortgage management fee

●      Warehouse storage fee

The loan limit at F88 will depend on the value of the collateral, the maximum limit is 1 billion VND applied to the mortgaged car.

Conditions for borrowing money F88

To enjoy loan packages at F88, customers must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen who is 18 years old or older and has a serious need for a quick loan.
  • Have a valid CCCD or ID card.
  • Documents to prove the property you want to pledge is required.
  • Have a stable personal financial capacity.
  • Convenient transactions at F88's offices.
  • Have an official bank account for disbursement.

Is F88 loan safe?

F88 is one of the leading companies in the field of mortgage lending in Vietnam, with a scale of 300 transaction offices across the country. However, F88 is entangled with rumors related to F88 fraud , unscrupulous F88 loans, ...

So should I borrow F88? To answer the above question, we also go to find out the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money from F88 .

Advantages of borrowing money from F88

  • Conditions for simple loan procedures

Avoid losing time due to cumbersome procedures like banks, at F88 only need to verify identity documents such as CCCD or ID card and ownership papers related to collateral. After verifying the correct information, F88 will disburse within 30-60 minutes.

  • Committed to maintaining the correct property value during the pawn period

Most mortgaged assets are assets of special value to the borrower. Therefore, F88 commits that after the contract expires and the outstanding balance is fully paid off, F88 will return the item at its original value. Otherwise, F88 will compensate 100% of the property value.

  • There is a contract to ensure transparency

Each customer when borrowing money from F88 will be signed a contract with transparent and clear terms. In order to ensure that both parties will have equal responsibility when signing, the borrower must pay interest and outstanding balance on time. F88 is responsible for preserving the pledged property and liquidating the contract when the payment is completed.

  • Support diversified loan packages with abundant capital.

F88 has been associated with many different credit institutions, in order to diversify loan packages, loan limits and loan terms. Therefore, customers can rest assured that they will find the most suitable and optimal loan package for themselves.

  • Information security:

All personal information related to customers and loans will be absolutely confidential by F88.

  • Safe:

The personal assets and all documents of the borrower are carefully stored and sealed by the staff in an international standard warehouse system.

Limits when borrowing money F88

At F88, there are still some shortcomings such as:

  • In addition to paying interest and borrowed money, customers must pay additional costs such as appraisal fees, fees for storing and preserving assets, and penalties for overdue payments.
  • F88 fast loans do not support unsecured loans , insurance contracts,...
  • High interest rate from 1.1%/month excluding other fees. This is a much higher interest rate than other credit institutions and banks.
  • Fast loan F88 has high overdue penalty interest.

Frequently asked questions about F88 loans

  1. Is the loan at F88 reputable?

Is the reputable F88 pawn system a question that many customers ask. Especially in the current context when a series of other pawnbrokers are born and compete. F88 not only ensures prestige but also provides customers with quality service packages.

F88 is often trusted by customers for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, F88 is a financial trading company licensed to operate by a competent authority, so all procedures of F88 ensure clear legal validity.
  • Second, F88 receives abundant capital support from Mekong Capital and Granite Oak funds. This is one of the factors that makes customers feel secure when using F88's services.
  • Third, up to the present time, the F88 pawnshop service system has expanded to nearly 1000 transaction offices nationwide. This partly answers the question of whether F88 is reputable. Without prestige, F88 can hardly expand its scope and develop continuously.
  • Fourth, up to this point, through many years of development and construction, F88 has not yet received any complaints from customers. In contrast, F88 is often appreciated and is a reliable address that customers go to whenever they need a loan.
  1. Is F88 a scam?

With a clear, transparent contract signed by both parties, operating with a business license and complying with State laws, fraud cannot happen at F88.

  1. How long does it take to receive the loan?

The time ranges from 30-60 minutes depending on the mortgaged property of the customer.

  1. Is it possible to pay off the loan early?

Borrowers who pay off their outstanding balance before the specified term will have to pay an early payment fee (about 5%-8% of the outstanding balance). Especially with the mortgaged property being a car, the customer must notify 10 days in advance.

  1. In what forms does F88 lend?
  • F88 is a company that provides loan services in the form of collateral. For assets that are motorbikes and cars, F88 has a form of support by lending the property back to the customer during the mortgage process so that the customer has a means of transport.
  • In addition, F88 is also a company that provides many non-life insurance products such as health insurance, accident insurance, motorcycle rescue insurance.
  • In addition, F88 also provides support services for payment intermediaries and postal partners for customers to conveniently use momo payment, electricity/water bill payment and Payoo payment, receive payment, receive payment service. Lazada products.
  1. What is the maximum amount that can be borrowed at F88?

At F88, customers can borrow up to 2 billion VND.

If you want to pawn for cash, then F88 is a reasonable choice. However, if you do not want to pawn but still need cash, there are other options for you.

Currently, many financial companies have been established to help people get loans easily and quickly. If you want to borrow money quickly, conveniently, without collateral, you can consider borrowing money online at CashBerry.

CashBerry lends online without collateral or property pledge

CashBerry is a 24/7 online financial consulting and solutions platform to support your unexpected financial needs. Understanding the financial problems you are facing, we strive to bring you the simplest, fastest and most convenient financial solutions.

At CashBerry, you can borrow money online anytime, anywhere, helping you solve financial difficulties in life. As long as you continue to repay the borrowed amount in full, CashBerry will have preferential policies for you such as: lowering interest rates, increasing loan limits, receiving great gifts, ...

Outstanding advantages when borrowing at CashBerry application

- Do not mortgage assets.

- No proof of income.

- You can still borrow money without meeting.

- Just need 1 phone, 1 ID card / CCCD, 1 official bank account.

- Limit 1 - 10 million.

- Term from 90 - 180 days, flexible according to customer requirements.

- Low interest rates.

- Loan online quickly, safely and with high efficiency.

Instructions on how to get a quick loan online

There are 3 steps for you to own an online quick loan from 1 to 10 million:

  • Step 1: Choose the right unit

You just need to research carefully to know if you are eligible to meet the loan or not? Then select the button “Apply for a loan”. CashBerry is one of the reputable units you can trust.

  • Step 2: Fill in personal information

After choosing your own online loan application, you need to fill in the following information: loan amount and term, personal information, portrait photo and ID/CCCD,...

  • Step 3: Review and disburse

The review system will notify you of the results via text message or call. If approved, please sign the contract to receive the disbursement.

The above article has helped you get more information about loan packages, conditions and interest rates when borrowing money from F88 . The interest rate here is high, but the procedure is simple, helping you to receive money quickly. Everything has certain pros and cons, borrowing money from F88 depends on your needs and the interest you can accept.

Need more information related to online loan, please contact CashBerry Fanpage - the financial friend of every home for answers!

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