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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

How to open a new and attractive barbecue shop? What does it take to open a grill, how much capital is required? Let's refer to the steps to open a successful barbecue restaurant below!

Barbecue is an attractive dish that is loved by many diners. From adults to young people, everyone likes to gather together to chat, pick up delicious dishes grilled on the pink stove. That's why opening a sidewalk grill is a potential business that brings "super profits" to those who know how to grasp it.

In this article, CashBerry will share with you the experience of opening a sidewalk grill - one of the most popular and popular business forms today. Find out now!

The hottest sidewalk grill business models today

With the attraction of revenue, now baking business is becoming a trend. There are many different ways to open a sidewalk grill , such as:

Model of a sidewalk barbecue shop

Opening a sidewalk grill is probably the most popular model with the skewer business. This model will help the restaurant owner selling sidewalk barbecue not to spend too much money to design the store, build the premises, ... and give customers a comfortable feeling when enjoying the food.

Popular grilled hot pot restaurant

Opening a popular hot pot restaurant is no longer a strange form of restaurant for everyone, especially young people. And opening a sidewalk barbecue restaurant is also another form of this business form.

With this form, customers can freely choose the ingredients for their hot pot besides grilled dishes. Then gather friends to have fun and talk in the open air.

The model of skewers combines drinking water

This is a business model people don't pay much attention to, because you're used to having water next to the skewers. But what do you think if you will combine these two things together. This will help customers order quickly and increase your income.

Cost of opening a sidewalk barbecue shop

There is a question many of you are interested in when doing business. How much capital does it take to open a sidewalk grill? The cost of opening a barbecue restaurant depends on your business model, large or small. For a small and medium-sized grill business, you only need about 20-30 million VND to start. The following costs need to be balanced:

●    The rent of the premises is about 6-7 million/month.

●    Tables and chairs, cups, bowls, glasses,... about 5-6 million.

●    Fees for importing raw materials depend on market valuation.

●    Fees for hiring waiters, cooks, waiters, dishwashers and the rest.

●    In addition, you should spend about 2-3 million to conduct advertising on social networking sites. Because most of the target audience is young people, who have a very high habit of using social networks.

●    To save costs, you should use mini ovens to match your investment costs.

Experience of opening a sidewalk barbecue shop

There is nothing more interesting than the time spent chatting with friends and colleagues while enjoying the grilled dishes lying on the stove emitting a seductive aroma that appeals to taste and hearing. Here are the experiences to help you open a successful "super-profitable" sidewalk grill that you can apply

Understand the market, identify target customers

To have success with your shop, you need to learn from previous successful shops. For example, go out to eat at a few restaurants to see what's special about their dishes, whether they're appealing to fresh ingredients, or seasoned to taste, with dipping sauces, etc. Also, do your research to find out. What are the trends that customers like today to prepare well.

Next, you need to determine who your target customers are, what are their preferences, what are their tastes, prefer to use a charcoal stove or a mini oven?

At the end of the market research and target customer identification process, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

●    What is the form of business: Grilled by section or open a barbecue restaurant.

●    What are the main dishes of the restaurant: pork, beef, chicken, seafood,...?

●    Accompanying the grilled dishes, what side dishes will be needed: kimchi, green vegetables, dipping sauce,... how will they taste?

●    What are the tables and chairs and items such as a mini oven that are required to match the customer and the restaurant model?

Choose an appropriate location and location to open a shop

The location of the restaurant is very important. Think about it, if you have prepared delicious dishes with all the necessary equipment, but your restaurant is located in a place where there is not a large population, or the road is difficult to find, it will certainly not have good results.

To get good locations, you need to work hard to find the premises. A location is said to be prime when it meets the following factors: densely populated, close to densely populated areas, office or market areas, industrial parks, etc. Convenient traffic and space. Parking for guests to eat.

In addition, the premises to open the shop also need to be dry, cool, not wet or unhygienic. When renting a space, you need to rent it for a suitable time, if it's just opened, you can rent it for a short time, but you can't rent it for 1 month, it's easy to get your premises back while doing business.

Learn a delicious marinade recipe

To open a successful sidewalk barbecue restaurant and attract customers, your restaurant's food must be special. It is necessary to choose a source of quality and cheap raw materials to get a stable source of raw materials and ensure freshness, and cleanliness.

Barbecue sounds simple, but not everyone knows how to create attractive baked goods. The flavor of the grilled dish depends on the quality of the ingredients and the seasoning of the person making it. Unique dishes with unique flavors are the attraction of each different store.

Each type of barbecue such as beef, seafood, chicken, etc. needs appropriate marinating methods, you must be knowledgeable about these marinades to get the desired flavor. When opening a grill, you need to determine which foods are the main ones so that you can focus on learning how to marinate and cook that dish deliciously.

This does not mean that you ignore other dishes, still have to try to make them at their best. Therefore, the marinade recipe is very important.

Invest in quality service

To be successful in the service business, you need a good quality of service. The quality of the small barbeque shop will not be comparable to that of the big restaurants, but if the service attitude is bad, there is no reason for customers to return. Therefore, always be friendly, create closeness with customers and respond to their legitimate requests.

For the service industry, especially catering, you need to have patience. In food, there will be a lot of factors that difficult customers can bait you because they don't suit your taste, that's all. So to serve these gods, you need to be very calm and patient. Adding a cup of iced tea or a towel won't reduce your sales, but increase your customer base.

Marketing and promoting your sidewalk grill

After fully preparing the business steps is to conduct marketing and promotion of your shop. You can take advantage of 0-dong marketing methods such as:

●    Use social networking channels like Facebook, Instagram,... to create a page with your restaurant's name. You can take advantage of your friends list to invite them to like and follow the page. In addition, upload photos and videos about the menu, location, space, staff,...

●    Attract customers with attractive promotions at the store such as bill discount, free one dish, free soft drink,...

Prepare capital

From the necessary elements to build a business model towards a certain customer segment, you need to calculate and prepare capital to open a sidewalk barbecue shop quickly.

Running a restaurant business is not an easy task. For those who have planned to open a sidewalk barbecue but do not have enough capital or want to make money to solve problems, they can refer to the accounts at CashBerry. No need to prove income, no mortgage of assets, just an ID card, you can make a loan application .

CashBerry loan - capital support for small businesses

Here are the benefits of customers when taking unsecured loans with ID card at CashBerry:

●    Fast loan approval.

●    Cash loan interest rate with identity card at CashBerry is 0.9 - 1.2%/month.

●    Simple procedure: Only one valid ID card of the owner is required, in addition, no other relevant documents are needed.

●    Unsecured loan: Borrowing money with identity card does not require customers to mortgage assets or prove income. Therefore, almost anyone can register and receive money.

●    No processing fee: Compared with many other financial companies, to get a cash loan with identity card at CashBerry, customers do NOT have to pay a processing fee. The consultation, receipt and processing of documents are done completely free of charge.

●    Track loans anytime, anywhere: Customers can not only pay their loans online, but also monitor their loans anytime, anywhere. As a result, you can know the repayment progress, the remaining amount to be paid, and how long the payment is due.

●    Easy online payment: With the goal of bringing convenience and the fastest loan, CashBerry has applied 4.0 technology and associated with many reputable electronic payment units.

To be able to borrow money quickly, you can go to the website or download the CashBerry app from CH Play. Then, choose the amount to borrow and fill in the ID/CCCD information and you will receive a cash amount of up to VND 10,000,000. If you have any questions about loans, please contact hotline 1900 63 83 85 or send a message to Fanpage CashBerry - Everyone's financial friend !

Above is how to open a successful sidewalk grill that CashBerry has consulted from people in the profession. Hopefully the above experiences will help you know how to open an effective sidewalk grill . If you have any difficulties, don't forget to contact CashBerry!

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