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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

The success of opening a popular pub not only comes from the menu, location, service but also other factors. So what are those factors?

Currently, many individuals and households choose to open a popular pub for business because of the huge profits it brings. However, in fact, there are many shops that have not yet made a profit and have quickly closed because they do not have good preparation in terms of experience, knowledge as well as finance.

The experience of opening a popular pub shared in the following article of CashBerry will help you limit the risks when doing business with this model, and at the same time learn what opening a pub needs ?

The success of pub models is not only due to delicious food and drinks, but also to location and space... Here's what you need to know when opening a pub .

1. Prepare documents and procedures for restaurant business

According to the provisions of Vietnamese law, all trading, production and business activities in the fields related to cuisine and food must be registered with a business license. Therefore, before opening a pub, you need to pay attention to complete all necessary documents and legal procedures for your business.

There are two main business forms : household business (for small and medium-sized restaurants) and business in the form of enterprises (restaurants, large-scale eateries). The following are the contents as well as necessary documents to register an individual household business, ie opening a small restaurant or opening a popular pub :

Business registration documents for individuals: A set of business registration documents for popular restaurants and pubs will include:

●    Application for business registration.

●    Copy (notarized photocopy) of identity cards or passports of individuals who will participate in the business model.

●    A copy (notarized copy) of the meeting minutes on the establishment of the business household.

●    Business households have the right to conduct business from the date of issuance of the business household registration certificate, except for a number of conditional business lines.

Order and registration procedures:

- After preparing all the documents, you go to the People's Committee of the district where your business is located to submit the application. According to the content specified in Circular No. 176/2012/TT-BTC, the business household registration fee is set at the administrative agencies at 100,000 VND/time.

- Normally, after about 3 days of submitting the application, you will receive a receipt and certificate of business household registration from the local administrative agency. In case the application is not valid, the person receiving the application will send a written notice for you to promptly correct and supplement.

- Note that you absolutely have the right to complain and denounce if you have not received the business household registration certificate or the notice to correct the profile after 3 working days.

Thus, the business registration procedure is not too complicated and the time to complete the procedure is not too long, so it will not affect your business process.

Other required documents:

●    Certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety: This is a very important document of culinary business establishments, helping diners to have more confidence in your restaurant or restaurant.

●    Liquor retail business license (If the pub sells alcohol);

●    Certificate of assurance of fire prevention and fighting conditions.

Registering an individual household business

Registering an individual household business

Certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety

Certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety

2. Choosing a business premises

Space is one of the most costly issues when doing business, so you should search and consider choosing the right space.

●    First: The location of the restaurant is suitable for customers

The location of the shop depends on the customers you are targeting (workers, office workers, high-income people...). The restaurant should be located on a large road, crowded with people, spacious space, with parking for guests. If opening a pub in a small alley, it is possible to push the shop into a state of "no one in sight.

●    Second: Determine the location of the ground

For the model of a popular pub with about 30-50 tables, you can choose to rent an existing house or rent construction site land. The great advantage of renting construction site land is low cost and spacious and airy space.

Meanwhile, if you rent in a pre-built prime location, with a contract of one year or more, the business will be more stable, not worrying about the unexpected "claim" of the contractor.

●    Third: Pay attention to the space of the shop

At the same time, a restaurant with a clean and airy space will make customers comfortable, want to stay longer, which means they eat more and bring profits to the restaurant. Be sure to have someone to manage the car as well as guide the car when guests come or leave. This will make customers feel more secure and confident.

Space is one of the costs of opening a pub that you should consider carefully. In fact, many popular pubs opened could not be sustainable because they could not "carry" the monthly rent.

3. Sourcing of raw materials

After you have settled on the location of opening a popular pub , you need to find a suitable food supplier. Currently, there are clues that supply snails for only 12,000 VND - 15,000 VND/kg, clams are only about 15,000 VND/kg, etc. Meanwhile, 1 kg of snails can be processed 4-5 dishes of bait with prices from 50,000 VND to 70,000 VND.

- To find a supplier of clean food with cheap price, you need to be patient and quick. Usually, in the big wholesale markets of the city, there are wholesale clean foods at very affordable prices.

- In addition, you can also find places to grow clean vegetables, seafood farms, etc. to negotiate.

- Besides drinking bait, the source of "making money" for popular pubs also comes from drinking water.

+ Most of the pubs today do not take goods back and then resell because that easily leads to stagnation, not much profit. Instead, the owner will have a contract with companies that supply alcohol, beer and soft drinks and sell to the company for a percentage of the commission.

+ By this business method, you can both reduce a part of your investment capital, and not have to worry about the problem of goods being taken back but not sold.

Please ensure the quality of food and drinks, this is an important factor to develop a long-term pub business

Please ensure the quality of food and drinks, this is an important factor to develop a long-term pub business

4. Shop for supplies and arrange the pub space

Because you decide to open a popular pub, the premises and furniture are not necessarily new, but it is important to be clean and well used. If your capital is limited, you can buy liquidation items such as tables and chairs, fans, baskets, pots and pans, etc. This helps your shop save up to 50% compared to the cost of buying new.

The layout of the restaurant space also needs to pay attention to some points such as:

- The space must be cool: The first thing in the design of the pub is to make the space as cool as possible. Therefore, pubs are often built with a larger ground area than other types of catering businesses just to meet this factor.

- The pub dining space is designed outdoors with a roof, while the wharf and restrooms will be indoors. The roof usually has a height of 5 to 7 meters to create a larger space for guests to sit comfortably for a long time.

Along with that, because the dining area is outdoors, the store owner often arranges large-capacity fans in many different locations to create a flow of cool air for customers.

- On the other hand, to suit the needs of each person, the pub also arranges an indoor dining area with air conditioning, but the area only occupies a small part. This type of pub layout is very popular with business owners.

- Tables and chairs and furniture must bring comfort: For pubs, tables and chairs for diners play an important role, it is necessary to bring comfort and relaxation to customers during the process of dining with family. family, friends or partners.

The material of the table and chairs is usually made of wood with a metal frame and is covered with a glossy paint that is anti-dust and easy to clean. Business owners should choose tables and chairs of the right size, not too high or low to help customers feel comfortable and want to sit for a long time.

+ Not only that, wooden tables and chairs always bring simplicity, rustic but no less delicate. In addition, in order for the service to take place smoothly, the shop owner should arrange tables and chairs with a large enough distance for employees as well as diners to travel comfortably.

+ Should arrange the appropriate dining table based on the number of guests such as tables for 2-4 people or 8-12 people.

- There is a large parking area: Usually, large pubs often reserve a very large area for parking. Welcoming a large number of customers, the sidewalk alone will not be enough, but it will also detract from the exterior of the pub.

+ Before building a pub, the business owner should design a reasonable parking space inside the restaurant, easy to arrange without affecting the dining space of customers.

+ The parking space at the shop must ensure ventilation and neatness to facilitate the entry and exit of customers as well as easy, saving time and effort for security guards or staff in arranging vehicles. .

- Design a friendly dining space: Pubs are often a gathering place for customers with family and friends or to meet business partners. Therefore, the layout of the pub requires creating the most friendly and attractive dining space for everyone.

+ The owner can choose a unique and attractive restaurant design according to his own ideas to attract customers but must always ensure the most ventilation and comfort for them.

+ Designing miniatures such as trees and lakes will be a very good idea to bring natural features to the restaurant space.

The space of the restaurant will be an attraction and impression for customers

The space of the restaurant will be an attraction and impression for customers

5. Build a diverse menu of dishes

The pub menu should be diversified, with many dishes, rich processing methods and regularly updated to keep customers interested.

You can run a mixed pub business or specialize in a single dish of chicken, duck, goat, beef, etc., but the menu of the dishes must be attractive and diverse, regularly adding new dishes to bring more choices to the guests. Diners.

Besides food, quality beers and soft drinks should also be fully present in the pub menu. Make sure to use clean, clear food sources, do not reuse old food because it can cause poisoning for diners with digestive problems.

The process of preserving and processing must also ensure food hygiene and safety because this is one of the factors for your restaurant to be trusted by customers.

6. Prepare dishes to suit regional tastes, flexibly changing with the seasons

Delicious food is the decisive factor to the success of the pub business . Popular sidewalk pubs do not mean that the quality of the food is also affordable.

In order to attract and retain customers for a long time, the dishes must be prepared according to their own recipes and secrets so that they are delicious and different from other restaurants. At the same time, it is suitable for the taste of the majority of diners or can be processed according to each person's taste if the customer needs it.

To do that, you must hire a skilled chef or take professional cooking courses to become a chef for your pub.

- If your pub only focuses on the average audience, the menu does not need to be too sophisticated. Some must-have dishes such as roasted or boiled peanuts, salad, spring rolls, spring rolls, stir-fried vegetables, fried eggs, potatoes or sweet potatoes... The dishes are simple, inexpensive, suitable for the above subjects, and easy to choose. choose to sit back and relax.

- If your pub focuses on the higher classes, it's best to run a restaurant-style business. Make a daily menu of dishes, update right at the door for customers to choose easily. For this type of pub business , your restaurant must be rich in menus to attract customers.

- Delicious food, eye-catching decoration makes a difference from competitors. You should choose a dish as a specialty of the restaurant, every day on the menu. From there, helping customers easily remember their pub. This is the highlight of the restaurant, so it must always be delicious and unique.

- Drinks must also be flexible: Depending on the locality and target audience, each type of beer is sold accordingly. People in the region drink beer there, people in the South often drink Saigon Beer, people in the North drink Hanoi Beer or Viet Ha Beer, Hue people use Huda Beer; Working people drink alcohol, beer, office people, other types of beer and wine are more advanced.

+ To ensure the quality of beer, you should invest in a beer storage cabinet, beer for a long time with guaranteed quality and better taste due to deep cold, avoiding the situation that at the end of the day you have to pour away excess beer because of sour fermentation.

+ In the summer, we trade in draft beer and dry drinks, and in the cold season, we switch to making hot pot and grilling. However, it is also not possible to hold on to too much when the number of guests is too large and the kitchen cannot respond immediately.

7. Reasonable prices with attractive promotions

In addition to space, quality, and reasonable prices, popular pubs that want to attract customers need to use "tricks". Every investor must always try to attract and make a good impression on customers in many different ways. This depends on the capital and business creativity of each person.

- If you want your pub to be known by many people, you need to use current communication tools such as Facebook, website, ... so that many customers know. Regularly update the information of the restaurant to arouse the curiosity of customers.

- Many pubs today have very "cry" names and menus with very unique dishes. Goat at the table (grilled goat, goat hotpot), ocean dragon's beard (fried morning glory with garlic), long-legged dancer (dry imitation) ... is a creative naming method that makes diners curious, interested and want to enjoy right away. when going to popular pubs.

Along with delicious food, pubs also need to satisfy customers with friendly, fast service, and safe parking. Although the business is on a popular scale, you should also properly invest in these factors because no one wants to go to sloppy pubs, lazy service, and unenthusiastic.

- In addition, launching promotional tactics on holidays such as: promotion of 100,000 VND for a drinking table of over 500,000 VND or 10% discount for family tables of over 6 people... will also bring great results in attracting passersby and loyal customers.

- Depending on the size and capital of each restaurant, there will be different marketing strategies. However, the most effective and least expensive way is employee uniforms. Uniforms help you define your brand and make a difference compared to other pubs. In addition, this is also a criterion to help customers evaluate service quality.

Depending on the amount of capital to open your pub, you can have a suitable marketing strategy

Depending on the amount of capital to open your pub, you can have a suitable marketing strategy

8. Customer service attitude

This is the deciding factor whether customers will return to your shop or not. Please operate with the criterion that customers are king, they are the ones who bring fortune to your shop.

- Always serve customers wholeheartedly within the capacity allowed. The pub is quite complicated, when there is a little yeast in the body, many customers are often "difficult to please". Your best bet should be served quickly, exactly as requested.

- Minimizing the situation of ordering the wrong dish, a slightly drunk customer will be more irritable. Pubs often have a large number of customers at a time of day, usually noon and night. Therefore, the payment must be accurate and fast. Sometimes the staff takes a long time to make the customer wait, which can easily cause friction.

- If your restaurant is high-class, you can build a shuttle bus for guests to eat and drink without worrying about being drunk and ensuring safety.

When doing business, the owner is under a great deal of pressure from the customer. They go to the bar, every time they drink, they have to be really drunk to stop and then it leads to evil. Drunk then fighting, smashing things, betting, ... are cases that often happen and it becomes the "karma of the pub".

In addition, there are many "trivial" conflicts such as making things, bringing things up slowly, staff with poor attitude, ... and dozens of problems related to guests. This requires you to be ready to become a judge or lawyer at any time to deal with difficult guests.

During the business process, he also met many customers who drank from late at night until late at night, but the shop asked for permission to close, but they refused to return and began to curse because, sometimes beating both the staff and the owner.

The above reasons make many people wonder whether to open a pub or not, many people are too pressured to quit their job. Therefore, to open and develop a successful pub is not easy but requires your patience and perseverance.

Getting rich is not difficult if we are really serious and have specific orientations and careful calculations in every step. Hopefully, the article sharing the experience of opening a popular pub will help you gain more useful information to confidently open your own pub.

Don't forget, need business capital , open a pub, you can apply for an online CashBerry loan . CashBerry - 24/7 financial consulting company will help you overcome obstacles, financial pressure quickly! For more information, please contact via Fanpage - The financial friend of everyone .

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