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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

After the distance, many types of F&B are almost difficult to operate. However, this is also a great opportunity for those who intend to run a small cafe business.

After half a year of social distancing, F&B types seem to "stand still" because they can't afford the budget for the premises while there is no revenue. In the "new normal" time, will the small cafe business bring the desired profit?

Food is a daily need of every person. Therefore, many F&B startups think that the small cafe business will be popular even during the COVID period. Is opening a cafe simply a matter of capital and space? Please read through the advice on opening a small cafe compiled from many experienced shop owners below.

1. Brainstorm ideas and choose a small cafe business style

This is the most important step in the small cafe business . You need to determine the audience you are targeting to come up with ideas and build a restaurant style. The current popular cafe styles are office coffee, football cafe, takeaway cafe, music cafe, garden cafe, personality cafe, book cafe,...

- Office Cafe: Historical and elegant style. Because this is a place often frequented by office workers to work and meet partners. Must have strong wifi and convenient plug for laptop use.

- Football Cafe: Comfortable and sporty style. This is where the comrades meet each other in every football season, big season. Must be equipped with a large projection screen and installed a K+ television.

- Cafe take away: Convenient and fast style. This is a place to serve customers who are busy and do not have the opportunity to sit at the shop.

- Garden cafe: Natural style, spacious and airy. In addition to being a place for couples to date, this is also a place to organize family meetings.

- Music Cafe: High art style because this is the place where customers will enjoy drinks and enjoy music. When choosing this style, you need to be careful about the menu as well as the list of singers that you will invite for acoustics performances.

- Cafe personality: Unique and unforgettable style. Once a customer comes, they will remember it forever. 

- Casual cafe: Casual and friendly style. This is a place not only to enjoy coffee but also for "gourmets".

- Book Cafe: Elegant style and library. This is a place for book lovers, so it is necessary to equip bookshelves and classic titles.

2. Determine the capital to invest for the cafe

After you have an idea and shape the style, you need to determine the source of investment capital for the type. Investment capital for small cafe business includes premises, furniture, equipment, materials,...

Refer to the investment capital of a small cafe for each type:



Football Cafe

200 - 250 million VND

Take away coffee

200 - 250 million VND

Book Cafe

250 - 500 million VND

Popular coffee

About 100 million won

Garden coffe

About 500 million won

Another small cafe

About 100 million won


When accepting the small cafe business , you have to accept the upcoming risk. At first, the shop will not make a profit, even a capital loss. And to quickly increase revenue for the shop, in addition to marketing, you must always ensure the capital to maintain operations.

If you need a quick business loan , you can refer to quick online loans from 1 to 10 million at CashBerry. This is a form of borrowing money through the app with a very simple procedure, quick disbursement in just a few minutes, helping you immediately have cash to rotate capital to spend for the shop. 

3. Estimate the cost of small cafe investment

The cost of investing in a small cafe will fall into the costs of construction, business registration, marketing, staff, maintenance, ...

Application fee

Before starting a business, you need to apply for a license to operate. Business registration costs and monthly taxes depend on the size of the cafe. Fees you need to prepare:

- Certificate of hygiene - food safety: valid for 3 years, the fee is about 25 million dong.

- License fee: About 1 million/year.

- Types of VAT and PIT.

You should ask for experience from those who have gone before to complete legal procedures quickly. You also need to complete the process of applying for a government license in order for the shop to operate as planned.

Construction costs

Fish n attention on building consistent "offers" from the beginning to reduce repair costs to a minimum. The construction cost for this type of small cafe ranges from 10 to 30 million VND. When renting premises, you should choose places with good locations and not damaged too much.

Accrued expenses consistent marketing

This type of expense is required before going into operation. Leaflets are the optimal choice when starting a small cafe business .

Also, make full use of social media. You can create articles with content about promotions to attract people to the shop. You should also invest in more billboards in conspicuous locations of the shop such as the entrance door or the cash register.

Accrued expenses rental service personnel

At first, you should cooperate with relatives or family members to complete the service process. After making a profit, you can hire more workers. Students will be the optimal choice.

Cost of maintaining the shop

This cost includes non-fixed expenses such as electricity, water, wifi, cab, tax,... Estimated minimum for a small cafe is about 15 million VND.

4. Things to do before opening a small cafe

Selecting premises and renting

The space is the first factor that determines the effectiveness of the cafe. Once you have the idea and style, as well as the funding source, you should pay attention to find the right place.

You should choose places with high traffic, or places close to the customer group you are targeting. For example, if you want to run a small office- style cafe , you should choose a place with many offices.

In addition, feng shui is also an important factor in the selection of premises. In order for your business to run smoothly, you need to make offerings when opening. If possible, the shop should decorate with feng shui trees.

Make a list of furniture

After selecting and renting space, you can proceed to order from furniture suppliers. For example, tables and chairs, decorations, counters, lights, ...

Make a list of equipment

The list of equipment used in the cafe includes: Refrigerator, microwave, dispensing equipment, blender, table and chair, bar, decorations, cash register, card machine, ...

Find raw material suppliers and make a list

Take advantage of relationships to find the best source of raw materials at the best price. This is extremely important because it helps you stabilize the price in the menu, increase competition and optimize profits for the restaurant.

From there, you can price the menu by:

- Competitive pricing.

- Cost and profit pricing.

- Pricing according to beverage standards. This approach is most recommended as it contributes to your brand value creation. You can set the price using the formula: Recipe cost / food cost ratio.

For example: The cost for a glass of orange juice is 6000 VND, the cost of raw materials accounts for 25%. So the retail price of a glass of orange juice: 6000 / 25% = 24,000 VND.

Thorough training before going into operation

The good coordination between the departments contributes to the efficiency of the small cafe business process . Make sure everyone you hire is cooperative.

Before going into operation, all employees must be properly trained. For service staff, it is necessary to know the do's and don'ts while interacting with customers. For bartenders, it is necessary to train and check quality before officially serving customers.

If you are a shop owner, you must know all the recipes. You can learn to prepare by yourself to save on staff costs. You can also create "unique" dishes to increase competition.

Select opening date

The last thing in the small cafe business is choosing the right opening date. Choosing the right "golden time" helps the shop achieve the maximum number of customers compared to other times. You can open after the distance because it is close to major holidays and the demand for food increases.

5. How long will small cafe profits and sales increase?

How long does it take to recover capital and be profitable? How long will the profit and revenue of the small cafe be positive in the current pandemic situation ? These are the questions that many investors ponder over the past time.

According to actual statistics from cafes that have been in operation for a long time, the profit of small cafes usually fluctuates at 25-35% of revenue.

Profit is what keeps the business running smoothly. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize profits by cutting costs and increasing revenue. If you do this, profits and sales will increase after a short period of time.

Small cafe investment costs can be cut:

- Cut decoration costs.

- Reduce hiring of human resources to save costs.

- Reduced rental fees.

- Effective inventory management.

Ways to increase small cafe revenue:

- Designing profitable menus, stimulating customers to buy more.

- Optimizing opening time: Open early, close late.

- Increase the price within the allowable limit (should increase in case the price of raw materials increases from time to time).

The article summarizes successful small cafe business experiences from big owners. Please refer to it carefully to know about the process as well as operate the shop well, bring the most profit for you.

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