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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

If you want to open a sidewalk smoothie shop quickly, it's not as simple as buying fruit ingredients and a blender. So what does it take to have little capital and still open a successful shop?

The human need for food has never stopped growing. The proof is the appearance of thousands of different large and small shops every day. Compared to coffee shops, milk tea shops, etc., the opening of sidewalk smoothie shops is more positive in the post-epidemic period.

No need to invest too much, you just need to open a popular smoothie shop to get a daily income. Because smoothies are suitable for everyone, not only a refreshment but also good for health. But is opening a sidewalk smoothie shop suitable for people with little capital to make quick profits ? The answer will be in the article below of CashBerry!

Why do many people want to open a sidewalk smoothie shop ?

In the past, the sidewalk smoothie business has always been an attractive industry that anyone can succeed. The increasing focus on health is the leading reason for the continuous development of famous brands. Along with that is the introduction of new technology, allowing the creation of new, more attractive dishes.

Like any industry, profitability is a big business driver. It can be said that opening a sidewalk smoothie shop in the post-pandemic period is a great idea because of its high profitability. With a small capital, you can start a take away smoothie stand and make a profit every day.

People often think that opening a smoothie shop is just a side job. But for many people, it is a "fishing rod". Many shop owners put all their capital and enthusiasm into this "cargo" to make a living. In response to their wish, they can earn profits in millions of dollars per day.

Should little capital open a sidewalk smoothie shop ?

Capital is an important first step in the business preparation process. Depending on the size of the shop, you can spend the corresponding capital. The good news for shop owners is that they don't need too much capital to open a shop, even on a large scale.

The amount of capital you need to estimate for a small-scale restaurant is about 20-25 million VND . If you want to expand more, you have to prepare about 40 - 50 million VND . In addition, you should have another 5 - 10 million VND to rotate capital in the first 3 months of business.

Once you have identified the source of capital, you continue to create a detailed spending table to avoid wasting capital in the preparation process. Usually includes the following costs:

- Cost of premises: Availability of premises is an advantage. Otherwise, you will pay 3 - 6 million VND/month.

- The cost of designing and decorating the store: Usually, the smoothie shop will not cost too much to decorate. But for sure, you have to decorate the signs and stalls.

Equipment costs: Freezers, blenders, presses,...

- Cost of ingredients: When opening a sidewalk smoothie shop, the main ingredients are fruit. You should buy enough to sell in a day or buy every few days to ensure freshness.

Although opening a sidewalk smoothie shop is very suitable for people with little capital, there are also certain risks. Typically, during the last long epidemic, many sidewalk smoothie shops lost revenue or even closed. In fact, many restaurant owners share that their monthly average is only about 6-7 million VND. Specifically, a day only earns 200-300 thousand VND.

In addition, a problem that you need to face if you want to maintain and grow profits. It's the preparation of the ingredients! To limit the quality risk, you absolutely must not reuse damaged fruit. Reusing poor ingredients does not help increase profits, but also makes customers "avoid" your shop.

However, if you can anticipate it, it is possible to control the risk. One way to increase profits in the COVID era is to always make the most of every sales channel. In addition to selling directly, you can sell through online ordering apps, websites, social networks,...

How to open a sidewalk smoothie shop for beginners

Depending on the business area, customer target and capital source, you can choose the appropriate model. Popular models of smoothie shops today: Trolley style, sidewalk smoothie shop, smoothie shop combined with juice, fruit, tea, ice cream,...

Many people think that still, there is no way to make money from smoothie bars. Just invest in a stall, a blender and go buy ingredients. Because of not careful planning before going into business, the shop owner was surprised because "life is not like a dream".

What does it take to open a sidewalk smoothie shop ? Try to make a plan according to the steps below to get the answer!

●    Step 1: Identify customers, opening time, direct competitors.

●    Step 2: Make a marketing plan for the shop. With a small capital, MXH is the ideal place for you to advertise your shop. In addition, you should take advantage of online ordering apps.

●    Step 3: Make a specific business plan in terms of revenue, costs, materials,...

Experience opening an effective fruit smoothie shop from day one

After the epidemic, many people "rushed" to open sidewalk smoothie shops because they wanted to make high profits from low capital. So how does the shop get crowded and get a foothold in the midst of a brand name forest? That's not an easy question to answer, but it's not impossible either. For the shop to work effectively, you need to understand these key issues:

Choose the right space to rent with capital

Before deciding to choose a space to open a sidewalk smoothie shop , you need to consider factors such as ventilation, easy-to-see, traffic volume, surrounding rival shops.

Beautiful premises can be the corner of the intersection, near schools, companies, shopping malls, residential areas,... You can consult your predecessors or friends, or even a lawyer to find premises and contract signing.

Become an “expert” on delicious smoothies

According to the experience of opening a fruit smoothie shop from many shop owners, the recipe for creating a smoothie is the key to retaining customers. Besides the basic recipes, you need to learn how to harmonize ingredients to create many new recipes. The more unique the dishes, the more customers they attract.

Learning about ingredient combinations will tell you what you should and shouldn't give your customers. This is also a way to build trust with customers.

Don't think of smoothies as easy to make. You need to learn more how to mix by enjoying many recipes of famous bars. Or you can take a short bartending course.

Find out market needs, survey competitors

Your competitors are not just direct competitors like smoothie vendors. There are also indirect competitors who sell soft drinks and milk tea . For smoothies, customers of all ages will be more interested because it's healthy.

To open a sidewalk smoothie shop with high profits, you need to pay attention to the following things.

- Product quality: Must ensure the criteria of delicious, clean, reasonable price.

- Service process: Usually people who open sidewalk smoothie shops rarely notice this. You need to have a process: Pick-up - Pick-up - Arrange seats - Order - Enjoy - Pay - Drop off guests.

- Service attitude: A smile and a warm welcome will make customers much more comfortable.

- Atmosphere: Find out what your target audience likes the atmosphere: Bustling, quiet or vibrant,...

Sourcing clean - safe - fresh ingredients and tools

To open a sidewalk smoothie shop , you need to have the necessary ingredients and tools.

For raw materials: You must ensure the source of fresh and clean fruit, not sprayed with Chinese chemicals. This is a decisive factor for business performance. Because no one wants to "load" into a smoothie full of chemicals.

As for the tools: The blender is a must-have. If you plan to do long-term business, you should invest in a high-quality machine with a large capacity. You should invest in two to be able to serve customers in a timely manner.

If you have difficulty in preparing the preparation equipment, or lack of money for the purchase of ingredients, you can apply for an online CashBerry loan .

CashBerry, loan support without proof of income

With that said, the smoothie business is a bountiful field. Once you know how to open a smoothie shop , you should prepare yourself a certain amount of capital to open a shop. If you do not have enough capital, online loans will be the best solution for you.

If you have ever learned about reputable financial and loan companies, you will not be able to ignore CashBerry. In particular, the application process becomes simpler than ever with the presence of CashBerry Loan App . Thanks to that, many business investors have solved financial difficulties as well as capital rotation.

To download the app, please go to Google Play and search for the keyword “CashBerry”. It only takes a few minutes to open the application and you have an instant loan of up to 10 million VND without having to prove income:

Hope the sharing about the experience of opening a fruit smoothie shop from CashBerry will help you prepare well before starting the business. If you are in urgent need of capital, visit the website or send a message to Fanpage CashBerry - The financial friend of everyone . CashBerry is available 24/7 and ready to assist you with all your personal financial matters.

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