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  • Term:
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    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
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    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
Get loan
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Internet Banking service was born until now for more than 15 years, is increasingly popular, attracting customers to use. However, due to the habit of using cash, fear of complexity, safety and security in transactions, some consumers are still afraid to use, the number of transactions is still limited.

If you are still wondering what Internet Banking is and its benefits, the following shares are really for you.

I bet that after you understand the nature of this service, you will see that it is a powerful support tool, helping you to have an easier life.

What is Internet Banking?

For an overview, let's first understand what E Banking is.

What is E-Banking?

E Banking stands for Electronic-Banking, short name for electronic banking service in general. This is an online banking service, supported on phone platforms, computers connected to the Internet or telecommunications network, helping users to perform online financial transactions, manage daily accounts.

Types of electronic banking

● Internet Banking: is an electronic banking service supported on the Internet platform. Users only need to visit the bank's website and log in to use it.     

● Mobile Banking: An electronic banking service supported on smart mobile phone platforms, currently mainly supports on 2 operating systems iOs and Android.     

● SMS Banking: Electronic banking service supported on sms message systems, automatic banking switchboard.     

?? Thus, within the system of E Banking, Internet Banking is an online banking service that helps customers manage accounts and perform transactions quickly through Internet-connected devices such as electricity. phone, laptop, desktop computer.


Internet Banking services provided

- View fee schedule, interest rate, exchange rate

- Look up account balances and details of related transactions

- Query information of credit cards, debit cards

- Print account statements from time to time

- Transfer from individual account to personal account, socio-economic organization account, ... to pay for goods purchase, interest, loan principal, securities investment money, insurance premium, service fees, other payment contents.

- Transfer money to pay bills for goods and services, such as electricity, water, telecommunications, aviation, travel, insurance, ...

- Transfer money to your account to buy and sell online on e-commerce websites

- Issuing electronic check (Electronic check)

- Some banks also accept procedures for issuing guarantee certificates for deferred payment or postpaid transactions.

... and many other services.

It can be seen that the establishment of e-banking has had the impact of promoting the development of e-commerce, on the contrary, it can be said that e-commerce is a driving force for an increasingly strong development. of electronic banking services.

To use e-banking services, you must first open an account at a bank that provides Internet Banking services, then do the registration procedures with the bank according to the regulations of each bank.

Internet Banking fee schedule?

Is there a fee for using Internet Banking?

There are no fees for using Internet Banking depending on the regulations of each bank. Normally, when registering for Internet Banking service at banks, it is completely free of charge. But, customers will have to pay the maintenance and usage fees to the bank. When the payment is due, the bank will deduct it directly from your account.


Customers can refer to Internet Banking fees at some of the following banks:


Registration fee

Service fee

Vietcombank bank


10,000 VND / Month



8,000 VND / Month



50,000 VND / Year



8,800 VND / Month

Tpbank Bank



Sacomba nk Bank


40,000 VND / quarter

Eximbank Bank


Eximbank is free for the first 3 months of Internet Banking transaction package, from the 4th month, it will charge 99,000 VND / year

HD Bank


100,000 VND / Year



10,000 VND / Month

VIB Bank



Fees for maintaining Internet Banking services of some banks

According to the above data sheet, we can see that the maintenance fee for Internet Banking service is not too high and the average fee for this service is 10,000 VND / Month.

In addition to banks that charge monthly fees such as VietCombank, Agribank, Techcombank, many banks also apply free registration fees as well as service maintenance fees such as: City Bank, VIB.

In addition to using Internet Banking service and OTP authentication (SMS Token), banks have also been implementing services such as Token machines.

This is a small handheld device like a key chain, when making transactions, customers only need to get the OTP code from the Token machine instead of the OTP code from the SMS Token to perform the transaction. If you use this service, you will have to buy a device with a value of between 200,000 VND and 300,000 VND.

In addition, customers can also use Mobile Token to get OTP. Currently, there are many banks implementing this service and completely free with the basic package like Tp Bank.

Advantages and disadvantages of Internet Banking service


- Fast and easy execution

Compared to the past, e-banking services have gradually replaced all users' usage habits. If before that people spent time waiting in the bank seats, it can now be done quickly via Internet Banking.

✔️ Transfer money inside and outside the bank in just 5 minutes

✔️ Automatic bill payment only through 1 setup

✔️ Save beneficiary account contacts to perform the following transactions accurately and quickly

✔️ Make transactions anytime, anywhere even on holidays or Saturday, Sunday

✔️ Easy to use interface, supported on many different devices

Secure transaction

✔️ First layer of security: Username and password to login + Sign in with fingerprints

✔️ Second layer of security: Personal password when transacting

✔️ 3rd layer of security: OTP code, now OTP is implemented:


Smart OTP

+ Token OTP

* * Furthermore, consumers can also monitor their accounts regularly and closely, ensuring account safety. Day and night access to banking information helps to detect fraudulent activity early, thus acting as a protective barrier against financial loss or loss.

So everyone can feel secure when using the service. Besides, everyone should understand that each bank supports its own e-banking services. They develop App Mobile Banking to perform transactions on phone, integrated Internet Banking on website and SMS Banking through the PBX system. Each bank supports registration at counters to ensure the safety of users.



However, in addition to those advantages, when using e-banking services, users sometimes encounter some of the following problems:

- Account locked

- Account exposed

- Forgot login password

- The system encountered a technical error

- Can be used for smart devices with Internet connection

Verify with OTP code, so sometimes you don't get a code that affects transactions

- There are many layers of security, so sometimes having trouble using it for some objects or forgetting some security codes will not be able to trade.

Those are a few limitations that all banks have to deal with.

For customers who have registered a bank account, most are always consulted about Internet Banking registration. This service is provided to customers by the bank, you can choose whether to register or not.

After registration, you can access information related to your account, make money transfers, pay online bills, and some online services. This service will help you to minimize direct banking and some payment operations.

Currently, with its prestige, Vietcombank Internet Banking is being registered by many customers. You can consult and learn more at the official website.

The fastest way to register for Internet Banking

To register for Internet Banking, you can choose one of two ways below:

● Option 1: Register directly at the bank when opening an account.     

● Option 2: You can register for Internet Banking online via website.     

When you register at the bank's transaction office, you will be fully supported by the system staff to register for the service and use it successfully in the fastest way. When you register for a service at a bank's transaction office, remember to bring your identity card.

In the process of online payment service registration, please register for additional SMS Banking service to ensure control of your account status when you perform electronic transactions. If you encounter any problem, it can be solved promptly. 

Once you have completed the procedures and provided your account and access code, you can begin using the service through the bank's application. Note that during use, you need absolute security of your OTP to avoid property damage.

So, how is Internet Banking different from Mobile Banking?

Similar to Internet Banking, Mobile Banking is also an online banking service through an application of mobile banking, allowing customers to transact with the bank anywhere. Just need a mobile phone with Internet connection, customers can easily perform transactions like in Internet Banking.

To use Mobile Banking, customers need to go to the bank to register. The service fee per month is equivalent to e-banking.

Compare electronic banking services

From the above information, you do not know which service to use? Below is a comparison table of electronic banking services, making it easier for you to imagine.

Comparison criteria

Internet Banking

Mobile Banking

SMS Banking


- Use on phones and computers on the Internet

- Large screen, easy-to-see interface

- Has many features

- Have specific instructions for the bank

- Can be used anytime, anywhere because on mobile electricity

- There are features that the Internet Banking version does not have such as QR Pay

- Easy to use interface

- There are specific instructions from the bank

- Applies to all electric lines, used by the operator

- Fast service

- Low service cost


- Only a few remaining banks develop mobile versions of Website, so when using on a phone, the screen is cut off, annoying and difficult to use.

- Easy to be tricked into clicking on virtual links to declare information if not understanding

- App installed on the phone so it is easy to get information stolen if you forget to sign out

- Only used for smartphones

- Passive notification of balance messages

- Only a few banks support querying

- Pay extra fee of the mobile phone operator when performing regular service


Currently, Mobile Banking is used more commonly because the application is compatible with many types of phones and the application interface is very easy to use. In particular, the Mobile Banking service of some banks also free all transaction fees such as money transfer, goods purchases and online services. Preferential transaction fees will help you save a fair amount of money, especially for regular customers.

And finally, equally important, it's ...

Internet Banking - How to use it to not lose money unjustly

In order to protect your bank account, improve the security of Internet Banking, you should keep the following in mind.

● Change password, protect your account in the best way     

Change your password as soon as possible when you receive information to activate Internet Banking service. Absolutely do not disclose the password to others. Do not click on the words "Save my password / details" or the text related to automatic password storage when suggested by the browser.

      Register to use OTP security service

With OTP - One Time Password service, if the bad guys know your username and password, they cannot log in to the ID account system. Because in order to log into the ID account system, the bad guy must have an OTP authentication code. This verification code will be sent to the correct phone number that you have registered securely with the bank. Each authentication code is valid for use only once.

However, to ensure safety, it is best to immediately notify the bank to temporarily lock your subscription when something goes wrong.

● Secure your Internet Banking account with everyone     

E-banking accounts are very important for people not to lend them to anyone for use or not to let anyone know. Like an ATM PIN, it is sooner or later to reveal the risk of losing money. In case you find your account is exposed, you should change the login password.

● Cancel the service when there is no need to use it     

E-banking services that do not support monthly free maintenance incur a maintenance fee. So if the account is not in demand anymore, everyone should cancel the service, do not lock the account because the lock still has to incur fees.

● Find out fees for using Internet Banking service     

Any bank using E Banking should learn about:

- Service fee

- Transaction fees: Money transfer, payment, top-up ....

- Password re-issue fee

- Fee for issuing statement

- Registration fee

- Account lock / unlock fee ...

      Be careful with public places

To access your Internet Banking account, it is best to use a personal computer at home and minimize computers, public wireless networks. Because these networks often have unforeseen risks.

Hackers, for example, can use special tools to collect network packets, which in turn retrieves the user's personal information. Or, public computers have not installed anti-virus software, so information is easily stolen ... Moreover, there are many people in public so it is easy to be tracked and peeked when you log on to the Internet. Banking.

● Only deal with reputable payment websites     

Hackers can easily get information (name, account number, credit card number ...) when you report on non-reputable websites.

Therefore, to ensure the safety and security, you should only conduct transactions on websites that are licensed and reputable.


● Be vigilant with strange messages and emails     

There have been many cases of customers being cheated on money by believing in fake bank messages or a reputable organization. Or spam emails. Therefore, you absolutely must not follow phishing messages or emails.

Ideally, you should contact the bank directly for the support to handle it promptly. And you should also preset phone number of the bank when registering the service to promptly notify the bank when detecting unusual transactions.

It can be said that when the Internet appears in almost every agency, office, E-banking becomes an inevitable and potential development trend. Applying the power of digital technology, CashBerry also performs disbursement and payment transactions via Internet Banking.

From now on, you can borrow money online right on your phone, make payment for CashBerry loans via Internet Banking easily and quickly.

Quick loan, "CHEAPE" payment at CashBerry

With the goal of bringing convenience and fastest loans, CashBerry has applied technology 4.0 and cooperated with many reputable electronic payment units.

Payment by electronic wallet - internet banking

Make a quick payment with a virtual account
Step 1: Open your internet banking application
Step 2: Make a payment to the following account information:

Beneficiary Bank:

Woori Bank (Woori Bank)

Beneficiary account name:


Beneficiary account number:

Provided in your loan account

Money transfer content

Contract number + first and last name

** To get the beneficiary account number in your loan account please follow these steps:

■ Sign in to your CashBerry account. Then Click the button "PAYMENT".     

■ The screen will show your bank accounts. Then please choose the account that you have been disbursing.     

■ Next screen will display virtual account information at Bao Kim bank that CashBerry has provided to you.     

Step 3: Pay the loan and take the Payment Receipt.

With the CashBerry application, customers not only pay loans online, but also track the loan anytime, anywhere. Thanks to that, we know the repayment progress, the remaining amount to be paid, and how long is the due date. From there, you can plan a reasonable expenditure and plan to apply for the next loan (if there is a need).

The biggest benefit of Internet Banking is the convenience and minimization of costs as well as time for banking transactions. Likewise, the benefits of using online instant money loan service at CashBerry will help you solve your financial problems as quickly as possible. Helping customers save costs as well as improve utility speed, increase security, create reliability for customers.

Hopefully, through today's sharing about Internet Banking, you have understood more about this service and have some peace of mind when registering to use it. Do not forget, if you need to borrow money urgently, quickly borrow cash, alo for CashBerry for support!

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