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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

You want to borrow money from Military Bank (MB Bank), but do not know the terms, interest rates, procedures, how to borrow. Find out all right in this article.

MBBank – a name that is too familiar in the Vietnamese financial market. Referring to MB, people immediately think of products and services with many attractive utilities, in which it is impossible to ignore the military bank loan service . How to apply for MB Bank loan? Should I borrow money from MBBank ?

About Military Bank

After nearly 25 years of construction and growth, MB has grown stronger and stronger, becoming a multi-functional financial group with its parent bank MB in Vietnam & abroad (Laos, Cambodia) and member companies. (in the field of securities, insurance, consumer finance, fund management, asset management, life insurance).

After more than 25 years of construction and growth, MB is now considered as a stable, reliable financial institution with safe and sustainable development and high reputation.

As of January 2021, MBBank increased its charter capital for the first time with a maximum of nearly 9,795 billion dong through the form of stock dividend in 2020 at the rate of 35%. It is expected that after completing the division, the charter capital of MBBank will increase from the current VND 7,987 billion to VND 37,782 billion and will continue to increase in 2021. Currently, nationwide, there are more than 180 branches. , 190 MBBank transaction points help customers easily make transactions when needed.

Currently , MB is implementing two types of loans: mortgage loans and unsecured loans . Depending on the loan product, there are different terms, interest rates and loan procedures.

You can trust the Military Bank to borrow money

You can trust the Military Bank to borrow money

Military bank unsecured loan

Currently, Military Bank offers unsecured loans with the following products.

MB Bank's unsecured loan products

Military bank consumer loan

●    Simple loan procedure, quick loan approval.

●    Customers do not need to mortgage collateral.

●    Support customers to apply for online loans via MB Bank app .

●    Large loan limit up to 500 million VND.

●    Flexible loan term up to 60 months.

●    Support customers with many flexible payment methods, suitable for many cash flows of customers.

Unsecured loans for state employees of MB Bank

●    Simple loan procedure, Quick Disbursement.

●    Customers do not need to pledge collateral.

●    Support customers to borrow minimum 20 million and maximum up to 500 million.

●    Loan terms extend up to 60 months.

●    Instant support for a loan insurance package when approved.

●    Customers can choose flexible payment methods.

Overdraft unsecured loan

●    Very competitive interest rates.

●    Loan limit if there is collateral up to 5 billion VND.

●    Limit maintenance period up to 12 months.

●    Customers can use capital quickly and conveniently through many transaction channels of MB such as: At counter/Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, BankPlus, Card,...

Military bank loan interest rate 2021 in unsecured form

Depending on each unsecured loan product, MB Bank will apply different interest rates, specifically:

●    With unsecured loans for government officials and employees, in addition to being given preferential treatment for one day of insurance (according to MB's policy) when the loan is approved, MB also provides preferential support. interest rate is 12.5%/year.

●    For unsecured consumer unsecured customers, MB is currently applying preferential low interest rates from 17.62%/year.

●    For unsecured customers, fast withdrawals currently have an interest rate of nearly 20%/year.


●    Different loan products will have different interest rates.

●    Depending on the loan conditions of each customer, MB Bank applies different interest rates. For customers who fully meet the conditions set out by MB, they will receive a favorable interest rate.

●    Depending on the period, each time, the loan products will be applied with different interest rates.

To know the specific interest rate for your loan, you should visit MB Bank transaction office for detailed advice.

To know the specific interest rate for your loan, you should visit MB Bank transaction office for detailed advice.

Conditions for unsecured loans from Military Bank

In order for customers to apply for unsecured loans at Military Bank MB, customers need to meet the following conditions:

●    Customers are Vietnamese citizens, living and working at locations near MB's branches/transaction offices.

●    Age: for women not more than 55 years old, for men not more than 60 years old at the time of loan termination.

●    Customers who have household registration/temporary residence book (KT3) at the nearest MB branch/transaction office.

●    Being a customer who works for salary and is paid via monthly account and has worked at agencies and enterprises for 1 year or more.

●    For public employees, it must be: cadres, civil servants, public employees who are paid according to the state coefficient & employees (employees) who are working under the form of labor contracts, at State agencies, organizations and enterprises.

●    The client has full civil legal capacity and civil act capacity.

●    The customer has a good credit history and has no bad credit or bad credit.

●    Customers need to prove their ability to pay their debts.

MB Bank unsecured loan procedures

MB bank loan documents will depend on each loan product, but there are some general documents that you need to prepare, which are:

●    ID card/CCCD/Passport, Household registration/temporary residence book (KT3), marriage registration certificate/Marriage status certification.

●    Labor contract/Working contract/Decision on payroll.

●    Proof of income such as payroll, salary statement (at least 3 months or more at the management unit) documents proving income if there are other sources of debt repayment.

●    Loan application form according to the form of MB bank.

●    Documents related to collateral (if any).

●    Loan application form cum commitment to repay debt (under MB's form).

Mortgage loan from Military bank

Mortgage loan products of MB Bank

Loans to buy houses, buy apartments in MB Bank

●    Maximum loan limit is up to 90% of loan demand.

●    Flexible loan terms extending up to 15 years.

●    Simple loan application process, quick loan approval.

●    Flexible repayment method: Principal/terminal payment; Interest paid periodically/terminal. fixed annuity/initial balance/declining balance.

●    Support customers to mortgage diversified assets such as: real estate, valuable papers, savings books/cards, deposit contracts, cars.

Loans to build houses, repair houses, MB Bank

●    Support customers to borrow up to 80% of customers' loan needs.

●    Flexible loan terms up to 20 years.

●    Simple loan process, quick disbursement.

●    Support customers to pay debts in many different ways.

●    Customers can mortgage collateral under many different products such as: Property rights from Sale Contract, Long-term Lease Contract, Transfer Contract, Transfer Documents, Apartment/house purchase and sale contract. /project land…; Loan-independent collaterals such as Real Estate, Cars and Valuable Papers.

Car loan from MB bank

●    Approve customer loans in just 15 minutes.

●    Preferential interest rates for car loans from MB bank are only from 0.55%/month.

●    Support customers to apply for loans up to 84 months.

●    Collateral is diverse such as: Purchased car/real estate/valuable papers.

●    Flexible payment methods.

●    Pledged assets are diverse such as: Cars to be purchased/real estate, savings books, deposit contracts, independent cars with loans, valuable papers.

Loans for mortgage of valuable papers from MB bank

●    Very competitive interest rates.

●    Support customers to borrow up to 100% of the value of valuable papers.

●    Simple loan process, quick approval. Only 30 minutes after the customer received the money.

●    Flexible loan term to suit the conditions and needs of customers.

Borrow money for business and production from MB

●    Simple loan procedure, quick application approval within 24 working hours.

●    Preferential interest rates, very competitive from only 5.9%/year.

●    Customers are entitled to free account transactions at the counter or on the MB Bank App.

In order to maximize customer support, MB Bank deploys many different loan packages

In order to maximize customer support, MB Bank deploys many different loan packages

Conditions for borrowing money from Military Bank

●    Customers are Vietnamese citizens, living and working at locations near branches/transaction offices of MB Bank.

●    Customers have full civil legal capacity and capacity to bear civil acts.

●    Customers are aged between 18 and 70 years old at the time of loan termination.

●    Customers with household registration/temporary residence book (KT3) near locations near branches/transaction offices of MB Bank.

●    Customers have collateral and can prove their ability to repay loans.

●    Customers need to commit to use capital in accordance with the law.

●    Customers must have no bad credit or outstanding debt and have a good credit history. 

Military bank mortgage loan procedure

To apply for a mortgage loan from Military Bank , customers need to prepare the following documents:

●    Loan application form and commitment to repay debt according to the form of MB bank.

●    ID card/CCCD/Passport, Household registration/temporary residence book (KT3), marriage registration certificate/Marriage status certification.

●    For customers buying and repairing houses, they need documents related to the purchase of houses, apartments, and project land.

●    Documents related to collateral.

●    Proof of income source.

●    For business borrowers, you need to prepare documents: Business registration is still valid for industries requiring business registration, or tax payment receipts, or certification of the People's Committee of production and business activities.. . and other mandatory documents for conditional business lines.

In addition, depending on each product, MB will require customers to provide other relevant documents.

Military bank mortgage interest rate

At Military Bank, the form of mortgage loan has a wide variety of loan products. And the mortgage interest rate is considered to have a lower interest rate than unsecured loans. Depending on different loan products and meeting conditions of each customer, MB will apply different interest rates.

For example, if a customer borrows money to buy a car, the interest rate is only from 0.55%/month, and if the customer borrows money for business, the interest rate is only from 5.9%/year.

For customers who borrow money to buy a house, MB's apartment is applying an interest rate of 7.7%/year.

Military bank loan process

In order for customers to better understand how to get a loan from Military Bank , below is the loan process at this bank .

●    Step 1:

Customers contact MB Bank, then register their loan needs via branch/transaction office/Hotline/register for online loan via MB Bank app. Next, provide loan documents at the request of the counselor.

●    Step 2:

After completing the loan application, MB will receive the loan application and conduct loan appraisal.

●    Step 3:

Notify the appraisal results to the customer within the specified time.

●    Step 4:

Sign a loan contract between the bank and the borrower and complete the relevant procedures.

●    Step 5:

Loan disbursement.

Besides borrowing at the transaction office, you can also borrow online through the MB Bank app

Besides borrowing at the transaction office, you can also borrow online through the MB Bank app

Should you borrow from a military bank?

Currently, in Vietnam, MB's network is nationwide. Therefore, it can be said that the products that MB Bank brings to users are all quality products and receive high trust from customers.

MB Bank is one of the oldest banks in Vietnam and its lending products are also well appreciated. In addition, the bank is also applying online loans to help customers quickly financially.

Before borrowing money at MB bank, customers should note the following issues.

●    You should balance your financial ability, avoid applying for a loan with a loan that is too large to be able to repay.

●    If you carefully study loan information such as: Loan, loan interest rate, loan term and service fees, if any.

●    It is always necessary to carefully review the information stated in the contract, if there are any questions, please immediately ask the consultant for the fastest response.

●    If you have any questions during the loan inquiry process, please call MB Bank's call center or go directly to the nearest MB branch/transaction office for answers.

With the level of prestige and achievements that MB Bank has achieved, you must have given yourself the answer " Should I borrow money from Military Bank ?". Hopefully, from the information provided, you will better understand the military bank loan packages , thereby understanding how to get a loan including loan conditions, registration process and receive money when the loan is disbursed.

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