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The conditions for applying for a loan at Cashberry

4 easy steps to register for a loan

Filling in the registration form
Provide a phone number and fill in personal information. Register and send request for a loan.
Getting approval and Signing an Agreement
The approval results will be anounce via phone call. Only need to log in to Personal account and sign an Agreement.
Receive money
After the application is approved, our partner will transfer the money to your account.
Make repayment to our partner according to the instructions.
with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
Get loan
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Want to borrow a large amount of money but don't use collateral? However, high interest rates make you feel nervous? Rest assured, all will be solved with BIDV's money lending service in the form of unsecured. The limit is up to 500 million and the interest is only from 11.9% with many attractive incentives.

Want to borrow a large amount of money but don't use collateral? However, high interest rates make you feel nervous? Rest assured, all will be solved with BIDV's money lending service in the form of unsecured. The limit is up to 500 million and the interest is only from 11.9% with many attractive incentives.

About BIDV's loan service

BIDV offers a variety of loan products to customers, meeting the financial support needs for purposes such as buying a house, buying a car, production, business or consumption.

Depending on the purpose of using capital and needs, you can choose to borrow money from BIDV in the form of mortgage or unsecured.

● Unsecured loan products at BIDV require simple documents and procedures, quick disbursement time, but often high interest rates.     

● Mortgage loan requires you to have collateral. The loan period is longer, but the interest rate is usually lower and more favorable.     

BIDV's unsecured loan product

In the form of unsecured loans, BIDV offers two loan packages: unsecured consumer loans and unsecured overdraft loans. Neither of these products requires collateral.

Unsecured overdraft loan

The customer is granted an overdraft limit that allows spending in excess of the existing balance on the current account. With this limit, customers can use it at any time and only be charged interest on the actual amount used. Features of BIDV overdraft loan products are as follows:

● Borrow up to 100 million     

● Overdraft limit is granted for 12 months     

Unsecured consumer loan

With this method, customers will be disbursed the entire loan amount once to the account opened at BIDV. Customers will be charged interest right from the time of loan disbursement. Features of consumer unsecured loans:

● Borrow up to 500 million VND     

● Flexible loan term up to 60 months     

● Low loan interest rate, calculated on actual outstanding balance     

● Debt payment method: monthly principal and interest payment     


Bank loan products mortgaged by BIDV

With mortgage loan products, BIDV currently deploys 6 different products for individual customers. To get a loan in the form of mortgage, customers must have collateral such as houses, land, cars, valuable papers, etc.

Car loan

● Loan 100% car value     

● Maximum loan period 7 years     

● Preferential interest rate calculated on decreasing balance     

Borrow to buy a house

● Loan up to 100% of the value on the sales contract     

● Maximum loan period 20 years     

● Competitive interest rate based on decreasing balance     

Study abroad loan

● Loan rate for 100% of study abroad expenses     

● Maximum loan term 10 years     

Loan for production and business

● Loan to supplement working capital, invest in fixed assets     

● Maximum loan period 5 years     

● Diverse loan forms: one-time loan or credit limit loan     

Consumer loans with collateral

● Maximum loan amount is 2 billion dong for loan, and 1 billion dong for overdraft     

● Maximum loan period is 96 months for loan and 12 months for overdraft loan     

You can refer to more mortgage loan packages at BIDV's transaction offices to get specific information about interest rates, characteristics and loan conditions of each loan product.

BIDV bank loan interest rate

Each loan product at BIDV will have different interest rates. Customers borrow according to which product will be applied the interest rate of that product. In addition, you should also note that the lending interest rates at different branches of BIDV will be different and often not the same. Therefore, in order to accurately update information about BIDV's loan interest rates, you should call or visit the branch directly for advice.

Reference interest rates for loans of BIDV

Loan products

Interest rate

Consumer loans without collateral BIDV Vay


Overdraft loan without collateral BIDV


Borrow to buy a house


Loan for production and business


Car loan


Study abroad loan


Mortgage of valuable papers


What do you need to borrow money from BIDV?

In order to borrow money from BIDV, you need to meet the specific conditions of each product and procedure for borrowing money from BIDV.

Conditions for borrowing money from BIDV

Conditions for unsecured loans of BIDV

● Age: From 18 - 55 for women and 23 - 60 for men     

● Having permanent/temporary residence in the same province/city or area adjacent to BIDV's lending branch     

● Have a stable income, ensure the ability to repay the debt     

BIDV mortgage loan conditions

● Living/working in the same area or in the vicinity of BIDV's lending branches     

● Have a stable income, ensure the ability to repay the debt     

● Have collateral in accordance with BIDV's regulations     

Procedures for borrowing money from BIDV bank

BIDV unsecured loan procedures

● Loan application form according to BIDV form     

● Photocopy of ID card/passport/citizen identity card     

● Proof of income source: Labor contract, payroll/salary statement...     

BIDV mortgage loan procedures

● Loan application form cum debt repayment plan according to BIDV's form     

● Customer's ID card, household registration book/temporary residence certificate     

● Marriage certificate or certificate of singleness     

● Documents proving the source of income to repay the debt     

● Documents proving the loan purpose: Documents related to the car loan (if buying a car), house (if buying a house), company (if doing business),...     

● Documents related to collateral     

How to borrow money from BIDV

If you meet the conditions and procedures for a loan as prescribed by BIDV bank above, you can apply for a loan at BIDV according to the following process:

● Step 1: Customers contact BIDV, register information about their loan needs through BIDV's branches/transaction offices or call the bank's hotline. Complete and provide loan documents according to regulations and instructions of the bank.     

● Step 2: After receiving the loan application from the customer, BIDV will appraise the credit extension and notify the results to the customer within the prescribed time.     

● Step 3: Sign documents/contracts, complete relevant procedures such as notarization of security assets, registration of security transactions (if any).     

● Step 4: Disbursement of loan/guarantee issuance.     

● Step 5: Customer cooperates with BIDV to perform the following tasks after loan disbursement/guarantee issuance: Paying off debt in full, using loan capital for the right purpose, coordinating re-valuation collateral (if any),...     

The processing time for a loan without BIDV's risk assessment is up to 3 working days (mortgage loan) or 1 working day (unsecured loan) from the date of receipt of the customer's complete application.

Loan processing time through BIDV's risk assessment is up to 5 working days (mortgage loan) or 3 working days (unsecured loan) from the date of receipt of the customer's complete application.

How to get a loan from BIDV easily?

Not all customers who need to borrow money and submit documents to BIDV are approved for a loan. In fact, many customers are denied loans or have their loan amounts reduced. Therefore, to increase the approval rate, customers need to pay attention to the following 5 things:

Accurately identify capital needs

Banks often easily approve loans if the amount customers want to borrow meet the actual capital needs. In addition, customers should not borrow 100% of the required cost, but should prepare at least 30% of their own capital, the rest should be borrowed from BIDV.

For example, if you plan to buy a car for 1 billion dong, try to prepare yourself at least 300 million and apply for a loan of 700 million. In this case, it will be easier for you to get a loan application from BIDV than to apply for a loan of VND 1 billion.

Besides, you also need to determine if your income is enough to repay the loan or not. This is extremely important when the bank approves the loan. If your income is not enough to repay the loan, your loan may be refused or the loan amount reduced to ensure the ability to recover capital for BIDV.

Actively contact for advice

Do not hesitate to contact BIDV for advice on loan information. BIDV staff is always ready to advise all questions and help customers choose the right loan.

Know your limitations

Many customers know they have bad debt but still try to find a way to get a bank loan or spend money "outside" to get a loan. However, you need to know that bad debt information is information published on CIC and no one can intervene to correct it. BIDV has very strict regulations on non-lending cases when customers have bad debts.

Is there a BIDV online loan service?

In the era of digital technology 4.0, online loan forms are becoming more and more popular. Banks and financial companies are also gradually shifting, providing more online financial support and consulting services. However, this also makes many people misunderstand that banks lend online.

The characteristics of online loans are fast loans, small consumer loans, simple documents, and short-term support. Meanwhile, banks often support long-term loans, large loans, and complicated documents. Therefore, it is very difficult for banks to borrow money online, including big banks like BIDV. In fact, there is no online form of BIDV loan.

BIDV currently only provides Internet Banking services and registers for online consultation. As for the registration to complete the procedures, customers still need to go to the transaction offices for detailed support.

Need to borrow money online within the day - Contact CashBerry now

Online cash loan is a form of unsecured loan. Borrowing cash online has an extremely simple and easy procedure. All you need when applying for a loan is to provide your ID card and account number/ATM card number.

All procedures are done 100% online, so you can completely sit at home to register without having to spend time and effort going to the bank/financial institution.

If you have a need to borrow money not too large from 1 to 10 million VND , online cash loan is the most suitable financial option. To borrow cash online, you can visit to register or download the CashBerry app at CH Play and follow the steps to get your money back within the same day.

Over the period of operation in the market, CashBerry has built a solid trust in the hearts of customers. Therefore, CashBerry's loan packages are always the first choice of many Vietnamese people.

Above is the basic information about BIDV's loan service today. If you have any questions, you can contact us by registering to receive free support and advice. Besides, if you need to borrow money online, need 5 million or 10 million, you can apply today.

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