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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Securities attract players with many opportunities and risks. To start from zero, you need to learn the basics of stock investing to develop into a strategy.

Beginners to learn how to invest in basic stocks need to understand the nature of the market, learn from experience to develop their own skills. The guidelines and analysis below will be the foundation to help you better understand how to invest wisely and profit from the stock channel.

Stock investing is not something you can freely burn. No background knowledge will make you lose at any time. Build your own foundation with the basics of stocks, stocks, trading and how to get started…

What is stock investment?

Investing in the stock market is a completely different field than playing the stock market. This is a careful, detailed and purposeful calculation, not impulsive, personal actions.

Let's start to understand the basics of stock investing like this! You start with a retail store and the shareholders are family members. You decide to invest 1 billion VND to establish a new company. Therefore, you have divided the number of shares into 10,000 shares and the norm is 100,000 VND/share.

If you sell all those shares to a family member, you will immediately have 1 billion dong for business purposes. After a while, your company earns a recognized profit of VND 500 million, each share is entitled to 1/10,000 of the profit. You will receive VND 500 million divided equally among 10,000 shares. This corresponds to an additional 50,000 dong per share. And this process of increasing and decreasing, earning profits is called stock investment.

* If you are short of money to invest, you can use a loan package to invest in securities .

Before participating in investment, you must understand the stock market and related concepts

Before participating in investment, you must understand the stock market and related concepts

What should newbies to invest in stocks need to prepare?

More and more people are interested in investing in stocks to increase passive income. Securities became an attractive investment channel with large profits but also many fluctuations. What do newbies need to start investing in stocks effectively?

Knowledge of the stock market

Knowledge of the stock market is the first step that anyone needs to learn to enter the market. Understanding how the market works, the nature of the market, how to trade, and the influencing factors will help players get used to it, not be surprised or manipulate the wrong transaction leading to loss.

Learn the basics of:

●    Primary securities market - secondary securities.

●    Trading date, T date, T+2, settlement date in securities.

●    Deposited and non-custodial securities.

●    Reference price and stock price calculation.

●    What is stock capitalization? What are Blue chip, Midcap, Penny stocks?

Stock investment skills

The stock market is volatile, stock prices go up and down influenced by many factors. Investors need skills to control and decide on transactions that generate income and profits. However, stock investment skills are not one-sided, requiring investors to learn, practice and improve regularly.

Investors need to constantly practice skills, recognize the market, learn analysis, stock valuation, identify potential securities, seize opportunities, capital control skills, emotions, reinvestment. efficiency.

Capital to invest in securities

To invest in securities, you need to prepare capital, to buy potential stocks/bonds. So, how much money do you need to invest in stocks ?

The stock market has no specific requirements on the minimum or maximum amount that players need to have when joining the floor. However, it is possible to determine the minimum capital to participate in securities investment with securities investment money is a multiple of 10 stocks on HoSE or 100 shares on HNX. Depending on the share price you choose to calculate the minimum investment required.

Players should start with a small amount of capital to get started, familiarize themselves with the stock market, understand the operations and transactions. Don't put too much money into one stock at a time because of the high risk.

As a beginner to learn about securities, you should invest with a moderate amount of capital

As a beginner to learn about securities, you should invest with a moderate amount of capital

Time to learn and invest in stocks

Stock investment is not a game of chance, red and black wait for the ups and downs of the market to eat the difference. Investors need to take the time to learn, understand and grasp trends, operating rules or how to monitor the market and movements affecting securities.

Investing in securities takes time, at least a year, to grasp the market and recognize the rules. Investors can choose short-term and long-term investments to participate in the game. In particular, the usual form of long-term investment will bring more sustainable and safe profits.

Tools to support stock investment

Participating in the stock market and investing requires not only money and knowledge, but also support tools. Investors need a phone or computer connected to the internet to update information, price movements, markets, and financial analysis tools to make appropriate and timely investment decisions.

Basic stock investment guide with 3 steps

With many newbies will not know where to start to join the stock market. You can follow the basic stock investment guide with 3 steps.

- B1: Open a securities account

Opening a stock account is the first step and is mandatory for players who want to participate. An account is where your transactions, stocks and funds are stored. Taking the first step of opening an account will help you to continue to deposit money, buy and sell stocks, and motivate you to start investing professionally.

Vietnam's stock market has hundreds of companies and exchanges advertising to attract newcomers to open an account. So where should I open a stock account?

Currently there are two ways for newbies to start opening a stock account:

●    Open an account at the stock exchange at HoSE (in Ho Chi Minh City), HNX (in Hanoi). Players will be able to open accounts at exchanges located in the system of the respective stock exchanges.

●    Open a stock account online - a quick way to open a stock account in just a few seconds, with simple procedures.

To open a securities account at a securities exchange/company, you need to note the following criteria:

●    The company's brokerage market share: 50% of the points for users to choose to open an account, demonstrating the company's strategy to attract customers.

●    Support transaction fees: Most of the major securities exchanges and companies have high transaction fees.

●    Reputation: It is necessary to pay attention to the reputation of the stock exchange and securities company in the market, with its operating time, products and customer support services.

- Step 2: Deposit money into securities account

After completing the registration procedure, players need to deposit money into their securities account to make purchases and transactions. So how much money should be deposited into the securities account?

●    In fact, securities companies will not stipulate the minimum amount of money players have to deposit into the account. You can top up 10 million dong or just a few hundred thousand dong to start trading.

●    Regulations of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange require that the order-matching trading unit is 10 shares - equivalent to one stock code. Therefore, the minimum amount required will be the unit price of one share x 10.

●    According to regulations of the Hanoi Stock Exchange, the order-matching trading unit is required to be 100 shares. The minimum amount to deposit is equivalent to the minimum amount of the price of one share x 100.

- B3: Place an order to “buy/sell” stocks

After having an account and money to make transactions, players can log in to the account on the respective trading software of the exchange/company.

●    Investors place buy orders with the following steps: select "trading shares" then click on "order slips" or directly on "order slips" on the default interface, continue to select "buy", enter the stock code want to buy, enter the quantity, select the order to place, then confirm to make the purchase.

●    Place an order to sell shares with the following steps: "trade shares", click "order slip", continue to choose the quantity and price of shares to sell, click sell to execute the order and select "confirm" to sell. .

To invest in securities seriously and effectively, you need to learn and improve your knowledge regularly

To invest in securities seriously and effectively, you need to learn and improve your knowledge regularly

To understand more about how to invest in stocks , you should refer to the book. This is a valuable resource for any investor. Currently, some typical books on stock investment are as follows:

●    24 vital lessons for success in the stock market - William J. O'Neil

●    The Stock Wizard - Jack D. Schwager

●    Stock Market Sentiment - George Charles Selden

●    How to buy securities - Viet Thu (edited)

●    Getting Rich Through Stocks - William J. O'Neil


Smart way to invest in stocks

How to invest in stocks is smart and effective?

Successful investors do not make money by feeling and always have a long-term plan before any market fluctuations.

In the stock market, besides academic knowledge, investors also need to learn the real combat experience of those who have gone before. These valuable experiences will help you deal with complex market fluctuations more easily and effectively.

When the market declines for a long time, without the right strategy, investors will easily lose money. However, it is not impossible to survive a prolonged decline, you can still profit by watching well-priced retracements.

If the market drops due to negative information, investors must quantify the impact of the event to have investment plans such as selling before buying after the market falls deeply, lowering the margin ratio before the market falls. plunge, prepare capital to catch the bottom of stocks.

When there are trading sessions where the stock drops, even falls from the floor, at the beginning of the session there is an increase but at the end of the session the price drops sharply, investors need to quickly take profits and avoid buying stocks to avoid loss occurs.

Should you invest in stocks at this time ?

At the time when the Covid-19 epidemic was not under control, many economies were in crisis and showed no signs of improvement. This makes many people wonder if this is the ideal time to invest in stocks safely.

●    In fact, through the process of control and the introduction of vaccines, the stock market of Vietnam in particular and the world in general has made consistent improvements. The last two months of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 are the sublimation of many types of stocks. Many foreign investors see opportunities and pour money into the Vietnamese market, promoting economic development and market liquidity.

●    Investing in stocks at this time is also a way for players to generate passive income, from thriving financial channels. This is also a way to generate income to offset the salary cut.

●    Investing in stocks during a recession is also an opportunity for players to capture potential stocks with an impressive chance of recovering from the pandemic.

In general, to know about basic stock investing , you should open an investment account and learn it firsthand. You should learn how to read stock codes, stock price lists. In addition, you also need to consult more books on stock investment as well as learn experiences from successful investors. Good luck!

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