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  • Term:
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  • Loan limit:
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    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

You have money you want to invest but don't know where to invest to make the fastest profit. Here is a safe investment method to help you increase profits.

When you have an idle amount of money, you will think about bringing that money to profitable investment. Investment brings profits quickly, but it also carries great risks. So is there a way to invest profitably quickly while minimizing risk?

What is the fastest way to invest money at a time when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out or during the "new normal"? Below CashBerry will share with you the fastest profitable investment channels .

Criteria when choosing profitable investment channels

To invest in the fastest profit , there are two important factors that investors need to consider: safety and profitability.

These two criteria have an inverse relationship. If you prioritize safety, the amount of profit will be small, but if you expect profit, you need to accept a high level of risk.

The investments profitability fast , sustainable

There are many forms of quick and safe investment, investors can start with one of the following options:


Gold has always been a favorite investment channel for Vietnamese people thanks to its good storage capacity and profitability.


●    Has intrinsic value

●    High liquidity, large trading volume


●    Depends on many factors (economic cycle, world gold price, ...)

●    Difficult storage


Profitable investment in bonds has always been preferred by many investors because of its commitment to profitability. This investment channel has a stable, average rate of return depending on the commitment period and the issuer.


●    Good safety, only after saving

●    Guaranteed interest rate in the long term

●    Can be reinvested for compound interest

●    Bonds can be pledged as collateral without being sold


●    Liquidity is dependent on the finance company that issues the bond and provides the transaction.

●    Liquidity is highly dependent on the market

●    The risk increases if the issuer is adversely affected.

Online or offline business

The era of technology affects all areas of life from dining, shopping, finance, travel... Therefore, online or offline business investment also meets the shopping requirements of consumers. use.


●    This will be an opportunity for investors with small capital.

●    You can start your online business based on your strengths: from fashion, cosmetics, home appliances, accessories, ...


●    Profitability is still low.

●    Customer care must always be on top to attract customers.

Online business is the fastest , safe but low-profit form of investment

Online business is the fastest , safe but low-profit form of investment

Fast profitable investment , high risk

Investing in quick profits is the desire of many people, but it also comes with many risks.

Stock investment

Investing in the stock market is one of the most profitable ways to invest . As an investment channel that is receiving the participation of many investors, securities bring benefits based on actual transactions. Investors buy and sell shares of companies that have been listed on the stock exchange.


●    Super profits. There are people who become millionaires, billionaires in a short time.

●    Today there are many support tools, consulting services to help you achieve your benefits

●    The process of participating in the stock market is extremely convenient

●    With little capital or a lot of capital, you can invest in the stock market. 


●    The stock market can make you a billionaire overnight, it can also make you empty-handed overnight. That is, the stock is extremely risky.

●    It takes a lot of research and research to be able to participate in the stock market. And learning, updating stock information is continuous, very necessary unless you stop investing.

Virtual currency/Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world's first virtual currency and is very attractive to investors thanks to its "terrible" growth.


●    Great earning potential

●    Simple transaction operation, flexible time

●    No minimum capital required


●    Very high risk, difficult to predict

●    Requires high expertise

Bitcoin is the most profitable but also the most risky channel. If you are not a long-term investor with a stable financial situation, then you should not rush to choose Bitcoin.

Short-term financial investment, many high-profit opportunities also include many potential risks

Short-term financial investment, many high-profit opportunities also include many potential risks

Which investment method is the most profitable and safest?

With the information that CashBerry has shared above, you can see that there are now many different profitable investment channels. Each form of investment has its own advantages and disadvantages. So depending on your capital as well as your ability, you decide to invest.

High-return investment channels are also proportional to the risks it brings. And vice versa, a low-interest investment channel is always safe. To invest the fastest profit depends on your knowledge, capital, understanding and ability to analyze financial and market analysis.

If you have a large amount of capital, are quick to grasp the market, you can invest in stocks or bitcoin. And vice versa, if you don't have much time to capture and analyze market fluctuations, choose a safe, low-risk investment channel .

Tips for profitable investment for beginners

Are you interested in investing? Want to enjoy the benefits of investing but don't know where to start? Let CashBerry help you open the door to a comfortable financial future with the 5 tips below!

1. Determine investment goals

First, you need to determine what you invest to get start- up capital , travel, buy a house, .... Although the ultimate goal of investing is to make money , you need to determine how much this money will be. used for what purpose. From there, you will have a basis to orient yourself in which channel to invest, with how much profit is most suitable.

2. Assess personal financial situation

Your current financial situation will directly affect the type of investment you can choose. Make sure you have enough money to cover basic living expenses such as living expenses, meals, transportation, healthcare, education, etc.

Having a clear financial plan will make it easier for you to budget for each of your expenses. From there, you can calculate the amount of capital you can afford to invest. At the same time, you can also cleverly adjust your budget, cut unnecessary expenses to increase your investment capital.

3. Equip with basic knowledge about investment and finance

Make sure you have a solid understanding of the basics of investing and finance before you start making investments. You don't have to know everything, but the basics of how the economy works and cash flow will give you a head start.

A solid background of knowledge will also help you to reduce your risk as you spot a promising investment opportunity among the many investment options on the market. At the same time cultivate more information and in-depth knowledge from those who went before.

4. Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Wise investors diversify their portfolios to prepare for market volatility. Good and experienced investors will know how to balance the capital ratio between their investment channels to ensure maximum profit.

When you are just starting out, without much experience, you should choose a safe investment channel for financial security. Then you can think about investing in riskier channels with more attractive interest rates to increase your income.

5. Keeping a long-term investment attitude

Investing is a long journey and requires patience. The nature of the market is constant volatility. But when you look at it over a long period of time, you will notice that the market changes according to a certain pattern and tends to return to the equilibrium point.

Good investors always take the time to research the market, seize opportunities and calculate the profits they can achieve in the long term.

Investing is an activity that requires careful preparation, learning spirit, flexibility as well as perseverance of participants to achieve the most optimal return compared to the amount of capital spent.

Depending on the time and income, you can choose the appropriate form of profitable investment

Depending on the time and income, you can choose the appropriate form of profitable investment

Hope the above sharing about the fastest profitable investment will help you. If you are hesitating because you still have no capital, please immediately refer to the fast online money lending service of CashBerry financial company . Just leave your ID/CCCD verification information on the website and you can borrow money within a day. You can start your profitable investment strategies with the companion of CashBerry. Good luck!

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