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  • Term:
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    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

"Not rich in business", it is not necessary to have a few hundred million to start getting rich. So, what to invest with 10 million in hand to earn n times the initial capital?

The ancients used to say that "Non-trade is not rich" implying that only a new business path will help you get rich quickly. However, if you only have 10 million per month, what business should you do? What should I invest with 10 million in hand? All will be revealed in today's post!

Investment? Must have a huge amount of money, have to invest in a monumental project, have professional knowledge, have to accept big risks. With a salary of only 5 million - 10 million monthly, how do you save until you have 500 million, 1 billion, and 2 billion to invest?

In fact, investing is not something out of reach, but now there are many investment options with small amounts such as saving, selling online , playing stock or investing in open-ended funds, ...

In particular, savings is a popular, convenient and safe channel, because only an amount of 500 thousand - 1 or 2 million / month can be deposited in a bank with an interest rate of about 5% - 6.5%. But this small amount of money knows how many years it will take to save money for a future plan, not to mention if there is an unexpected event, if the risk is withdrawn, how much is left at the time of need!

So how to invest profitably with 10 million dong? You must first understand what the essence of investing is.

What is investment, why invest?

Investment concept

To find the answer to what to invest in 10 million, you first need to understand the concept of investment.

Investing can mean different things to different people. While investing for some means investing money to gain profit. For some, it means investing time or effort for some future benefit. For example, investing in soft skills or your own health.

In other words, investment is the sacrifice of resources in the present to carry out certain activities in order to get the investor certain results in the future greater than the resources spent.

What are the benefits of investing?

Investment ensures long-term financial security for present and future. The money generated from your investments can bring certain benefits and ensure that you do not fall into a “pocketless” situation.

Furthermore, investments are likely to meet your financial goals, such as buying a home, accumulating retirement assets and building an emergency fund, among others.

Investing cultivates a sense of financial discipline when you form the habit of setting aside a specific amount monthly or annually on your investments.

Understanding the concept and identifying the benefits of investing will help you find a way to invest with a small amount of money that is right for you.

Besides working to earn money, you should also think about investing to get more income, as well as risk prevention.

Besides working to earn money, you should also think about investing to get more income, as well as risk prevention.

Top 3 effective investment methods with a salary of 10 million VND

It may seem like a small amount of money, but 10 million can go further than you think when you know how to make small investments work. Here are 3 ways to help you invest with a salary of 10 million VND.

Stock investment

This personal financial investment channel is no stranger to many people because of its attractive profitability. According to statistics from Bloomberg at the beginning of October 2021, the return rate of Vietnamese stocks is the second highest in Asia, only after India. So this is an extremely attractive investment channel.

With a small investment of 10 million VND from your monthly salary, you can absolutely reap high profits. Securities with high liquidity is also a factor that many people choose. Besides, the stock investment is now much simpler and more convenient.

However, before investing in the market, you must prepare yourself with the most basic knowledge as well as make small investments to feel the market, avoiding the risk of overinvesting.

Invest in gold

Since ancient times, gold has been an asset to be stored and invested for a long time. Investing in gold means you buy gold to accumulate, then, based on the fluctuation of gold price, you sell it to make a profit.

What should 10 million invest ? With a salary of 10 million, you can save several months. Then use the savings to buy 2-3 gold coins to hoard while the price of gold is falling. Then some time when the price of gold increases, you can sell it to get the difference profit from the amount bought and sold.

Compared to other metals, gold always retains its value and tends to increase over time. In addition, gold also has high liquidity and large circulating value. According to data from the General Statistics Office, the average price of gold in the first nine months of 2021 has increased by nearly 12%. It can be said that, with the question of what to invest with 10 million , gold will be an attractive financial channel.

However, gold does not provide passive income like stocks or savings. You can only profit when selling at a higher price than buying. So, for those of you who want to invest with a small amount but still want to make a monthly profit, you should consider this form.

To invest in gold effectively, you should monitor the market closely

To invest in gold effectively, you should monitor the market closely

Invest in business

1. Online fashion sales business

What to invest with 10 million dong? With a small amount of capital, you can find out and find reputable sources of clothes, shoes, and good prices at wholesale markets or fashion wholesalers. Then, regularly post new and unique fashion products on your own personal Facebook page to find potential customers.

2. Selling handmade goods

If you are really skillful and love handmade items, don't waste your potential start-up channel with a capital of 10 million VND. In fact, the amount of capital you have to pay for buying materials to make handmade goods is not too much.

Therefore, you can take advantage of your free time at home or lunch break at work or school to make handmade items such as cards, bracelets, necklaces, etc. to earn an extra income. good import.

3. Tech grocer

Although it is a fairly new business model, the technology-era grocery store is trusted by many grocery store owners with low investment.

4. Selling junk food online

What to do with 10 million in hand? Right now, start a business selling snacks online, which will surely bring you significant profits. Because the demand for online food ordering of consumers is increasing day by day.

If you have 10 million in hand, plan to sell snacks online such as: tea, porridge, chicken feet, fried spring rolls, left cakes, etc., targeting young people, office workers, students. pellets.

Food business is a fairly popular investment channel, if you know how to advertise with good quality, you will earn "huge" profits.

Food business is a fairly popular investment channel, if you know how to advertise with good quality, you will earn "huge" profits.

5. Sell mini bonsai online

With a capital of 10 million, selling mini bonsai online is a suitable business suggestion. Accordingly, the initial cost of importing mini bonsai is not expensive. With prices ranging from 10,000 VND to 30,000 VND, you can import pretty popular mini ornamental plants such as succulents, cacti, etc.

There are many ways to make small investments effectively with a salary of 10 million. Above are the 3 most popular ways that we provide, helping you answer the question "What should I invest with 10 million ". You should consider different factors such as time, knowledge requirements, profitability of different factors to find a reasonable investment method.

Besides, if you already have an investment idea and are prepared in terms of knowledge as well as psychology but lack of capital, you can ask for help from CashBerry.

CashBerry - a financial company specializing in online loans with a maximum limit of 10 million VND will help you whenever you need money urgently. Just visit the website or download the CashBerry app on CH Play, you can receive money on the card within the same day. Sign up today to receive great deals!

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