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with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

So many difficulties in life, life's turbulence, no one can anticipate it. You need to keep your reputation, you need to pay off debts urgently, you need business money, and billions of reasons to seek cash loans.

So many difficulties in life, life's turbulence can not be predicted. You need to keep your reputation, you need to pay off debts urgently, you need business money, and billions of reasons to seek cash loans.

What is a cash loan?

This question is probably a bit redundant for many people.

However, I still want to go a little bit more, so that you can clearly distinguish cash borrowing from “cashless loan”.

Oh, what is "NO cash loan"?

Easy to understand is this: it is also a loan, but this money cannot be held or grasped. So, it is not a cash loan.

Then ha! Thus, borrowing cash is that after borrowing you have to hold cash in hand. Then, you can use this money for whatever is up to you.

As for the forms that have been borrowed, but still cannot hold any Polymer sheet, it belongs to one of the following types:

Loans to buy large-value assets: buying land, buying a house, buying a car. The banks will lend you money to complete the purchase of other assets, then they keep the papers as collateral for the loan.

- Installment loan: buy household goods, essential items at stores, shopping centers, electronics. Banks / creditors will pay for the other stores on your behalf, after which you will be responsible for paying by installments (installment payments) to the store.

For the time being. In detail I will show you the most common types of cash loans in our lives ...

It's all here:

The main forms of cash loans

Here I have listed some of the most popular types of cash loans. And add a little description to them, as well as a comparison with related forms. Then, you will have a more comprehensive view. And sure, it will partly reduce the ambiguity or ambiguity!

Consumer cash loan

The first thing to say is to borrow consumer cash. Simply put, this is the reason that people need to borrow cash the most in life. A form of loan for the purpose of spending for individuals (themselves) or spending in daily life of the household.

Types of spending such as shopping, investment in study, traveling, ... Include specific purposes such as: buying a house, buying a car, buying a phone, studying abroad, traveling, medical treatment ...

It is also a cash loan, but contrary to the consumer loan, there is a form of loan for production and business. That means the purpose of the loan is to have business capital and investment; not for essential expenses in everyday life.

Unsecured cash loan

Next, I want to mention the form of unsecured cash loan.

As described on unsecured loans in the previous article, this is the form of borrowing that many people apply most today. Lenders such as banks, credit institutions, and financial exchanges are also very interested in implementing this type.

So there are many different ways you can build your trust with your lender. That is easy for you to be granted a unsecured cash loan.

Typical can be mentioned as:

● Salary: transfer salary or cash salary.     

● Based on life insurance policy.     

● According to vehicle documentation (tie): car or motorcycle.     

● According to the electricity / water bill.     

● Sim carrier phone, iPhone Icloud account.     

● Student card.     

● Loan with credit card (overdraft loan).     

● ...     

However, not all banks offer unsecured cash loans, for a variety of reasons. Then, we need to consider the form of mortgage.

Mortgage cash loan

After the aforementioned unsecured loan, cash mortgage loan is also the choice of many people. First, it is the right solution in case you do not qualify for unsecured loans. Second, the mortgage loan actually has many advantages over the unsecured form: high loan limit (that is, a larger amount of money can be borrowed); interest rates are usually lower when borrowing a lot and with long terms; Most banks support this type.

Of course, compared to unsecured loans, the mortgage form also has some disadvantages such as: the approval time is often longer, the property appraisal procedures must be done.

The next one is also quite popular.

Cash on installment loan

Today, most banks and financial - credit institutions support installment cash loans. In which, the most common installment terms are monthly or daily (also known as installment loan). Depending on the specific loan that allows you to choose the term or not.

This form of money loan is especially useful for those whose income is not too high. So, extending the deadline is always an optimal way to pay off the debt.

That limits the pressure on yourself. Instead of forcing yourself to complete the entire loan at once, the slow, gentle payment will help you "breathe" a lot more.

However, you need to have a clear plan on how to repay your debt each month (or every day). Must determine from the beginning: how to pay the debt, where to get the money, how much money to deduct per day or per month.

Well, this kind of loan is bad… That is, if you want to be repaid early, you will have to receive a penalty fee from banks or finance companies for this "early payment".

Next is:

Borrowing cash at the post office

Currently, many people still have the habit and hobby of borrowing cash at the post office. Why?

Simply put, maybe because they are near the post office, the transaction here is extremely convenient. Maybe because they feel "trust" and "secure" than borrowing money at the bank or private. Anyway, the post office is a place that is very familiar to everyone. Since ancient times, when banks were still very little known, the post office was the place to transfer money, receiving money could be called the only option.

But you should note that: The Post Office was originally born to operate in the "delivery" segment. That means they are not a bank, nor a finance company, so where can the money be lent to you?

So, borrowing cash at the post office is really just a place where you go directly to the transaction. In fact, this loan is still granted by other financial institutions. Specifically, at present, the post office acts as an agent of LienViet Post Bank or Home Credit or FE Credit to provide you with a cash loan.

Next is:

Bank cash loan

This may be the phrase that is most familiar to everyone. Because when you want to borrow money, or borrow cash, surely the first place where people think about is usually a bank. So, I don't need to say too much in this part. The name alone is too obvious.

When it comes to bank loans, we understand here the units of loans are banks. And what kind of loan does it belong to, it depends on the specific loan package.

For example, also a bank loan, but there will be many categories such as: mortgage loan / mortgage, consumer / business loan, installment loan ... bla bla ...


Quick cash loans during the day

Actually, this is just a relative concept, and also a familiar way of calling in the world of money lenders. Say during the day, but specifically what the day? Is registration the day, review the day, report the results of the day, or receive money in the day ...

So, the word "in the day" or also known as 24 hours (24 hours) it is "relative" extremely, not clear at all.

Any bank, financial company also claims to "borrow money quickly in the day". But ask if it is always easy to receive a loan within the same day or not?

Can't blame it, it's not "giving" but it's noisy. What is credit scoring, what is approval, what is an asset assessment, what is the application process ...

So, you need to understand exactly about this phrase ...

Only with small loans (usually under 10 million), or unsecured loans that your credit score is good, or other cases where your paperwork is complete & clear ... Then, the loan is granted ( ie, receiving money) always within the same day is possible.

Like CashBerry, applying a modern technology system, you only need to visit the website or download the CashBerry App to register a loan on your phone. Only 5 minutes to complete all information, make loan registration documents.

With a team of professional staff, your resume will be quickly reviewed. After having verified and confirmed that all information you have provided is correct, you will be approved for a loan under the agreement.

After receiving the approved notification, you just need to sign up to your account to sign the contract and the money will automatically be transferred to your bank account number.

It can be seen that cashBerry loans fast during the day are even faster than ordering online on Tiki, Shopee, and Lazada, right? Order, you still have to wait for confirmation and pick up the goods, sometimes up to a few days. As for CashBerry, you will receive money within 24 hours only.

Get cash online

As the information discussed above, the reason why you can borrow money so quickly today is that credit institutions have applied information technology to their lending system. Just sit at home, do not go far, do not wait long, but also have money quickly.

And that is the trend and financial solution used by many people. In this technology era, internet people, internet home. Moreover, everyone is busy, online is something very essential and extremely convenient.

* * Currently, the form of money loan in Ho Chi Minh City, with interest only each month, is being advertised widely on the Internet.

Standing loan is a form of loan where each payment period you only need to pay the agreed interest without paying the principal. At the final payment period, you proceed to pay the final interest and the principal amount borrowed. Standing loans can be used as collateral or simply mortgage loans.

For example: you borrow 10 million standing money, 5% interest / month, 6 month loan term. So in the first 5 months, each month you only need to pay 500,000 VND interest, to the 6th month you pay both principal and the remaining interest of 10,500,000 VND.

It can be seen that most forms of standing loans have much higher interest rates than loans from banks or finance companies. Whether you have bad debt, have a loan at many banks, or even under 18 years of age are still supported. But too easy, there will be many risks and it can be said that this form of loan is not safe. Why is that?

Lenders are more likely to be private lenders with high interest rates, and if you cannot repay your debts, you will be taken over as collateral.

Interest rates on loans stand very high, and usually you won't get your loan finalized. If possible, the settlement fee is not small at all.

In case you are late to repay your loan, some black credit institutions also use many debt collection measures that cause psychological pressure, affecting your morale and work.

So, what is the alternative to a standing loan in Ho Chi Minh City?

CashBerry - Fast and secure online money loan application today

CashBerry is a consulting platform and provides online financial solutions 24/7, to support your extraordinary financial needs. Understanding the financial problems you are facing, we try to bring you the simplest, fastest and most convenient financial solutions.

Digital Platform Company Limited is the unit that manages and performs financial consulting and connection activities with our lending partners. Our lending partner is Lending Platform TradingDV Company Limited with Business Registration Certificate No. 0316078299 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City on December 27, 2019.

With CashBerry, you can take out personal loans from your minimum credit limit of VND 500,000 up to your approved credit line, up to VND 10,000,000.

CashBerry has one great feature of no use - no interest payments. This means that if CashBerry approves an online loan with a limit of 10 million dong and you only borrow 5 million dong, interest will be calculated only on the amount you borrowed (5 million dong), not on the approved amount. approved (10 million dong).

At CashBerry, you can borrow money online anytime, anywhere, for a lifetime to help you solve financial difficulties in life. As long as you continue to repay the loan in full, CashBerry will have preferential policies for you such as lowering interest rates, increasing loan limits, receiving huge gifts, ...

So when you're in urgent need of cash, you can sign up now for CashBerry.

The special thing about CashBerry is ...

* Quick and easy online loan application

* Online lending up to 10 million VND

* Borrowing at least 500,000 VND

* Flexible loan period from 90 to 180 days

* 24/7 cash flow access

* No use does not pay interest

* Best suited for financial emergency situations

* Next to you for a lifetime

Required required

- Age: 20-60 years old

- Minimum income: 3 million dong

- Valid ID card

?? You're ready to experience speed loans with CashBerry, sign up for free here !

Well, remember to pay attention to this:

Whether you borrow money from a bank, or a finance company, or anywhere, you have to pay attention to a loan agreement. This will be the basis for you to base on that, to evaluate the safety and legality of the money lender. 

The most popular form of loan agreement today

Borrowing money is quite common. Contract for loan of money, loan of money is required in the transaction to record the agreement, terms on interest rate, payment term between the two parties.

- Interest rate regulations in the loan contract

Interest rates in loan contracts are specified in Article 468, Civil Code 2015. Specifically:

+ The loan interest rate is agreed by the parties.

If the parties have an agreement on an interest rate, the agreed interest rate must not exceed 20% / year of the loan, unless otherwise prescribed by law.

+ In case the parties have agreed on the interest payment but do not specify the interest rate and there is a dispute over the interest rate, the interest rate will be equal to 50% of the above-mentioned limited interest rate at the time of debt payment. .

- Borrower's obligation to repay debt

Is regulated in Article 466, Civil Code 2015 as follows:

+ The borrower with assets being money must pay in full when it is due; If the property is an object, the object of the same type must be returned in correct quantity and quality, unless otherwise agreed.

+ If the borrower is unable to return the object, it can pay in cash according to the value of the borrowed object at the place and time of repayment, if so agreed by the lender.

Besides, the place of repayment is the place of residence or the head office of the lender, unless otherwise agreed.

If the loan has no interest but the borrower fails to repay or in full, when the loan is due, the lender has the right to request the interest payment at the prescribed interest rate on the amount of late payment corresponding to the late payment period. unless otherwise agreed or otherwise provided by law.

In addition, if the loan has interest but the borrower fails to pay or pay in full when the loan is due, the borrower must pay interest as follows:

++ The interest on the principal is at the interest rate agreed in the contract corresponding to the loan term but not yet due; In case of late payment, interest must be paid at the prescribed interest rate.

+ + The interest on the unpaid overdue principal is 150% of the contractual interest rate corresponding to the late payment period, unless otherwise agreed.

To limit risks, avoid harm to yourself, and become a smart consumer, please keep in mind the following:

● Have a thorough understanding of the organization or unit that you intend to get a hot loan: activities, history, news, ...     

● Negotiate on interest rates and repayment methods, if satisfied, then continue to consider.     

● Make a clear plan for your own debt repayment, and follow the rules to not miss the plan.     

● Carefully review papers and contracts to avoid legal proceedings or property confiscation in the future.     

● Especially, do not accept paperless loans without assets, which is so dangerous.     


Remember to grasp the above things carefully. Again, do not borrow money on the gangster's hotline without going through all the priority solutions that I mentioned above.


So almost everything about cash loans is complete right here. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of this popular form of loan, as well as having a few good options for yourself.

Well, let's say cash loans, but apart from the fact that you can get the loan in cash, most nowadays support the loan through bank transfer.

So if you have an existing bank account and add an ATM card, it's too convenient.

In this article, I recommend the most professional lender, CashBerry. Because at CashBerry, the online loan registration mechanism is simple and convenient. In addition, the workflow is clear, transparent and fast.

So when you go to the CashBerry loan registration page, you can easily manipulate it as easily as your hand. I don't need a detailed guide anymore.

Fast cash loan, safe, lowest interest on the market - just CashBerry, the financial friend of every home.

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