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CashBerry is a financial company, providing an online loan consultation service that is fully automated, disbursed within the day.

Loan term, days

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Payment date: 1
To return: 1 ₫

The conditions for applying for a loan at Cashberry

4 easy steps to register for a loan

Filling in the registration form
Provide a phone number and fill in personal information. Register and send request for a loan.
Getting approval and Signing an Agreement
The approval results will be anounce via phone call. Only need to log in to Personal account and sign an Agreement.
Receive money
After the application is approved, our partner will transfer the money to your account.
Make repayment to our partner according to the instructions.
with flexible terms at CashBerry
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum
Get loan
  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Need to borrow 1 million urgently but don't know how to borrow quickly, safely and secretly? Don't worry, with how to borrow money online by CMT, your requirements will be met.

Are you in need of an urgent loan of 1 million in a day so as not to miss the opportunity to shop at a discount when your salary has not yet returned? To get a quick loan, you often think of your family and friends but find it difficult to open your mouth. So why not try to borrow money online 24/24 with a smartphone? Just a few simple touches, you have 1 million dong in your account without going far.

What is an online loan?

Borrowing money online (or borrowing money online) is actually a form of unsecured lending , the borrower does not need collateral, and the lender relies on the borrower's reputation for income and ability. repayment capacity to lend. Transactions are mainly done online, which can be through websites, online exchanges or mobile applications.

* Summary of 1 million loans online

● Program: quick loan online 24/24      

● Limit: 500,000 VND to 10,000,000 VND      

● Time: minimum 7 days, maximum 12 months, can pay off the loan before maturity      

● Interest rate: according to regulations of the State Bank, not exceeding 20%/year      

● Who can borrow: Vietnamese citizens, nationwide support      

● Documents: ID card/CCCD      

Advantages of borrowing 1 million times online

● Do not make phone calls about family, friends, or co-workers      

● Fast loan approval for 1 million, good payment, and the opportunity to borrow up to 10 million      

● Cash loans to all subjects, bad debts can still be registered      

Need to borrow 1 million urgently, online form is the best choice for you

Need to borrow 1 million urgently, online form is the best choice for you

Limitations of the form of borrowing money via web/app

● The simplicity of the process leads to easy cases of black credit, Chinese loan app      

● Because the loan process is simplified, interest and loan fees will be higher than banks      

● Short-term payment time, that is after 7 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 30 days from the date of successful disbursement      

│ It's stressful when you need money right away and don't know where to 'turn'?

This story has a memory 

Where to borrow 1 million ?

Are you in need of a loan of 1 million VND urgently ? The amount of 1 million is not a large number, but if you want to borrow quickly and safely, you should consider where to borrow the best.

1 million dong is quite a small amount, you cannot borrow 1 million from a bank . As most banks won't offer such a low limit. Therefore, you should choose a short-term loan at CashBerry , which both meets your needs quickly and conveniently.

CashBerry is a financial advisory service for short-term loans from VND 1 to 10 million, with loan term options of 10, 20 or 30 days.

Accordingly, CashBerry provides reliable financial solutions, connects customers through very simple procedures and receives money instantly via smartphones. Immediately after registration, CashBerry will call you to confirm and approve the loan amount, all within 30 minutes.

To borrow cash on CashBerry, you only need ID card to register. In case of non-payment on time, CashBerry will support loan extension if needed.

In particular, CashBerry accepts even bad loans from banks, supports loan approval if customers have good income and high credit score.

Borrowing money with ID card at CashBerry will help you save time and effort, get money quickly

Borrowing money with ID card at CashBerry will help you save time and effort, get money quickly

Instructions to borrow 1 million online at CashBerry

Conditions and procedures

● Be a citizen of Vietnam      

● Living in provinces in the territory of Vietnam      

● Between the ages of 20 and 60      

● Have valid ID/CCCD card      

● Have a valid official bank card      

● Have a stable income      

Borrowing 1 million how much interest 1 month?

Interest rate is an important factor for you to decide whether to borrow money or not. With online unsecured loans, interest rates need to be transparent and clear to avoid future risks.

Interest rates on unsecured loans will often be higher than mortgage loans because this is an unsecured loan, based only on information provided by the borrower.

Loan interest rate of 1 million will usually be clearly announced when you sign up for loan advice. Usually, online loan interest rates range from 10% to 20% per year depending on the lender's regulations and your credit history.

In addition to the loan interest rate, you also need to make sure that other costs are clearly stated in the loan agreement.

At CashBerry, the interest rate is only from 0.9%/month , which is the lowest rate in the market by many customers.

Currently, in order to attract customers to apply for online loans, many financial units have launched a loan policy of 1 million no interest . However, the offer is only for the first customer with a certain time like 7-10 days, the offer does not include service fees. Therefore, before taking out a loan, you must research carefully.

Quick loan process online at CashBerry

● Step 1: Visit the website or download the CashBerry app to your phone.      

● Step 2: Enter the necessary personal information (full name, phone number). CashBerry will send an OTP code to your phone, confirm the password to go to the next step.      

● Step 3: This is an extremely important step because it determines whether your loan application is approved or not! Absolutely do not write wrong or omit any items, the more accurate and complete information is filled out, the more appreciated your profile will be.      

● Step 4: Download portrait and ID/CCCD photo, enter your bank account number to receive disbursement. After completing the application, verify your bank to increase your chances of being approved for a loan.      

● Step 5: Wait for contact from the appraisal department, receive disbursement if the application is approved.      

Where to pay 1 million times loan ?

Besides the simple loan process, the payment method is extremely easy and convenient. You can pay your CashBerry loan in 3 ways:

● Transfer money to internet banking or mobile banking 24/7      

● Payment via MoMo e-wallet      

● Go directly to the bank branch to transfer money      

Please pay on time to increase your limit to 10 million

Please pay on time to increase your limit to 10 million

Note when borrowing 1 million online with ID card

To ensure your application is automatically approved, you need to keep in mind the following issues when applying for a 1 million loan application .

1. Provide accurate loan information

2. Not allowed to register for relatives and friends

3. Pay the loan on time, avoid incurring penalty fees

4. Choose a loan package that suits your ability to pay

5. Photo of ID confirmation, portrait is clear and bright enough

6. The receiving bank card must have the same name as the borrower

7. Do not blow up the app to borrow money to avoid prosecution

You are in need of an urgent loan of 1 million in a day but do not want to ask friends or relatives, choosing an online loan service is the most ideal solution. In just 15 minutes, with extremely simple operations, you immediately have 1 million VND in your bank account. Sign up now what are you waiting for!

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