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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Any amount of money can be invested in the business, as long as you have passion and knowledge. Here's how to open a clothing store with 10 million to help you make huge profits!

Opening a clothing store is a trend that many people choose when starting an online business. Therefore, the competition is getting fiercer. If there is no effective sales plan, the possibility of capital loss is quite high. Let CashBerry help you plan to open a clothing shop with effective 10 million .

With an initial capital of 10 million VND, cheap fashion is probably the right thing for you and going online is a smart strategy right now.

What to keep in mind when starting an online clothing business?

For those who do not have experience in selling online, starting a business is difficult. However, if you identify the following, you will easily reap the results.

Identify business items

To open a clothing shop with effective 10 million , first, you need to clearly define what kind of clothes you intend to do business with, for example:

●    Trading in children's clothes and maternity clothes for mothers

●    Business clothes for office

●    Big size clothing business

●    Swimsuit business

●    Men's clothing business


Clearly defining business products will help you visualize your target customers, thereby having an effective marketing strategy.

Find a source to sell

Regarding the source of goods, you can learn and import from wholesale markets or buy from wholesale stores (many stores only require the first purchase of over 2 million VND to be able to buy at wholesale prices for the first time. next).

Another source of goods is from Chinese websites like Alibaba for example (the direct purchase price is very cheap, however, it is necessary to inspect the goods carefully and choose a reputable shipping company). Usually, depending on the product, there will be different import prices and selling prices.

Initially, startups can take less profit to attract customers. A pretty good business trick is the 20 - 80 rule: 20% of products are priced cheaper than the market price to attract customers, 80% of the price is equal to the market to ensure profits.

Please ensure the quality factor to improve reputation, long-term business

Please ensure the quality factor to improve reputation, long-term business

Know how to manage human resources

Regarding human resources, if the business is a part-time job, it is advisable to collect goods and deliver 2-3 times a week to save maximum labor and delivery costs. Later, the scale is expanded, more customers, hiring salespeople or delivering goods is a must.

Plan to open an online clothing store with 10 million VND

One of the reasons why opening an online clothing store is so developed today is that it doesn't have to cost money to rent space, decorate the store, or pay for electricity and water. You can do business at home with a capital of less than 10 million dong, if you know how to properly allocate money as follows:

Spend more than half of the capital to import goods

There are two popular forms of online clothing business:

●    Import goods from the sources we shared above and sell: the advantage is that when importing in large quantities, the purchase price will be cheap, but it is likely that the goods will not be sold, and the capital cannot be rotated.

●    Contact the workshops to be partners, when a customer places an order, then they will take the goods to sell: the advantage is that there is no fear of unsold inventory, but the disadvantage is that the original price will be high, the profit will be less.

When opening an online clothing store, you only need product images, not display at the store, so you don't have to worry about not having enough capital to import goods. If starting a business with little capital, you can consider the second option, once you have a stable customer base, switch to wholesale clothing like the first way.

Advertise online shop on Facebook and Google

You need to build a fanpage with full information about phone number, sales website and an affiliate visa card to run ads. Don't forget to install Facebook Pixel on your website to better support running ads.

Fanpage before implementing an advertising strategy needs to build attractive content to match the target audience that you are targeting. With the clothing business, the product image is especially important, deciding up to 80% of the purchasing ability. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this issue.

Besides the facebook sales channel, if you have spare capital, invest in running Google ads. One of the advantages of running Google ads over Facebook is that it helps your website/category/product show up first when customers search for a certain keyword related to the product you are selling.

Using social networks in combination with e-commerce platforms will help you get more customers

Using social networks in combination with e-commerce platforms will help you get more customers

Design a sales website

Besides taking advantage of social networks like facebook, instagram to sell, you should design a website to position your own brand, build a professional image in the eyes of customers.

Owning a sales website helps a lot for the growth of your business. It is a private "playground" to help elevate the brand. You can create blogs with engaging content and take advantage of website SEO to reach out to the most in-demand customers in the most natural way.

Open booths on e-commerce platforms

In recent years, two e-commerce platforms (e-commerce) Shopee and Lazada have attracted more than 200 million visits. This can be said to be an extremely potential playground for online business people who want to reach more customers.

To open a store on e-commerce floors, sellers do not have to pay any costs. Therefore, those who are just starting out in the clothing business should not ignore this sales channel.

You see, it is not impossible to do an online clothing business with a capital of 10 million. Initially you can spend a small amount of capital, when it is profitable you continue to expand the business model. However, it will all be an idea if you don't implement it.

Take action now for your passion and enthusiasm. Need more capital, there is CashBerry to support effectively.

CashBerry - an online financial consulting company that will provide you with an online loan from 1 to 10,000,000 VND. With this capital, you can use it to import goods, or to promote your products.

Above are some experiences of opening a clothing shop with 10 million for those who are burning business intentions from a small capital. Besides, look to the existing sales management platforms on the market. It will help you manage your business more efficiently and easily. Good luck!

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