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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Is there really a way to withdraw life insurance money that still maintains the policy and limits loss of money? To find the answer, read this article by CashBerry now!

You are participating in life insurance but unfortunately have difficulties and want to withdraw money early. Compared with investment channels, life insurance has differences that you need to consider carefully when deciding. Ideally, you should choose the right way to withdraw your life insurance money to avoid "losing" the benefits you own. 

Today, life insurance is gradually becoming familiar and chosen by many people to invest in the future. This is a solution to protect you comprehensively against risks, above all, extremely attractive benefits at maturity. However, for some unexpected reasons, there are many cases where you want to withdraw the previously paid money.

So, will life insurance allow you to withdraw money, how does it affect your insurance benefits and money back? Are there guaranteed ways to withdraw life insurance money early? Let CashBerry answer these questions for you!

Should I withdraw life insurance money early?

Life insurance policies usually last, at least from 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and possibly longer. Therefore, most participants want to maintain the policy to be able to withdraw the life insurance money when it expires . At that time, they will enjoy all the signed benefits.

But for some people, for various reasons (both subjective and objective) they can no longer afford to wait until the due date. Therefore, they have to cancel the contract and go through the procedures to withdraw the insurance money. According to the terms of the contract, this has the right to be accepted, in case you can foresee the adverse effects you will suffer such as:

- The life insurance amount (up to the end time) will not be preserved as originally expected. Because you unilaterally want to withdraw the insurance money and violate the contract signed between the two parties.

- The termination of the contract means the cancellation of all provisions on protection - saving - investment. The insurance provider will no longer have any liability to you.

- You must bear the insurance withdrawal fee, which is clearly stated in the contract. Usually, the closer the withdrawal time is, the higher the withdrawal cost will be.

Life insurance, a sustainable investment channel for the future

Life insurance, a sustainable investment channel for the future

Ways to withdraw life insurance money ahead of time

It is impossible to avoid situations where you want to withdraw your insurance money early . Although the participant has the right to claim, it is not recommended to use it, because this will greatly affect the insurance benefits.

If you still need to withdraw money before maturity, please refer to 1 of 3 ways to withdraw life insurance money below:

1. From contract account value

Each life insurance policy will have its own account. This account value is calculated from the total accumulated amount (from the insurance premiums you have paid in the past time) minus related fees and expenses, plus investment interest if any.

Currently, there are many products from many different insurance companies. But in general, you are only allowed to withdraw money from the account value when the contract validity has lasted for at least 2 years. At this time, to withdraw money, you must send a written request to the company and ensure that the following conditions are met:

- Each withdrawal cannot exceed 80% of the actual cash value paid.

- The amount to withdraw is not lower than the minimum withdrawal value specified by the company from time to time.

- After withdrawing, must ensure that the remaining balance is not lower than the level specified at that time.

- You will have to pay the entire life insurance withdrawal fee , namely:



From year 2 to year 3


From year 4 to year 5


6th year


7th year


8th year


9th year



It can be seen that the fee you have to bear gradually decreases with the time of withdrawal. For example, life insurance withdrawal after 15 years will not cost you any fees while still receiving full benefits from the company providing the product. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the time and amount of withdrawal to avoid losing unnecessary fees.

Many people are forced to withdraw their life insurance money ahead of time

Many people are forced to withdraw their life insurance money ahead of time

2. Advance advance from account value/refund value

The total amount transferred to you when the termination request (or contract is due) is the refund value, calculated by subtracting the termination fee from the account value. And you have the right to advance this amount/account value while the contract is still valid. But you must meet 2 conditions:

- The contract has a refundable value, with a term of at least 2 years.

- Not more than 80% of the total refund value after deducting debts (if any) at the time of request. At the same time, not lower than the minimum level prescribed by the company for each timeline.

Advances will be charged a separate interest rate, based on the product you purchased from the insurance company. Besides, the insurance company also has the right to recover the entire amount you have advanced with interest. Therefore, you need to think carefully before deciding to advance.

3. Withdraw all the money, liquidate the contract

If you want to withdraw the insurance money, that means you accept to cancel the policy before the maturity date. At this point, you have almost permanently lost all hedging benefits. Moreover, the benefits from life insurance have not been maximized. This is the most unlikely situation, although when requested, the insurance company will still agree to handle it.

You only need to notify the company in writing, then receive the refund value minus the liabilities and insurance benefits of previous payments.

Life insurance withdrawal procedures

Before choosing any life insurance withdrawal method, you should prepare all the necessary procedures to make the claim process with the insurance company more convenient. Documents will include:

- The form to request the company to pay and withdraw insurance money has been filled in completely and accurately.

- All receipts of periodical payment, in accordance with the requirements of the contract as well as the provisions of law.

- Original life insurance policy, including appendices, attachments, relevant reference documents, etc.

Prepare all documents to withdraw – get life insurance money faster

Prepare all documents to withdraw – get life insurance money faster

After requesting early withdrawal and being approved by the insurance company, your remaining task is to receive the life insurance money. To receive money quickly and efficiently, you also have to do additional documents such as:

- Personal documents such as ID card / CCCD, or birth certificate, household registration, passport are okay.

- Original hospital discharge paper, copy of medical records, payment bills (in case of receiving money under insurance).

- Power of attorney (if you authorize receiving benefits to a third party). In addition, documents proving the right of inheritance are required if the insured person dies unfortunately.

Besides, you can also choose to receive money from life insurance. One is cash right at the company office, bank. Second, this amount will be transferred directly to the ATM card .

How to withdraw life insurance money early with the least loss?

Besides the traditional investment channels with many risks such as gold, stocks , Forex , virtual money , etc., life insurance is increasingly popular because of its safety, bringing many benefits to the present and future.

Once enrolled, no insurance company encourages its customers to withdraw money before the maturity date. But if this is force majeure, to ensure your rights, you need to note:

- Prioritize the way to withdraw life insurance money from the policy account value or advance from the account value/reimbursable value. Because these two ways both help you solve immediate problems and protect your interests in the contract. Although it has to be reduced because the contract value is not as much as before.

- Make sure to withdraw money only when the life insurance policy is valid for more than 2 years.

- The insured must make a clear request in writing to the insurance company when he wants to withdraw the insurance money early.

- Once you have determined to withdraw the full amount and liquidate the insurance policy, you must be ready for the forfeiture of all benefits. This is like you have never bought insurance, you should get used to not having "protective shields" around you!

The safest way to withdraw life insurance money

The safest way to withdraw life insurance money

In addition to withdrawing money from life insurance to "fill in" temporary difficulties, you can also choose to get quick loans at reputable credit institutions such as CashBerry. Amounts borrowed by ID / CCCD simple and very easy to implement and limits up to 10 million.

As a result, you can both secure your life insurance policy and enjoy all the attractive offers only available at CashBerry such as:

- Very fast loan approval time, within 2 minutes, get a loan immediately.

- Transparent interest rate, from 0.9 to 1.2%/month. 

Borrow money without meeting , no proof of income.

- No application fee.

- Easy to pay in many different forms.

Above is information to help you know how to withdraw life insurance money . In general, withdrawing life insurance money early is something no one wants. Because this only makes you "lose more than you gain", from the outstanding protection benefits, sometimes losing all the money you have paid. So, before making a decision, consider carefully whether it is necessary or not!

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