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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Why has the sidewalk restaurant business not shown any signs of cooling down yet? How to open a successful sidewalk shop and limit the risks? Find out now!

The birth of sidewalk drink shops has become an ideal entertainment trend after stressful working and studying hours. Opening a sidewalk cafe is chosen by many people when starting a business because it can generate unbelievable revenue with a low investment.

If you do not want to be confined within the company's rules and regulations, want to try once with the intention of opening a sidewalk cafe ? Let's learn with CashBerry the experience to run the sidewalk bar business to attract customers and earn "millions of dollars" in revenue!

Learn about sidewalk bars

During the development of Vietnam's beverage industry, sidewalk cafes are a business model that has been opened a lot, associated with street food culture. Customers are usually ordinary workers, can sit on the sidewalk on stools, low tables on the roadside to enjoy drinks and delicious dishes.

Here are some suggestions for sidewalk stall models on the market today:

Sidewalk cafe

The sidewalk cafe is one of the sidewalk cafe models that is close and familiar to the life of every Vietnamese. Every morning, we easily catch the image of a large number of people sitting on the sidewalk sipping a cup of hot coffee and chatting with each other.

Because this has been an extremely "interesting" cultural identity that has persisted for a long time until now. So with this business model, you can completely open up without having to worry too much about the number of customers.

Just invest in delicious coffee-making ingredients, create a cup of aromatic and delicious coffee, ensuring that even if it's just a sidewalk cafe, it will still attract the attention of "genuine" coffee lovers. ".

Smoothies, juices, fruit pickles

Opening a sidewalk shop with smoothies , juices, and fruit chips is one of the most popular models today. Because fruit is one of the indispensable foods in daily life because it brings many good health benefits.

The sidewalk stalls selling fruit bowls or smoothies of all kinds are refreshments that are chosen by many people every day. With this model, you can be assured of the amount of capital spent, because Vietnam is a country with a tropical climate that easily grows fruit trees. Therefore, a cheap supply of fruit is not difficult to find.

In addition, the audience of this restaurant model is very wide, from schoolchildren, students to women or people with "healthy" eating habits. Because of these things, if you are hesitating about which model to choose, you can easily start with a smoothie, juice, or fruit pickle shop.

Milk tea shop, peach tea, oolong tea 

Opening a sidewalk shop to sell what attracts young people? One of the main models today is milk tea, peach tea, oolong, lychee, etc. It is not difficult to see the "addiction" of milk tea in the past decade, the drink is somewhat "luxurious". now also landed on the sidewalk.

Just create tea cups with all kinds of toppings such as pearls, flan, coffee beans, ... with "excellent" flavor, you can "kidnap" milk tea addicts right away. 

Especially with this model, we can combine with "menu" some snacks such as: mixed rice paper, french fries, mango shake, toad shake, ... to bring variety as well as high revenue. than. Only a few tables, chairs, a small trolley are enough for you to open a sidewalk milk tea shop right away!

Shop all kinds of tea

If milk tea is an "influential" drink originating from Taiwan, the "national" dish that has never been "out of time" of the Vietnamese is tea. Che is considered a "traditional" dish that is not picky and is not picky, from the elderly, middle-aged people, young people or children all like this dish.

The model of Vietnamese sidewalk tea shop is very busy and easy to develop. Because in addition to "pocket" the "heirloom" experiences and "special" tea recipes, you do not spend too much investment. With a small capital of only 3-5 million VND, you can also start this sidewalk restaurant business model.

What do you need to prepare to open a sidewalk restaurant?

After deciding to start a sidewalk restaurant business, now is the time to start realizing your business idea. So opening a sidewalk cafe will need to prepare what, let's find out!

Market research

To stay at a sidewalk cafe, you need a serious investment of time and money. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is take the time to learn and analyze the market.

This means you need to learn when to open sidewalk café from their predecessors. Learn why their consistent success or why they failed to draw their own lessons. Thus generating business methods sidewalk café best matches financial needs, their own forte.

Identify target customers

You will have to ask some questions and answer the following questions: Who is your target customer? What kind of drink is most often chosen to buy? Area of ​​opening shops, competitors,…

Failure to identify or segment your customers will make all your business plans generic and without obvious accents or distinctions. Remember, you can't please everyone, so you must define your target audience carefully.

Choose a place to open the shop

Location is an important factor determining the success of the sidewalk cafe. So when looking for a place, you should spend time analyzing and considering issues such as whether the location of the shop is large or not? Where is the parking? Is it easy to see and find? Traffic and frequency of passersby at each time? Are there many competitors or not,...

The locations of beautiful premises, good for the sidewalk restaurant business are at intersections, schools, university areas, shopping centers or office buildings, crowded residential areas, etc.

Looking for a supplier of ingredients to open a sidewalk cafe

To be able to run a sidewalk cafe business , you need to find a supplier of good, reliable ingredients that ensures food safety and hygiene and is consistent with your business goals. Depending on the goals of your sidewalk cafe business, you can make a list of the main / secondary ingredients needed to find the corresponding suppliers.

Hire staff (if needed)

If you can serve yourself or make your own drinks, you can skip this preparation step. But if you can't handle it, you should hire employees, especially in the early stages of opening a shop

You can find or hire experienced bartenders and waiters to do the work. Depending on the size and situation of your business, you can hire full-time or part-time employees

Cost to open a sidewalk cafe

Capital is still the most important factor when preparing to open a sidewalk cafe. You should determine the amount of money you plan to invest in advance so that you can spend it on reasonable amounts. Here are the total costs you need to invest when running a sidewalk cafe business , specifically:

●    Venue rental cost (if not available): 3-5 million VND.

●    The cost of decorating the shop: You will need an amount of 2-3 million VND to decorate the lights, wallpaper, accessories, beauty items for your shop space.

●    The cost of equipping the restaurant with necessary equipment: about 15 million VND (including tables, chairs, trolleys, cups, beverage processing machinery, dispensing tools,...).

●    Operational maintenance costs: 10 million VND (staff salaries or electricity and water bills, marketing expenses,...).

Should you run a sidewalk pub business?

For any business model of any sidewalk bar, without business experience, it is still difficult to succeed. To prepare well, you have to be very well prepared. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of opening a sidewalk cafe to help you answer the question of whether to do this type of business.

Advantages of opening a sidewalk restaurant

Low cost of premises: To choose favorable business premises with beautiful facades and spacious spaces, you may have to rent with a high price. However, with the sidewalk cafe business, you need little cost and even no need to rent space.

Little capital: The sidewalk beverage business does not need to spend too much capital because you do not need to invest in decoration. You just need a few simple tools to support and a few tables and chairs to be able to start a business. In addition, you will also get a quick return on your investment.

Low product cost: Because of the low investment cost, the product's selling price is affordable for a wide range of subjects such as students, office workers, etc. With affordable beverage prices, it is appropriate. for refreshment more often than other models.

Difficulty opening a sidewalk shop

Conflict with the sales people around: Even though you don't want to compete with the sales people around you. But there will be many reasons why your business will be hindered.

The weather is erratic: The sidewalk cafe means that the restaurant will not be fixed and sure. Dry days are fine. When it's crowded with heavy rain or strong wind, you'll have a hard time.

Unnecessary scams: If you intend to open a sidewalk cafe , you must always be mentally prepared to be on the lookout for scams. In addition, you can also have money stolen, lose things, etc. Because the sidewalk cafe will not have security and cameras, you should always remember to take precautions.

Currently, our country has strict regulations to limit restaurants and sidewalk cafes to ensure urban beauty. Therefore, if you are planning to open a sidewalk cafe, you must have a detailed, specific and clear plan.

If you are ready to invest and prepare carefully, then why not try your hand at doing business with a sidewalk cafe. This is also how you learn the market, before deciding to build a larger business model.

Experience in opening a sidewalk restaurant

The sidewalk restaurant model is easy to implement, but with the massive growth of many large and small shops, it is not easy for you to want to "make money" from this business form. Here are the experiences of opening sidewalk bars that CashBerry has analyzed and synthesized from those who have gone before to help you "make huge profits" you can apply.

1. Experience of "safe trade" on the sidewalk

Currently, the sidewalk restaurant business is a fairly developed and easy-to-implement business form . However, one of the problems we do not know is how to "trade in peace" on the sidewalk?

Currently, our country has strict regulations to limit restaurants and sidewalk cafes to ensure urban beauty. Therefore, in the process of "doing business", police and ward order are a big concern.

However, the best way if you want your business to be long-term and stable , you should rent a space and apply for a business license. In addition, when renting a business sidewalk, you should pay attention to the paperwork issue - clear, transparent agreements with the lessor.

The weather in sunny and rainy days is something that you need to pay attention to and take precautions when trading sidewalk drinks. You can prepare silver panels, portable roofs, umbrellas, umbrellas, etc. to cover when it rains suddenly, as well as create a cool space for customers to stop by.

2. Restaurant interior

With a small investment cost, the design of sidewalk shops often chooses popular models of tables and chairs to match the style and nature of the business.

Investors should choose low wooden or plastic furniture models instead of high-legged tables and chairs to help move tables and chairs become more flexible and active.

Moreover, the material of the table and chairs is durable and easy to clean, which is a factor that you should pay attention to when you want to open a sidewalk beverage shop. In terms of design, simple, neat and uniform interior models should be selected, helping you save space and make management easier.

Currently, many sidewalk shops have applied mini bartenders, saving preparation time and having high aesthetics that you can refer to.

3. Completing the menu for the restaurant

Opening a sidewalk cafe is a rather unique business model, but it is still divided into many flavors and categories for customers to choose from. Therefore, you need to seriously think about the drinks and snacks that your restaurant can serve and how to display them on the menu (menu).

To be able to own a professionally designed menu, you need to pay attention to the image, the layout of the drinks on the menu, the font description, the price, etc. A small tip when designing the menu is to focus on the restaurant's outstanding and different flavors and put them on top to stimulate the curiosity of customers.

A drink bar menu should have from 2 to 3 different types. For example, if you sell lemon tea on the sidewalk, you should add beer, cool water, tea, ... or accompanying snacks, so that customers have more choices.

4. Invest in business experience

So how to get business experience? You should take courses that teach bartending, starting a business, setting up a restaurant, creating ideas, etc. to gain more knowledge and experience in this field.

5. Improve service quality

There is no difference between the two restaurants in terms of "deliciousness", then between the restaurant with good, enthusiastic, cheerful, attentive service staff and the superficial, rude, unpleasant side, you will choose the side. any?

Definitely first party! No one wants to spend money to eat and drink without being served attentively. So even if you only run a sidewalk restaurant , never underestimate the quality of service.

Currently, when sidewalk cafes are springing up like mushrooms, if you want to retain your customers, enthusiastic professional service will create a competitive advantage for your restaurant.

In addition, when satisfied with your service attitude, of course, someday they will come to your restaurant with a larger group, sharing the same taste in eating. Isn't this a good service to a person whose "words" are more than double?

6. Make a marketing strategy

“Quality drinking water, cheap price, food safety… but why are there always few customers in my shop?” Have you ever wondered that? No more questions! If your premises are unlucky enough to be located in a densely populated area, then have a marketing plan!

You don't need to advertise loudly like other big shops. In fact, here you just need to think about how people can know your shop more.

A simple suggestion to reach customers quickly without being too expensive is to invest in some food advertising sites like Foody and don't ignore convenient delivery apps like Now, Bae Min, Grabfood, GoFood,…

Echoes of rumors near and far, with "good reviews" will "share" through each other and customers will find themselves on delivery "apps", your job is just to sit and receive drink orders regularly. never mind.

7. Ensuring food safety

Food safety is always a concern, because it is directly related to human health and life. Moreover, if the store has a dirty food error, it will certainly affect the store's brand.

Running a sidewalk cafe is an option for those who love the business but have little capital. Besides the advantages, it also has many potential difficulties. Street beverage business is not easy, you have to research and strategize carefully so as not to fail.

Just "down the money" business, we can face many risks. For those who have planned to open a sidewalk cafe but do not have enough capital or want to make backup money to solve difficulties, they can refer to quick loans for business at CashBerry. No need to prove income, no mortgage of assets, just an ID card, you can make a loan application .

To be able to borrow money quickly, you can go to the website or download the CashBerry app from CH Play. Then, click on the amount to borrow and fill in the ID/CCCD information, you will receive a cash amount of up to VND 10,000,000. If you have any questions about loans, please contact hotline 1900 63 83 85 or send a message to Fanpage CashBerry - Everyone's financial friend !

The idea of ​​making "millions" every day from opening a sidewalk cafe is one of the startup dreams cherished by many young people. Hopefully, the tips shared by CashBerry above will help you - future owners to be more "confident" with their sidewalk cafe opening model. Good luck!

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