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  • Term:
    Term: min 92 days, max 183 days
  • Loan limit:
    Loan limit: 100 000 - 5 000 000 VND
  • Interest rate:
    Interest rate: 10,95 - 14,6 %/per annum

Early withdrawal of Prudential insurance is a concern for policyholders. The following article will help you know how to withdraw the most profit.

Cancellation or early withdrawal of insurance is one of the issues that customers are particularly interested in when participating in insurance. Below, CashBerry will learn with you how to withdraw Prudential insurance money before maturity and some points to note when performing this procedure.

Brief introduction about Prudential insurance

The Prudential Group was first established in the UK in 1848, with the original name of Prudential Lending and Investment Assurance Association. After many years of development, Prudential is proud to be one of the leading insurance groups in the world.

Prudential's achievements in Vietnam

●    To bring convenience to customers, Prudential Vietnam has cooperated with 128 leading clinics, hospitals and 6 banking enterprises in the country.

●    Prudential currently has 350 general agent offices and 176,000 professional consultants with coverage across the country.

●    In 2014, the company received the second-class Labor Medal awarded by the President.

●    2019 became the international life insurance company of the year.

●    From 2012 to 2018, Prudential Vietnam has supported education, community and Vietnam's healthy living fund 175 billion VND.

Outstanding advantages of Prudential insurance

Prudential life insurance is always a highly appreciated name due to its many outstanding advantages such as:

Many attractive products

To meet the increasing needs of customers, Prudential has built many types of products with attractive benefits. Depending on your personal income as well as the need to protect your family members, you will choose the product you want.

In addition, the company also has many contributions to the development of the country, creating jobs for thousands of employees...

Professional customer service

Prudential currently has a system of offices and branches all over the country, so customers can easily search and get completely free advice before the product package. If you need to have any questions answered, you can directly go to Prudential's head office at Level 25, Saigon Trade Center building, 37 Ton Duc Thang, Ho Chi Minh City.

Prudential pays insurance timely, quickly and with many benefits

●    Prudential ensures quick and convenient payment procedures for customers. As a result, helping customers share less burdens and pain to soon stabilize their lives.

●    For customers who are in the process of participating in insurance but discover a critical illness, they will be paid 50% when the disease is at an early stage. In particular, the patient will be paid 100% of the insurance premium if suffering from a terminal illness.

●    In case the customer is injured in an accident and is no longer able to work permanently or dies, depending on the situation, he will be paid from 100% to 400%.

●    When a customer has a serious illness, the insurance amount will be paid up to 200%. This is also a number that has received many positive signals from customers so that they can have financial resources for the rest of their family to take care of their lives.

For the above reasons, it can be affirmed that Prudential is a reputable insurance group worth investing in. So in case you want to withdraw the insurance before the maturity date , what should you do?

Prudential is proud to be the world's leading insurance group protecting people's lives

Prudential is proud to be the world's leading insurance group protecting people's lives

What is early withdrawal of Prudential insurance ?

Once the insurance contract has been signed, the customer needs to follow the correct payment and participation time to ensure the contract is in accordance with regulations. In fact, it is possible that for some reason, customers stop packing insurance and want to withdraw money before maturity. With Prudential company contracts, this action is called premature withdrawal of Prudential insurance.

Ways to withdraw Prudential insurance money early

Early withdrawal of Prudential insurance is withdrawal before the expiration of the life insurance policy. The withdrawal period depends on the insurance product package you purchase. When you need to withdraw money from Prudential, you can refer to the following ways:

Withdraw money from contract account value

Each insurance policy is usually associated with a policy account. Policy account value is the amount of money in your policy account. In order to withdraw money from the contract account value, the following requirements must be complied with:

●    Insurance policy must be guaranteed for at least 2 years or more.

●    When withdrawing money from the contract account value will come with an appropriate fee. Depending on the time of the withdrawal request, the fee will be corresponding to the prescribed fee.

●    Fees will decrease if the timing of withdrawal requests is increased.

Accordingly, if the contract account value after withdrawal is smaller than the insurance amount, the insurance amount and benefits will also decrease accordingly. So before withdrawing, please consider the withdrawal amount and protection benefits to have the best choice.

Advance from contract account value/refund value

Refund value is the amount the life insurance buyer receives upon early termination of the policy. You can withdraw Prudential insurance money early by making an advance from the policy account value/reimbursable value. In this way, to withdraw money, you must ensure:

●    Insurance contract from the 2nd year onwards. The policy is refundable only after the 2nd year onwards.

●    The advance amount cannot exceed 80% of the refund value.

The interest rate applicable to advances for each product is determined individually by each insurance company. In particular, the insurance company has the right to recover the entire advance plus interest before paying any insurance benefits. Therefore, customers need to think carefully before deciding to advance.

Withdraw the entire contract account value

The policyholder has the right to request an early termination of the contract by notifying the company in writing even if the policy period is still valid.

After deducting the debt (if any) and related benefits have been paid, the insurance buyer will receive the amount of the Refund Value (if any) up to the time of contract termination.

But when canceling the contract, the customer will forever lose the protection rights as well as the benefits for the participants. Therefore, think about the real benefits received in the long term before terminating the contract.

When you withdraw your insurance money early, you lose the benefits and benefits that social insurance brings in the future.

When you withdraw your insurance money early, you lose the benefits and benefits that social insurance brings in the future.

Procedures and locations to withdraw Prudential insurance money

Where to withdraw money from Prudential Insurance ? When deciding to withdraw Prudential insurance money before the due date, customers are required to go directly to the Prudential insurance company's office to withdraw money. Then the insurance officer will guide you to complete the procedures. Some relevant documents customers need to bring:

●    Contract to buy life insurance.

●    Identity card (citizen identity card) proving the policyholder or the insured.

●    Receipts of premium payment of previous years.

Things to note when withdrawing Prudential insurance money early

Except in case of force majeure, you should limit early withdrawal of Prudential insurance. However, if you must, then to ensure your rights you need to pay attention to the following cases:

●    Prefer to choose to withdraw the insurance money before the maturity date by withdrawing money from the policy account value or making an advance from the policy account value/reimbursable value. Although the benefits are reduced, the protection benefits under the insurance contract still apply.

●    After about 2 years of participation is the time when the withdrawal of insurance will be valid.

●    The insured must make a written request when he wants to withdraw Prudential insurance money early with the insurance company.

●    Once you have determined the early withdrawal of insurance, you have canceled all future benefits.

You should consider when withdrawing insurance because if you withdraw life insurance as soon as possible, the buyer will be disadvantaged, and insurance benefits will not be guaranteed.

You should consider when withdrawing insurance because if you withdraw life insurance as soon as possible, the buyer will be disadvantaged, and insurance benefits will not be guaranteed.

When withdrawing insurance money early, the interests of the participants are more or less affected. So, if you are having financial difficulties, instead of withdrawing your insurance money, you can find a reputable company and unit so that you can ask for timely support when needed.

CashBerry - help you solve your financial crisis

Participating in life insurance helps participants to be fully protected against risks and receive many benefits at maturity. However, there are many cases where participants want to withdraw Prudential insurance money early due to force majeure reasons. However, if you withdraw your insurance early, you will be disadvantaged, and your insurance benefits will not be guaranteed.

What should I do to continue participating in life insurance and still solve difficulties? CashBerry has a solution to help you, you can borrow money with ID card, high limit to have financial resources to solve immediate difficulties.

Borrowing money with ID card is the simplest and easiest financial solution to apply, with a limit of up to 10 million VND. Consumers can apply for a quick loan in just 3 steps right on their mobile phone at CashBerry.

Currently, there are many units that support borrowing money by ID card, but, CashBerry is the most trusted 24/7 online unsecured loan finance company . With only ID card, you can register for a loan at CashBerry.

After successful application registration, only 15 minutes later you can know the assessment results. If approved, you will receive money into your account immediately.

To get a quick loan with your ID card or citizenship card, you can do it in two ways:

●    Method 1: Access the website and apply for a loan.

●    Method 2: Download the CashBerry application (app) on CH Play and apply for a loan.

At CashBerry, you will not need to worry about interest rates because the annual loan interest rate only ranges from 10.95 to 14.6%, the lowest on the market today. Modern online unsecured loan applications such as CashBerry app are not only fast and convenient, but also help customers proactively pay, monitor and manage loans.

Instead of withdrawing Prudential insurance money early, you can borrow quickly to solve immediate difficulties. If you still have questions about the loan, you can contact CashBerry Fanpage for immediate support!

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